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Ken posted on 06/29/2015
Rating & Review:
My girlfriend and her daughter along with myself entered and immediately noticed the pool tables on the right and ignored the foul smell coming from the dinning area (BIG MISTAKE!!). All 3 courses of the food were uneatable. I ordered the banana chicken (sounded different) food came to our table with dinner rolls (in a Chinese restaurant?) oh and if we wanted white rice it was extra...are you kidding me???, THE MEALS WERE HORRIBLE! Soggy tasteless chicken, bananas that had no flavor and sauce that was simply disgusting, the food tasted like the place smelled (an old dirty bar). The beef ribs were all bone (no sign of meat) and chicken wings deep fried to a crisp. This was the worse Chinese food (in fact the worse restaurant food) I have ever tried to eat (I could only eat 1/2 a bite), the only half way eatable food (ironically) was the dinner roll. I immediately called the waiter over and gave him my point of view. I also dared him to eat some of the food and he laughed and said 'no way'. He said he can't eat that food because it was meant for Americans. I told him it wasn't fit for consumption by any human. My girlfriend was very embarrassed at the time and wanted to leave and she paid the bill without my knowledge. If you want to get sick this is the place to eat!! I now know that the pool tables are the only thing keeping this so-called restaurant (more like pig-slop) doors open.
This place may do well in the bar and pool tables, but it is a SAD excuse of a restaurant and is border-line food poisoning.
Pool league xxxxccc posted on 04/29/2014
Rating & Review:
A pu pu platter was ordered and brought to the wrong team. The team was visiting from another club, so they thought it was on the house. When I noticed our pu pu platter hadn't arrived, I consulted her. She said the order had to be reentered. The pu pu platter finally arrived after about an hour. The visiting team consulted us stating the female bartender wanted them to pay for it. I told them I would speak to her. When I discussed the situation, I offered to pay for half due to the pu pu platter being delivered to the wrong table. Her reply was "Are you fucking stupid!" She replied a couple of times with the same statement. The manager was asked for. She stated she was the manager and that this is a fucking bar.

I hope other visiting teams don't get this type of service.
Jim McAleer posted on 04/11/2014
Rating & Review:
Combo meals come with 2 chicken fingers ( I wonder if they are always over cooked or if that was special for me) an egg roll that was not cooked enough and the lo mein was marginal at best.

This place has gone so far down hill, never again. When I called the guy asked me what I expected from him.... _____ that place.
The AF Chief posted on 09/30/2012
Rating & Review:
I went there last night for the first time. I had a takeout order. The staff was very nice but the food was horrible. I had Shrimp in lobster sauce, beef fried rice and shrimp lo mien. It was COMPLETELY TASTELESS. I was hoping it would be good because it is so close to my home. But last night was my FIRST AND LAST VISIT!
Angela posted on 04/24/2012
Rating & Review:
I am giving this place 4 stars for some great reasons.
1) you can get take out up to 11:45 even on a Sunday night, convenience is BIG.
2) Every time I order its always consistent
3) the prices are competitive for the amount of food they give you.
4) Portion size is huge. I usually order a moo goo gai pan combination plate which I get with white rice, 2 huge boneless ribs and 2 wings for $10 but I get about 2 and a half meals out of it for that price.
Karen posted on 12/02/2011
Rating & Review:
How anyone can rate this restraunt a five star is beyond me. Yeah, The food is good, but its had bad days and good. Eating in is a huge reason I would never give this place a five star......Its filthy in there and I cant imagine how come the health department does not close it down...One time i went in and the walls were so sticky...You could just see the grease and grime stuck to the walls and floors, so can you imagine how many little critters are crawling around in the kitchen?... How well do they clean the kitchen, if the dining room is that filthy? Thinking about it makes me think I will order my husbands birthday party dinner elsewhere....
kevin posted on 11/27/2011
Rating & Review:
good food. but its clear they are starting to cut costs. new seating and not good and the new rolls and higher prices will drive away more business then it brings
Scott posted on 11/01/2011
Rating & Review:
The food is good. They do an espeacially good job with the crab ragoons. With the new seating arrangement, things are pretty noisy. My family eats-in occasionally uses the take-out often.
Bob Abbot posted on 12/27/2010
Rating & Review:
Dirty Dirty Dirty. Rude waiters. my wife and I watched one of them clean a table with patrons left over tea drink then while setting drop the fork on the floor and pick it up and use it. Do yourself and your health a favor, fins omewhere else to dine!
Carlton Chase posted on 04/30/2010
Rating & Review:
I have been going to this restaurant for the last 7 years, and I am always pleased with the food. Everything always tastes good. I have never been served cold food, it never tastes like it was prepared days before (the average wait for my meal is 20 minutes), and the waiters are always very nice. It is dimly lit, but I am not going there for the lighting. I go there for food. And the food is some of the best Chinese food I have ever had. This place and china King in Haverhill are my all time favorite Chinese food places.
Ron posted on 04/20/2010
Rating & Review:
The food is generally very good. However, I get disappointed when I occasionally get served a reheated egg roll. It would be a challenge during this economic period, but the interior needs some attention. I miss the lunch hours. Maybe management should consider "take out service" for the early part of the day.
Babette and Alzie posted on 02/19/2010
Rating & Review:
We love this restaurant. There is no comparison to any others. The portions are huge!, and the food tastes great, a little on the greasy side, but the flavor is there. Best Crab rangoons, crispy, and creamy. I definately recommend it.
Kathy and Pete posted on 11/30/2009
Rating & Review:
Menu selections and taste reminiscent of the Golden Era of Polynesian cuisine, the '60s-'70s. Heads above the imposters of past 30 years. Wish I had requested a quart of their duck sauce to bring home. Minor flaws prevent a 5 star rating.
Rayven posted on 10/10/2009
Rating & Review:
I've been going to the GC now for 32years. The staff is still the same as well as their great Chinese food. Their crab Rangoons are the best I've ever had, so full and yummy. Jumbo Fried Shrimps are to die for..

My only complaint is they are no longer open for lunch and I miss my every Friday lunch trip..
Kolleen posted on 08/30/2009
Rating & Review:

Everything is so good, the bar and billiards is soooo fun, and the vegetarian delight is TO DIE FOR!
Bruce posted on 04/16/2009
Rating & Review:
Great food! The General Gau's chicken is the best I've ever eaten. The portions are large and the prices are very reasonable. Easily the best Chinese restaurant in the area.
posted on 03/28/2009
Rating & Review:
There is only so much that can be said about fast service. The Grand China is like the McDonalds of local Chinese food restraunts.
Food appears on your table about a minute after you order it, sometimes cold, and always prepared days in advance. Also dont wonder too long about why the restraunt is so dimly lit. Some things are better left unseen.
If your in a real hurry and dont mind eating soggy pre packaged dinners in a drab dirty environment than this is the place for you.
But if you like food that is actualy hot and good, choose any of the countless other local places that offer similar cuisine.
Paul posted on 12/24/2008
Rating & Review:
Excellent food, excellent prices. Often take out combo plates: they're wonderful! Whether you eat there or take out, ervice is always prompt and no nonsense. You always get tons of great food.
Paula Dracut MA 11/21/08 posted on 11/21/2008
Rating & Review:
The atmosphere is very dark and old, dated. The waiter brought silverware to the table and tea. The tea was gross. The waiter acted like waiting on us was putting him out. He brought rolls no plates. When he came to take our order, he never asked if we wanted drinks. When our food came, the pork fried rice was luke warm with hardly any pork or onions in it. The egg rolls were lukewarm but tasted ok. The crab rangoon and chicken fingers were hot but overcooked. We order peking ravioli it came to the table 10 minutes after the rest of the food and it was overcooked/hard on one side and undercooked on top. This was the first and only time we will go there.
Karen posted on 08/01/2008
Rating & Review:
Not only is the food great but you get huge portions for a great price. The bar is absolutely amazing!! Love to shoot pool? Well, this is the place to go!!
Tammy and Dhama make this place what it is. I love you guys!!
Derek J Berthel posted on 07/18/2008
Rating & Review:
Excellent food and service! Eat it almost every week.
Jeanne posted on 07/10/2008
Rating & Review:
I have been visiting Grand China for thirty years. The food has never been better! Grand China has been my favorite resturant since its opening! Thank you, Wilson and family.
K. Sweet posted on 06/04/2008
Rating & Review:
I've been eating here since I was 10. I'm over 30 now and and I still come here often, even though I live an hour away. Incredible food, especially the appetizers, and the best duck sauce in the business.
Kenneth Berthel posted on 11/09/2007
Rating & Review:
It's the best Chinese food in town, just ask my wife Lisa. She has been eating ther every week for the last 10 years.

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