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Route 9 Diner

($$) - Closed

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458 Russell St
Hadley, MA 01035 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (413) 253-0505

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Top Reviews of Route 9 Diner

review_stars 07/04/2014 - Glenn
This diner is great.You will be satisfied for sure.
You will not leave hungry that's a promise. Large variety menu,large portions of food.

review_stars 09/24/2013 - Alexa c.
This place is great. Staff is friendly, food is delicious, place is clean, and the selection is never ending!

review_stars 09/07/2011 - Reed D
Love the atmosphere, only had one bad meal over several yrs of going there. It's nice being able to go have dinner, Go to a Late Movie and come back and have coffee and Dessert and not feel like you have to Rush.

review_stars 04/19/2011 - Regular customer
Good, friendly service. A very good place to eat with a really good group of people working there. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. Old style diner setting is very cool. Simply put: a good place to eat anytime.

review_stars 09/22/2010 - George Lynch
Excellent staff...excellent food....clean!

review_stars 07/04/2010 - disgusted
this place is terrible... it is run by incompetent children who are incredibly unprofessional and rude. the managers treat everyone like dirt, customers included, but especially the waitstaff who they treat like slaves...

my friend works there and told me about all the horrors that go on in the kitchen.... DO NOT GO HERE unless you want food that has been touched by 5 people before it gets to you... everything is unsanitary and disgusting and nothing is worth what you pay...this place makes me want to vomit

review_stars 05/14/2010 - Riza
A lot of the compliments on this page have been about large portions for what you pay. I would have to agree that the portions are large, but the food quality renders it a waste. If I wanted cheap, previously frozen, re-heated, stale, old food, I would go to a supermarket, buy a bag of frozen fries/bread, ect., and eat that.

When you go to a restaurant, diner, or other service oriented area, you pay for your product and an experience. I have received neither both times I have gone. The waitresses were quite ditsy, and seemed skittish at best, negligent at worst. The woman at the register was very friendly, however, and was the only reason I actually paid for the food.

The food is poor on the best of days, inedible on the worst. The gravy tasted like marinara sauce due to improper kitchen technique in the back, such as cooking a substance that absorbs flavors next to one that is quite strong, resulting in the horrors on my plate. When the concerns were expressed, the waitress shrugged, and by her look I could tell that was the best that would come from that kitchen.

For roughly $17.00 you, too may have the worst salmon of your life. Overcooked, dry, smothered in cheap garnish... For the same price you can go to a more upscale restaurant and have the same dish at ten times the quality. Don't waste your time here unless you're desperate and starving.

Pitiful experience, and certainly not worth spending the money. Perhaps they do have a shining moment... But this has not been the case for the several different times I have been there.

review_stars 05/08/2010 - Ljarvis
I've read all of these reviews and I'm surprised at the people saying, the atmosphere this and that...HELLO PEOPLE---it's a DINER!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously...go to a 5 star restaurant if you want ambiance!! The place is clean, the waiters are friendly, and the food is good, fresh and inexpensive. It's not "cheap" but well priced for a diner. The best thing about this place is it's extensive menu--something for everyone!! 5 stars for a local diner--the rest of you need to stay home and cook more!!

review_stars 05/02/2010 - Sad
We went in for break feast on Sat. morning...10:00am. We had our Grandchildren with us and were seated in the booth by the counter bar. Here we are with two small children listening to several people at the bar being very loud. It was a bar room atmosphere and they continued to serve them even know they had WAY too much. Our meal and family atmosphere with my Grand Children were ruined...Sad. Hope they made it home OK without hurting someone.
Even a great place like this can improve, and hopefully it does.

review_stars 10/23/2009 - Paul Bayer
Route 9 Diner is what a real diner should be like. While busy, the diner was very clean and and orderly. The staff was friendly, attentive and in control. I was treated like a V.I.P. from my seating until the end. The Gyro plate was fresh and the presentation was beautiful...done in less than 10 minutes. Don't eat anywhere else....this IS a real diner with excellent service.

review_stars 03/08/2009 -
Great food , good service , good Price's

review_stars 02/19/2009 - TinyTim
Where else can you pay 8 dollars for a grilled cheese without french fries?

The atmosphere is appallingly generic and uninspired.

The food is awful and unbelievably expensive.

Like a chain restaurant but without any signs of consistency.

Truly awful. I wouldn't go there if it was the only restaurant in town and I was starving to death.

The waitresses are rather attractive. But the food, the prices, the way it's run, pretty garbage.

review_stars 02/15/2009 -
Great Value, for good food, Service has always been a bit lacking (they NEVER bring me my coffee on time!!) Definatly a good place to go.

review_stars 02/09/2009 - S and M
Amanda is awesome!!!!!! We love her, she's the best server ever and we're coming every monday to visit her.

review_stars 09/19/2008 -
This is my favorite place in the Hadley shopping area. Whether I am going to the mall or grocery shopping, I always make sure I have enough time to stop and eat. The food is excellent and the prices can't be beat. The meals taste like they are home made, unlike the generic stuff you get at the nearby chain restaurants. (Chili's, Friendly's, Pizza Hut etc. - everything there is frozen...)
The authentic diner atmosphere is another reason I prefer the Route 9 Diner, rather than sitting in a loud, unpersonal, crowded fast food restaurant. The service has always been outstanding (very friendly and quick) and items on the menu can be customized for a small upcharge. Whether you are in Hadley to begin with, or just looking for a great place to enjoy a meal, make sure you stop at the Route 9 Diner. You will be me and many of my friends.

review_stars 04/19/2008 -
The Route 9 Diner is a diner. You go there and eat diner food, then pay at the register. The checks can be easily split, which is convenient for everyone because you don't have to be all like "Okay, who's paying cash? Who's not paying cash?" The service is mediocre at best, but hey, like my grand pappy always said, "You get what you pay for you little bastard." I suppose the same can be said for the food, though I would say it's better than mediocre. The portions are great, and boring fries can be substituted with delicious glistening waffle fries for only a dollar more. Coffee cups are bottomless and water is free which should make even the most Jewish of patrons happy. I got a triple decker club sandwich which was pretty good, and the omelet I got last time made me go "Mmmmm, what a good omelet. I think I'll go home and watch the 'Lost In Space' remake. I know everyone says Joey from friends is a hack, but I'd score him a 4 out of 10 in this movie." So is the Route 9 Diner a good choice? I guess so, whatever.

review_stars 04/16/2008 - Rose
I had always looked forward to eating at the diner late at night, and I went there often, but the one time I went during the day I was very disappointed and will probably not go back. The waitress didn't smile at all, the fries were cold, and when I asked her if they had relish, she said no and walked away. The guy at the register who took my credit card hardly said a word to me, no eye contact whatsoever, and he was having a side conversation and didn't even say thank you and goodnight. I wouldn't have minded if the food wasn't so bad.

On top of that, I called the manager on the phone a few days later and he wasn't very sincere, hardly apologized, and didn't even offer me anything for my trouble. If you do go there to eat, do so at night or in the morning. Don't even bother in the afternoon.

review_stars 02/24/2008 -
great atmosphere. There's a reason there are always people there. You can go in and spend from 2 dollars to 15 dollars and still have a great time. Whether you sit and sip coffee, or you go all out with pancakes and homefries. The wait staff seems like they actually enjoy being there.

review_stars 09/21/2007 - Mitso
This is i think the best place to go ecspecially if you love the Diner atmosphere and if you want real homemade food. I cant ficd any place around here that has better food.

review_stars 09/15/2007 - Eric
After having gone to the Rt 9 for almost 1 year, my family had a terrible experince on 9/8/07. We were stuck in the worst seats in the place, service was poor at best and the food was horrible. My personal selection was the Shepards Pie, which was the worst I've ever been served.

Thinking this was a 1 time experince, we went back on 9/14. The seats were better, but the service was worse than before. The order was wrong and when I asked about the mixup, she said she thought the order she brought was what I wanted. I told her her choice was not on the menu, yet what I ordered was on the menu. She told me she knew that what I said was true but had no answer for how I suppoosed to read her mind - silly me for reading the menu.

I told the waitress of how this was the second bad experience in less than a week and it we probabaly wouldn't be coming back. She spoke with the manager who never came over.

This used to be our family stop where we would drive 20 minutes to enjoy once or more per week. The place has gone downhill too much. They need a major change.

review_stars 08/16/2007 - sam
The real test of a Diner is breakfast. This place failed. Everything tasted old and tired and reheated. The rest of the menu must be really dreadful if they could fail at breakfast

review_stars 08/02/2007 -
We were so satisfied that we are going back again.

review_stars 07/27/2007 - Maryann Wood, Hadley
I've been dining at the diner for quite some time now--whether it be dining in or ordering out--and have always been pleased with the service and food.

Kudos to the manager!!!

review_stars 07/22/2007 - Josh
The diner is a great place to go get food on a student budget, and is really close to Umass Amherst. The food never dissapoints and the portions are well sized for the price. Its nothing fancy, but delivers what you expect, good diner food. Also, its one of the few places to go on the weekends at 2 or 3 AM to get a meal. One of my favorite spots.

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