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1207 W 36th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99503 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (907) 569-6000

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Yes - min 10

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Parking Lot

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Mon-Thu: 11am - 11pm, Fri-Sat: 11am - 12am, Sun: 11am - 11pm

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Top Reviews of Milano's Pizza

review_stars 01/25/2017 - Shannon Meikel
The pizza is quite good.

However, the first time we ordered, it was incorrect. We were so hungry after being out all day and my kids just wanted to eat so I called the store and spoke with a woman who apologized. We left it at that.

The second time, we received our order correctly; but.. neither of our pizzas were cut. Good thing we had a pizza cutter.

The third time (tonight), we ordered and the pizza was cold.

From all the reviews on saying how the owner Pete and his wife (whom I have not had the pleasure of speaking with) will address any concerns left me to believe that something might have been done, even just an apology.

The response given: "There's nothing I can do. It's cold. There might be stops before. If you don't like it, I can come get the pizza and give you your money back."

In my experience with customer service. You DON'T make excuses. There was a problem with every time we've delivered. Accept your employees errors. Both times we ordered before, it was much colder of a day and later in the evening. Those pizzas were still hot.

It may seem tedious, but all of these could have been avoided had the owner not made himself seem arrogant and rude; as though he is the owner and it is his world.

Not exactly a way to keep a customer..

review_stars 11/03/2015 - Joe B
TERRIBLE SERVICE....over 1 1/2 hours for was C-O-L-D....manager is coward and wouldn't come to the phone...if you like cold pizza, order from these bozos

review_stars 03/12/2015 - Rae
Pizza was really tasty, dining room is nothing special. Giving a low review because we found a long hair baked into our pizza halfway through eating. Rather unapealing.

review_stars 11/13/2014 - Elsie

review_stars 03/07/2014 - Smart Cookie
FYI Stephen Kenney, you can't sue a restaurant for being late delivering one time. Poor service happens, mistakes happen. You need to get over it. Milanos is delicious, their service is great, and at the end of the day, they are good people who provide food at a reasonable price for those who don't feel like cooking.

review_stars 07/25/2013 - Denise
I don't understand the other reviews. I order pizza from Milano's often and I always find the phone and delivery staff very friendly. My family loves their pizza and cheese bread

review_stars 05/08/2013 - Hungry in alaska
I wish people would not knock an established place that is the best in Anchorage! A place can appreciate your business but is still right in not refunding money. If a business did that every time someone complained, they would be broke. Oh well, can't please everyone. I will still order Milanos forever. Polite people who don't swear over the phone usually get a better response from ANY customer service representative.
If you're going to write a review at least use correct grammar and punctuation, it might be more believable and legible.

review_stars 05/01/2013 - aktx777
I have been ordering form them faithfully since 2002.Sunday I ordered, my gyro and fries were cold and old, gyro meat was hard like jerky, called up and complained, she said we will come and pick it up and refund you,but wont bring you another meal.So you wont make it up too me and bring me another, so I waited for them to pick it up.She calls me back and says she called the manager at home, she says they wont refund me. So I get off the phone, then I call back and say I want you to call the manager and tell her to call me, so this woman hands the phone over to this guy who says his name is jose,he has a heavy accent and is not mexican.Tells me he is the cook and the manager wont be in till Tuesday, and it took 40 min to get tooo me ,and it was hot, and I told him it was not, he argued with me over and over and said we will not refund my money and we dont need your business and then I told him to f off........So I called back later to the woman and said i have been waiting for somone to pick this up , well we arent going to now..........So TUESDAY I went there with the sandwich and fries, asked to speak to the manger and this guy says Iam , we got sit at a table, and its the guy who was so rude to me on the phone, he said he is manger , I said isnt that somethin, no manager there sunday and your name is jose, and your a cook and now your a manger, what a bunch of lies, he never apoligized to me , kept interruppint me till I had to ask him to let me finish, kept say food was hot, so I said then your calling me your customer a liar........He said I never said that, I said not the word liar, but that is whatr you are saying, he said I dont do this over a sandwich, I said its my money, and obviulsy you dont care about your customers, he said he does, wrong all he did for 20 min was argue with me in fornt of customers sitting in therenever saying he sorry for anything, told me he would have refunded it, I said now y iouare lying you told me on the phone you wouldnt , and so did hanna, he said u didnt talk to hanna you talked to shana, and hanna will be in later,all he did was back track to make him look good and I was wrong in everything, he finally refunded me, but still he was right on everything and I was wrong , I told him this is the worst customer service I have ever had , he said you said to me you would go tell everyone not tooo buy at Milanos and I sais yes I will and I didnt tell you I told her, you cant even get your story straight. I finally said I had enough got up and left him at the table.....Very rude rude rude,he is in america , and anchorage and word of mouth can be your best advertising or worst .I knwo customer service and a decent place would not treat there customers taht way , they would say we are sorry, can I send you a new sandwich , but I was told we dont need your business, well I figured I spent at least $200 a year there, maybe will be going to somone who appreciates my business

review_stars 12/27/2012 - iforgottotip
I feel bad because I didn't remember how much the pizza costs and so I didn't tip more than a nickel.

The pizza had the best cheese of any pizza place I've ordered from and I've ordered from many different pizza places here in town. It was great pizza for a great price.

review_stars 10/17/2012 - Tammy Hopgood
Have been eating Milano's food since they opened.
Love the fact that it is always clean when you go in. The staff is friendly and the food is very good!
Have tried everything from the chicken Caesar to the hot wings and pizza. Great food good pricing and always dependable.
Thanks Milano's!

review_stars 04/15/2012 - Teachers Pet
Stephen Kenney's review must have been done after he tooted on some ice. Milano's has always had a reputation for good Greek food; their salads are well prepared with exceptional taste. I love the Milano's calzone - the best I've ever had in a very long time. I have even hear a few state politicians exclaim "Maybe we can forget a special session this year, so I can enjoy a few more days of good Greek Food at Milano's in Spenard."

review_stars 09/10/2010 - D
Milanos is awesome. The phillys are so good and the pizza is also. When we order they say 45 minutes and it's really like 20-25. You guys are the best

review_stars 03/21/2010 - Brett Woern
I love the subs, my wife thinks the chicken caesar salad is amazing, and my kids like the pizza. I've never used the delivery, but I've never had any complaints eating in for lunch or grabbing take-out for dinner.

review_stars 02/28/2010 -
Loved the food since I first tried it out. The pizza is great, I love the phillies, and the staff has always been great with us. I have been ordering food with them for over 4 years and have never had a complaint about them, they even remember our names :)

review_stars 02/20/2010 - stephen kenny
when we asked how long it was going to be before i got my food, i was told that it was going to be 45 minutes, after 1 and 1/2 hours i was trold the driver was going to be 1/2 hour late. i was angry then, but when i was told i had to wait as long as it should take, i was pissed. it doesn't take 2 hours for an idiot to drive from spenard to muldoon. i think theese dumbasses should stop their delivery servie if they doon't plan on moving their fat ass's. i hope my lawyer has fun with your idiot phone girl miranda who was no help at all, thank her for the law suit

review_stars 10/26/2009 - zack
Milanos has good food, customer service, and timely delivery.

review_stars 09/20/2009 - grubbneats
order the philly bomb double meat!!!! its the best. and there workers are really friendly

review_stars 09/09/2009 - Faymore
The first few times i ordered the service was average. Took a while to deliver (2 hours once or twice) and the delivery person sometimes even insited on a tip. However, recently (since june or july 2009) the person taking orders was changed to a nicer person, the orders are usually there within an hour, and the delivery people no longer demand you fill out the portion of the recite entitled "tip" after you put a line through it. In other words this is a great place to eat now ^.^ I suguest the Milanos Calzone!

review_stars 08/21/2009 - Tanya
My absolute favorite place to eat! Ever. The food is deelish!! The owners and staff are just plain awesome. I have no idea what happened with the other reviewer, but I have never ever had a negative issue with Milano's or the people that work there. Try the mushroom's to die for!

review_stars 08/13/2009 - disspapointed
twice as long for delivery! wrong philly! but what lost our business was the rude woman on the phone

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