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Liu's Garden

83% say Yum
477 people voted
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183 Charles St
Rochester, NH 03867 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (603) 332-6663
83% say Yum
477 people voted
Cuisine: Chinese
Neighborhood: Rochester

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Reviews of Liu's Garden

food critic posted on 04/19/2015

They will be moving in to a new building so I don't understand the complaints about cleanliness about the current building. If they are open for business, the place gets dirty during the day. They clean the place at night. The food is excellent and the employees are very polite. The delivery drivers have great communication skills. These people posting negative reviews, they must be the rare customers. The regulars always keep coming back for this great tasting food. Highly recommend!!!!

jw posted on 04/08/2015


Jenn posted on 01/24/2015

Liu's Garden is horrific and extremely dirty. I ordered Mongolian beef and a combination plate when I got it home it was ice cold I called to let them no and was told to bring the food back in which I did. I usually don't like to criticize people but the fat sweaty and smelly employee behind the counter was extremely rude and disgusting he opened the Mongolian beef stuck his finger in it and said ya it's cold I'll microwave it for you. I said I could have done that at home and I want a fresh one made since you stuck your fat sweaty finger in it. I said you know what forget it and walked out. I will NEVER eat there nasty food again. Honestly I don't even know how that place stays open.

Matthew Miller posted on 01/04/2015

Lady on the phone was vary rude almost seemed like she didn't want me to order on the phone ud think being the afternoon an not getting great reviews ud change the way u talk to people over the phone not once would she say thanking for my business this is why I go to the China palace I don't renamed this place the are rude people I ask for a receat to an they wrote the total on the bag do not order food from this place worst place in Rochester they make the dynasty look like goods gift to Chinese take out I highly recommend the China palace I should of stuck to what I'm use to not to mention food was cold they didn't give me the duck sauce for my chicken fingers worse Chinese take out in Rochester don't order from their

joe posted on 07/19/2014

How this place hasn't been condemned by the oard of health is a miracle. I'm shocked that there are not more cvomments about how filthy and disgusting this place is. Used tyo o there a lot 15 to 20 years ago, went in recently and was fraid to eat my order. The food was gross but I was grateful I wasn't poisened. Just saw they are moving across the street maybe that place will be clean or a dasy or two.<br /> Yuck

Julia posted on 07/10/2014

This is the worst chinese food I've ever had.

TF posted on 06/04/2014

The food is ok, I've had worse. However, the low rating goes to the people who answer the phones and takes orders. Typically, I don't mind if English isn't their first language, but one girl that works there does not have this as an excuse for her piss poor customer service skills. She is one of the most unfriendly people I've ever dealt with. First off she doesn't listen to your order, and repeats it back completely wrong. On my most recent order, she acted completely annoyed with me when I corrected my order with her, and then hung up on me after I asked her how long it would be. Whoever runs this place should be ashamed of how the first person they interact with is rude and has no clue how to treat customers. They had a hard enough time keeping me coming back for the low quality food, but the lack of effort to even be friendly for 2 minutes of time pretty much seals the deal.

gary cormier posted on 05/15/2014

I order delivery at 8 and then get a phone call from the lazy ass driver who says it's to far to deliver. It's only 10 mins away. I didnt find out until 45 mins later that this is now to far to deliver. The lazy ass has delivered twice to my place. Will never order Chinese from this place again.

Julie posted on 02/21/2014

Great food. Great delivery service. Employees are fairly nice too. I second what "Craig" said about respect being given where respect is shown. Keep it up Liu's!

Craig posted on 01/25/2014

The food is great. Best rangoons and house lo main in town. This place is ALWAYS busy and yes, the employees have to deal with people in Rochester, who aren't exactly the nicest, cleanest, most well-mannered or classiest people. We ordered from then on New Year's Eve and despite the fact that those poor employees were busting their asses on the busiest night of the year for them, Rochester's finest residents were bitching, yelling, swearing and complaining. We have NEVER had a problem with rudeness from employees there. NEVER had a mistake made on our orders. The food is great. Prices are reasonable and employees show respect and kindness where respect and kindness are shown to them. Four starts because it's not a very warm, welcoming eat-in atmosphere. Delivery is awesome. Delivery people are super nice. Recommend highly.

nona ya posted on 01/23/2014

I wouldn't even give them a star. They are rude, disrespectful, stuck up assholes who only care about making some money and going home everynight on time. every time I've gone their I've gotten attitude, been interupted ordering and then they get my order messed up. i ordered a delivery and they hung up on me. I called back to ask how much $ it was and how long it would be and they answered abd then hung up again. i got the wrong sides and got called a liar when i called back by not only some smug prick but by some stupid bitch who couldn't even understand what she herself was saying. FUCCKKK THIS PLACE!!

Ivey Rose posted on 10/13/2013

Ordered a combo plate #3 today, with spare ribs and sweet & sour chicken. Let's just say, this meal left everything left to be desired. Firstly, when ordering, I was put on hold for 10:34... this, for a non-busy restaurant on a Sunday afternoon, is unacceptable. In my store, if the phone rings more than 3 times without an answer, the situation is deemed tragic. Cant imagine these bozo's take their job very seriously. When entering the establishment, and after having been rudely alerted to my presence by a fellow employee, I was greeted by a large, smelly, un-kempt man who persisted to greet me with "What do you want?" When I had paid for my... "stuff".. and was hurriedly leaving, one of the three and very unprofessional and rude employees started to say "she'll have fun with that" and continued to speak unkindly to the other two in a lower tone........ Now to the "food". The sweet and sour chicken turned out to be nothing more than chicken fingers, which were more than 65% batter, drizzled in sweet and sour sauce. These and the spare ribs- which were SOOO fatty that even my dog would not eat them- were splayed over a bed of rice... which was inedible, as sweet and sour sauce (more than was actually on the chicken) had been dumped into it. This entire entree was dumped in the trash, as no children or animals would touch it. Heck, I'm sure a raccoon would know better. As far as future visits to this... well, they sure aren't a restaurant... we will NEVER EVER make this MISTAKE twice. The Dynasty might as well be considered gourmet to this little local embarrassment. Service- HORRID Food- Inedible Atmosphere- Tragic Save your money, time, appetite, and health.

Megan posted on 03/18/2013

They do Not Appreciate business!<br /> Let's all give our money to another restaurant who does, let them all be out of a job, bet they are the same way after two weeks on another job:(<br />

Jody Smith posted on 03/17/2013

I have gone here for 15 years tonight is the last time! The owner is awful! 75.00 for the pure nasty food! Egg foo young burnt tasted like fish. Rice is different and gross! Egg Rolls I used to love them here yuck! And beef lo ,mien which has always been my favorite was so gross tasting! 75 dollars in the trash never again we reordered at hi land garden in east Rochester soooo much better!<br /> And they are nice there too!<br />

Chancelle posted on 03/16/2013

Every time I order delivery they get something wrong, and whenever anyone has answered they sound like they don't feel happy to have you as a customer.<br /> Eventually they will go out of business, those workers not happy to be there will be out of a job as well as the owner, that means, no car, no money, no clothes, etc!

elaina posted on 02/09/2013

The food is great, best around in fact. HOWEVER the owner is rude, and should you have an issue with your food (such as they messed up your order) do not expect them to fix it, it all depends on his mood. The delivery guy is his bosses wanker, and will lie flat out on the phone and tell you where to go.. I have been a loyal customer for the better part of twenty years but in recent years have slowly turned my nose to it, because who wants to do any kind of buisness with such a horrible staff..... Wish they would clean the place and get rid of the nasty fish tank.

Lee posted on 12/16/2012

I had been going to Liu's Garden for over 15 years. It was one of my favorite's. The quality has been going downhill the past year, most notably with chunks of pork fat in the pork fried rice and egg foo yung. But two weeks ago, we found two used staples, one in each of our two soups. One staple was within a dumpling and the other staple was loose within the broth. In both cases, we each took the staple out of our mouths, which to me was an extremely dangerous situation and so grateful neither of us were cut or swollowed them. We were refunded and I called the Rochester health inspector the next day, who was to investigate. After so many years of being a patron and a fan, how awful. And no call back from the manager, who wasn't present when I returned the uneaten food, as well as the two soup containers with the staples scotch taped to them. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND ANY OF THE OTHER CHINESE RESTAURANTS IN ROCHESTER. (I am not affiliated with any restaurant, just a resident and a former lover of Liu's Garden.) Sad and dangerous.

Jamie posted on 10/26/2012

I love the food at Liu's Garden! The customer service could use a little help though. I won't usually order on Friday nights because the girls they have working there are more interested in giggling and looking at the internet then helping customers. BUT.....If you are looking for excellent Chinese food, this is the place.

joe posted on 06/20/2012

the five stars represents a combination of taste and price. Great food. Great price. And the only place in town that delivers which is great. Great place.

Jim L. posted on 12/28/2010

Local chinese at it's best. I have tried all the others and perfer Liu's. The crab ragoons are delicious! If your a rice person like me you won't be disappointed either. <br /> <br /> Combination platters are awesome as well! Whatever you order from those you'll be surprised about how much you get. Portions are huge and the money is right.

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