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Seminole Wind Restaurant

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14815 US Highway 19 S
Thomasville, GA 31792 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (229) 227-0622
75% say Yum
327 people voted

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Reviews of Seminole Wind Restaurant

review_stars 09/05/2013 - mda
Sad the owner puts on a fake Christian show...out of towners believe it!!!!!

review_stars 05/19/2013 - Me
Awful food cold told manager he didn't respond! I will never go back! Not to mention I had to fix my own drink!

review_stars 01/10/2013 - Joanna
The food here is good, but the service is horrible. I miss the old servers that use to work there. They were top notch. The long black haired girl that looks like China (Jennifer) & the long brown haired girl with a beautiful smile (Brittney) were always my favorite. Do better with the service or you will run all of your customers off. Don't change anything with the food. Top notch.

review_stars 09/19/2012 - Dianne Hassler
My husband and I visited Seminole Wind in Thomasville when we were spending a few days with my sister and her family this past August 2012. We were there for lunch and the buffet was excellent. But anyone who has a heat after God and seeks to know Him in a deeper way will leave not only with full tummies but also a sweet sense of the Spirit of God. It floats throughout the atmosphere. All kinds of things most places would charge you for, to read about Our Father and encouragements are at the checkout free of charge. They very kind and very hospitable. We will go there again and if you are in the area you deserve to treat yourself to a lunch or dinner at Seminole Wind. I give it a 5 star. But their cinnamon rolls I will have to say are off the chart at about a 15. Bless you all for your service and your ministry. We pray for you all the way from Wilmington, NC

review_stars 04/25/2012 - A. Smith
Great Food! We have been there several times with large groups (20 or more) always had plenty of fresh food. Good service and the place is clean. Getting ready to go again. Love the music and signs. Good to see someone to stand up for their beliefs.<br />

review_stars 04/16/2012 - Rose

review_stars 03/13/2012 - Terri
Have eaten at this location two times and both times I had to fight the flies for my food. Seems like the place could do something about the flies(very nasty). Will never go again.

review_stars 03/13/2012 - Terri
Have eaten at this location two times and both times I had to fight the flies for my food. Seems like the place could do something about the flies(very nasty). Will never go again.

review_stars 12/23/2011 - Jan M.
I have eaten at Thomasville and Tallahassee locations and the food to me is just average.<br /> <br /> Does anyone know the owner's full name?<br /> I would like to write a letter (for whatever good it will do).<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Jan

review_stars 12/14/2011 - jc
I ate at Tallahassee location 2 weeks ago, then went back yesterday. The price went up 30%! I ask the waitresses got a raise? I was told "he did." The food is good and I like fried green tomatoes and talapia, but not for what I would pay for a much better salmon salad at Logans.Will not be going back.

review_stars 07/08/2011 - somebody who knows
The owner of this place Tommy is a joke and fake he steady cusses his workers.Y dont he grow some balls and talk to a man like that instead of a woman.

review_stars 04/23/2011 - david bratcher
i showed up about 430 pm ate the lunch buffet 799 it turned 500 pm befor we left they charged us with the 1199 seafood bar which we did not eat in other words i paid 1199 for nasty meat loaf acouple of fried green tomatos half a dry hard biscuit and a small salad which i did not finish when we asked we were told it was policy

review_stars 01/22/2011 - Linda Long
Went to Seminole Wind in Thomasville for the first time and had lunch. It was wonderful! The restaurant was clean, comfortable and the food was excellent! I looked for the so called offensive signs and such but nothing jumped out to catch my attention. Will definately return!

review_stars 12/30/2010 - Steve
The food is great! Love the service! Never noticed the signs. Never heard anyone singing! If you would prefer McDonald's you must be 9 years old. If the greens or other dishes don't taste right try others. My grandmother always added a little sugar to rutabagas . Moby Dick pork chops and fried chicken do not come close to these, all other dishes about the same. Both places very good. For this type of food you will not find better day in and day out. Only problem I have is getting full before I get to desserts.

review_stars 12/17/2010 - JOHNNY

review_stars 10/22/2010 - Sandi
I have eaten in all three locations. I've always enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. In fact I always EAT TOO MUCH, it is so good. I was amazed at the Tallahassee location being so cheap . I admire a Christian who is not afraid to speak out against SIN. I imagine this is why this man is so prosperous. I love the music and the pictures. I have had the owner pray for me in the restaurant before. He is NOT ashamed of the gospel of Christ, so therefore, CHRIST will not be ashamed of him, either on judgment day. Keep on serving man and God is what I say.<br /> <br /> Sandi

review_stars 08/16/2010 - Anita
Been to all three locations and the food it GREAT!<br /> Love the chicken livers yum.Will be glad when they open one in Bainbridge.

review_stars 06/14/2010 - Bill
Never have I eaten with so many flies on everything,,, and with 14 of my friends that have eaten many places, we will not be returning again.<br /> <br /> <br />

review_stars 05/24/2010 - Jerry
Food is good and we will return. Can't understand why the Tallahassee location charges for ice tea and the Thomasville location does not! We have no objections to the signs or music in the restaurant.

review_stars 04/03/2010 - TOM
Excellent fried chicken and home cooked vegetables

review_stars 02/16/2010 - Good Surprise
I loved the food and that is the reason i go, I myself am considered a liberal and believe in the right for a woman to choose but, It is the owners/managements right to post what they will in their restaurant, I don't see anyone disagreeing with Buddha sculptures in Chinese restaurants or Hindu preaching in Indian restaurants. This is a "southern buffet" people! located in the bible belt, think of it as them exposing you to the ol' time southern atmosphere because that is exactly what it is. My favorite location is Cairo because its the smallest and most comfortable and the food is amazing I always go on Wednesdays when they have hamburger steak its out of this world!!! Also the one time I went to the Tallahassee Restaurant the collards were a little strong so I said something to the management about it, and the next time I went they were maybe instead of complaining on a website you should discuss it to the managers so they have chance to fix things

review_stars 01/22/2010 - Donald B
Best Buffett in Tallahassee

review_stars 12/13/2009 - thomas
Watered down food. Overly salted. Many entrees appeeared as if they had been sitting out all day. Should be inspected by health department. Eat there at your own peril.

review_stars 12/08/2009 - foodie
If you want really good southern food, drive to Colquitt and try Moby Dicks. It is better than anything in Thomasville or certainly Tallahassee. They used to be in Tallahassee but left many years ago. Very unfortunate as they were and still are first rate. Tried Seminole Wind twice and was not impressed at all. Average at best. Long on quantity, not much quality. <br /> <br /> All of the buffet places in Thomasville are much better if you don't want to drive very far.

review_stars 10/05/2009 - tallahassee location...suffers :(
Eat in Thomasville location! The friendliest restauarant I have ever seen! God Bless them! <br /> The location in Tallahassee's food tastes like hell!

review_stars 10/01/2009 - FrankBama
The restaurant's food was excellent. I highly recommend the Tallahassee location.<br /> <br /> The ignorance of what Scripture teaches by the folks who gave the place bad reviews (at least one didn't even bother actually EATING their food) is quite evident in what they THINK the Bible teaches on various topics. It's sad when folks write from gross ignorance such as they did.

review_stars 09/19/2009 -
Maybe you should read your Bible more often. God says the food is unclean unless it is blessed. Maybe you didn't bless your food.

review_stars 09/13/2009 - Jerry
The Thomasville and Cario restaurants include a beverage with the buffet meal..... The new Tallahassee location will add $1.69 + tax with the price of the buffet! CHARGE FLORIDA CUSTOMERS MORE!

review_stars 09/12/2009 - fatmanfromcairo
Food was great , service was great , atmosphere was great . An overall very enjoyable dining experience !

review_stars 09/11/2009 - Can't wait to eat there
Just based on the reviews saying not to eat there because of the sign in the front, I can't wait to become a regular patron of this establishment and support people who are not afraid to boldly speak their conservative beliefs.<br /> <br /> Sounds like my kind of place.

review_stars 08/20/2009 - Myke Ashley-Cooper
I was disgusted, as a Democratic Party supporter, to see a sign prominently displayed inside the entrance that stated, " Democratic Party = Abortion = Murder".<br /> Coming from supposedly Christians who run this place, it's pure hypocrisy!<br /> The sign should read "We support murderers who kill doctors and we also support other fanatics such as O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh etc!"<br /> You won't see my wife and I in your evil restaurant ever again!<br />

review_stars 07/22/2009 - Joe momma
A1 service and the food is great too!

review_stars 07/15/2009 - VERNEON
Went there a year ago, and was very impressed with the staff and the most **important thing**; cleaniness!!!!!!!!!! I will be visiting thee soon again:)<br /> <br />

review_stars 07/08/2009 - Tina
Loved it!! Just like eating at Grandma's! Good Christian people and you can tell the staff care about each other!!

review_stars 06/20/2009 - telese davidson
Loved this place! Not since grandma's have I had this kind of cooking. The selection is incredible and the food is wonderful. Great staff!

review_stars 05/27/2009 -
Their collards and turnips taste like they have iron in them. I don't know if it is the seasoning or greens themselves, and the rutabagas as too sweet so think sugar must be added.......but all definately need improvement. The other food is very good. The waitress employees could use some improvment too. Some of them cough and do not use good sanitary methods around food. We ate there 5-23-09 & the slim black employee working w/the food buffet was coughing/crackling in her chest around all the food. One time I saw her put a rag over her mouth and went in the kitchen. That same rag she used to wipe off the buffet. Employees should be made to leave if they come to work like that!!!!!!! NASTY! The Christian music is great!

review_stars 04/30/2009 - nb
So nice to finally walk into a restaurant where the management is not afraid to show what they stand for!!!!! To many christians don't take a stand out of fear or embarassment, thank you to this establishment for being bold. The staff and the food were wonderful. I was just visiting the area but will absolutely recommend this restaurant to others.

review_stars 04/24/2009 - no reason to be offended everyone has their views
I have read a few reviews that are not happy with the restaurant because on the sign they have posted in the front. Honestly everyone has a right to their own views and even though i dont agree with the sign I love the food and the people there so I am going to continue recommending Seminole Wind and eating there regularly. Once you get pasted the sign there are 6 rows of buffet full of fresh vegies, and the best fried chicken i have ever eaten, and dont get me started on the deserts they are out of this world. I have never once had bad service there, I always sit with either Brittany, Leanne, or Lynda they are wonderful waitresses, and the manager always goes around and checks on you to make sure everything is ok. After eating and having a full belly my husband and I always go to their dock they have in the back of the restaurant to feed the fish rolls, the atmosphere at seminole wind is wonderful, they really know how to make you feel at home.

review_stars 01/01/2009 - Finally Honesty
Finally went to a place that tells it like it is. If your offended then McDonalds is your kind of place. Better yet stay north of the Mason-Dixon line.

review_stars 12/30/2008 -
Good food, place was packed and had excellent service, no objection to the references on the posted signs.

review_stars 12/08/2008 - No Place for Atheists
I had never heard of this place before attending a group function there recently. The management has filled the restaurant with 'christian'-based materials, including selected bible verse on white boards, christian tracts at the front counter, and the "Democrat Party = Abortion = Murder" sign mentioned by other reviewers.<br /> <br /> As with many so-called 'christians', the management has obviously chosen to cherry-pick the portions of the bible they agree with - that is, they post the Ten Commandments, yet still serve several foods listed in their bible (Leviticus Chap 11) as unclean and an abomination to god, namely shrimp, pork and catfish.<br /> <br /> While the food was okay, it's definitely NOT worth a repeat visit, even if the 'religious' ignorance wasn't on such prominent display.<br /> <br /> But, this is South Georgia, so the place was packed with those who are more amenable to the myth and superstition that 'christianity' represent.<br /> <br /> I would have preferred eating at McDonalds, instead.

review_stars 11/24/2008 - Leroi
Food was great, but the atmosphere was terrible, they had a big sign up blaming abortions on democrats. The hostess made some bad off color comments, and they had a handicap lady singing loud during lunchtime. I just wanted lunch not some political statement.

review_stars 11/24/2008 - Barry
Democrats=abortion=murderers<br /> <br /> That is what is written on the sign at the front door. Avoid.

review_stars 11/03/2008 - Lisa
Very good food but I will never eat there again. The posted a sign that said Democrats = Abortion = Murderers

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