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Jennifer Glass posted on 06/06/2013
Rating & Review:
I'd never been to New Happy Fortune until a few weeks ago when I was browsing local eateries in my area. I came across multiple reviews singing praise to the great service Jenny provides. I'm a sucker for someone who makes me laugh, remembers my dietary restrictions, treats me with respect, suggests dishes & tells me if I'm going to like it or not. Needless to say we weren't disappointed.
It was like she pierced into my dietary preference soul the moment I walked in the door. I said "I'm allergic to-" and she abruptly (and respectfully) cut my off and finished my sentence with "Nightshade vegetables?" YES! How did she know? I'll admit, I saw all those positive reviews for her posted within a few days and I figured "She must just be having a STELLAR week! A real 'Richard Petty' of service record!"
Boy I felt sheepish after a single dining experience with Jenny. I had to eat my words...from the fortune cookies(To be fair the cookies are stale and taste like paper so it's very confusing. I figured the fortune must be edible aswell. I felt Jenny might have dropped the ball a bit on not telling me about the fortune in the cookie not edible. -1 Star).
BUT JENNY IS AWESOME!!!!!! Oh, side note...If your going to review, punctuate and spell check.
Katelyn posted on 05/09/2013
Rating & Review:
This is by far my favorite place for dinner. The portions are large and the prices are reasonable. They also have the nicest staff, day and night. Jenny always treats everyone with respect and she is funny too. She helps you out if you're not sure what to get and she is nothing but nice.
Liz posted on 05/08/2013
Rating & Review:
We have been coming here for the last seven years. We have never had anything but great service. When we have questions about a dish Jenny has been very helpful with explaining the dish. As a matter of fact, she knows our family so well, she'll even tell us whether we might like it or not. Jenny is such a great waitress that she can even remember what we normally order and recognizes who we are, if we call in a to go order, just by the first item or so.

On a side note to others, if you're going to take the time to post a review, please take the time to puncuate and learn how to use spell check.
Sam posted on 04/26/2013
Rating & Review:
Jenny, the waitress, is incredible! My husband and I hadn't been there in a few months and when I called to place a to-go order she recognized my voice and remembered us! She's always so fast and funny. She makes us feel welcome and at home. Not to mention, the food is super yummy!
Anna posted on 04/26/2013
Rating & Review:
I have been coming to this restaurant for YEARS! I love Jenny. She started after I started coming here and she took the time to get to know me and my food allergies and preferences. I don't have to place my order, she suggests new things for me to try. I make it a habit to stop by and see her and Mike. I really feel cared for and it is worth the drive for me. I live 20 minutes away.
misty posted on 04/23/2013
Rating & Review:
i have loved this place and went regualy but with new young cocky waitress who complains about job and has horrible customer service skills makes this place no good yeasterday night me my husband and kids came to the resturant which we havent been for awhile since we moved decieded to eat here once we enterd the young waitress took for ever to even get us water are tea she was standing with some other teens complaining how she doesnt get paid that much and useing many profanitys next when she came to my table finally when she took my order she was trying to treat me like i was stupid being so rude telling me that i can have sause to side and not on top of chicken at that point she proceded to the younger people at other table made a rude laugh and started talking about customers that come in there shes very unproffesional and extreamly rude food wasnt that great and she was the wort waitress i ever encountered do not go here person that works nights is a rude non careing person and takes forever to help u and when she does talks to u like u are a idiot and because new owners are workers the foods not as good nor the portion i wish u luck if u go there at all at night when this young rude dont give a crap waitress works
In the Neighborhood posted on 11/09/2009
Rating & Review:
I've been going to this place for years, the food is pretty darn good, the servings are generous. Great place to pick up dinner to go. Nice people too.
posted on 03/04/2009
Rating & Review:
After searching online for chinese restaurants in our new neighborhood we decided to give New Happy Fortune a go. Many reviews I found were mixed bag but emphasized menu choices were Chinese-American. So we ordered the G2 and a Chicken trio, and Crab puffs (my ultimate chinese-american classic). WOWZERS is all we keep saying the flavors are impactful and linger long after the bite is gone. We chose these two items wanting to try a mixture hoping to find items we like for future order. DId we ever! we will reorder all items. This is one classic cliche, much like A Christmas Story itself, that we be wonderful to revisit, red vinal boothes and oversized Gold Fish to boot. This is exactly what a cold rainy and way too long Portland winter calls for.

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