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A & J Fish & Chicken

69% say Yum
1152 people voted
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500 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (612) 825-7000
69% say Yum
1152 people voted
Cuisine: Chicken, Seafood
Neighborhood: Minneapolis

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Reviews of A & J Fish & Chicken

Ray posted on 11/08/2014

As the day of today. I ordered food and got it for delivery. The person who answer the phone was completely rude. All he care if he sells or not. I felt that he never had any customer service experience before. Second, let me tell you the delivery. I ordered at 11:15am. The food arrived at 12:15pm afternoon. I ordered the food early so I could of eaten during my lunch time which it was at 12pm. I ordered 45 minutes early. That was the worst delivery experience I ever had before. Come on Dominos pizza does better than that. Third, the food was not even hot. It was mildly getting cold and I still had to use the mircowave to hear it up again. The food didn't really taste as I expect to taste. Looks like and taste like he uses the same fry for everything. French fries tasted like fish and the chicken was just greasy and tasted like fish chicken sticks. Eww. My stomach was disgusted by their food I had that day and I will never again eat there food ever!! I'm surprised that The state of Minnesota of health department hasn't yet realize how there food taste and how it's made. They need to pay them a visit because I would never passed an inspection like that. Thanks for your disgusting food and long wait for my food to arrive. What a great attitude they attended me also. Thanks!!


If I could give this place a 0 I would but there has to be some kind of score. The fries taste like they fried them with the fish and the chicken tastes the same also. I purchased from there a while back and found that was the case. <br /> Today, however, my friend had ordered for a group and the delivery guy called but my friend was still on a business call so could not pick up her phone. She sent me down instead, so I went straight down and nobody was there. So I'm thinking they are on their way, but 20 minutes later he had still not arrived. My friend came down and called them back, somebody was yelling on the phone to her, I don't know what they said or who it was but the driver came back to our place of employment. He came rushing through the door yelling if she had ordered food, she said yes. He then yelled at her for not picking up her phone, she tried to explain why while he kept yelling at her. She said that she sent me down to get it. He said she couldn't do that because she paid with a CC. She tried to explain to him that she had never run into that before, but he would hear nothing of it, he just kept yelling at the 2 of us. I get it if a CC needs a signature and stuff and to show ID which is what he said but at the end of the day, he never got my friends ID or CC to view, he was more interested in yelling at us.<br /> This is not the only thing that has happened, there are many other things but they happened to other friends and co-workers. <br /> Ultimately the company sucks because of their horseshit food and worthless customer service.

Momo posted on 06/03/2014

Called in for a delivery order. They put me on hold for fifteen minutes. When they finally got back on the phone, I told him that I had been waiting for a long time. He simply said, "Yeah, what do you want?" And then put me on hold again. Terrible people.

dj posted on 02/11/2014

service was great and the guy at the front counter is super nice if u take the time to talk with and maybe joke with....... i'm going tonight after work again

Chris posted on 11/16/2013

I thought he was rude on the phone and in person, but the food was great. The service took too long, it takes a hour for the to go 2 miles.

Nat Turner posted on 07/21/2013

The food isn't the problem. The biggest issue is there service. I have never been treated so rudely in my life!!! From the moment I called the men was extremely short with me. They have raised all there prices so I had questions and he put the phone down and told me "Let me let you make up your mind first". RUDE RUDE RUDE

Nightcloud posted on 04/15/2013

I love this place. I've moved outside their delivery zone and I don't have a car. But I really wish I could order things from them right now. I love their fried fish, mushroom, nachos, chicken, shrimp, peach cobbler. I would only suggest that the cole slaw that they include with the dinners be more and that they keep the bread.

Michael Farrell posted on 12/19/2012

I did not have any problems with service at all.In fact I thought that everyone there was really nice. Then again I did get off my fat ass and go there unlike the fat asses that are complaining. It does not take much to figure out that the people that are complaining hear simply have some major first world white girl problems going on hear. A&Js Chicken and Fish is the best place of its kind in the Twin Cities. The only one really that I know of. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but they probably should just go to Boston Market next time they have a hankerin' for some fried chicken. I guarantee they also probably would be repulsed by the idea of eating a plate of fried chicken gizzards, a classic staple at this classic joint. People working in the service industry are not there to kiss your ass, that is your therapist job ya douche.

mary posted on 08/24/2012

call to place an order they were very nice took their time with my order and came in the time they said they were coming. food was hot and good to the taste best decision i made was to eat there.

William posted on 06/04/2012

Called to place an order, very rude person answered, tried to order 2 entrees but was told wasn't enough for a delivery, person wouldn't compromise for an additional fee. I went somewhere better. what kind of business model won't take my money??

Customer Service is EVERYTHING posted on 02/24/2012

I just called A & J to place a very large order. I called the first phone number listed on their menu and got no answer. I called the second number and got no answer. I called the third number and was told this is number is for credit card can you hang up and call back and he gave me a number that I had previously called. I called back and the same person answered. I told him I had just called and if the number I called previously was a credit card line then it shouldn't be listed on the menu. He proceeded (talking fast) to tell me how busy they are and that he just works there, etc. As I was about to tell him I wanted to place an order, he asked me to hold and put me on hold without my response. I have dealt with this VERY RUDE individual before and yes, the food is good however, no body's food is so good that I will accept an employee's rude behavior. I will NEVER, EVER, in this life time or the next, patronize this business. And, by the way, the order I wanted to place was for a couple hundred dollars.

Raven posted on 02/11/2012

Rude rude rude!!!! The delivery driver is unbelievable!! He snatched the money out of my hand and told me not to call anymore! Horrible customer service and I will never order from them again. Don't eat here!!

paula posted on 11/27/2011

dirty place, nasty food

Samantha posted on 06/30/2011

I received a copy of their menu mixed in with the southwest journal the other day and was excited to have a place in the Kingfield neighborhood that delivered that was not Chinese or Pizza.<br /> We ordered a 12 piece chicken dinner, fried mushrooms and a piece of Red velvet cake. The chicken was really good, a nice light batter and cooked nice not to greasy and not to dry. The mushrooms i felt had a little too much batter on them but they were still good. My favorite part of the meal was the Red Velvet Cake. I highly recommend the Red Velvet Cake!

mike posted on 02/07/2011

love their quick deliveries

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