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Beanie's Bar & Sports Grill
  Bad wings & Bad customer service by DOUG JEWETT (1 review) Bad wings - I have been going to this place for the past 5 years, It has went down hill in the past 6-12 months. The quality of the food is terrible, and if you try to say something about it they don't care. So I went straight to the owner, Big Beanie himself. He looked at it and said that is the way it is, that he would get some more hot sauce and put on it. The wings are very small and not much meat on them at all, overcooked and not much sauce at all. After one bad order I did not go back for 2 months, hoping it was just a bad day or bad cook. No such luck, bad place to eat. I have been told of same type of problems from my customers.
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Beanie's Bar & Sports Grill
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