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Thai's Corner
  An awesome neighborhood Thai restaurant. The staff and service are consistently great, although the food is somewhat inconsistent—it's kinda like sex. It's never bad, it's just that some times are a bit better than others.
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Thai's Corner voted as Yum
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Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub voted as Yum
B-Town Burgers voted as Yum
Bison Creek Pizza voted as Yum
Bistro Baffi voted as Yum
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K C's Restaurant voted as Yum
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Bistro Baffi
Hey Paison
Thai's Corner
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K C's Restaurant
Hey Paison
Smokey's Char-Broiled
Taqueria El Rinconsito
Bistro Baffi
Bub's Bar-B-Q
Thai's Corner
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Thai's Corner
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