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Rutten Bucks
  The 1st time I ate here the service and food were Great... loved the Ribs. The 2nd time I couldn't even get served! 5 Star Food and 1 Star Service! Thw waitress let me know after waiting 45 minutes she never even placed the order! I ordered at the Bar and still didn't get served! Others around me got their meals but not me... After 1 1/2 hours I went across the street and finally got a meal at the Truck Stop! I guess if they know you the service is better. I was Frustrated and Hungry. Too Bad, the food was good.
Rutten Bucks
  The 1st time I ate here the food and service were great... Love the Ribs! The 2nd time at Rotten Bucks was a complete different story! 5 star food 1 star service. I placed my order and found out 45 minutes later that she never placed the order! I ordered at the Bar and was told they were out of Ribs, so I ordered just an order of sweet potato fries... that never came.
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