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Nashua House Of Pizza

68% say Yum
210 people voted
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40 E Hollis St
Nashua, NH 03060 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (603) 883-6177
68% say Yum
210 people voted
Cuisine: Pizza, Subs
Neighborhood: Nashua

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Hours: Sun-Th: 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-midnight

Yes - $2 delivery charge

Accepts Credit Cards



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$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
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Reviews of Nashua House Of Pizza

Jason posted on 03/12/2015

Hire your own drivers! Waited 1 1/2 hours for a pizza and the delivery driver was sitting in my driveway for 10 mins. Had to get his attention to get my food. Food is good. SERVICE SUCKED!

tim posted on 01/03/2015

I so wish I could us no star: had food delivered I am disabled and the older male driver asked me if I had any good drugs for sale seeing I look like I might use them: who does that never never will order there again and how rude to see someone disabled and assume they need drugs to survive : not the first time I have had bad service but it will be my last

Melinda O posted on 12/31/2014

Redic! Never again! Ordered delivery at 330 pm. Was told 45-1 hr for delivery. No problem, right? Well at an hour and 15 i call to make sure they have correct address. "Food just left" she tells me. Food shows up 15 minutes later but only HALF my order!!! And small portioned!!! They send back out the rest of my food. COLD!!! No apologies, no bill reduction. Not even a coupon! Worst customer service! Over-priced, and small portioned. Do not recommend. Last time going there. You want EXCELLENT Greek pizza in Nashua. Kinsley St. House of pizza for sure!

MidniteManiac posted on 02/13/2014

First off I want to say to the idiots who got pissed off that they tried to call repeatedly and the phone was busy...Get a life! That noise you heard is put there by the phone company to alert you they are talking on the phone jackass!.. The place is always busy every hour they are open....want it delivered? Then they will get to you when they answer the phone....Now on to the food I have been eating there since the day they opened and in all these 35+ years I have only been disappointed once....and that was from the performance of a person who is no longer there and the they made good on the mistake. There are items on everyone's menu that isn't to your liking...don't like it? Tell them and ask for something else...those who eat there know you don't pay till after you eat...there is a reason..they want to make sure your satisfied...and if your too lazy to go it yourself...and opt for doesn't ensure fresh from the oven temperature or taste...order a pizza on a snowy day and you will wait and guarantee you pizza won't be screaming hot....grow up....these folks have done a great job since day one again over 35+ years ago...look around many places have been in business for that long? RIGHT

Roger posted on 10/25/2013

I have to tell you...Their spinish pizza is the best I have ever had... My wife and I order it all the time... Staff is efficient and friendly... We don't usually eat there we pick it up and take it home!!!

Micheal posted on 09/10/2013

Worst customer service wait 10 mins to order and 30 mins to get nothing but some fries.. Asked what's taking so long told 2mins I said if not in 2 mins I'm leaving the big guy behind counter got prissy said ok pay and leave. This was their fault not mine and pissed me of I did loose my cool after as leaving we was hungry and with a child hungry well lookout

Concerned customer posted on 06/07/2013

The service at Nashua house is awful, it took them over an hour to deliver my food and when I got it, it was cold and disgusting. I found plastic in my salad an I'm scared that I swallowed some of it while I was eating! I will never eat there again!!!!

Hope posted on 02/24/2013

My husband wanted steak tips badly and this was the only place that we could find that has them that delivers. We tried called 10-20 times over the span of a half an hour and there was a busy tone every time. My husband finally got fed up and went there they just said they were busy even though there were not customers there. He brought home the food and we went to eat it just to find it was not what we ordered at all. My husband is going back right now to complain and try to get the right thing. They better give it to us for free!

KoHtY posted on 02/18/2011

The rudest bunch of people! Try putting a smile on your face and using some manners. The food is ok but not worth it!

ski posted on 01/22/2011

WAY overpriced and the staff is very rude!! In this economy you cant afford to keep losing custgomers!

Janet posted on 12/08/2010

Always excellent food!! The best spinach pizza I've ever tasted.The chicken parm pizza and/or buffalo chick pizza is also delicious!!! I've been coming for years and have never been disappointed. Great dessert selection too so save room :)

cfdm1o posted on 11/21/2010

There's always great service at Nashua House of Pizza. They also have the best sause and they never put to little of it. The Bread is also very good, its soft and the crust is crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside! Plus good cheese.

george posted on 09/11/2010

best service

Kerrie posted on 09/03/2010

I have been eating here since I was a baby and it is very sad to see what has happened to the place. It used to be a VERY friendly place to go and they always remembered a good customer. I rarely eat here now because the staff is the rudest I have ever come across. But I just can't resist their spinach pizza.<br /> I don't understand how in this economy a business can act so rudely to people keeping them in business. They should be thankful for every customer that walks in the door.

DAVE R posted on 08/16/2010

HOW IS THIS PLACE STILL IN BUSSINESS?! The pizza I ordered was disgusting and way too expensive!

Hagen posted on 08/06/2010

Food was below average and the counter staff was so RUDE. The girl even commented (loud enough for me to hear) that I didn't tip her. What exactly would I be tipping for? Handing me a pizza box across a counter?<br /> <br /> Won't go back.

J posted on 07/15/2010

I hadn't been there in years and I should have stayed away. What a disappointment! I ordered tuna on a salad. The tuna was ok, but too salty for my taste and it had near rancid lettuce in it that I had to pick out. The salad must have been made yesterday because it was starting to turn. Most of the lettuce had brown edges and the cucumbers were dried out. The worst part was the pita bread (that I had to pay for!). It didn't even open so I couldn't stuff it with the salad.

JMillz posted on 05/03/2010

I must say they do have good food, but I couldn't believe it when I gave my money to the woman that works there and she didn't give me the right change back, and when I told her the dilemma she completely lied and told me I gave her the right change when I gave over the amount! so ridiculous! hate that lady, but I cant refuse a delicious spinach and feta calzone every once in awhile!

Disappointed posted on 03/13/2010

This menu is old and the prices have gone up considerably! Decent food but for these prices you could do MUCH better

jim posted on 11/10/2009

I ordered a pepperoni pizza and had it delivered and the guy kept telling me it was $15 and change. The menu says $2 delivery charge and a one topping pizza i could figure out how they were getting to that number. I paid and when i brought it in it was under cooked and half was kind of on the cooler side. Delivery guy must have had their window open. Not a big fan of this place expecially when 7 star is a 1/4 of a mile up the street has the same style pizza and food and is way better

pizza lover posted on 10/30/2009

The food is a hit or miss. It depends on who the staff is working that night. The service also depends on the staff on. They have some wonderfully polite help, and some who are so rude! Very expensive, but good pizza. The wings used to be great but now I wouldn't even bother!! just okay...

posted on 10/19/2009

I'm there almost every day it's the bomb

Steven posted on 10/10/2009

Expencive, but very good buffalo chicken pizza, crazy that i have to spend over $20 for a pizza especially when I ask for them to NOT put certain toppings that originally come on something. However, I eat buffalo chicken pizza everywhere I go and this pizza is one of the best buffalo chicken ones I ever had. Even the crust is good. To make it cost effective I try to eat two slices and save the rest for work :D But if it were even just slightly cheaper I would order there more.

nh sql guy posted on 09/04/2009

For gosh sake, spend the extra time to pick up the food at their place of business. Just taking the food by itself - it is wonderful. Lots of good choices on the menu too! My wife and I love the super special small. The staff by and large are efficient and friendly. Given the volume of customers (yes, a good place can be busy) - I wonder if I would be so friendly. Give it a try. And people, give the staff a break. They do a great job!

mike o ryan posted on 08/15/2009

i love going in to nhop they have the best staff and great food even the new help the hired the kid can make a cheese steak. when you go ask for nick sonia or carol or even the new kid i think his name is cliff and u will no doubt have the best food you ever ate <br />

Alex posted on 07/30/2009

While they have been occasionally rude, they've given me great service during the many years I've been a customer there. They even once let me snack on my mozzarella sticks while waiting for my spinach pizza before paying for it.

James posted on 07/22/2009

Food is good... rude staff

Starr Moore posted on 06/11/2009

I had always ate there love there spinach pizza. So when I came home on vacation I just had to stop and have there spinach pizza. I had moved to Ga but when I come home every two years I make sure that I stop......I am even thinking about having one of there pizzas sent down to me in ga. it will well be worth the if you ever happen to be in Nashua Nh make sure you stop by and get a spinach pizza or anything else they have because everything there is awesome......

Arthur posted on 06/02/2009

1st time new to the area. I had the Greek BOMB Ginder, man it was OUTSTNDING! I will go out my<br /> way to enjoy another of these fine ginders and will also recommend to my friends...

Jay posted on 06/02/2009

Dont listen to what anyone else says on poor service from this resturaunt. I've lived in Nashua my entire life and it is, hands down, the best pizza i've ever had. The Spinach pizza is the best and most delicious.Great service and great family atmosphere. NHOP is the best and I'll never go anywhere else for pizza ever again.

posted on 03/31/2009

Food was cold and very expensive! Not too friendly staff, also

Rod posted on 03/18/2009

Best spinach pizza this side of the Missisippi. We use take out so can't comment on delivery service. Carrot cake is to die for! Never unsatisfied with the food.

Susan Keating posted on 03/07/2009

The Best Spinach Pizza you'll ever taste!<br />

Connie B posted on 02/20/2009

We have given this business so many chances. They always under-estimate the delivery time. We have waited up to two hours for our food. And it is a crap shoot when you order. It seems they just send whatever they want. And the employee we dealt with, Sylvie (not sure on spelling) was the rudest person I have ever encountered. Stay clear. Definately not worth the hassle.

pun posted on 12/15/2008

Nashua house is the best place to eat in the world. the workers are friendly and wonderful. The food oh boy the food is out of this world. everytime i go there its great. so thank you to the staff at nashua house for being so friendly and wonderful.

posted on 12/15/2008


Linda posted on 11/16/2008

I live half hour from them but still make a drive out of my way for their spinach pizza the best ever Ive tried almost every pizza place between hudson,nashua,merrimack etc no one comes close

posted on 10/19/2008

AWFUL!!!!! we ordered a greek pizza for delivery and added two toppings, after almost an hour and a half of waiting for it the pizza cost 25.80. ARE YOU SERIOUS? to top it all off it was cold and not very tasty. I must pause my anger to say thank you to Nashua House because they have inspired me to NEVER order pizza out again, my wallet and waist are very appreciative. Nashua has some fantastic food and the Nashua House is not one of them but they could win an award for rude, disgusting, slow, cold, and over priced. Don't Bother.

posted on 10/04/2008

Food is excellent and staff is friendly

Nashua House is A Rip Off posted on 08/23/2008

Small portions, high prices...not worth it, total rip off.<br /> <br />

posted on 04/16/2008

Food took too long and was cold. Not happy

Rich posted on 08/26/2007

The Spinach Pizza is the best !! YUMMMMY !!

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