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review_stars 11/15/2013 - Jim
I was at Sidelines last night with my girlfriend and we stopped in to order some fried mushrooms. I currently am in the process of obtaining a new drivers license and did not have my new on me when we went in. I did not think it was going to be an issue since we were just ordering food and not drinking. We figured we would shoot some pool to kill time while waiting. The waiter at that point informed us that we would need to leave one of our ID's. We advised that he would need to hold on to my girlfriends because I do not have mine on me. At that point he kicked me out of the bar, apparently you are not allowed to even eat there without your ID. it was no big deal to me I told my girl i would purchase the movie tickets and see her whens the food comes out. Well when I came back she was still inside so I went to get her and find out whats going on. She was asking the manager if it would be OK if I waited in the doorway while the order was being processed because It was about 40 degrees outside and raining. The manager refused and said she would get fined 10 grand just for me being in there. She was extremely rude and at that point my girlfriend told her to cancel the order and well be on our way. We were told we CAN NOT cancel the order and if we did the waiter will be charged for it. I have never been told I'm not allowed to cancel an order. We told her to do whatever needs to done and to cancel the order. She looked at us and said"to be honest if you cancel the order then I'm going to call the police on you and tell them you walked out on the order!". We could not believe it, I turned to my girl and told her lets go its not ILLEGAL TO CANCEL A FOOD ORDER". She physically chased us out of the bar and into the parking lot screaming that she had a walk out. All the while she had her phone in her hand and proceeded to call the police!!!!Keep in mind this is the owner actin like a five year old who did not get her way. She rounded up some regulars and drew tons of unwanted attention to us making it look like we were in the wrong. All while yelling "its a BLACK MAN WITH A WHITE GIRL!!!!" Like that's a crime???? Sorry we are not the same race or the one she does not call the police on. I hope there are other African American patrons who can eat and drink without the fear of being arrested if they don't like whats been served to them. We left as she threatened further to give our plates to the cops which I could care less about. The food never came out!!!!! If its a crime to cancel an order we should all be in jail, and god forbid she has any customers who aren't satisfied with their meal and refuse to pay. They will be put in jail. I feel like shes completely out of touch and feels like she can bully her way around her clients. Who the hell wants to eat at a hell whole like that???? As soon as she knows there is no money to be made she would assume spit on you rather then treat you with any respect. Anyway ill never ever return the service is garbage anyway, this is the third time out of three visit there was a confrontation with the staff. The customer is always wrong, the place is not friendly and if your not a regular be prepared to be treated like garbage. Worst owner I've ever met in my life. STAY AWAY!!!! HORRIBLE FOOD SERVICE AND IT STINKS, no joke the bar smells!

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review_stars Rating: 1 | 11/06/2017 - Natalia T
Review: I have been coming to Sidelines for years for the wing special on Mondays. My friend and I went for 50 cent Wings got two beers, an appetizer and about 50 wings between the two of us. Got extra to bring home to our significant others. The waitress seemed surprised about how many we were ordering. The owner brought them out to us and in the rudest possible way said " I know you girls cant eat this many wings between the two of you, I made that couple over there stay and finish what they ordered, you guys cant take these to go, that price is for in house". No where on the menu does it say that. The waitress could have said that when we ordered. The owner was rude and I lost my appetite. I told her I have come here for years and have never been told that .She was snappy and said she has never seen me in there before. They didn't give us any ranch or refill our drinks. We were completely ignored after the owner was so rude. Had to go to the bar to ask for our check and the owner told us to talk to our waitress that was no where to be found. I over heard her tell one of the girls to just give us a ******* box if we asked for one. I will never go there again. Horrible and slow customer service.

review_stars Rating: 5 | 11/12/2017 - Sarah B
Review: After reading prior reviews we were unsure what to expect but we were very happy here. We had nothing bad to say about this place. Ignore the haters and enjoy the boneless.

review_stars Rating: 1 | 11/12/2017 - Ezra Adame
Review: This bar is a joke!!! If your looking for bad serves and rude A** management. This place is for you.Its as if they want to go out of business. Hahaha . Mr. oompa lumpa short manager is disrespectful. Not to mention it’s dirty!! Beer mugs looked like they lick them clean and the food got me sick. Someone needs to report them to the health department.

review_stars Rating: 5 | 10/27/2017 - Raymond R
Review: great beer and shot prices! Jocelyn is the best server if are there ask for her she is really nice and always makes sure everything is taken care of!

review_stars Rating: 1 | 09/22/2017 - Summer Rodriguez
Review: I will never again go to this place will never recommend to family or friends the food was okay. But its not the food that’s the issue the women who is the owner of this place is so rude to people customers and employees because of her attitude she ruined the experience of the place. Doesn’t even deserve one star. The only bright side was the bartender at the time.

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