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Mary DiNunzio posted on 09/09/2015
Rating & Review:
Second time called for delivery both times i had to cancel order because it was over 2 hrs. Tried to give them another chance will never call the again disappointed
tony posted on 06/27/2015
Rating & Review:
Rude absolutly rude ignorant manger she is, had called cause there pricing is wrong online and she just wanted to blame the people that used to worked there to get off phone .over priced at door after ordering from menu online. Bullshit $25 went to $40 really u cant say sorry no you run your trap to blame everyone but your self lady
chahhchaa posted on 03/14/2014
Rating & Review:
Their food is SO good.even their cookies are the best have to get them with every order! and their prices are so good too. Delicious!
clay posted on 02/17/2013
Rating & Review:
Why does it say open til 4 when you close at 3? And why bother picking up the phone when you're not open?
Trisha Brillhart posted on 11/04/2012
Rating & Review:
i left MA almost 10 years ago and still dream about their "chunk" cheese..... I soooo wish they would freeze a few sandwiches worth of them and send them to PA! I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH SANTOROS!!!
Jimmy posted on 10/30/2012
Rating & Review:
i now reside in Orlando n miss this place. whenever i ordered here, i was like going next door. friendly, on time, great food. I've been to many places/cities n there is no food like the original torpedo. you don't know what you have til its not there! im a cook but they have what it takes to be great. when my friends come down, i beg for them to bring my Italian Sub. they don't n they end up giving me $100. i miss Santoros.......stop complaining n enjoy, i did
KT posted on 07/13/2012
Rating & Review:
Whenever I order pizza, it's awesome. However, today I ordered a small sub. I ordered chicken finger sub with extra pickles. It came with 3 small chicken fingers and no pickles at all. That was all. I'm eating it because I'm hungry an I don't like to complain... However it was a total dissapointment and I won't be getting anything other than pizza there.
Dan The Man posted on 06/08/2012
Rating & Review:
First off their food is pretty good. Get a pizza or some subs, you're gonna like it. It's open late, which is great! I keep a late schedule and love that I can go there at 2 a.m. to get a sub or pizza if I don't feel like cooking. And what's with the the bull about late night trouble? Granted after the bars get out people go there to eat. And yes some may be a bit sketchy, but I have never felt in danger. In fact I often see police there to make sure everything is ok. Good food, great hours, and good prices. All I can say is thanks for being there to fill my tummy when I am hungry... even really late!
deanna posted on 01/22/2012
Rating & Review:
I order from Santoro's probably about once a week and never have a problem.. there food is excellent. but tonight i ordered over $30 worth of food, when it got here they forgot my mozzarella sticks, i called the lady was so mad saying that she didn't charge me for them when i had the receipt in my hand. then she started freaking out saying that the driver was going to kill her. so i go to eat the rest and realized my large order of chicken wings only had five chicken wings in there (suppose to be 10) so we called back and another lady pick up saying no that I'm wrong i told her I'm calling the manager in the am she said "go ahead call him maybe he'll fire me" what kind of service is this! if you don't like your job don't work there! very upset
C. L. posted on 01/06/2012
Rating & Review:
Yes. The neighborhood had a horrible reputation. Bad stuff has happened in and around the establishment. You hear about it on the news. But never have I once walked into this restaurant and regretted my decision. I am 26 years old and have been ordering delivery from and walking into Santoro's since I was 14 pr 15. I have never had a complaint. Every but of food I have ever ordered has been everything a drunk 20 something could ever dream of. Even in my sober moment, this is one of my FAVORITE places to eat in downtown Lowell. Don't let rumors or a so called "bad rep" stop you from eating some of the best food ever.
Sandy posted on 06/24/2011
Rating & Review:
I have been eating at this establishment for over 40 years, and it never ceases to amaze me on how great their food still is. I LOVE the Italian around, and they have made them the same for years!!! I have been there "late night" and was never afraid. Staff are awesome and very friendly!!!
I have relatives that live out west, and the first place they want to go when they are back Santoro's. Thank you for the great food.
Big Dan posted on 06/23/2011
Rating & Review:
Fantastic food once you get past the neighborhood they're in. Open late, late, late every night. One of the first places I stop at when I arrive in Mass for business and the last place I stop before I fly home. I always ship 1/2 doz Chunk Steak and Cheese subs back home, freeze them and have them the following week!
3081 posted on 05/02/2011
Rating & Review:
Good Food - I love the Chunck Style steak and cheese. This place is opened late so that is a plus but be carefull it is a rough night crowd in there.

Good food and good prices but the crowd that hangs at this place after 8PM is rough.

Not for the older crowd at night
Allan posted on 11/21/2010
Rating & Review:
Chunk steak with fried onions and cheese. Best sub in the world
kevin sheehan posted on 10/02/2010
Rating & Review:
It taste good most of the time but 1time i got a piece of hair in my food so nasty wanted to vomit
Lindsey posted on 05/23/2010
Rating & Review:
Is not open as long as they say they are. Open until 4am on Saturday? Called by 3 pm, norhing.
combatf;yingpig posted on 03/17/2010
Rating & Review:
the hot wings and cajun fries are the best.also i like that they have a soda vending machine and it's cheap $ wings with cajun fries and a coke!...i'm going there right after i finish this review.
posted on 12/06/2009
Rating & Review:
The food is great but in my advice the place should close at a decent hour like every other sub shop! Maybe there won't be such a high crime rate around there.
posted on 11/28/2009
Rating & Review:
This place has great food but at late nights, this place turns into a gangsters paradise. Not soo worth it if your worried about getting shot at or robbed just cause you wanted some cheesesteak...
Lowell Worker posted on 09/14/2009
Rating & Review:
The food is always awesome and great portions and there price is reasonably good compared to other sub shops. It’s a little rough on the outside. On the inside the staff make you feel like your home always talking with you( in simple terms just having a good time).
Heather posted on 08/29/2009
Rating & Review:
im eating a chunk steak sub with mushrooms, peppers and cheese right now, and it is amazing!! also, the chicken and rice soup is to die for. great place, really quick for deliveries! :)
Mike Carpinella posted on 04/14/2009
Rating & Review:
After n=many years of eating Santoro's food , today I got the worst steak & pepper sub I ever had! The meat was ground up into applesauce texture. What happened to shaved steak? I wont be back.
Ryu posted on 12/30/2008
Rating & Review:
This is the place to be after late nights in Lowell. Time:
They open very late, very convenient.

The place is situated on the edge of downtown and has ample parking space.

It looks like a beaten down sub shop. It's in no way dirty, however. It just has that homely sub shop feel. I guess to some that's part of the charm of the place. It's not pretentious. It's interesting that ever visit, I notice the same group of older folks sitting at the wall tables chatting away or talking to the employees. I'm not sure if they're related or just friends, but they're ALWAYS THERE. About 3-4 elderly men and women. The same ones all the time. Strange.

Great! I always go here to get their hotwings & cajun fries combo. The hotwings, IMO, are the best I've ever had anywhere. EVER. Since the flavor is injected into the wings, there is no dripping whatsoever. The fries are also fantastic.
I've had some of the pizzas, and although they look like any other subshop pizzas, they're some of the best in lowell. You can get some of the subs chunky style, which I personally don't care for, but I know many who would love that. Oh, did I tell you about their hotwings? ?? And one more thing: Their hotwings!

Price: Everything is well-priced. Very good portions.

posted on 06/28/2008
Rating & Review:
I have been eating at this sub shop for years and love it, esp the pizza. I now live an hour away and come to Lowell just to eat here. The employees are so friendly and make you feel at home.
Sean L. posted on 02/16/2008
Rating & Review:
I actually live across the street from here, and get food for carry-out quite frequently. The dining area is ... well, yes, "rough" certainly fits: it's a typical low-decor neighborhood sub-and-pizza shop.

The food is fairly priced, good quality (the roast beef, my favorite, is always nice and fresh), comes in generous portions, and is served in reasonable time - at least, for carry out or dine-in; I have no experience with ordering for delivery.

The staff is working-class friendly, especially with folks who stop in frequently. I could probably say "give me the usual", and get precisely what I wanted, at this point.

Overall, a great place to stop in for food late at night, or pick up lunch for the office. I highly recommend the curly fries, and the roast beef sub!

(Should you need other things - soda, a bag of chips, etc - there is a convenience store right next door, that's open until 11pm most nights.)
posted on 12/20/2007
Rating & Review:
Rough around the edges. Really rough. Food is great. I always get the chunky subs since they are the only ones around that make it. Employees are always helpful and definitely have their own charm. Great place to eat late at night!
Michele posted on 11/06/2007
Rating & Review:
Atmosphere..Nothing like you've seen after 2am. It's like the Twilight Zone. A great place to eat after the clubs when you're not in a rush to go home. The staff has some unique qualities. It's a little ROUGH around the edges, but that's part of it's charm!
posted on 02/22/2007
Rating & Review:
Ordered delivery.
Pizza was good and arrived hot.
Complaint: phone service person was rude and it took 1 hr to arrive.

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