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kp posted on 05/15/2011
Rating & Review:
food is good & it is always busy, but if you aren't a local, you'll probably be treated like crap - they don't need to treat you any other way, so don't expect anything better...it's too bad
lbjbarnett posted on 02/26/2011
Rating & Review:
Fantastic!!! After spending 10 years in Europe, I was dying for some good quality Italian food...this place is the "real deal". Fantastically Authentic. The portions are generous, the service is great...the food was so good I felt like I was back in Italy...Prices are good for the quantity and quality of food! I highly, highly recommend!!!
Jen Martucci posted on 12/29/2010
Rating & Review:
I have eaten here several times in the past we had excillant food and service. After reading one of the reviews posted from another person, on their bad experiance with a luncheon, I dont think this would be my choise for a place bring my family and dine. A reputation for good or bad cutomer service can make or breake a bussiness, especially a family owned one. I can say for me personally we have enjoyed our food and service. I would be really disappointed to know if the owner didnt tip to server fairly I always tip 20% wherever we recieve great service. We plan on spending New Years eve here i'm sure our experence will be as great as all of the other times.
chrystal posted on 08/30/2010
Rating & Review:
argenziano's is the most amazing food i have eaten in a very long time. the food even tastes good warmed up the next day, and we all know food warmed up is not great, however Rays food is... To top it all off the service was great my server was polite and funny, my food was brought out to me in a hasty manner. Ray thank you and you will be seeing us in there very very soon :)
Paul posted on 05/05/2010
Rating & Review:
Owner ripped me off. A group of about 30 folks from my office went to a going away luncheon here on May 4, 2010. For a large group each person is assigned a number and you stand up at the register at the end to pay. The owner, at the register, was busy talking to a waitress and a couple customers at the bar as I was paying. I handed him a $20 and he only gave me change for a $10. When I told him I had given him a $20, his snotty reply was “well why did I punch in ten.” He had not laid the bill on top of the change drawer, as you should, when you are giving change. He said he had “screwed up” by not doing that and angrily threw a $10 bill at me. I told him I was not trying to rip him off and would be happy to return the $10 if his register came up short. He said “no I will just take it out of the girl’s tips.” I was speechless, so I asked him to repeat it. He said the same thing about shorting the waitresses. I slid the $10 back to him and told him I did not want him shorting his waitresses. What a jerk! My office has had several going away luncheons here, as well as regularly going there for lunch on Friday’s. No More! Mr. Owner, you need to learn how to treat customers. You just cut off your nose to spite your face and lost a lot of future business!
Bob posted on 04/22/2010
Rating & Review:
Just went with friends last nite 21 April! Fantastic food. The place was packed. People waiting.
Kris Clepper posted on 12/16/2008
Rating & Review:
This place is superb in everyway!!!

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kari013 posted on 03/09/2012
Rating & Review:
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This restaurant was a big disappointment. We live about 10 minutes away so were really hoping it’d work out being it’s so convenient. My husband and I decided to eat here last night on our date night. We walked in the door and stood around…   read more