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45595 Yale Rd W
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2N1 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (604) 333-3444


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Top Reviews of Canton Garden

review_stars 05/14/2022 - Valley Auto Spa
We buy our staff lunches here often. Great people & the food is truly delish! You can add spice if you like, the prawns are a fav, and the combos are huge servings. Great prices & overall a good place to enjoy dinner too!

review_stars 04/05/2022 - MenuPix User

review_stars 04/01/2022 - MenuPix User

review_stars 09/30/2021 - MenuPix User

review_stars 01/29/2021 - G.Messer
Best one of the Chinese food in town.

review_stars 01/28/2021 - MenuPix User

review_stars 12/13/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 11/03/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 10/04/2020 - MenuPix User
Extremely poor in every way. Two items were missing from the order and they asked me to come and pick it up after I had played for delivery.
The quality of the food is poor at best and the serving is far less than it once was.
The person I spoke to on the phone had no idea how to respond to a customer.
The Canton has the worst food and worst service I have experienced. Would not recommend to anyone.

review_stars 05/10/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 03/08/2020 - ChefSwan
After recently moving to the beautiful Fraser Valley district of Chilliwack, it was time to get out and explore the local food scene and become acquainted with local talented chefs and restaurateurs.  Our first stop...Canton Garden Restaurant located on the main drag running through Chilliwack.
Upon entering a fairly modern entrance, we seated ourselves in a booth for two (2). Service arrived within minutes by way of our friendly and upbeat server (Rebecca). Not knowing that she would turn out to be the finest part of the overall dining experience in the end.
My dinner companion for this evening was my lovely wife. Hungry and anxious to get down to some serious chow, we ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls, Sweet & Sour Pork and Chicken Stir Fried Rice, with one appetizer to start.... 4 egg-rolls.
Our appetizer arrived in record time. From the moment we saw the plate after it arrived, we knew we were in trouble. The appetizer look so alarming, I actually thought she brought the wrong plate to our table and had to ask if this was the egg rolls we ordered? Rebecca informed us that it indeed was. Noticing the look of alarm on both our faces, she began to upsell the item by telling us they are so good, and made by hand in house! Go ahead try it, you'll love em.
I am perfectly well aware of what an egg roll is supposed to look like, and this was NOT it. They were batter coated and deep fried (oil desperately needed to be changed), and they resembled the look and size of oblong Ostrich egg. They were certainly not rolled and crispy looking with neatly tucked in ends with a tantalizing golden & lightly tanned colour.
I immediately looked around the table to review our napkin inventory before picking the item up as it was oozzzing grease even before I picked it up and I knew this was gonna get messy. I was right. Loaded with and overabundance of grease dripping out everywhere leaving a hint of old burnt deep fried oil bitter after taste. Rebecca came by just at that moment, and asked "how are the eggrolls"? With a mouthful and trying to avoid providing an answer after her big upsell, I motioned a "thumbs up" hoping she would leave before I swallowed and would be forced to tell her they were not appetizing at all. My wife was also giving me "that look" which suggested don't say anything!
With another smile and bubbly personality, our main course arrived and we knew it was going to be phase 2 of disaster for the remainder of our dinner.
First, the chicken fried rice was shinny, glimmering and looking much like the egg rolls.....saturated in too much oil. We tasted it, and our suspicions were confirmed. Missing was the hint of open pan fired and smokey aroma flavour which is typically infused through the frying process. Instead replaced by a flat, unseasoned, greasy rice.
Our 2nd dish, Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls. Also deep fried in the same old oil, and definitely not golden brown, was not covered in the signature sweet and sour sauce the world easily recognizes as shimmering red and semi-translucent. No, it was an off colour of brown! My wife and I both looked at each other with raised eyebrows and decided to push on through with a high level of skepticism. We again were correct. Hard and crunchy on the outside, mushy with uncooked batter on the inside and soaked guessed it....grease. A theme we were becoming used to thus fa for this restaurant. Pay close attention persons with heart or dietary issues.
And lastly, the Sweet & Sour Pork. This will be short and sweet......very sweet. So sweet in fact that we both got sugar burn on our tongues because it was OVER sweetened beyond even being palatable. There was so much uneaten food on our table, and we just wanted to pay and leave. Forget the take home bag. But alas, Rebecca stopped by just in the nick of time to ask how our dinner was. Spotting the perfect opportunity to make the experience end, we told her were full and would like the remainder packed up to go.... to be polite and avoid the awkward question...."did you enjoy your dinner"?
The moment we exited the restaurant, we literally both breathed a sigh of relief and said "Thank god that's it's over with".
By the time we got home, a brief 10 min drive, we were both already beginning to experience heartburn. Once we got home, we raced to see who could get to the Rolaids first. She did! ( I let her)....and then again, we were both up in the middle of the night seeking more Rolaid relief it was that bad. Something neither one of us is really used too.
The following morning the left over take home bag remained in the fridge and untouched where it will remain until the disposal service arrive on Monday a day later.
For our value, we will continue to seek out another Chinese food restaurant in the Fraser Valley which exercises a little more Culinary Discipline. With a combined mixture of the high level of grease used in their cooking process, failure to provide even the most basic of traditional chinese delights (egg rolls) and the repercussions of having eaten there which lasted well into the night, our recommendation is that you do the same....continue your search.

Bon Appetit
Chef Swan

review_stars 07/05/2016 - E. Roth
NO stars. WORST meal ever!! My Cantonese Chow Mein was curried and dry all noodles 3 peas, 2 carrot bits, egg foo young was FOO!! dry and owner never see me again after 20 yrs.

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