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MeralM's Profile
Total Points for MeralM (89)
Restaurant Favorite (5)
101 Donut Shop
La Fleur's Jr
Ale Asylum
Sogo Bar
Abicca Dosa Spot
Review Added (3)
Abicca Dosa Spot
  Great Test with very good service.
A Taste Of Europe
  really classic
Boo Radley's
  Its my pleasure to eat here
Restaurant Voted (16)
Churrasco of St. Clair voted as Yum
Cucharamama voted as Yum
Cucharamama voted as Yum
125 Riverside Drive Restaurant voted as Yum
Cell Block Steak House voted as Yum
Adobo Cafe voted as Yum
241 Pizza voted as Yum
Whytewold Emporium voted as Yum
Abicca Dosa Spot voted as Yuck
Cafe Luna voted as Yum
10 Restaurant & Wine Bar voted as Yum
Tony Hideaway voted as Yuck
Chill Plus voted as Yum
Bubba's BBQ voted as Yum
Instant Replay voted as Yuck
Arby's voted as Yum
Best Restaurant Voted (12)
10 Restaurant & Wine Bar
101 Donut Shop
22 Church Steakhouse
241 Pizza
241 Pizza
4 Girls Roti Shop-Caribbean Cuisine
Abicca Dosa Spot
Adobo Cafe
Cafe Luna
Cafe Pinncchio
Mix Refresh
Restaurants Eaten At (7)
9th & Main Espresso Cafe
Sunset Grill
Abicca Dosa Spot
Sogo Bar
Roberto's River Road Restaurant
Hen House
Bollywood Grill
Restaurants Not Eaten At (1)
Restaurants Added (2)
Chill Plus
Mix Refresh
Menu Added (0)
No Menu Added
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No Photo Added