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Nite Train Pizza

89% say Yum
824 people voted
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1600 2nd Ave SW # 11
Minot, ND 58701 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (701) 852-5433
89% say Yum
824 people voted
Cuisine: Pizza, Subs
Neighborhood: Minot

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Reviews of Nite Train Pizza

Barb posted on 05/13/2015

In my opinion Nite Train has the best calzone's I have ever had. They also have excellent salad choices! The prices on the listed menu are not correct however, as I believe the last time the menu was updated was in 2010.

jrs posted on 10/08/2013

anything above two stars must have been made by the owner and employees.<br /> <br /> firstly, rude! jeez, customers are why you have a job<br /> <br /> second, they lie about the delivery time<br /> <br /> third, food is horrible and cold<br /> <br /> pure crap, little Cesars at Kmart is a far better pizza then this garbage

Kivuvu83 posted on 07/25/2013

Great food, Taco pizza is great, love the ched sticks and ranch, and the Taco Salad is AWESOME. The customer service usually sucks, most workers are teenagers but if you can ignore that then you are in for some good food.

Ashley posted on 04/29/2013

I love everything here, the pizza, calzones, and breadsticks. hands down one of the best in minot, nd

Amy Lenertz posted on 02/28/2013

Best pizza in town, hands down.

Shadow posted on 01/13/2013

I have lived all over the country in my many years, and yes, there are better pizza places in some of the larger cities. For this little town, I thought the delivery was superb as i have had to wait over 2 hours before..and when they have ever told me 45 minutes to an hour..its here in less than the 45 minutes! The pizza has ALWAYS been good..and I have never, in the 5 years I have been here, had anyone be rude to me. Maybe those of you who had a bad experience should go back where you feel the people and services are better. This is, in my opinion, the best delivery pizza in town!

Advid Pizza Eater posted on 01/12/2013

WHAT A JOKE!!! I waited an hour for delivery, paid $19 (includes $3 tip) only to get two cheap looking and even worst tasting store bought pizzas. Never again! Your food sucks, shame on you for selling this crap to people!!!!!

Canadian Traveller posted on 11/29/2012

The phone was handled just fine. Told me the pizza would be 45 minutes to one hour and showed up in 43 minutes. Pizza was perfectly acceptable, nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either. Best delivery to a hotel in Minot that I have experienced in many trips here.

Elysia Taniguchi posted on 04/25/2012

Delicious pizza, delicious calzones, friendly people, overall awesomeness.

Rueben posted on 03/03/2012

We would like to try their Pizza, but They said They wouldn't deliver to Eastside Estates, which is only about 3 to 4 min South East Of Their Location. Which would be closer then delivering to North Hill! On the upside the guy on the phone was very polite and tried to be helpful. He also told us he would call us back and let us know if the driver would decide to deliver it anyway, but like I expected He never had the courtesy To return my call! So After waiting 40 Minuets Of waiting for the return Phone call, we called Papa Johns Which is further away and they delivered! So over all, NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!!!<br /> <br />

Pizza Fan posted on 03/06/2011

Amazing cheese sticks and awesome calzones. The calzones are usually undercooked so it's not a bad idea to throw em in the oven when you get it for a bit, but worth it. They are generally pretty abrupt and slightly rude on the phone. I think one of the prerequisite of employment at nite train is a dick piercing, cause these guys look like a bunch of faggot hipster imports from Portland, Oregon. Yeah very unique. Express that individuality. So to round it up, awesome food overall, bunch of freaks for employees.

Will Z posted on 02/07/2011

Their pizza is hands down the best in Minot especially when you consider the price. As far as the complaining about the service or rudeness on the phone, I completely disagree. I just got off the phone from placing an order and the guy was very polite and besides like others have said, it's just PIZZA! If your more worried about someone kissing your a$$ than on how good the food is go to Primo. They will be more than happy to take care of you and charge you $75 to do it!

LoisLane82 posted on 12/04/2010

Yum! My family and I love the Cal-zones (taco meat extra chz) and the spicy popcorn chicken, and a cheese pizza for the kids. Never had a service problem, they do take a while but all pizza places do! And besides, when it takes that long it means others have ordered too because the food is just that good.

Karen posted on 11/23/2010

I love their pizza, friendly service and assortmant. I have never received a bad pizza and I have had more than one.

405 Minot posted on 11/20/2010

The pizza is grear also the spicy popcorn chicken is great and the turkey salads. And there attitude has never bothered me I'm just ordering a pizza.

creeptrain posted on 10/22/2010

yep the staff is comprised of dullards! must be work release cause they are about as shifty as they come. no customer service, no eye contact but that could be almost any minot restaurant!<br /> pizza? average at best. the other "glowing" reviews about the calzones obviously from folks that haven't left the state!

the stereo shop posted on 06/17/2010

there calzones r the best in town and the service is great. sometimes it might take awhile but they let u know on the phone when u order and r not rude they r just busy. we order from them at least once a week, and love it...

Anne posted on 03/29/2010

I love their Calzones. As far as everyone saying they are rude on the phone, they are busy because their food is so good. Yes it took 45 minutes to get our Calzones but they told me on the phone. Also like their taco pizza.

Bea posted on 03/19/2010

Nite Train has some of the best pizza and there are no words to describe how good the calzones are! The prices are very good compared to your larger "chain" pizza places. And for those who say that they are slow, I have NEVER had slow service except during winter and state basketball...and then everything is slow. Their staff can be abrupt but if you have ever been in the restaurant, they are slammed, lunch and dinner. I imagine they come across rude because A)they are really busy and B)they are 16-17 yr old kids who don't care. I recommend Nite Train to everyone wanting good pizza and WONDERFUL calzones!

omegadragonwarrior21stcenturyfox posted on 02/08/2010

nite train is fantastic!!! there is fantastic service and they are not rude on the phone, they just have to get back to making other pizzas! and they have these 2 really hot mexican guys working there! Drop dead gorgeous!!!! and they started 2 bands! matt and the mexicans and the nitty grutty nite train band.

Christina posted on 12/10/2009

I have ALWAYS received excellent service from Nite Train, on the phone and delivery. I hadn't had a REAL pizza since I lived on the east coast, until I tried Nite Train. It's THE best Pizza in Minot. Now where can I get a good cup of coffee!!

PIZZAGUY posted on 11/13/2009

If your pizza took a hour to arrive- safe to say others were in line to receive their orders before yours. you would understand that if you thought before you typed - this is a high volume pizzeria and it takes time for pizzas to cook/delivered to your door. if waiting is not a option - then cook at home. otherwise deal with it- its just pizza.<br /> very good pizza - consistent and moderately priced. puts the rest of the nearby pizzerias to shame

Anonymous posted on 11/04/2009

I wouldn't say the people are rude on the phone. They are just laid back on the phone, remember, its just pizza you're ordering. They have the best pizza in town. The calzones are amazing! Not too pricey either.

MTchicK posted on 10/16/2009

This is the best pizza I've ever had! Whenever I order it, it is quick delivery and tastes amazing. Definitly try it! Try the breadsticks too. They taste like homemade bread! So good!

D posted on 10/11/2009

As usual not professional on the phone......took nearly an hour to arrive.

Megan posted on 07/05/2009

If it weren't for the fact that their pizza was pretty darned good, I'd NEVER order from there again. The people are very rude and immature. The service is never good.

Tammy posted on 05/23/2009

One of my favorite pizzas! I love it!!

posted on 02/21/2009

Not friendly on the phone. Pizza was cold when delivered.

posted on 11/12/2008

They have the best Ched Sticks!

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