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Wah Sang

77% say Yum
1052 people voted
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457 Chelmsford St
Lowell, MA 01851 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (978) 934-9077
77% say Yum
1052 people voted
Cuisine: Chinese
Neighborhood: Southwest

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Reviews of Wah Sang

Morenno Alves posted on 03/28/2015

THEY CALLED THE COPS ON ME WHEN I DEMANDED TO SPEAK WITH THEIR MANAGER, SO ABSOLUTELY AVOID WAH SANG!!!<br /> <br /> I placed an order online this Saturday, March 28th 2015 and had the worst experience in a restaurant in my life! Please allow me to describe my "less than stellar" experience, you will not regret it:<br /> <br /> - 3:51 PM Placed the order on their website, I chose to use my credit card so I could just get my order and quickly leave.<br /> <br /> - 4:10 PM I am ready to get my order and the attendant ( a young man) wants to charge me again. I showed him the receipt that was emailed to and he claimed I was not charged even though I chose to pay with my credit card and he had to my credit card information. So I refused to pay a second time for the same meal.<br /> <br /> <br /> 4:11 PM A second person (late thirties) showed my order on an iPad and says that I had to pay, I told him that what he had to show did not make any sense because I had proof of purchase. He claimed that it's a "middle man" problem and that I should complain with the "website". And then a third person got involved (older man on his late fifties), this is what I said:<br /> <br /> ME - What you do mean it's not your problem? It's your website!!!<br /> <br /> Attendant - I don't know, anybody could do anything.<br /> <br /> ME - So you are claiming that someone has a website with the name of your restaurant, your phone number, a picture of your restaurant on it and yet it's not YOUR RESTAURANT?<br /> <br /> I guess the old man and his co worker just forgot that they were showing me my personal information on his iPad seconds before...<br /> <br /> So a fourth attendant (another young man) tried to say the same thing the others previously said so I just cut him off to stop wasting my time. The a fifth attendant (this was ridiculous) got involved and then things really escalated:<br /> <br /> Attendant - We don't believe in "online", it 's the owner.<br /> <br /> Me - What are you taking about? It's your service!<br /> <br /> Attendant - Yeah, but it's the owner. It's not us.<br /> <br /> Me - What are you talking about? It's your restaurant online, I have the order receipt stating that I paid with credit right here!<br /> <br /> Attendant - It's not us...<br /> <br /> Me - I want to talk to the manager.<br /> <br /> Attendant - If you leave you name and phone number someone will call you.<br /> <br /> Me - I don't have to leave anything, you have all of my personal information there. I want to talk the manager right now. What is the manager's name and phone number?<br /> <br /> Attendant - Can you please leave?<br /> <br /> Me - Leave?! I paid for my food, I want to talk to your manager. Where is your manager?<br /> <br /> Attendant - You don't have the right to speak with the manager.<br /> <br /> Me - YES I DO, I AM THE CUSTOMER. THIS IS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY WAY!!!<br /> <br /> The attendant picks up the phone and calls someone and the only thing I understood was "we have an unruly patron who won't leave". Then he said:<br /> <br /> Attendant - The cops are coming over.<br /> <br /> Me - Good! I'll wait right here!<br /> <br /> 4:30 PM Then 2 officers showed up and I told them my story but one of them gave me 2 choices: <br /> 1 Cancel the order on my credit card.<br /> 2 Pay for the food (again).<br /> <br /> That's absolutely not what I was hoping for but the officers were very polite. One of them said that he understood my situation but told me to buy from another Chinese restaurant from now on (which I definitely will do). In the end I honestly hoped it didn't go like this. If this place was halfway decent as it once was, they would not have blamed me for their poor online ordering service, would have allowed me to speak to their manager (and owned up to their horrible customer service) and definitely would not have called the cops on me which is something one should NEVER do if they want to keep their patrons. I want to post my receipt and order confirmation here but Google reviews does not accept screenshots.<br /> <br /> DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT, OTHERWISE YOU MAY EXPERIENCE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

reall? posted on 01/10/2015

I called to place an order asked for a combo plate and an order of spare ribs bone in and was told to call china star they don't have them tonight so I say ok thank you I'm all set but thanks anyway. 45 min later the delivery driver calls I try to explain he says ok and calls back same thing happens twice. Finally I just paid for it. They charged me over $17.5 for a $10. Meal on the menu...never again...and the food was soggy

yessi posted on 11/27/2014

I'm thankful for everything but this place.. First and last time!! Besides their food being a plate of grease their service sucks, and they are very ignorant !! I wanted no stars but I had to put a rating !!

Dara Roeun posted on 08/20/2014

I rated 4 stars because i tasted better hot and sour soup in Worcester Mass. Everything else on the menu that i tasted is good

Blood1 posted on 03/21/2014

they are not Cambodian. but the food is straight. I have nothing negative to say about their food but they do need a update of the place.

Mell posted on 01/24/2014

Yes they are the most rudest ppl on earth. None of the ppl that works there give a 2 shit about customer service. And not all Cambodians are rude and probably they was at the time cuz the dam ppl working at wah sang is a freaken rude idiot themselvesz

Arrow Stone posted on 11/21/2013

First off, I have been ordering from this restaurant for close to a month. And I always ordered the Sesame chicken. Today 11/21/2013 i ordered my usual, and it was delivered in less than 10 minutes (bear in mind that I live maybe 1 mile from them), but it clearly was the fastest delivery they had ever made. <br /> <br /> I paid and started on my food. First bite was an under cooked chicken, I thought maybe its just the one, then I bit into another, and then another, and lo and behold..under cooked chicken..<br /> <br /> I call in, explaining what happened, being as courteous as possible, but some guy comes on, yells for a minute telling my how impossible that is, but I explain, what I had on my plate was very under cooked chicken, he says no, am faking it, its not under cooked blah blah... Extremely rude, more calling me an idiot..<br /> <br /> Now, I wasn't calling to get my money back, I was calling to see if maybe they could trade me another plate of their food,and I was willing to return to their restaurant for the exchange. <br /> <br /> All in all, I was very unimpressed by that rude fellow, who barely let me explain the problem. If anything, I would urge everyone to stay away from this place, their restaurant feels pretty dirty when you go in, with decor from the late 90s. The kitchen area just looks plain nasty, why I kept ordering from them, is beyond me..<br /> <br /> Lost another customer.

Dude posted on 10/27/2013

I like rice

Tubbs posted on 08/07/2013

7 years later. Still eating Wah-Sang. MMMM MMM GOOD

Girl below posted on 05/08/2013

Racist. Not all cambodians rude so stop judging.

Shien Lee posted on 04/06/2013

I think the only problems are the fucking Cambodians, there so fucking rude. If there want to go eat, go to there fucking Cambodian restaurant....

I hate Chinese people posted on 04/01/2013

Wah sang I wanna kidnap the chef and kill all u muthafuckas in there.

Jared Ambrose posted on 01/25/2013

Best Hot And Sour Soup anywhere. I have had many and this is the best. I have ordered this soup once a week for at least 4 years and I have never been disappointed.

Mouse posted on 12/27/2012

Food is pretty good but service and staff very rude restaurant not very clean, a lil advice customer most important part of business!!!

klizzy cuzz posted on 04/23/2011

mmmm i love wah sang cuz it makes me fatt!!..yes!!..

Tubbs posted on 02/10/2011

Listen, to all you haters, Wah-Sang is hands down the best Chinese food in Lowell, maybe Gold Star can compare. The food is great, prices are good, and the people delivering couldn't be nicer.<br /> 6 stars if I could.

PeopleAreAnnoying posted on 12/29/2010

Before I give my review, I just have to say that people don't understand how difficult a restaurant business may be. Especially when you have rude customers who try to make you look like the enemy. When I order from them I never have a problem. You call to order, because you KNOW what you want. If you don't know, then don't call. Simply call when your ready. Don't be stupid. I work at another restaurant and that's all I get. Stupid people who call and have no clue what they want and ask questions. Get a god damn menu and write it down. Your not the only god damn person on this earth who wants food.<br /> <br /> Service is great, Food is good. Personally wish the portions were bigger. However portions do meet their pricing. Affordable.

Ya mutha posted on 12/04/2010

Egg rolls A+ but the people suck and so do you who read this post.

Hungryman posted on 11/25/2010

I didn't cook Thanksgiving day as my family could only come up on Sunday, so I went out to eat, and every restaurant in Lowell and Dracut was closed! Thankfully, I headed up Chelmsford St. to eat at another place and it was closed too, I saw Wah Sang open so I had no other choice. I'm glad I did, everything was cooked in front of me and so fresh, everyone was friendly and a short wait. It was slow, no one eating inside so I took out (didn't want to be alone). The food was very tasty and the Peking noodles were the best I ever ever had! I'll definitely be going back. Thank you Wah Sang for being open on Thanksgiving.

True Lowellian posted on 08/05/2010

i grew up on this food. let me tell you something, nothing hits the spot like a number 5. lobster sauce, spareribs, and pork fried rice. don't even kid yourself, it's the best stuff ever. if you're a dude and you're from lowell, then you know what i'm talkin 'bout. i could care less about the rude employees, just gimme my damn #5 b1tches!

Diego sachez posted on 07/05/2010

The food here is horrible.

Krystal posted on 05/24/2010

Just ordered despite the bad reviews, had an alright experience. The guy that took my order was friendly. Food arrived in good time and was typical chinese takeout quality, my order was correct, the driver did give me a slightly higher total than I was quoted.

Sandra Gonzalez posted on 05/14/2010

I had ordered from Wang Sang today, as i was about to give my order the guy on the phone from the restaurant didn't have the patience to wait as i was giving him my order so he hung up on me.<br /> I called back to ask why he hung up me he gave me an attitude and said he is not waiting for my order i should know what am ordering as i call them but i was ready to order and u hung up. He still hung up on me because i asked to speak to a supervisor and so my third call to them they had someone else pick up my call. I gave my order finally. A few minutes after putting in my order by phone i get someone calling me from this restaurant who gives me an attitude accusing me that i didn't give the correct credit card number but he didn't bother asking me to repeat it to make sure its correct and i had asked him before he hung up to repeat. All i have to say is the food may be great but the service and some workers are very rude and impolite.

combatflyingpig posted on 03/16/2010

i ordered a #504 and i tell them not to put in the duck sauce because i don't use i was sitting there waiting for my order the guy throw the sauce in my bag spilling it...i'm not trying to give them a hard time or anything but these duck sauce container always seem to leak causing a i politely ask them for my money back and went to wendys.

amanda posted on 03/15/2010

best CHINEEE food

Ray posted on 02/26/2010

The food here is really bland, no flavor to be honest. It's pretty dirty too.

cindy posted on 02/14/2010

Wah Sang's nice and they're cheap.<br /> The place doesn't look so dirty to myself either.<br /> The customers who judge on the employee's attitudes expect too much..<br /> Not all are rude, and seriously?<br /> All I'd care about is getting my food..

Jeremiah posted on 02/04/2010

My friends and I used to eat here every Friday night, but one night we found a mouse running around the store, and when we freaked out and told the people who work there, they got angry AT US and told US to leave!! Terrible service. Filthy store. And the food wasn't all that great either. I wish I could give less than 1 star. Don't waste your time or money. Go eat a shoe.

Roger posted on 01/19/2010

Their food is really bad. Everything tastes like last week specials...

John posted on 01/09/2010

Better than adverage food. Good menu, good value. Most of these review have an agenda.<br /> <br /> If you order something 'normal' during a down time you'll get cold/old food. Order during prime time, get ready for great stuff.<br /> <br /> Honest about delivery times, good recipes, but as I said, if you want something they're likely to have 'waiting' expect old food. Same as everywhere.

Charlie posted on 01/05/2010

Awful service, and the place itself is filthy. Surprised no one has had any diseases, I know people that have worked there and they can attest to the sanitation levels being disgusting. I feel sorry for everyone who eats there and strongly advise them to reconsider for their sake.

lilmama posted on 12/25/2009

mad Drunk on christmas ordered me a plate i hope its as good as the green bambooo :)

allisonn posted on 12/23/2009

Wah-Sang is the best chinese take-out in Lowell.<br /> The crab rangoon and pork fried rice are delicious!!!<br /> <br /> The only thing I don't like about Wah-Sang are the employees....they are rude , mean, and also they talk very loudly at you to take you<br /> <br /> I know everybody is saying the employees are the only thing they hate but actually some are nice .<br /> <br /> and one more thing ; TRY THEIR CRAB RANGOONS CAUSE THEY ARE GOOD !!! (:

Nathan Pang posted on 12/06/2009

I live near Wa Sang. The place is great for takeouts on the weekends or a late night meal with your friends. It`s very good there, nice to fill you up. It's also great for sleepover meals. But, the thing is, they sometimes overcharge you for delivery. My order was 24.92, yet the Lady charged me 30.00$. Other than that, It`s a great place. It`s just the rude service I`m not satisfied with.

posted on 09/10/2009

I absolutely love the food here, great pick up and go chinese food! If the atmosphere have to be excellent for you, i wouldn't recommend eating in. You can't beat the price, but you can beat the employees. Sometimes they may sound rude due to their quick and strong accent, but lately I haven't had any problems with the employees.

posted on 08/23/2009

I've eaten at Wah Sang for years, and so was surprised at the negative reviews. I just finished a take-put dinner that was - as usual - good and inexpensive. The place is mainly for take-out, but when I picked up my food, I noticed that the dining area had been fixed up and looked quite clean to me. The kitchen is open and also looks clean. The man at the counter was nice and polite. I wonder if some of the negative reviews are from local competitors - or maybe some folks' expectations are a bit high, <br />

Michael Dacunha posted on 07/11/2009

Wow <br /> I have been away from Lowell in Quincy for about 3 years and moving back in the fall.<br /> i am so so sad to hear that my late nite fave has gotten rude<br /> i used to live on pawtucket st near the falls.<br /> i would call for my usual Chick wings and teryaki it was always fast hot and decent price . delivered by either the very nice mike or CC<br /> i hope it gets better by fall when i move back<br /> sad in Quincy<br /> Michael

Shirley panagiotakos posted on 07/02/2009

if you want to get posioned eat there ,,plus they are the rudest people in the world

RP posted on 06/27/2009

Great value... Dishes are cheap, and the portions are pretty good sized. The food is pretty good, too. Whatever you do, though, DON'T EAT IN. They can be incredibly unpleasant.

Rosa posted on 06/13/2009

Crab ragoons what can I say...they are really good...and especially #504 its cheap...and it makes you full.....all the other chinese restaurants I tried in lowell....its nasty....would not recommend it.....this is fresh and fast especially when you Dine in......<br /> <br /> <br />

addda posted on 06/09/2009

The combos are very good and pretty cheap but the lack of customer service is disheartening. Also the delivery times could be erratic ranging anywhere between 30minutes -2 hours. Fair food for a good price sometimes balances out there somewhat rudeness

Lilly posted on 06/05/2009

The lunch combos are amazing, cheap and alot of food in the plate. I love their chicken fingers. Not alot of fat on their bonesless ribs.. Great, fast service. I'm not sure of how fast their delivery service is , I don't live in that area...I have to pick up my food.

eric conley posted on 05/28/2009

Food is OK but the people are so rude it will spoil your appetite

Steve posted on 05/06/2009

They're very greedy with paper napkin, sometimes they get mad when you ask them for some. LOL.

posted on 04/25/2009

The food is great! They have great lobster sauce, crab rangoon, and seafood soup! They can be rude when speaking, but fast to go!

AJ posted on 04/03/2009

This place is DIRTY unclean, The sevice and attitude of the staff is very poor its a place for drunk people to eat and nothing more.<br /> II rember a time when they could provide freindly service with good clean tasting food, but that has given way to GIVE ME YOUR ORDER, PAY>>>NEXT. THis restaurant has gone to the dogs. I will never give my hard earned buck to them again. Eat elswhere, they dont deserve your money<br />

Chris Morero posted on 03/01/2009

I just called this restaurant for a delivery. I wanted to pay by debit card for a delivery. They basically hang up on me for that. Never mind that i have been ordering from them for years. They are completely uncouth and unprofessional. Customer service is lacking in a disturbing way. Please go else where.

KING posted on 02/22/2009

i orderd food and they took like 2 hours to deliver

posted on 02/01/2009

the food is ok, the service, value isn't.

posted on 12/31/2008

The food is wonderful, the service is great, the value can't be beat, the atmospere is fast food like and it's only real draw back.

sean futre food critic posted on 12/21/2008

my dad ordered ffrom there a cople of days and i had fried rice and i found like half the box was white rice i may be over reacting but cant they use diffrtent spoons

posted on 12/10/2008

Awesome chinease food, love there beef teriaki. They don't really care much about the customer though as 90% of the time they don't give bread and extra sauce stating they don't have none when it's sitting right in front of me. They also let it known they don't care if you don't order from them again if something is wrong. I wouldn't recommend eating there as it looks to be a dirty area where you eat.

posted on 12/09/2008

Wah Sang is your typical standard Americanized Chinese food. No surprises here. Their combo plates are what my friends and I normally get. I like their Schezuan chicken combo.<br /> <br /> Pros:<br /> Fast Chinese food<br /> Open Late (good for 2nd shifters like me)<br /> They deliver<br /> <br /> Cons:<br /> $15 minimum delivery for credit card<br />

posted on 11/26/2008

i was just going to order, but they dont tell you that if you use a credit card to pay for delivery they require $20 minimum. F that.

Sam posted on 10/08/2008

All things negative about this place is absolutely true. I would be ashamed to feed people that garbage they call chinese food. they make other restaurants in the area look bad. There have been roaches found, hair and sand and mystery "objects" in food from there, the place is disgusting...People, If you order food from there- don't take out- go there and watch them prepare it and you'll see.

TKB978 posted on 07/27/2008

the food is good and the service and everything sucks, i'm asian and most of the time i call to order the employese are rude as hell and one time i called to order and when they delivered my food i started cussin at the driver and i still do that i really dont care about them. the place is nasty as hell. i aint just writing this to make them look bad its just they're really rude!!!!

posted on 07/20/2008

they overcharged me for my food and when i asked for the receipt she didnt have it she said.i my order was 17.89 and she said 25.17 so delivery must b like 5 dollars

posted on 07/02/2008

I'm sorry to say the reviews are true. My family got sick after eating their food and everytime I suggest chinese food they say as long as it's not wah sang. The restaurant is smelly and dirty looking, they should really renovate and get some better employees and maybe things would improve.

Tracy posted on 06/08/2008

I personally think Wah Sang is the best Chinese food. What food are you eating? YUM!

Chang Lee posted on 05/19/2008

I order there last week and when i got my order like 1 hour and half later it was cold but that's not the worst thing i found hairs in the food. Called them to complain and they said it wasnt there's what a bunch of crap

posted on 04/27/2008

truthfully, i'm asian and i know what good food is. wah sang does not have good food at all, it has good FAT. the only reason i would go to such a place is because my fridge is empty and you guys are open till 2. the service sucks, the old guys i encountered last time was very obnoxious and rude. i'm not writing just to talk badly, matter fact i just ordered some wah sang.. but this is how i feel

posted on 04/23/2008

I went there and I got my food when I got home they gave me a wrong order !

DESIREE posted on 04/12/2008


posted on 03/18/2008

The Service for me is a 2 BECAUSE. they do not deliever to centraville area.

posted on 02/29/2008

we ordered at about 8:30 and its 9:50 know and we havent gotten our food yet. Let me remind you we live right down the street. GOOD FOOD ,BAD TAKEOUT

Try me posted on 01/31/2008

Everything said below me..... is TRUE!

posted on 01/05/2008

place is the BOMB.. especailly late at night on the weekend!

posted on 12/16/2007

We just finished our 'food.' By 'food', I mean mystery meet in cat food sauce. They called it 'Shrimp with Lobster Sauce'. My cat who only eats cat food---EVER---, jumped on my lap to beg for some. The only thing that tasted like human food was the egg roll and even that didn't taste good. Oh, and the delivery person asked for more money than it should have cost and when I asked for a receipt she said no. I told her that I would never order from Wah Sang again and she siad "I don't care"<br /> <br /> My fortune said "You just ate diarrhea" Well, that not true, but the food really sucked.<br /> <br />

KhmerHoney posted on 12/08/2007

Good Food ...

Alyssa posted on 07/29/2007

My favorite fast food chinese restaurant

finn19712003 posted on 06/18/2007


Larry Boggio posted on 04/27/2007

I live near Wah Sang and frequent the restaurant often. The food is among the best Chinese food that I have ever tasted. The lobster sauce is the perfect consistentcy and the chicken wings are the best.

MenuPix User posted on 09/09/2006

They have the best crab Rangoons. I wouldn't eat there but take out is great. It's best on a Weekend Night the food tends to be extremely fresh because of the demand on the weekends. <br />

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