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Mary Claire's

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243 Buffalo St
Hamburg, NY 14075 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (716) 649-8020

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Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm, Sat-Sun: 8am - 2pm

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Top Reviews of Mary Claire's

review_stars 08/30/2016 - Roxanne Pattison
I just adore everything about this wonderful best kept secret in Hamburg ! The soup and sandwich lunches are delicious . The Salads are even better ! Desserts are amazing ! The staff is warm and welcoming and the service is great ! Desserts are all home made and reasonably priced !

review_stars 02/24/2015 - Mary Claire
On behalf of all business owners, I need to post the truth about the comments on:
Trip Advisor by: (ccohan19)Hamburg New York,
Urban Spoon by: (ccohan19)Diner from Buffalo,
Yelp by: (Colleen C.) of Hamburg
{all posted on February 5, 2015 by this same person}

I really wish I could post the security video of this entire very non-dramatic encounter.
But here are the facts:
On Thursday February 5, 2015
6:19pm 2 of my regular customers came in for soup and hot tea.
NOW, Mary Claire’s closes the kitchen at 6:15pm on Tuesday-Friday as we close up shoppe at 7:00pm.
We post on our front door, on our menus, on a sign under the menu board, on our website and we have a huge sign with light bulbs all over it that the says “Kitchen is Open”….we turn it OFF at 6:15 when the kitchen closes.
{Now, because I know these women who come in all the time and the soups haven’t been put in the ice bath to bring the temp down yet, I happily took their order and they picked out their hot tea flavors and chatted away.
6:21pm Hamburg Dispatch arrived to pick up their preordered dinners. {she stood to the side and waits to be cashed out}
6:22pm The “Dessert Customer” also arrives {looks at cupcakes and dessert case}
6:23pm Colleen C./ccohan arrives with her daughter and stands and at looks at the cupcakes
6:24pm I cash out Hamburg Dispatch who also asked to add a cupcake to the order
6:27pm “Dessert Customer chooses a cupcake and then a cookie
6:28pm Colleen C./ccohan moves to dessert case with daughter
6:29pm “Dessert Customer is cashed out and leaves the store
6:29pm Colleen C./ccohan moves to counter (visably chatting with her daughter) and I tell her I will be right with her but wanted to get the hot teas served.
6:29pm I go and serve the patiently waiting ladies their hot tea and bring their soup spoons and napkins
(yes, now they had to wait a 8 whole minutes because I hurried to take care of 2 customers, one; I’m sure they didn’t mind as they saw the officer in her uniform and was obviously picking up dinner)-two; I took care of the next customer because again, it wasn’t an unreasonable time for the ladies to wait, but they love us and I knew they weren’t in a hurry.
6:32pm Colleen C./ccohan stood at the counter at that time when she said wanted to place a food order. You can see in the video that I motion to the sign that kitchen closed. I know I asked her what she was thinking of and she said “grilled cheese”. I already know the Panini press has been turned off by someone in the kitchen for 17 minutes and the soups were already being cooled in the ice bath and closing procedures are underway.
6:32pm Colleen C./ccohan storms away, daughter then followed.

So yep, this person had to wait 12 whopping minutes to be waited on. Unbearably slow, I know I know! She claims to come in “all the time” but as everyone knows I am always there, I did not recognize her as someone who comes in “all the time.” If this were so, wouldn’t she know we shut down our kitchen 45 minutes before closing?? {let the record reflect, you entered the premise at 6:23pm}

Then Ms. Booshy silently rages for not getting our fantastic grilled cheese and soup?? She sounded like she was having a nice day with her child and I’m just trying to close up shoppe and get home to mine :/ {so much for us girls sticking together}

So I must also add….we can watch the front end on a monitor from the kitchen….we will have people walk in after the kitchen has closed, and we jokingly say “don’t look up, don’t look up” (which means this person is looking UP at the menu board and are looking to place a food order not realizing the kitchen has closed) Just like when someone stands at the cupcakes case for a period of time, they usually want a cupcake! This would never make me think someone is planning to order dinner or I would have eagerly told them the kitchen was closed because we’re tired, my Chef in the back cooks all day at her other job we are tired and want to go home!

Anyway, I’m still truly confused by Ms. Booshy, I mean I’m just working for the man, gurl. How do I even take it as a compliment that she called my shoppe swanky when she uses booshy in the same review? She claims we’re swanky, does that mean I have to stop wearing my Crocs?? Then calling Hamburg booshy?? I mean come on now, I love people from Hamburg, but we aren’t even close to having the swag of Atlanta Housewives…

When one reads that post, she seems as someone having a odd inferiority complex of some sort? I was shunning you?? Its called working, the magic fairies don’t appear in the middle of the night keep things going around here…I have employees that are here to wait on customers. But, with the name calling and threats, she lacks to take notice that I am juggling my talents and getting the ladies their hot tea and continue to take care of them because they were FIRST. How can you appreciate the full aspects of our fabulous customer service if one is so intently focused on it being all about Them???

So I guess my moral of the story is: I HAVE IT ALL ON TAPE! Here is someone once again raging, make disparaging comments and threats about filing a law suit! Seriously! I would happily allow you to be the owner of Mary Claire’s, because I’m ready for retirement. I wonder if it would have anything to do with people like you??? Because honey, you’re exhausting. Your daughter should have been confused at your unnecessary temper tantrum you must have thrown in front of her if it went to a full on rage about discrimination. I can guide you to the definition of that word for you would like? Um, and “if you had a vengeance??” Cuz I think ya do! I also don’t think you really have the proper moral compass to speak on behalf of the “good will” of people, and especially not about Karma. Hmmm, but then again…Karma… does it feel to have someone post about you publicly? Maybe this is where you learn what it means to lead by example and tell your daughter, that gee, I guess Mommy made a mistake and realized she was wrong in her actions.

Finally, I guess all my efforts and hard work have not been futile; because you truly, don’t make it in this industry until you get scathing review on the internet by a crazy woman :)!!!! I just have to decide which website of the three has the best color scheme so I can print out this review and frame it. I will put it along side the amazing review we receive in the Gusto.

So yeah, I feel like that one great sandwich shoppe that was brilliant and wrote on their sidewalk sign:
Come in and try the worst meatball sandwich that one guy on Yelp ever had in his life!”

Win win!!!

review_stars 02/05/2015 - Colleen
I have been a frequent customer at Mary Claire's since its inception despite the unbearably slow service and “organic quality” pricing.

On numerous occasions I have been shunned by the owner of the swanky May Claire's possibly due to my less than chic attire.

MY LAST STRAW: After a long day I decided to stop in with my ten year old daughter for some soup and grilled cheese. She had been skiing and I had been driving so we both looked quite disheveled. We pulled in at 6:11 p.m. expecting to leave warm and full however we ran into unexpected rudeness.

There was a bit of a line when we entered, three ahead of us (never a good sign at Mary Claire’s) so we knew we’d be in for a wait. The first party ordered food and proceeded to sit down. The second had a takeout food order. The third ordered sweets. Finally it was our turn, as I stepped forward to the counter the owner turned her back and blurted “I will be right back I have to get them their drinks”. I have to admit that was quite irritating, to be spoken to with her back turn that is. We were ogling over the desert case when she came back and said, “What can I get you”? I looked up at the menu to re-read my choice when she interrupted with “the kitchens closed what can I get you”? The response shocked me, I replied “excuse me” and she repeated herself. So we re-entered our car at 6:27pm, 33 minutes before the posted closing time.

My daughter is completely confused at this point and I was appalled, embarrassed and aggravated. I then had to explain to my 10 yr. old the old tale of discrimination. Not the Jim Crow type but the booshy Hamburg type. Cleary, if I had the vengeance in me I could file a suit and be owner of Mary Claire’s however, I believe in Karma and that the goodwill of people will prevail. Maybe not in our lifetime but it must give at some point.

review_stars 09/13/2012 - Sister Mary Helen fssj
Mary Claire's Hamburg store offered excellent service to make my birthday celebration one of the BEST EVER..thanks Mary Claire!

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