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Mandarin Lowell

89% say Yum
778 people voted
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1590 Middlesex St
Lowell, MA 01851 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (978) 459-1800
89% say Yum
778 people voted
Cuisine: Chinese
Neighborhood: Southwest

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Hours: M-Th: 11-10pm,F-Sat 11-11,Sun&Holiday: 12-10pm

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Reviews of Mandarin Lowell

eric posted on 02/12/2014

Love this place...been coming here for years...the service is wonderful the food is amazing,,,the drinks are AWESOME.

G.K. posted on 10/25/2013


luis webster posted on 10/04/2012

good food ! with the friendly smile services definitely recommend to my friends

Brenda posted on 08/18/2012

The food is really good but the service is horrible. The waitress are extremely rude and disgusting. My first experience was bad, the waitress kept picking her nose and spitting into a napkin. I would never go back or recommend this place.

Sally posted on 08/23/2011

they are rude. don't know how to treat costumers. don't know to answer phone calls when i call. the food is great but the service is just sucks. i would not call or actually go back here again.i would not recommend this place.

hott coccoo posted on 02/28/2011

food is great,, but they are stingy with the duck sause i went with 4 people and they wanted us all to share the same one and when i asked for more,,they started speaking chinese and i knew they were madd that i wanted more

Piss off!! posted on 02/14/2011

Good food you will be satisfied! But the worker are sooo RUDE except for the bartender women she know more english than all of them she a sweetheart. if you get it delivery the driver beep when he supposed to ring the door bell and yell @ you for taking so long to come out. Any1 who go there more than 1 time will experience their bad behavior.

Lotus posted on 02/11/2011

I have read most of the comments and I have been eating here for more than 8 eight years now. A little inside tip... is that the waitresses there don't receive the tip we leave with our checks. The owner get the whole bill and the waitresses only get their daily pay. That's why their services is lousy.... :-(

MD posted on 01/20/2011

The food is really good but the service is awful. Everytime i've been there we have to wave down a waitress that is sitting watching television to get another drink. You'd think if someone was working for tips the service would be better. It's a shame because the food is fantastic, but I wouldn't sit and have a meal there again.

JOE posted on 10/03/2010

Been going there for years just went a couple days ago smells awful there smells so musty not even breathable!!!! Lady doesn't ask if you want refills on drinks until she gives the check???? Very low lighted not even seeable! Would not go there again.

CARLOS H SANTIAGO posted on 05/14/2010

THE MANDARIN is a very excellent place to eat in or take out . The food is excellent and so is the service . I personnally have been eat their for over 8 yrs and always have treated great and the service is awesome

CHINESE LOVERS posted on 03/13/2010

Hands down THE BEST in Lowell. Only place we ever order from now. All of the food is great. We have dined in also and never found any problem with service and we are a interracial couple so don't believe the nonsense.

Mary Jo posted on 03/12/2010

Again my son is traveling from Townsend to pick up the BEST Chinese food around for a birthday celebration! Wonderful portions of excellent food. Even though we have two Chinese food businesses in town and several closer this is THE place to go for the best! We have made the round trip several times and have never been disappointed.

Jack posted on 02/02/2010

Food is really good for your average chinese place. Vegetable dishes are good excellently, Southern Fried Rice is also awesome

I <3 Chinese food! posted on 12/31/2009

Definitely the best Chinese food in Lowell. Almost on par with the food in Chinatown Boston. Way better than Wah Sang and Golden house..but really not in the same chinese fast food take out category. They don't focus on spare ribs, crab rangoons or eggrolls. The place shines with their specialty plates like the crispy sesame beef and general gau chicken. Order something different and you'll be surprise how good it is!

posted on 12/12/2009

I just ordered from this place based on the reviews found here and on . BEST CHINESE FOOD IN LOWELL....compared to what?!<br /> <br /> I decided to order a lunch combination special-the L1. It comes with chicken wings, boneless spareribs, and crab rangoon. I figured it was the best way to try out all the basics-if you screw those up then you probably should not be in the Chinese Food business.<br /> <br /> It was not the absolute worst Chinese food I've had ( that title is reserved for a little place in Darthmouth, MA) but it is pretty close.<br /> The portions look large UNTIL you realize that your food is sitting on a an overwhelming bed of rice that would take you four days to finish. Not to mention the rice tastes horrible. Not greasy-just bad. Who messes up rice? The boneless spareribs where free of fat-which I appreciated, but they were also thin and had a slightly burned flavor which I did not appreciate. The chicken wings were average-nothing to complain or rave about. The crab rangoon looked undercooked-it was soggy, and not crispy golden brown as it should be. It tasted like the run of the meal cheap rangoon that is stuffed with more cream/ricotta cheese than crabmeat.The best part of the meal was the eggroll-it was stuffed full of cabbage, but not much else.<br /> The food did arrive hot-which is why I gave this place two stars.<br /> <br /> Also I am pretty positive that they use MSG, which is probably where all of the positive reviews came from. "Clean plate = great food" FALSE!!!!!<br /> <br /> My advice is to save your money and go somewhere else. Spend the extra on Eggroll Cafe -like I should have or check out Hong Kong Treasure-not great but way better than this crap.

posted on 06/22/2009

Me and my Fiancee get food from here all the time. Crab Rangoon is amazing, also their hot and sour soup is amazing also. Only been in to eat once, and that was a few years ago and I had no complaints there. I'll definitely keep going back!

Sanny posted on 03/27/2009

I'm commenting mainly to respond to unhappy's post. I am not caucasian and everytime I dined there, the waitress/waiter was always friendly. <br /> <br /> As for the food, I'll agree with everyone that it is one of the best places in Lowell. When I first saw the restaurant, I was very hesitant about going in. It looked really old and dirty. But they say not to judge a book by its cover, so I went in and was extremely surprised. I recommend this restaurant to everyone who visits lowell.

Big Mike posted on 01/28/2009

Bar is a adjoining bar is a definite downside. Barfly's also take up available parking. Food and price spot on. Ordered at least 100 time and never a complaint with food. Advice::Takeout or delivery only.

posted on 01/24/2009

Delivery is great, but if you go to the restaurant the service is horrible and ruins the meal. If you go Mandarin, go delivery!

Unhappy posted on 11/05/2008

It was my second time visiting the restaurant. The first time that I visited there was back in 2000. The food was ok, so I never really thought about going back. Eight years later i decided to visit the place again, thinking that maybe the food was better. I noticed as I walked into the restaurant, the waitress/hostess barely acknowledged us. She pointed to the seat and told us to sit there. As she came over, she did not smile, nor did she asked if we wanted any drinks. At least she came with the water. She walked passed our booth a few times and until she was sure we were ready to order did she come back. We got the food and it was ok. I was thinking maybe she had a bad day so I smile and joked withher but she did not give a response. Honestly, she was lucky that I tipped her more than 15%. The service does suck. I'm not planning to go back there anymore.

Unhappy posted on 11/05/2008

Just to add one more thing.. I think the waitress could have been predjudice because she was soo friendly and greeted all of the caucasian customers but not to us.. We were the only non-caucasian customer there. I hope she isn't predjudice because that would be very depressing

Mary Jo posted on 09/30/2008

This is my family's choice for THE best chinese food. For family parties at home, this food is to be expected, even though we have to do a round trip from Townsend each time! Every time we have been treated by the owners like part of their family. We would recommend Mandarin Lowell to everybody! .

Marlene posted on 09/04/2008

Food is excellent, delivery is quick.

posted on 08/15/2008

Always do take out or delivery, small building and bar full of loud mouth drunks

posted on 05/12/2008


posted on 04/24/2008

Without a doubt the best Chinese food in Lowell. Ive tried almost all of them and none of the others even come close.

posted on 03/18/2008

rude lady on the phone, but overall good food.

posted on 12/28/2007


posted on 12/11/2007

Food & service is exceptional but the overall experience <br /> is brought down by the usual preponderance of lame-ass <br /> loud-mouthed drunken yahoos in the adjoining bar.

posted on 11/10/2007

my favorite chinese food restaurant in lowell, thier fried rice is fresh and hot not over greasy<br /> people are aleays friendly

Lowell Guy posted on 08/17/2007

Good food at a great price. I suggest the "special plate" deal.

posted on 08/16/2007

the people and the food are both wonderful.

posted on 06/29/2007

My absolute favorite!

posted on 05/09/2007

The best Chinese you will ever eat!!

Melina posted on 04/20/2007

Great people, great food, great place to hang out with your friends and family!

posted on 03/07/2007

great food, drinks and service, well worth trying

McInnis posted on 01/31/2007

Their orange chicken isn't that great but I love their crab ragoon! The house lo-mien is awsome by the way. Always fast and friendly service. A great value!! Great food for so cheap I love it!

MenuPix User posted on 12/26/2006

The food is great and cheap!!!

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