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Mike K posted on 01/11/2015
Rating & Review:
Stopped by and had the BBQ pork shoulder steak . It was great. Drove on to KC and had BBQ at 5 other BBQ joints. Two Dudes was the best.
John Herrera posted on 09/30/2014
Rating & Review:
Great food, good prices, friendly people. They've got it down!
Bob posted on 09/20/2014
Rating & Review:
The BBQ itself was great but the sauce wasn't very good. I've been there several times and have enjoyed everything except for the Italian beef sandwich. I'd give them 5 stars but for the sauce which my family doesn't like but others must it enjoy it.

The sitting area is very basic and no frills but it's always been very clean and no odors but bbq smoke so I'm not sure where those complaints have come from. Also everyone there is always very friendly.
Angie posted on 01/29/2014
Rating & Review:
The Absolute Best BBQ Ever!!!!!
susan johnson posted on 12/20/2012
Rating & Review:
Dirty and smells like animal urine. The food seemed to be microwaved and not good. You would think by seeing it from the outside that it would be great but not the case. The owner was very rude, could care less if we were there or not. I really don't know how they stay in business it seems like the owner just does not care. What a shame, great location and lots of potential, first of all CLEAN UP THE PLACE!!!!!
Virginia Divers posted on 07/23/2011
Rating & Review:
We were on a three week vacation and visited Two Dudes. wow! the best ribs I have ever had, and I am talking Rendezvous and Neeley Interstate Ribs. Amazing!!!!
two pence posted on 06/24/2011
Rating & Review:
Had a hard time finding it, Google has it wrong. There were three our party. Two loved it, one hated it. We were traveling from NC, and loved the the smoky, tender ribs. Our 12 year old did not like the atmosphere or food. He has a very immature palate. We will go back and recommend it to others. Very fun, tasty, and a good value. Seems to me that a lot of the bad reviews might be from the same person.
C. I. posted on 04/26/2011
Rating & Review:
The seating area smelled like cat urine, the brisket sandwiches were nasty. They tasted like they had been reheated in the microwave and were totally impossible to chew. My kids and I spit them out. After telling two different employees they were gross and nothing happening I paid and left. I got robbed of $18 for gross food, chips in a bag, and cans of lemonade. I don't know if they were once good and stopped caring or if this is how it's always been and the good reviews are from friends/relatives trying to be nice. I wouldn't go there if I were you. I'm going to be surprised if we aren't sick later. I'll be even more surprised if they aren't closed for business by the end of the year. It's a shame since they are the only BBQ place in town.
Dave posted on 03/25/2011
Rating & Review:
After reading some of the reviews I was not sure I would like it but we were very happy with our carry outs. We have eaten there twice and will go back again. As for the sauce, everyone likes something different at my house so we have many different bottles of BBQ sauce. As for those that gave one star ratings, I bet they can not cook even half as good as this!
BBQ Expert posted on 03/16/2011
Rating & Review:
If you know what BBQ is supposed to taste like then you will be glad you tried Two Dudes. If you are complaining about Two Dudes then you must think good BBQ is a burnt hot dog smothered in Kraft sauce. Two Dudes has real Ozark BBQ and it is Aw some. Would highly recommend. Can't go wrong with the Big Pork Steak,Potato salad ,and the beans!!!
France Montg City posted on 10/11/2010
Rating & Review:
The giant pork steaks are so tender you can cut them with plastic utensils and so huge 2 or 3 people could eat off of one. The price is amazing, you couldn't buy this cut and fix it yourself for less.
STLKE99 posted on 10/08/2010
Rating & Review:
This was the worst bbq we have had! The sauce was horrible as well so you couldn't even drown out the terrible meat! Then to make things even worse, the service was terrible! DON'T EVER GO TO THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT BBQ!
chgogal posted on 07/31/2010
Rating & Review:
A less than average BBQ. Meat was dry (overcooked), buns were basic hamburger style nothing to speak of. It was not overly pricey, but if you are hankering for really good BBQ try somewhere else.
CKDM21 posted on 06/13/2010
Rating & Review:
This was the worst barbeque we have had! Even the sauce wasn't good! Don't go here if you want good barbeque!
STLBBQ5 posted on 05/15/2010
Rating & Review:
This was some of the worst BBQ we've had! Definitely not worth the drive from St. Louis!
WDMN3 posted on 05/15/2010
Rating & Review:
With the mixed reviews, we weren't sure whether to try it or not. We finally decided to give it a try, but we are sad that we did! The food and service was not good at all! We would have been better off going to Applebee's or any other chain!
BJW posted on 05/03/2010
Rating & Review:
Kicks Ass! Best BBQ around.
Bbq Fan posted on 04/30/2010
Rating & Review:
I loved the food My family traveled back home from Booneville to Ofallon Missouri and just stopped by from word of mouth. Customer service was great and the food was so worth it for the price and flavor!!!!
KandB posted on 04/26/2010
Rating & Review:
This was some of the worst BBQ I have ever had. The brisket and turkey were just ok but the ribs and pulled pork were terrible. I do not recommend this place at all.
KCBiker posted on 04/17/2010
Rating & Review:
Terrible BBQ!! Sorry that I stopped here on my way to St. Louis from KC! Never again!
BK12 posted on 04/17/2010
Rating & Review:
I can't agree more with the latest review as the food doesn't even deserve to be called BBQ! I would never recommend this place to anyone!!
NJ Guy posted on 04/11/2010
Rating & Review:
The chicken and ribs where great, and service was good and friendly, will definitely go back!!
Biker10 posted on 04/05/2010
Rating & Review:

We wanted to give this a try based on many good reviews, but it was certainly a disappointment! Service was very slow, the owner was very rude, and the ribs and chicken were both dry and overcooked. We left very disappointed!
BBQTester posted on 03/29/2010
Rating & Review:
There's no such thing as customer service here! The owner is the most rude and arrogant person I've ever met! The food is just as terrible as the service! The smoked chicken was very dry and tough and the sandwiches had very little meat! You're better off going anywhere else for BBQ!
Lori Heath-Ledyard posted on 03/11/2010
Rating & Review:
Brad, I want to know if you are marketing your sauce or rub. People in Michigan would sure like to buy it
MIKE posted on 02/09/2010
Rating & Review:
Karlee posted on 01/26/2010
Rating & Review:
So good, they're going to cater my wedding reception!!
al posted on 01/20/2010
Rating & Review:
best bbq around, giant pork steak awwesome great portions great bbq period highly recommended!!!!!
David Scull posted on 01/11/2010
Rating & Review:
You can not and will not find a better place for BBQ, period. I very much highly recommend Two Dudes, from hospitality, prices, and taste and even meat portions. Everyone should experience this place.
Kurt posted on 09/09/2009
Rating & Review:
This was a good stop.
My meal was excellent!
The prices are very reasonable.
I can't wait for the remodeling to be finished.
I will definitely eat here again.
tony and tammy posted on 09/01/2009
Rating & Review:
The best place to go ever,,,,, great food and a great place to sit and listen to some good tunes and just chill for a while.....
J R posted on 06/07/2009
Rating & Review:
The BBQ at Two Dudes was some of the worst BBQ I have had in a long time. The pulled pork was terrible if you did not smother it in sauce then you could only taste the sauce. The brisket was OK but did not have any spice on it when it was smoked it to needed sauce on it to really be able to eat it. The ham was way to salty and i couldn't make my kids eat it. I do not recomend this.
Pat Harney posted on 11/18/2008
Rating & Review:
The finest eating establishment I have ever had BarBQ at in Warrenton. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good BarBQ.

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