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Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill ($) $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
$$$$ - Very Pricey (Over $50)
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2615 Gordon Rd
Regina, SK S4S 6H7 (Map & Directions)
(866) 439-0439

Cuisine:   Chicken
Location: Regina
Website: www.swisschalet.ca
Delivery: Yes Attire: Casual Reservations: No
Wifi: Yes Parking: Parking Lot Alcohol: Beer and Wine
Good for Kids: Outdoor Seats: Payment: Credit Cards Accepted

User Reviews for Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill
Jodi posted on 03/15/2014
Rating & Review:
We went the first time and waited an hour. It was confusing as only half the tables were full however thought maybe hadn't gotten full staff yet as just open. We where seated and it took 25 minutes to take our order. There were 2 of us. My husbands meal came first- classic chicken sandwich. It was horrible, tasted like it was old and was dry. My meal came about 10 minutes later - Ceasar salad and soup. The waitress was flippant about it and giggly. We then ordered desert. 20 minutes later waitress came by and said it had been stolen and given to someone else so she ordered it again. 15 minutes passed and it came. I had asked for extra sauce on mine but it did not come. We were there for almost 3 hours. The bathrooms had no paper towel and the counter was soaked with water. Not hard to tell it was cheaply done . We chalked our experience up to hiccoughs in a new business. <br /> It had been a month and we went back again tonight. We sat at a table mid restaraunt and it was freezing on our legs. Not sure where draft was coming from as not that cold outside. I ordered poutine with extra crispy fries- it came cold with floppy old fries and approx 5 pieces of curd cheese. My husband ordered a bacon cheese burger and poutine. He did not get the poutine. burger was so cold that the grated cheese on it was still whole and had not even softened or melted. The waitress was horrible. Unfriendly. Threw katchup across table at us even though we had one. She flew by another time to give us 2 finger bowls of water....... Never once asking if we needed anything, another drink, anything. Terrible food and terrible service. The bathroom was again disgusting. All toilets full and toilet paper on floor in every stall. The corners in stall had filth and dirt as though never swept. The mirror and counter wet. Taps looked like wiped down with dirty rag as left that spotty built up look to it. Counter had used paper towel and was a mess. Toilets are not automatic flush only handle flush and each was full of urine and toilet paper. <br /> I have never in my life have not left a tip regardless nor have I ever written a rating on a Resauraunt rating but this time I feel it's called for. For a brand new place it is the worst I have ever been too.
Ray posted on 02/28/2014
Rating & Review:
Wait an hour or more. Get a table. Wait another hour for food. Ok so you think you will try the take out instead ? Welcome to a variation on the theme. Even if you call ahead prepare for a lengthy wait. Call 45 minutes ahead and wait 45 to get your food. Or more. It is possible you might get what you ordered, check before you leave though. We never have. If you walk in and order for take out bring a good book. I would recommend this place to Swiss Chalet managers and corporate types. Let them enjoy.
Jan Selby posted on 02/15/2014
Rating & Review:
Swiss Chalet was always my favorite place to eat, so we were very happy to see you back. Never had a bad experience there before today. I had a real stressed day & thought we would go for a nice, quiet meal, NOT. Upon being seated, we had asked for a table & got a booth. My husband is too big for a booth, but we let that go. Next we waited 20 minutes to be served we let that go too . Next we waited 50 minutes for our food to arrive, only to be told that the kitchen lost our ticket, next had to ask someone else for a finger bowl. Finally our girl showed up to bring us our bill. Overall it was not a very nice experience, but when all is said & done Swiss Chalet is still our favorite place to eat.
James posted on 02/08/2014
Rating & Review:
Don't use the online system to order, you'll be left hanging. Plan on an hour+ for your online order, even though they will sate it will be ready in 15 minutes. An lie to your face saying they are just packing it (for an hour).<br /> <br /> Take out area is understaffed and very disorganized and customer service appears a foreign term. I have enjoyed Swiss Chalet in other locations, but this one is in chaos. Hopefully they can turn it around, but be prepared for frustration if you use the take out area.<br /> <br /> I did escalate to management while waiting. Don 't waste your time, they could care less. I concur with several other posts, this location is new, but not ready and need staff/management changes if they are to last.
Kim posted on 01/29/2014
Rating & Review:
Great food, great service, and friendly people. Love the chicken and the sauce it was just like how I remembered. Everyone who's bashing Swiss Chalet in regina really needs to remember that it just opened and the waitresses/waiters/cooks/ delivery workers just started. It's a new job so it obviously will be hard at the start. It's not like they have people who have experience with Swiss chalet because it just opened. For now it's probably really stressful for them so instead of bashing them try to give them some credit. I know if I were working there it would be stressful enough. Do you see how busy it is? Give it some time to adjust before complaining. Just cause your food took long once, right when the place hasn't even been open for a month, doesn't mean it's going to be bad forever. In my opinion the food was great and the service was great too. It was CRAZY busy though so that's what you should suspect. I would recommend this place for anyone. They have everything for any age.
N.O.D. 4 LIFE posted on 01/28/2014
Rating & Review:
First off, I'd like to start off by saying that myself, family & grandparents used to frequent Swiss Chalet quite often 20+ years ago or so in Regina. <br /> I returned to Swiss Chalet this past Sunday to try and rekindle a few great memories I had of my grandparents and dining out with them. <br /> ALOT HAS CHANGED. AND NOT FOR THE BETTER. <br /> I placed an online order at 3:50 pm which totalled about $83. <br /> Once the order was confirmed, I was told to show up in 15 minutes or less for my order. <br /> I showed up 20-25 minutes after I placed my order, just to be safe...... well, the only thing safe to say was that it was no where near ready!! <br /> There is a side door pick up for take-out orders, what a mess that was! <br /> UNFRIENDLY, UNTRAINED, DISORGANIZED STAFF. PISS POOR IF I MAY ADD.<br /> Order placed at 3:50 pm, BY 5:10 pm my order still wasn't ready yet .... I watched it pile up on the back counter for 30-40 minutes. <br /> BY this time, I had watched several people in the back walk by my food and touch it (with no gloves)... also, I must mention that they had run out of top lids for take out orders. Personal water bottles & hair ties lying on the back counter ...... HEALTH RISK! DISGUSTING!!<br /> I WAS SOOO HUNGRY, AND NOT TO MENTION VERY UPSET BY THIS TIME... I ASKED FOR A REFUND. <br /> AT LEAST 2 HOURS OF MY TIME, I WILL NEVER GET BACK. <br /> As I was given my refund, I was urged to take the customer survey ....... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!???<br /> I TRYED CONTACTING SWISS CHALET IN REGINA BOTH YESTERDAY & TODAY ... AND GUESS WHAT ...... THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT ANYONE IN REGINA, NOT EVEN TO SPEAK WITH MANAGEMENT ........ THEY TAKE ALL PHONE ORDERS IN TORONTO THROUGH A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. <br /> <br /> WHAT A JOKE!!!! <br /> I WILL NOT BE BACK.... EVER. <br /> <br /> SAVE YOURSELVES THE TROUBLE, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. <br /> F**K Y*U SWISS CHALET!!!! <br /> <br /> I'll stick to the store bought pouches of your famous chicken sauce & gravy. <br /> <br /> Signed, <br /> NOW I REALLY HAVE NO REASON TO GO THE SOUTH END OF REGINA!
George posted on 01/26/2014
Rating & Review:
Horrible service!! I had ordered food for delivery tonight, after an hour and a half I called back to see what the hold up was.. Customer service had told me the food would be free when it arrived and that they would call the Regina manager to find out the problem. 2 and a half hours later the food finally shows up and the driver argues with me and calls the Regina manager to ask if the food is free.. The manager says no he has to pay we have a no gauranteed time delivery. So I called customer service back and Swiss chalets policy is an hour and half or its free! Another hour goes by with phone calls and the manager trying to go against policy's! I finally got the food for free, the food was cold, worst meal ever! Would not recommend the Regina chalet.. Not until they make some serious changes!
Helen posted on 01/18/2014
Rating & Review:
bad service, bad food, cold and old fries, long wait time, food took over a half an hour to come out,staff standing around making snarky remarks it will be a long time before my girls go there again,
Mary posted on 01/15/2014
Rating & Review:
Have been waiting with anticipation for Swiss Chalet to open as the food and fast service is amazing in Ontario. I was really disappointed at the service. It was 2:30pm on a Thursday so not very busy. It took 30 minutes to get our meal and the chicken was dry and barely warm, the fries were cold, dry and crunchy from being overcooked. We were seated right beside a table where 5/6 or more staff members had congregated while they folded napkins around the cutlery. It sounded like a frat house with giggling and laughing so loud that we couldn't hear our own conversation. It went on for quite sometime. Truly surprised that management let this continue. I really hope that the wrinkles get ironed out for this new Swiss Chalet. Looks to me like a management problem with staff that lack training and experience. We will give it a try in several weeks and hope that it has improved with time. If it hasn't it will be the last time. There are so many other good restaurant's in Regina to go to for the same price.
Jeff posted on 01/13/2014
Rating & Review:
While they have only been open for a short time, they need to figure out their business quick. Wait times aren't realistic - front staff are saying half hour wait and then update people it may be 20 to 30 more. Ordered our food and they are out of diet pop, no mashed potatoes , etcetera. Wait time after food order is about 45 min...seems about the same for all tables around us. Lots of complaints heard from tables on service, food quality, etc. Food was not too bad.

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