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Bob's Burgers

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305 Eubank Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (505) 332-0818
Yum or Yuck?
Cuisine: American, Burgers
Neighborhood: Albuquerque

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Reviews of Bob's Burgers

review_stars 07/18/2017 - Neil Marshall
This review is of the new Juan Tabo location @ 5:42 PM with one car in line in front of me the car finally got their order their order taken at 5:51 I pulled up to the window at 5:51 the girl asked me to wait at 5:58 she asked me to wait longer their were cars lined up on Juan Tabo About 6 cars behind me. the worst drive-thru. I went to the Eubank Location placed me order let the Manager know. She took my number said that their supervisor was off the next and would call me back in a few days. I still placed my order there to go.

review_stars 12/19/2016 - Need better wrapper's
Great customer service. Love the food. I'm addicted to the taco burgers but would it kill them to get a wrapper that doesn't rip half the shell off when you try and I do mean TRY to unwrap them. What doesn't stick to the wrapper is the best taco burgers you will ever have.

review_stars 09/24/2016 - roger
bob's burgers food is the bomb ! love it ! do not sem to have any of the troubles all the whiners are griping about with the exception of the bathrooms that could be kept up better. but a hot ranchero burger deluxe, and an order of chili fries....mmmmmm ! or better yet, on friday, frito pie day and a ranchero burger deluxe !!!!! whoooo hoooo ! my wife loves the chili dogs, and i like the entire menu, but especially the ranchero burger and the frito pie. amd for the record, service EVERYWHERE sucks nowadays... so it is not nice to put it just on bob's....just sayin.

review_stars 07/27/2016 - Cyndi
Called in a order in Los Lunas never took the order drove up to place an order was still on hold. Then I asked for them to check the bag before I left and they has shorted the order. Not going back ever.

review_stars 12/17/2015 - clifton
Need a new store in the south vally

review_stars 05/31/2015 - Brandi
I love Bob's the chili is great. It's a good place to get hot good chil.

review_stars 10/26/2014 - Pissed off
Just ate a chicken quesadilla, nearly cracked my tooth on, what looks like, a rivet off the grill. Never eat there again.

review_stars 08/05/2014 - Theresa
I love bobs burgers centrals chile and rio bravo are the hottest and best, the chile dogs are better than dog house, and the service is good. One time they made a mistake on my order, I called and Bob himself delivered the food items missing. How awesome is that! I know they've gotten so much bigger since then but one thing I appreciate as a customer is, Bobs Burgers is closed on Most holidays! which gives their employees time with their family! Anyway great food!!! Thanks Bob for honoring your service and for great tacos.

review_stars 07/13/2014 - Andre
Just called to place an order. It is 6 and no answer what so ever. I have tried several times and no response. Horible. I guess Its Lota Burger this evening.

review_stars 06/28/2014 - Kyle
The worst place I have ever been to spent 9 dollars on a burger and then they want to charge 50 cents for a refill the food is Nasty and disgusting

review_stars 06/26/2014 - ShutUp
I love Bob's Burgers it's very delicious and in my honest opinion they have decent customer service. A lot of you people need to stop complaining

review_stars 06/19/2014 - NeedToEatBetter
Customer service is HORRIBLE!!! Employees need training on how to interact with customers and maintain a proper appearance. No communication or problem solving skills whatsoever. They are slow and become easily overwhelmed when it's busy. I dread placing an order in person or on the phone. I go there for the taco burgers, but many times it's not worth the aggravation. Bathrooms are third world DISGUSTING. The floors and tables are always greasy and dirty. The food is BAD for you. Just look at the clientele. The ingredients are second rate...chile masks the taste. I always feel gross immediately after I eat there. I need to stop eating there before I start looking like one of the regulars. My advice is to avoid this place. Not that good. Not worth the hassle.

review_stars 06/17/2014 - Frank
Every time we go there I do have to agree with many of these reviews customer service sucks and worse of all so does management. They have this kids managing this places when they themselves have no management skills, speaking skills. I am speaking in regards to the paradise, 4th street and eubank locations. I think what we Albuquerquens need to do is seriously boycott this place and start writing to IN & OUT burgers and get them to finally bring a locations to the great
City that is ABQ. I think bobs burgers owners have gotten complaisant, cheap and it's time we let
Them know by bringing an IN & OUT burgers here to town. Just like lotaburger a use to be damn good back in the day which they are not
Now same has happen to this joint. Time for a change and demand an IN & OUT burgers .

review_stars 06/07/2014 - Y. Marquez
For some time now I have noticed that the patties taste like a pork and beef mixture. You need to go back to using 100% beef. Some people can't eat pork like myself becsuse it makes me really sick plus it would make your taco burgers, patti melt, and burgers taste so much better. A suggestion is you need to get better packaging for your chili cheese fries and also chili dogs. What you do now is so sloppy that we end up loosing half the chili and cheese on either foil or paper wrap. Maybe use something like sonic does with chili dogs and use boats that have a plastic lid that fits over the fries. I hope you go back yo all beef patties again. I have been eating Bob's since I was 5 years old and I'm now 42. I will try again in a few months. Service has always been very good no complaints.

review_stars 04/01/2014 - Mart X
The service at San Mateo NE location STINKS… They don’t seem to care about the customer… I called in an order so I would not have to wait in the long lines that was out the door (slow line …) I was told to wait in the same line as the people placing an order. That’s the whole reason for a call in… is so your food is fresh and hot to pick up… not something that has been waiting on the counter until it’s your turn to be called on to order and pay. I know of a few Bob’s restaurants that have a call in pickup window. Maybe that’s what this place needs. By the way I never picked up my order ….. Thanks for the Service…
Dissatisfied Customer….

review_stars 02/18/2014 - patrick
every week the paradise location wait gets longer, the manager has horrible people skills if she will even talk to you. and three weeks in a row they have shorted us on our order. by the time we get our food the frustration is extensive we are happy to have a bag to get out of a 40 minute wait in the drive thru with only 2 cars ahead of us. BOBS is officially Boycotted!! food is great, service is no good!! change your management!!!

review_stars 02/10/2014 - MELANIE MARTINEZ

review_stars 11/27/2013 - berenice escarcega
Bob's on 4th street an griegos is horrible, the service sucks and they don't know what they are doing!

review_stars 10/24/2013 - Denise
I love Bob's Burger but on Taco Burger Tuesday, They are soggy. They must make the Taco Burgers ahead of time because the taco shells are soggy and sticky. Not worth the discount! Sad. It is very disappointing when they are soggy. I like crispy shells.

review_stars 09/02/2013 - sandy
Bad service on rio bravo location place is dirty

review_stars 06/25/2013 - George Crespin
They don't have a lot of this stuff on the menu anymore.

review_stars 01/02/2013 - Harry
I had to laugh when I saw all the reviews. It's true. One out of three times the dumb asses that work there will screw something up. But the food is good. Go outside of the busy times. Good Luck!!!

review_stars 08/31/2012 - jbarela2
I love Bob's. Never been treated rude or had problems with my order. I am so happy that we finally have a Bob's in Los Lunas. About 20% of my income goes to Bob's. Eat there every Tues for "Taco Burger Tuesday" and almost every Friday. No complaints only compliments.

review_stars 08/30/2012 - pelican pete
At Valley locations.essruan too many lesbians worried about who's looking at there chick instead of customer service.

review_stars 08/21/2012 - lou
I agree the food is excellent, but the service at the Bob's burger on central is terrible. The employee's are so rude and unfriendly. You would think by now the owner would get tired of all the negative reviews and have a sit down with the staff. Were the dumb ones for continuing to go back even though the service is bad,the sad thing is the owner knows we will continue to put up with the rude behavior.

review_stars 05/11/2012 - Westside
The star rating is for the Los Lunas location only. Have been eating at Bob's Burgers since the 80's. Love the food, but often it isn't hot (particularly fries) or the servings are small. The service is generally poor and rude, and the dining area filthy even during slow periods. Ate at BB's in Los Lunas for Taco Burger Tuesday and again yesterday, and this location is fabulous. Our order was taken by Jack who was very efficient and friendly. The kitchen was staffed by adults that got the orders out quick and piping hot, and the burgers (in the taco burgers) seemed larger than other locations and the fries were smoking hot. Both times we were there during the lunch rush and the dining area was clean. Wish all the locations were like this one.

review_stars 04/19/2012 - Hungry and grumpy mom
Re: The Rio Rancho store. Didn't see this site until hubby was already on his way to get our dinner. Have to report that, like these other reviewers, service was terrible. Ordered four burgers, got three. He even asked them to check if everything was there. They didn't, but said they already had. Since we didn't have time to go BACK to the restaurant (we only get fast food when we have other things going on), I had to do without my burger. You're welcome, Bob's, for the extra money for nothing. Won't be back.

review_stars 02/10/2012 - Bonnie Maldonado
The food is great but the service through drive up is terrible. I have had to wait about 30 minutes several times that I have gone through. I usually call my order in so it is usually ready and usually only for two people. I have suggested having people with large orders pull up or park and wait for their order or have a order limit for drive up but it is apparent that these suggestions are not taken to heart or conveyed to management. This last time when I tried suggesting this the teenage girl just brushed me off and said it was not her fault. I told her I was not blaming her but only trying to suggest something that would improve customer service. She shut the while I was in mid sentence. Management definitely needs to get involved and provide some customer service training if they would like to keep their customers coming.

review_stars 07/07/2011 - irritated customer
all i can say is i heard the janitor clean up boy say, after a couple of people walked in and they had put up the closed sign, "can't these fuckin people read?" the food is awesome however the service is HORRIBLE!!! and to top it off there is no headquarters or head person to complain to higher than the rude manager that said, "put away the ketchup who cares they can get packets" and laughed! nice customer service guys. try not to be a stereotypical hispanic!

review_stars 01/10/2011 - Samuel
When i turned on the tv to Fox 4 i was very disapointed. None of the jokes delivered and overall it was corny but not on purpose it was downright terrible

review_stars 12/19/2010 - Linda Jean Sandoval
I love Bob's burger"s chili.I am complaining about the Manual and San Mateo Store.Every time i go there I get awful service.Today i went at 4:15 P.M and you had all kind's of male employees and 1 female.Big lady.they where so rude to me no one wanted to help me and the boy at the window was counting the drawer.i have never had bad service like that before.The manaager from Eubank and 4th st.Has seen me many times there.I knew Rosa from Eubank.I love Bobs so much i have tryed to get your secret recipe and it is a Secret!! My fry's where with cheese and i am elergic to cheese.

review_stars 06/19/2010 - Rhonda
i love bobs burgers but at this location i was extremely unsatisfied with the service. i placed a call in order for, a ft long chile dog Cheese and onions with extra chile a lg rancho and a lg old fashion burger and 3lg fries. when i picked up my order i check it. when i found the chile dog was regular instead of foot long. when i brought it up the guy at the reg got "crystal" the lady who took my order. I've work in customer service for 14yrs and her positioning on my order was rude there was no empathy,no assurance of help or assurance of correction. she did offer to sell me the other half instead of asking if id be willing to wait to get a foot long and correct the order and pricing. i love bobs burgers but know i will get better service at the south valley store i will drive 17miles to that location instead of the .75 miles from my home. teach the front end employees proper customer service techniques to keep the customer you have cause that location never seems that busy

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