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tyrone t posted on 01/11/2011
Rating & Review:
I have been ordering from wild fusion for a long time. my biggest gripe with them is that they simply dont listen to orders. Just about EVERYTIME i order a crabstick roll and explicitly say i want the seaweed on the outside, i get it with the rice on the outside. How hard is it to follow instructions especially when i make a significant point about it every time i call. BTW what idiot came up with putting the rice on the outside of rolls? When you dip in the soy sauce the rice tends to fall off. I have had them give me free rolls in compensation and sent them back yet this restaurant cant get its act together so now i let you all know.
Mike Anderson posted on 01/02/2011
Rating & Review:
Bad experience with arrogant waiter!

Imagine a customer chased down for additional $2 tip. This will be your experience even if you are with an Infant.
You can't even complain since English is an alien language there.
rn posted on 12/19/2010
Rating & Review:
Basil chicken is the best. Would love to have the recipe. Food is always good and the service is great
Chris G. posted on 11/18/2010
Rating & Review:
I ordered the Wild Fusion chicken curry tonight and it tasted like vomit. Now, let me clarify that. When people write that something tastes like vomit, it's generally hyperbole. In this case, no - the chicken definitely had the acidic, throat-burning, fetid-tomato essence of genuine vomit. If one were trying to recreate vomit in the kitchen, this dish would be the first and last word on it. The only material difference I noticed was that the chicken was more oily than vomit, so even then it compared unfavorably to the unfortunate product of the regurgatory experience.

I've had this dish quite a few times over the years, and about 60% of the time it's pretty tasty. The rest of the time, it's crap - not as bad as tonight, but putrid all the same. There's almost no in-between. I've talked to other people about this place, and they seem to share the same opinion - they're good when they're on, but the quality control is spotty, and when they're bad they're exceptionally bad. So, given how expensive this place is, you might want to ask yourself if you want to gamble your dinner dollar on a place that, more often than they should, can't be arsed to cook their specials correctly.
inhyung posted on 05/22/2010
Rating & Review:
so bad~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Deborah Frederick posted on 03/22/2010
Rating & Review:
The Food was excellent!
Jobellina posted on 02/26/2010
Rating & Review:
I go to Wild Fusion every couple weeks with my boyfriend, when we desire a change of pace from our weekly (and sometimes twice-weekly) go-to, Grand Sichuan. Ambiance is great. Always good food. I love their coconut fried rice, java fried rice, the stir-fry noodle options, as well as sticky rice suimae (sp?) and scallion pancakes for appetizers. No longer BYOB but wine offerings are cheap, around $5, and even less for beer. Love the woman who works here. Sweet lady.
Noel posted on 12/12/2009
Rating & Review:
Great place, great food, Great Service, the best in Jersey City By far!!!!
nice place!! posted on 08/11/2009
Rating & Review:
Nice food, nice service and nice music!!!
John posted on 08/05/2009
Rating & Review:
I've eaten here once a week for the last three years and have never been disappointed. The sushi is good and inexpensive. The Godzilla Roll is amazing. The pad thai is also very good. The delivery is the fastest in the city.
posted on 03/08/2009
Rating & Review:
I love this place the food is great! and to that dude that the driver almost missed tree times the forth may be his lucky one :) my only draw back is its a little dark inside the resturant that will be my only gripe
GN posted on 12/12/2008
Rating & Review:
horrible food.....over greasy and stale food is served. I have given it a chance more than once and it has overly disappointed with its bad quality food.
RICKI posted on 10/23/2008
Rating & Review:
Ordered food and it came to my condo in lightening speed! The food was steaming hot and de - lish!!!! Def order from here!
posted on 09/27/2008
Rating & Review:
Extremely Overprice !
posted on 09/04/2008
Rating & Review:
I love this place! The Steamed Chilean Sea Bass is excellent, though I wish it came with rice or veggies. The Shrimp Pad Thai is one of my favorites, as well as the Coconut Fried Rice.
Bad Food posted on 05/28/2008
Rating & Review:
Bad Food do not order. I ordered the vegetarian chicken and coconut rice. Both were greasy and flavorless. The coconut rice lacked both coconut and the veggies promised. It was simply an $8 overpriced bowl of cheap overcooked rice. The veggie chicken had a strange odor and was just not good. Beware!
posted on 05/27/2008
Rating & Review:
Wow - what a pleasant surprise! Wild Fusion is wonderful - very pleasant and attentive staff, great sushi combinations that are fresh and tasty and to top it off it's BYOB! I discovered this gem recently and will definately go at least once a week. From someone who eats sushi regularly, I can vouch for the quality of this restaurant and would highly recommend it!
posted on 04/20/2008
Rating & Review:

Wild Fusion employs a reckless delivery driver that has almost run over myself and my 6 month old son, not once, not twice but almost 3 times. I have complained to them and the management doesn't care, the driver (who repeatedly runs stop signs and red lights in the neighborhood) he doesn't care. The Jersey City Police are unable to do anything until the driver in question actually hits someone or they catch him running a light. So please do not eat at this establishment that endangers the lives of their own neighbors!
posted on 08/08/2007
Rating & Review:
The food was excellent, as was the service. Don't forget to bring your own bottle!

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