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Hernandez Restaurant

64% say Yum
59 people voted
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1201 John Dahl Ave
Pawhuska, OK 74056 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (918) 287-2388
64% say Yum
59 people voted

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Hours: Mon: Closed, Tue-Fri: 11am - 9pm, Sat: 6am - 9pm, Sun: 6am - 4pm


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Yes - Full Bar

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$$$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
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Reviews of Hernandez Restaurant

review_stars 12/12/2015 - Linda
Drove over from Bartlesville Saterday night about 7:00 pm and it was closed. Made me sad. Love the chili cheese burritos

review_stars 07/27/2014 - harry owens
Waited over 15 minutes to be seated then got to table it was another 25 minutes for the waitress to come take our order should have just left but the food came out quik to bad it tasted like crap will never eat there agin and do not recommend this place to anyone oh and in busy place do not mind waiting but there were only 8 people in the whole place

review_stars 06/23/2013 - Settingshitstraight
Horrible everything. But that set aside I should set some people down below straight. I worked here for many years. I agree that mrs. Laner (we called her mrs. Darla) is amazing. What I am about to state just proves that people shouldn't talk shit if they do not know the whole story. The heavenly Cherri that is so amazing while battling cancer and being forced to work, did not really have cancer! She fooled us all, while taking what ever she could get her hands on out the back door she lied to everyone! And as for kim, yes she may have yelled but never did she call names, trust me as the one getting yelled at I know I pushed her buttons as a mouthy kid back then and she never crossed the line. In all honesty kim built that business to what it is. She left in 2011 and it definitely has not improved!!! And as for the pay, waitstaff gets paid $2.45 an hour + tips. So it's up to you to work for your money. While I was there me and the other servers did not walk out with less than $120.00 on a Friday night 4 hour shift!! You people are ridiculous.

review_stars 06/09/2013 - PTown
The over-priced food is horrible and the service just as bad. I would be delighted to see another Mexican restaurant open and take all their business. It is robbery to pay so much for such low quality food. Entrepreneurs should make an investment in Pawhuska.

review_stars 08/12/2011 - TheFoodCritic
I don't have any clue why all of the previous reviews are so negative. Apparently everyone who has submitted a review eats at 5 star restaurants every meal. The servers are extremely friendly, the chips and salsa are the best around, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. Also, the exaggeration of waiting an hour and a half for your to go order was a bit over the top.

review_stars 08/07/2011 - James A.
The food is wonderful, but the service is awful! I could call in an order for pick up and come by 1 1/2 hours later to pick it up and it would still not be completed, and I will have to stand around for over 30 minuets to finally get my order.

Yesterday I had a call in order and we called in 1 hour ahead of time, when I got there I waited another 30 mins to get my order again, when the lady come to bring our order from the back she had it on a tray with another persons order, after seeing us stand at the door waiting.. she stops at a booth begins to talk to them and moves to another booth and gives them the order she had on the tray, then finally brings my 1 1/2 hour late food.

I refuse to eat here ever again, I will only pick orders up for friends.

Also another poor service, when you are dining in you are lucky to even receive your tab when you are ready to go. next time I will get up and leave without paying if they don't want to give me my tab after waiting around 25 mins.

POOR POOR POOR, the worst service in Pawhuska dine in restaurants.

review_stars 06/02/2011 - minah
Tha food is good because Cheri who works in tha kitchen makes sure It is. Cheri has cáncer and Jimmy wont ever let her off, evento when She is very sick. He never pays his workers minimum wage he pays them $2.10 an hour this is Slavery which is outlawed. Jimmy Always has an excuse on why he cant be there. Which leaves Cheri to do all tha work even if She is sick.

review_stars 05/13/2011 - cori Adams
Lets get some of the facts straight. I am a doctors wife who frequently visits this restaurant. The kitchen manager( cherry I think) is am assest to this place! She is treated like crap by the general manager. I witnessed the gm(Kim) screaming in her face called her a stupid idiot and threw the tray. I was not the only one everyone in dining room did. T
when I asked the tall girls name the waitress told me and said she is the only reason we all stay! We come there @least twice a week and this young lady is always there. She along with Ms. Lamer are the reason we keep coming back because they are truly a team. The gm is so rude to employees public wow where is the owner and why does he allow her to ruin his business.source Please Mr. Hernandez listen to the public and make some changes in your management before she and her family runs everyone off! The food atmosphere friendliness everything is better without her there. The street tacos are to die for!

review_stars 04/20/2011 - TJ
Senor Salsa in Skiatook is much better. People are not friendly at this restaurant.

review_stars 04/05/2011 - Insider
Darla Laner is the best thing this place has going for it. She works hard, cares about the customers and genuinaly cares about the over all buisness and treats every employee with respect. Awesome lady and awesome employee

Lets be honest here, the people who are writing those nice things about Hernandez are probably one of the managers or their many many kids that work there trying to get their rep back. Have being a former employee I think this place is a rediculous joke of a company. Or should i say a monarchy ran by Queen Kim Laird herself. Her 2 oldest daughters work as servers, her mother as a host, sister as a part time manager, brother as a part time manager, best friend as kitchen manager along with her 2 sons who work there as well. Are you begining to see why the things take forever and the service has gone downhill in the past few years? There are no consequinces for over half of the staff and no room for improvment since nothing is being done to take care of it . Kim has scores a big 0 on customer service, along with boss skills. She flys off the handle and screams and yells at her employees. She has no respect for anyone but herself. She lowers food quality (most of the food is frozen and thrown in the microwave fresh to order. Yum.) while jacking up the prices. The food is bland. The margaritas are basiclly straight sweet and sour and paying $5 for next to no booze. Thats anything from the bar as a matter of fact. Really? Come on. Send something back because it tastes horible and try to get it comped because its not worth paying for, you may as well sign up to run for president because thatll be easier than getting a few dollars knocked off on lousy quality food that is way over priced. People have no problem paying 10 to 20 dollars for something going out but when you could make a better meal yourself for cheaper, why?
The only reason this place has made it the past few years is because it is such a small town and there are few other alternatives. I am not saying this because I am a former employee there and want petty revenge on them, believe it or not i wasnt fired,I left because buisness died almost completly and I have bills to pay like the rest of the world and it wasnt cutting it there anymore. I just think its about time someone lets people know whats really going in that building and this little note is just the tip of the ice burg. Im not going to lie the salsa and the burgers rock so if youre in the mood hit it up but if you want fair priced and mexican food that doesnt taste like its out of a box drive the extra 20 minutes to Bartlesville or Skiatook, its worth it trust me.

review_stars 03/04/2011 - Joyce Hendrix
They charge extra for everything! The people are downright unfriendly. You have to wait forever to get your food even when they're not busy.

review_stars 02/12/2011 - Terry Peters
Nice atmosphere, nice location, because we are out in the middle of nowhere, so it's a good spot to have a restaurant, BUT, the food is terrible. We have been there FOUR times, and there is NOTHING worth eating. We have tried FOUR times, eating different things each time, and it's all bland, tasteless, empty. There is absolutely no flavor in the cheese sauce/cheese dip, and we have tried the white and yellow queso, we have to add salt and pepper to everything. The beans taste like warm glue, and the chimi was ALL flour tortilla, NO chicken, just a few beans, covered in their BLECH cheese. To top it off, the lady at the front is RUDE, she is older, with long hair .. and is very angry acting .. I guess I would be angry too, if I had to work there. I wish Chef Gordon Ramsey would show up there, and teach them to how to cook .. or perhaps they should visit Senor Salsa, in Skiatook, to taste what REAL MEXICAN food is like. We won't be back.

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