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422 Amity St
Amherst, MA 01002 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (413) 549-4040
83% say Yum
207 people voted

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Hours: Food served til midnight


Credit Cards Accepted


Yes - full bar

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Reviews of Rafters

Happy customer posted on 04/03/2014

Rafters is great! The douche bag patron who thinks, that it is a working class dive.Obviously never work a day in their life. If your are offended by people who work for a living tough shit for you, find another bar, you FUCKING narrow minded piece garbage. Guess what. Not everyone is lucky enough to live off Mommy and Daddy all their lives you s,uck!you should have left your name and #!so you could have feed back from the staff.

Mattew posted on 05/27/2011

I am a little disappointed. I used to go to this place when I was in high school and it used to be a good place with a good mix of people. I went in a couple days ago to find that it has been taken over by locals who talk to loud, wear dirty clothes, ripped jeans, boots with mud and feces on them, ect. They blast country music now, rock once in a while. I enjoy country music, but the whole scene is just over the top now. I'm just amazed at how a clean respectable bar turned into a low-class bar where people just walk in sweaty, smelly, just coming off work. There are showers and washers for laundry you know. You could wear clean clothes you know? Unless you are used to people not looking presentable, its a good bar for you I guess.

tommyttt posted on 11/10/2010

They charged me $125 for a $20 bill. I called to get it fixed and I got a very easy going no problem, we will get to it in a few days answer!

Bud Light Mike posted on 09/07/2010

Rafters is a great place to come hang out, play a little keno and have some BL's... Kelsey.. sorry I don't remember who you are but I hope you and your 47 cats are well.. time to head down and see my kittens!.. shake it up!

Rich Kelton posted on 08/16/2010

We came out of NH for lunch at The Hanger, they were closed so we came next door to your place, Glad They Were Closed.

Kelsey posted on 04/15/2010

If you work a job that does not require you to be literate, enjoy John Deere apparel, narrowly graduated from high school, dislike education, are sexually starved, lonely, fat, lacking in ambition and drive to better yourself, have underlying hatred toward women, this bar is for you. <br /> <br /> For all others, a typical week night at rafters is little more than a place where anti intellectuals assemble to revel in their misery and inadequacy. I would strongly recommend avoiding this bar during the week and wait for the weekend to visit. <br /> <br /> The social interaction that took place between myself and the "regulars" was extremely displeasing and down right revolting. One regular in particular, an abhorrent abomination of a human being, bud light mike was extremely disrespectful, rude, and lacked any ability to detect my I have no desire to talk to you social cues. <br /> <br /> All cerebral people, ladies especially should just go else where rafters is a sub-par working class dive. However the service was deserving of my generous tip, the food was decent, and the prices reasonable. Thank you for your time. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

Anonymous posted on 04/08/2010

Hey rebecca Rafters rocks and its hard to imagine the staff treating anyone like that, maybe if you weren't such a pain in the butt to the staff and showed respect for the facility, then maybe you would have been treated better by the end of the night...

Melissa posted on 03/17/2010

This is honestly one of the best bars I have ever been to. The staff, honestly, could not be any more accommodating. I have always receive a hello and smile when I walk in the door...this is hard in amherst due to the fact that many places assume that every person under 25 is an obnoxious college kid. Not to mention the prices of beer and food make it an affordable night out. (or several nights in my case)

employee posted on 02/20/2010

Soo Rebecca, I was one of the employee's that had to ask you and your group of friends to leave multiple times. You actually received your pitcher of beer at 12:50 which is us doing you a favor serving after last call. You were with like 5 other people and couldn't finish a pitcher by 1:15? A pitcher is 4 beers, lets get on it. We gave you till 1:15 as a show of tolerance. Playing basketball after 1 is rude and disrespectful because that is when employees and bartenders count their drawers. We asked you to leave repeatedly and you all commented under your breath at us, as if we were being unreasonable. WE WERE DOING OUR JOBS BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL FOR CUSTOMERS TO BE IN A BAR AFTER 1 AM IN AMHERST, Ma. And for you to tell one of the bartenders on your way out that we would be hearing from your lawyer...really? Get over yourself

employee posted on 02/20/2010

And just to clear up this ID situation...there is a doorman at the door who cards people as they come in. When he isnt at the door, he is bar backing for the bartenders. Everyone who orders from the bar gets carded, everyone who orders a drink from a waitress gets carded, and everyone keeps an eye out for underage brats who try to drink. Thanks for trying though, Beck ;-)

Nate posted on 12/31/2009

Went here with gift certificates otherwise I would have gotten wings that are much better next door at Hangar... It took well over 5 minutes for me to get the bartenders attention and it wasn't even busy. The chicken I got made me sick maybe it was the blue cheese but either way it is way over priced and the food isn't good. The service is incompetent as well. Save yourself the money and time. If you want good beer or food and service I would walk next door...

lucy posted on 11/12/2009

one of the best bars around! service and food are great!

Rebecca Stack posted on 10/24/2009

I cannot say enough about how judgemental the bartenders and so called "bouncers" are at this place. First of all they will not check your ID when you enter the place only when you go to order a drink.. or food? any time that they can make money... this is when they perk up. SO underage kids are welcome as long as they don't order complex drinks. Then.. expect uncomfortable looks from the staff the whole time you are there.. and I just think I should add that I was at the bar at 1:10 last night and the bartender sold me a pitcher. At 1:20 the staff began to hassle me and my friends saying that we were there past last call and we needed to leave. let me just say that none of us we being loud or rude. We had paid money to play games that this place supplied and then 5 minutes later we were told we had to leave. More than one of the employess approached us in a less than kind way and told us we had to leave "or else". Personally I do not appreciate being threatened in a place that i have paid money to be.. but i guess this is the kind o place where it is okay to treat your customers as though theyr are dispensible.. I will NEVER return to this place.. clearly the management has ZERO hold on their staff and let whoever run the place. I hope they don't lose more customers because it is a locally owened place.. but thats all the more reason for just a LITTLE kindness and hospitality..

posted on 03/05/2008

Beautiful bartenders

posted on 01/13/2008

A great place to eat and hang with friends!! Great drinks, good specials and a friendly atmosphere!!!<br /> <br /> Try it out it'll be worth it!!

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