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La Oja
  I spent four days in Albuquerque for a convention and was booked into the Double Tree Hotel where La Oja is located. I was given four tickets to use for a breakfast buffet in the hotel. Unfortunately each day got increasingly worse. My first breakfast there wasn't too bad. I was asked to share a table as they were unprepared for this many people which I was uncomfortable with but I needed to stay on schedule. The food was cold but not bad. The second day they opened up an auxiliary room so seating was better. The food was worse. Leftover hamburger patties were served in the place where sausage was the day before and everything was cold once again. It seemed the potatoes weren't cooked completely. Condiments needed to be passed around and were not provided on the table. The third day we waited in line with no one tending the desk at all. The servers saw a line of us waiting but no one came over to help. Tables were un-bussed while they were frantically trying to provide drinks to those seated. I gave up and asked if my remaining tickets could be reimbursed from the room bill. I given a snide look while told they were "complimentary" and that they couldn't. I gave up and decided to share my experience online.
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