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Bianca Luna

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1600 Route 112
Medford, NY 11763 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (631) 758-8220
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*This restaurant has closed. If this restaurant is open or has reopened, just let us know.

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Mon: Closed, Tue-Thu: 11am - 9:30pm, Fri-Sat: 11am - 11pm, Sun: 12pm - 9pm

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Credit Cards Accepted

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Good for Kids


Beer and Wine


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Reviews of Bianca Luna

review_stars 10/17/2013 - James Hillicke
In 2006 when they opened, the food was fantastic, prices were good and the staff were great! It was so good, we had our daughter's Christening there!
Then as the years went by, the portions got smaller and prices got bigger! Now they are half the size and double the price with the taste and quality only suffering a little.
The family and decided to splurge and have dinner out and sit down at Bianca Luna and to see about having her Communion there. The decor is exactly as it was over 7 years ago. The waitress was nice and ask for our drink order. 2 cokes & 2 sprites please. The sprites were ok but the cokes were 23oz's of seltzer & 1oz coke syrup. You could read the menu through the glass of coke, that's how watered down it was! We then ordered our food and it was delivered in a timely matter. Then came time to pay!
Knowing how pricey they have gotten over the years ( A pie & 4 sodas =$36 tip not included) we fell short of smaller bills and handed the waitress a $100 bill. She took it to her husband. The two started going back and forth about the money. After 10 minutes she walked over and asked if we had anything else smaller because the bill does not feel right to them! What? I asked them to test it every way because we got the bill straight from the bank! She again tells us, " it doesn't feel real"! I had to walk to the beer distributor and break it down for them. The whole time the waitress stood next to my wife and 2 young daughters until I came back like they were holding them ransom. ( embarrassing) It wasn't until we got in the car did my wife and I looked at each other and say how uncomfortable we felt!
If you don't mind the high prices for small portions of good food then I would only recommend take out.

review_stars 02/22/2011 - surprised
you would think that since the economy is down , and we are in a recession that local businesses would be slow and business would be down but that's not the case with Bianca Luna ! they are packed on Fridays because of their amazing amazing live entertainment. i walked in one Friday just expecting some delicious pasta to find myself faced with a obstacle, the dining room was packed too its maximum capacity ! but luckily the staff was able to find me a spot needless to say i completely enjoyed the music and the food as always . i will be there from now on to sit and eat and pass time with great music .

review_stars 01/24/2011 - digging it
bianca luna you have out did yourself besides your great food, you have live entertainment on friday nights. i think its the best idea you guys ever had. great food good music and i see a full dinning room way to go bianca luna. wish everyday was fridays . but then i would be broke. good luck see you next week.

review_stars 11/17/2010 - curious
i just wanted to say a few lines to voice my op ion well first off your restaurant is very good your voice is amazing . but it is missing something. my family and i have been coming in and asking for Susann we were told shes no longer here. but my question is Christmas is coming and we know for 5 years she waited on us so this year is going to be a shocker for my family and i and yes you know who we are. but we want to say we love the food but we will miss Susann. where ever you are Susann hope yr doing well and maybe we will see you . you are definitely missed and i know everyone misses you too.say hello to your daughter and give that adourable son of yours kisses for us.enjoy your self in whatever quest is going on. also enjoy the gifts we gave you last year if we see you we have something for you and yr family. you know who this is love you take care, you keep up the good work with your end bianca luna your food is also worth it.

review_stars 11/06/2010 - different
hi Bianca Luna just writing a line or 2 we were recommended to your place by friends of ours, I have have to say u have a wonderful place. the food is definitely very good.your entrees are different but the taste is very good . good luck to your restaurant and hope your business picks up cause you got what it takes. food wise, your place is clean .

review_stars 10/22/2010 - Vinny
so today i dined in with my family and we just happened to be ten people who are italian and we like to have a good time. and then we came across bianca luna which was definetly a good choice in our court. the waitress who's name is brianna was so nice and friendly and she was very attentive and she definetly mad us laugh. it was definetly a wonderful time. and to top it all off , since the yankee game was on she is a yankee fan ! it was the best experience . she knew well about the yankees and she is definetly a devoted fan . she is by far the best waitress that has been there since i have eaten there. she tops of bianca luna very well she is the sprinkles and the whipped cream to that sundae. bianca luna is the best italian place in medford. and it definetly will not be topped.

review_stars 10/22/2010 - Ruby Red
I have been to my share of bad restaurants in my life time, it was nice to dine in a restaurant where we are treated very well. The waitress, Brianna, was the best waitress ever. She was extremely friendly. Recommended the Chicken Florentine for me which was out of this world. I loved the food and the service. Thank you for the best night!! If I am ever on the island again, I will be picking Bianca Luna to eat a nice meal and an all around good time.

review_stars 10/21/2010 - Johnathon
i just have to say the truth about bianca luna the food is amazingly great. the place is very clean. the service between the 2 waitresses there there is no one better the blond and the old one i believe is the owner. but my point is the food is great and they have great staff, why isnt there place busy all the time . well i have to say either people are not aware or just dont know good food. your #1 with us keep up the good work.

review_stars 10/20/2010 - Jeannette
the capellini wedge parmed is delicious with a capital D !!!! never dissappointedd .

review_stars 10/02/2010 - mary
i just have to say that this was my first time to your resturant and it was ok the service was not professional . but food was ok. but my reason for coming to your resturant is im a worship christian and a good friend of susann remember her a very sweet girl and im sure excellent waitress. well i had to see for myself her reasoning for being upset well i dont understand why but my conclusion is she is a good herated person and couldnt separate her feelings about work and friendship to you guys. but we all love her and toghter we will all bless her and keep her spirits up. i just had to write this to let you know your loss is OUR GAIN WE LOVE HER AND GOD will Bless HER too.

review_stars 09/26/2010 - here we go again
i thought we settled this issue bianca luna your food is great. your resturant is nice and home like. but i thought your waitress was back and now shes gone again. what is going on here?dont change things when theres nothing wrong with it. besides your food SHE IS YOUR GOLD CARD. Come on now no more disappointments please. Get Her Back. your food is original especially that we get to create our own meals so i expect to see my waitress back.

review_stars 09/14/2010 - susann
i have to say besides the food in this wonderful resturant there r 2 great bosses. today 9 14 is 1 of the qwners birthday Rene happy birthday my friend. luv ya wonderful waitress . xoxoxox susann.

review_stars 09/11/2010 - shocked and very happy
hi bianca luna my husband and i were in your resturant and then joined by our daughter and her 2 kids and we were so happy and shocked to see susan back thankyou bianca luna for bringing her back her personality and warm heart make coming out to dinner after a hard days work like being at home . no matter whatyo u say or ask her she is always friendly and willing to please. i asked her to do so much change the station lower the radio more lemon etc.. and always with a smile and well mannered besides your excellent food she is part of the family. keep up the good work. we are loyal to u.

review_stars 09/07/2010 - mellany and frank
what can i say is good better then any other fancy restaurant u have to came and to u self food service clean Nice people this place is on 112 next to meat farms medford

review_stars 09/03/2010 - Colleen

review_stars 08/26/2010 - you know me
i know u know me bianca luna i recently was in your restaurant n we celebrate every one of our occasions with you. well as usual the food was amazing the atmosphere is wonderful but the service was horrible that girl needs a fire under her and needs a personality along with it come on bianca luna u need to bring back the old waitress you know who we love . see ya soon ans we exspect to see our love again.

review_stars 08/24/2010 - worried
hey bianca luna i just wanted to say a few lines.i have to say your food is out of this world. but the service we have been having is horrible. we r regular customers and where you got the young girl from we dont know. look around you is your place busy? well stop and wonder y. besides the food you need a good waiting staff. the waitresss you had was perfect n we know her well but is not there. we just recently found out shes there on weekends only. well bianca luna you need to do some heavy constuction to get out of this mess.clean up before its to late. we still love you but we dont like the new service..

review_stars 08/04/2010 - nancy
biancaluna is the # 1 in medford u have to come donw n c to your self i recomende to ani one

review_stars 07/29/2010 - gayle
i think the restaurant is very family orientated the food is excellent the portions are very generous. i have eaten there very often and i am was never dis appointed. but recently i have to say i am we become my husband and i very accustomed to your waitress which we thought she owned the place and she hasn't been there and we were told she was on vacation come on why lie how long is her vacation? all i have to say you really lost a excellent worker and a warm hearted person. besides your food she was Bianca Luna. thanks concerned customers.

review_stars 06/07/2009 - Cathy
I love the pizza, pasta and service. The food is always fresh, delicious and the service is like eating with family, always a warm welcome, and they go out of their way to make sure you are happy!

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