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Cowboy Food & Drink

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8586 E Washington St
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (440) 708-1011

Cuisine: American
Neighborhood: Chagrin Falls
62% say Yum
13 people voted
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Hours: Mon-Fri: 6pm-10pm, Sat-Sun: 12pm-2:30pm, 6pm-10pm


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Reviews of Cowboy Food & Drink

Lyn posted on 02/27/2010

A warehouse/barn setting with some interesting western art, this is the place for REAL slow smoked barbecue dishes - the kind that can stand up without any sauce. The sauce is good, but the ribs, brisket, pulled pork, & chicken dishes are not slathered in it; and they don't need to be as everything is slow smoked with a delectable western rub. Good selection of sides with the entrees, and a very interesting selection of beer, friendly service, casual atmosphere.

Megan Jarrett posted on 10/25/2009

i just thought i would share the worst dining experience in my gluten-free life to all my fellow celiacs out there. last night i was so hurt that it prompted me to write this letter to cowboy food and drink in bainbridge/chagrin falls, ohio.<br /> <br /> Hello, <br /> <br /> My name is Megan Jarrett. Last night I decided to dine at Cowboy for the first time ever. My family has been there several times and has always enjoyed the food and atmosphere and I have actually ordered large amounts of food from Cowboy through for parties that I have had at my home. But last night was the first time that I myself have actually attempted to dine at Cowboy and I happen to be gluten intolerant. I eat out at restaurants very frequently, in fact, I'd say that I hardly ever eat at home. I recognize that, being gluten intolerant, I am always taking the risk of cross contamination in a restaurant kitchen because food containing gluten is prepared there as well. Even the most gluten-free friendly restaurants prepare food that contains gluten as well and there's even a risk at places that prepare food specifically for those of us that are gluten intolerant. All of this being said, I usually do just fine at restaurants. I have never been to a restaurant where I haven't found something to eat or where a server, cook or manager was not able to me accommodate me in some way. And, that being said, I have never, ever been to a restaurant, nor expected to go to a restaurant, where I have been asked not to eat there because of the "liability" due to an intolerance stemming from an autoimmune disease that I obviously have no control over. Last night, when I went to Cowboy with my mother and my best friend, I ordered a drink and then informed our waitress that I was gluten-intolerant and that I might need to know some ingredients. She then promptly informed me that there was no way that they could guarantee that anything was gluten-free because of the possibility of cross-contamination in the kitchen, which I completely understand and, as I said before, expect at every restaurant that I go to. I told her that I understand this and then she went back to talk to the chef to see if there was anything that he knew of that would be a good choice for me. She then quickly came back and said that actually it might be more helpful if I could just tell her what I wanted off the menu so that they could look up the ingredients in that and not go through the ingredients of everything, which I never really expected them to do, and of course this a very reasonable request and what I do at most restaurants so I told her I was interested in getting the Wagon Train (I think that's what it's called), because that way I would know if I could get the barbeque sauce and the rub, which is what I was really curious about, and the sweet potato fries and the seasonal vegetable. I told her I would obviously get it without the toast that the pork comes on and without the corn muffin. The waitress went back and talked to a chef and then came back to us again. Her response was something that I have never received before at a restaurant and something that I never expected. She told me that since they couldn't guarantee that anything was gluten-free they couldn't tell me the ingredients in anything because of the liability. My mother and I once again told her that we understand this, that I know that at every restaurant I go to I run the risk of cross-contamination because everything is cooked on the same grill and such and such. I really just wanted to know what was in the barbeque sauce and rub and possibly the seasoning on the vegetables to decide if I get something like a chicken breast sandwich without bread and without barbeque sauce on it or if I could go for some pulled pork with barbeque sauce, and obviously without the toast. But she refused to even check the ingredients for me. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the waitress's fault, but the kitchen's, because her response was, "They're really busy back there...." And I understand that. I've been to plenty of restaurants where the cook or chef himself hasn't been able to come out and talk to me, especially on a Saturday night, and that's fine. I just wanted to know what was in the barbeque sauce and rub but the waitress again told me that they couldn't because of the "liability." That's when my mother said, "So you just don't want to deal with us?" The waitress's response was silence and then, "Well, it's not me, but..." And we told her that we knew it wasn't her individual fault or anything, but that we had never been to a restaurant where we had been treated like this. Every other restaurant that I've gone to has been able to tell me at least the ingredients in a sauce and has LET ME EAT THERE for crying out loud! She didn't protest when we got up to leave, nor did she offer to let us speak to a manager or anything. As we were getting up I saw a manager walking in our direction and I thought, oh good, someone actually cares about us and wants to talk to us, but no, he was just stopping at the table next to us to make sure that that family was enjoying their meal. We left, and I can tell you that my family will probably never be back to Cowboy again with or without me and I will certainly not be ordering food from Cowboy to serve at my parties. Thank goodness the waitress never brought our drinks out because I really did not want to pay any money to Cowboy for that experience. I was honestly hurt and even felt like I was going to cry as I left the restaurant. Celiac disease, which causes my gluten-intolerance, is really hard to have and causes me a lot of problems. It's a genetic disorder and obviously I didn't and wouldn't choose to have it. I know that I'm not always the easiest costumer for a restaurant because I ask a lot of questions and usually have to specially order things from the menu and such, but I'm always kind and friendly and, when treated well, tip very kindly. But I never thought that I would be turned down from eating at a restaurant because they feared that my disease would cause THEM problems. Celiac disease and gluten intolerance isn't like a peanut allergy, where I would fall very ill all of a sudden if I even got a little bit of it. What would happen is that I might or might not get stomach pains when trying to digest the food, since that's what gluten-intolerance really is, not being able to digest food containing gluten, and the hardship that trying to digest the gluten puts on my intestines might cause me problems in the future. What I'm trying to say is that I really feel that it is MY choice to risk eating in a restaurant where food containing gluten is prepared, not the choice of the restaurant's to turn me down from eating there once they find out that I have a disease or intolerance because they do not want to deal with me. I'm not asking you to be the most gluten-free friendly restaurant ever, or to provide a gluten-free menu or anything like that. I'm really not asking you for anything because I was so hurt and insulted last night that I doubt I will ever return to your restaurant, I'm just informing you of my experience, which I consider to be incredibly hurtful and inappropriate, and suggesting that you might want to become a little bit more friendly and welcoming to the gluten-intolerant. After all, it is estimated that 1 in every 133 Americans is gluten-intolerant. So I guess that means, judging from my experience last night, that you refuse to serve 1 in every 133 Americans at your restaurant. Thank you for your time.<br /> <br /> -Megan Jarrett

posted on 04/24/2009

great food and good family place early evening.

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