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Sara H. posted on 06/28/2017
Rating & Review:
The food is amazing! I love the calzones a lot. One of my favorite places to eat :)
Rhonda West posted on 03/03/2017
Rating & Review:
I'm so surprised by the negative comments. The Super Sub and Super Club are the best subs I've ever eaten. The flavor and everything about them is to die for!! To me, they're the best in the world.The Calzones are out of this world and I've met on several occasions over the 3 years I've eaten there, people that drove long distances to eat their Famous fried chicken. I haven't tried the pizza but my friends love it.
Not happy posted on 07/29/2016
Rating & Review:
Taste is,good
Sub was open and upside down apart
Almost 8.00 for a small and one slice of meat
Mostly lettuce
Had one slice tomato cut in half on each side if not smaller
Customer service stinks
Michelle posted on 01/05/2015
Rating & Review:
Pizza is very good.
john posted on 09/17/2014
Rating & Review:
50 minutes to get food . Ask for a manager and was told he was to busy to begin with. He finally made it to the table and states . He is backed up 2 hours. He wanted to know what we expected him to do. However he did let me know he had been doing this for 31 yrs. If you have been doing it that long why would you ask what a customer expects. And then on top of everything the food was wrong. I am a local and have been here several times. This was my last trip. And I would suggest that you avoid the place as well..
StayingCute posted on 07/29/2014
Rating & Review:
Pizza - yuck! Don't waste your time or your money! Our pizza was seriously lacking in every respect. Very little cheese and overcooked crust. Might as well go to Dominoes or Pizza Hut. Greek salad - yuck again! Big chunks of nothing but iceberg, anemic tomatoes, and tasteless cucumbers. The dressing was the only part that was worth eating! Our pizza and two salads were $30.00 - what a waste!!!
T.C. posted on 04/12/2014
Rating & Review:
If your expectations are low, you aren't easily insulted, you have an extra bottle of Kaopectate in the in the house, it isn't half bad.
John posted on 02/15/2014
Rating & Review:
If poor service and mediocre food is what you seek then look no further in Southport! Stopped eating here a loooong time ago. Always a bad experience with either service or food on previous trips.

Southport, NC
PS posted on 03/22/2013
Rating & Review:
Every time I'm in southport I stop by here, but after tonight no more. I watched a lady drop the lid off the salt on the dirty floor, pick it up, then look around to see who was watching. She put it back on the salt shacker, walked off and left it on the table! The girl at the counter was not friendly at all, except to the guy she knew in front of me.
Cassie 4-30-2010 posted on 04/30/2012
Rating & Review:
The food is great! They could use a smaller menu but I try to order different things each time and its always good. Not open on Sundays tho!
=) Plus the staff are really sweet!
Sherry posted on 03/26/2012
Rating & Review:
Ive been in famous during the day and the night for a number of years now, I'm really disappointed about how down hill the food has gone. The waitstaff is always out in left field, on cell phones, or gossiping. The men in the back seem to always be intoxicated now adays, and if I sit in the front of the restaurant I can hear them talking provocatively to the girls behind the counter. If its suppose to be family oriented, its not. Definitely not going anymore until the place has made some changes. Staff and bosses too...I don't appreciate hearing the managers yell at the staff, It's very unnerving conditions to eat a dinner around.
DC posted on 09/07/2011
Rating & Review:
Favorite restaurant for good quick food. Wait staff on both day and night shifts are really good. Kept tea filled, very important, and were quick to bring order. Always cheerful. Really good food.
turner kelly posted on 01/13/2011
Rating & Review:
i love everything about famous especially the Hawaiian calzones
bjc posted on 12/11/2010
Rating & Review:
They have this best pizza around. I could eat there everyday. keep up the good work guys.
Shelly D. posted on 11/28/2010
Rating & Review:
Customer Service of the night time waitstaff leaves a lot to be desired. This is the 2ND time with the same crew, that I have had this experience. No refills, busy worrying about their social life behind the counter, no friendly smiles or caring attitudes; as if they really could careless about being there. Food is great overall, the day time crew is usually great, but the early 20 year olds that are on the waitstaff at night, need to be taught customer service skills. It is the simplest things that could make a world of difference for this restaurant.
Tom Miller posted on 11/27/2010
Rating & Review:
This place has the best subs - in fact the best sandwiches - I've ever had. The bread is fresh, hot, and crusty. The fillings (mine is Veggie) are also fresh and delicious. We try to stop every time we pass through Southport.
Carol R. posted on 11/18/2010
Rating & Review:
I loved the food! The waitresses were amazing, very attentative. The woman about me must be lying, the wait staff was amazing, just ask the regulars. Definitely going back.
M. Wilson posted on 11/16/2010
Rating & Review:
Customer sevice of the night time crew is ALOT to be desired. Owner himself didnt seem to attentive to our concerns. Good food,but very rude , and non helpful waitstaff. Will not go back.

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