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C & H Cafeteria

77% say Yum
102 people voted
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940 S Main St
Kernersville, NC 27284 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (336) 992-0707
77% say Yum
102 people voted
Cuisine: Cafe
Neighborhood: Kernersville

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Cafeteria style
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No Alcohol

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Reviews of C & H Cafeteria

Mrs T posted on 10/27/2013

I went though the line last night with my 3 young children and when I got up to where they give you a ticket I had to ask for one because the woman thought I my in-laws were paying for me and my children (they were in line behind me). She didn't ask but was very upset when I asked for my ticket. At that point the waitress had taken my food off and I had to go find her. During our meal, no one came to our table. After I finished eating I decided to just go make a take-out order at the counter while my in-laws watched my kids. I waited forever due to 3 customers in front of me and one was having problems with his order. Finally, one of the managers came to help. Quite pleasant but after he brought my food and told her what I had the girl running the ticket thing told me I had to get my original ticket. She couldn't have said something the entire time I was standing there? Especially while the manager was getting my food and she was standing there doing noting? I wouldn't have been so upset but she was quite snooty about it. I'm sorry, I've never ordered take-out from there. After I had gone back to my table and brought my ticket back, I asked why they needed my original ticket. I was informed I shouldn't be offended because people have been stealing so they had to ask for it. They didn't ask for one from the 3 people ahead of me. And the way it was handled made it seem like I was going to steal food. I've never been so insulted. The food was okay but here was not any customer service at all.

Ms. Brown posted on 04/15/2013

It used to be a nice, pleasant place to eat but now the line service and waitresses ignore you and you can't get a drink refill for your life. I rarely tip anymore because of the poor service. They wait on their white customers but not blacks. I told a line server that I did not want hard cooked liver; she got sullen, put the ones I wanted on the plate and slammed it down on the counter area in front of me. Crappy attitudes. If you are going to have to pay for something you should get what you want. If they keep going the way they are they will eventually have to close. They can't survive as a business with just one or two customers.

Sabrina posted on 08/11/2012

Food isn't bad but the people skills of the entire staff including management is terrible. The staff never greets you only pushes you through the line and they're very impatient. After going through the line you get to watch all the managers sit in the dining room,never to acknowledge any of their customers. I've yet to see your managers walk the dining room, check to see what's going on at the front line and other key areas of the business. I have been a customer for several years and I've decided I'll never return. Shame on the management for not doing their job to ensure good customer service!

carly posted on 07/05/2012

Tired of the rudeness. Tired of the language spoken around me among themselves,NOT being English!!! If you are working in a public place, in this country, speak the freakin language! IT IS RUDE. And smile sometimes too, especially the one at the register~!

Angel posted on 07/28/2011

Well the food is bland.. Mac and cheese has no taste. The servers in this place and k&w are horrible! Why are they there?? They don't fill drinks or anything. Its pathetic! Best thing there are desserts..also people serving food don't even greet you or smile they just look at you! I blame it on mgmt. Do your job or find one under a rock!

Rita posted on 03/09/2011

I have been a regular customer for years. I too spend a lot of money at this establishment. It has gone so far downhill since the 1st of the year. We were told one of the owners quite. I believe he was the H. It is interesting how when he left business dropped off and food quality went down. I too have noticed the work staff being temperamental and unsatisfied. It was always such a pleasant place before. WHAT HAS HAPPENED? I'm not giving my patronage anymore after my meal Monday. I've heard other customers grumbling. I complained about my meal a week ago and was dealt with rudely by the manager. He had a bad attitude. Very cocky. I risked another meal Monday to my DISMAY.

J Y posted on 03/08/2011

My wife and I spend approx $300.00 per month at your restaurant. The food is great.<br /> Lately your portions have gotten smaller and it is obvious that your serving staff is scared to death that they are going to give you a good portion. Lay off your servers and let them do their job instead of them being scared that you the management is going to scream at them for putting too much on a customers plate. Your customers are seeing the managements attitude. The manager walks around like he is mad at the world. We see this. My wife and I eat there approx 3 times a week and every Saturday and Sunday. Its has gotten obvious that your management is more concerned about cutting back than keeping your customer base happy. You spend $10 to $12 bucks a person lately and walk out hungry. I am ready to take my business elsewhere; I don't think we are appreciated anymore. I ask the Lord to forgive me for running my mouth. Greed will put you out of business.

Tanya King posted on 03/25/2010

My family eats there often. The food is fresh and tasty. All staff is friendly and helpful-I am in a wheelchair. Their grilled chicken is my favorite.

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