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Tiny Thai Restaurant


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24 Main St
Winooski, VT 05404 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (802) 655-4888

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Top Reviews of Tiny Thai Restaurant

review_stars 01/02/2014 - Elle
I absolutely love eating here. I've been to many THAI establishments and the curries have always been my favorite. It is wonderful to have a local dine in and take out place that makes such fantastic food. Especially the red curry, wish it were on the menu all the time and not just on the specials.
Let alone you get to BYOB. Can't beat that. Thanks for the amazing dishes full for color and flavor!

review_stars 08/07/2013 - Debbie
There were 6 of us for lunch and we were seated immediately. We were so happy. Usually, we order quickly, the food comes so fast we can't believe it, and we save room for desert. We love this place. Today we waited to place our order, waited for our lunch, had to find a waiter to order desert, received the wrong desert, but were so rushed that we had to gulp it down anyway, then we had to find someone to bring us our check. We were the only ones in the place when we started looking for desert. We were very disappointed today.

review_stars 12/10/2012 - Matt
Just left this place after having dinner there with my family. Food was bad, staff were worse. Portions were small. Waiters were the rudest I've experienced in the Burlington area. I arrived happy and hungry. I left angry and still hungry.

Just awful.

There are many good restaurants around here, such as Shalimar and Farah's and Pho Hong. No reason to ever go to this terrible place.

review_stars 05/13/2011 - trini ma
Tiny Thai is the bomb!! The food is delicious always freshly prepared hot! Affordable too..I've eaten thai food lots of places and I truly think TT in Winooski is solid. I've lived in Winooski for 4 years and eat 3-4 times a month, NEVER once has my food been anything but bangin and with leftovers even! Having food issues, being neurotic, vegetarian and expecting staff to dote on you -are all American luxuries.. And I'm a vegetarian of 17 yrs. The staff are very nice, they are just slammed at all times b/c the food is that good. Get you some Tiny Thai, you will go back for more..!!!

review_stars 04/16/2011 - Kiley
The one star goes to management. I ate at Tiny Thai Friday night with 6 girlfriends, and for the record a few of us are waitresses at high end very successful Vermont establishments. The manager instantly judged us and gave us a speech that basically said don't even think about drinking all that wine we brought and hurry up, eat, and leave! He ignored me stating we wouldn't be finishing all that wine or staying long because we had a show to catch. I even tried to place part of the order then to move along but was completely dissed. The other thing is, we are NOT restaurant IDIOTS and tipped generously based on food and wine consumption even though it took over ten minutes to get a waitress to our table. Just the insulting words from the guy in the red v-neck sweater (whom I'm presuming was the manager)makes me never want to come back and I've been going there since it opened often but moved so there has been a gap and red sweater ass is all I can think of now!! grrr. To sum up- That guy sucks and shouldn't be in the business because he lacks in both class and skills. Food=great, hospitably= bad

review_stars 02/22/2011 - Mary
I love Thai food, and ive earn here three times. Its wonderful and im thinking about applying because I love the cosy and decorative atmosphere!

review_stars 02/15/2011 - dml
I got takeout on Valentine's Day and they were very busy. But, the food was amazingly mediocre. I had perhaps the worst Pad Thai I've ever had from a Thai restaurant. The curry was OK, but not interesting. Overall, I think it's worth a return visit to re-evaluate on a night when they're not slammed, but I was disappointed.

review_stars 11/23/2010 - Mike in Colchester
My family LOVES this place!!! When its a cold rainy night out, they are awesome for takeout!! Although I would say that the seating to eat in looks a little uncomfortable....They have never disappointed us yet...They are a little pricey but for this type of food....ITS WORTH IT!

review_stars 10/27/2010 - 10Sball
Rose's Tofu is the best!

review_stars 10/21/2010 - M
This restaurant in alright if you are ordering out. Although I have read ratings on the kitchen that were at a low 78 in 2009. The customer service is horrible. My family and I went there with a party of 6. They do not take reservations, but it's first come first serve. There was a 2-top and 4-top right next to each other (which they later said could have been pushed together) and when the "owner" was asked if they could push those tops together for us he said "If a 2-top comes in I can't make them wait", even though we had been waiting for 15 minutes and there were other 2-tops available. The "owner" would not give an approximate time and once our table was ready did not come to seat us. The "owner" also accused my Mother of "not listening" when he was speaking, but we all heard him clearly when he said he could not make people wait - even though we had been waiting and it's "first come - first serve". We were seated once we asked the hostess/owner about the table. It was very uncomfortable for all of us and decided at that point to leave. My brother approached the "owner" about his service and the "owner" yelled at him, as well as my Mother, stating: "Get the f*** out, I'm sick of this f***ing sh*t" in front of the entire restaurant and stormed into the back continuing to yell. I think the point of all of this is that leave your baggage at home. "The customer is always right". Be respectful; we're supporting your business. Apologize when the customer is unhappy, even if you don't see the big deal. I have never, not once, seen an owner break down like that.

review_stars 07/18/2010 - Jay
Absolutely love this place!!!!! Great people, amazing food.

review_stars 06/09/2010 - Laurie Farrington
I love everything about this place! The people are great! The food is excellent! I go every chance i can! I think I'll go tonight! If they have salmon on the specials - Don't miss it!!!

review_stars 02/25/2010 - yummy foods
Great food, generous portions for a good price. I like their spring rolls. I go there for take-out and the food has always been prepared really fast. Definitely go if you haven't been there before!

review_stars 02/25/2010 - Kristin
The food is always absolutely delicious and the prices are great. I wish I could eat there every day!

review_stars 01/18/2010 - K*
I need to have their curry at least once a week or I start getting withdrawls!

review_stars 01/17/2010 - tom
I LOVE this place.

review_stars 01/15/2010 - Vincent Marzelli
Great Price, Great Staff, Great Food!! Lived in Burlington for 6 years, and have yet to come across a restaurant as consistent as this one. whether I sit down with my friends and family here, or have take out for lunch at the office, the food is great. Not saying its the best restaurant in the world or in Burlington for atmosphere and variety, but it never is disappointing. From the staff to the food, to the decor of the room, you always feel comfortable, not rushed, and what is not to love about a bring your own alcohol fine dining restaurant. I would recommend this as a great first date place, client lunch/dinner place, or a great place to get away from the Burlington crowds. I also recommend the Massaman or the pad thai. Those are always great with the spring rolls. HUGE PORTIONS!! I hope this was helpful for those who want to be impressed when they go out at night with food that matches the great price it delivers.

review_stars 01/12/2010 - lauren
this is one of the best restaurants (thai or otherwise) that i've ever been to! i'm vegan, and being able to get inexpensive, great thai food is something i really appreciate -- especially in vermont of all places! the tofu satay is great, as is the krapow with tofu (which i always get). i agree that sometimes the entrees are extremely spicy, but it's never deterred me from coming back. amazing!

review_stars 01/08/2010 - VSACER
The food is usually very good. I ordered some Drunken noodles today that were just over the top spicy and I was not able to eat my meal. Before ordering I specifically told them I dont want it hot.
The wait staff doesnt seem to have a good grasp of english it would seem. Be very careful when ordering there.

review_stars 12/30/2009 - sarah d
I love this place. Although not the best Thai I have ever had it is consistently really good and fairly priced and the portions are huge. I have many favorite dishes that my family and I cycle through and, contrary to other posts, I love the staff there. They are all like family now. There is room for greater authenticity in the menu for sure, but I am a loyal customer and will remain so.

review_stars 12/28/2009 - sugar
hubby and salt, let's be grown-ups and keep this review site clean and what it's meant for: restaurant reviews. everyone is entitled to their opinions. again, you really must grow up. regardless of my personal choices, the restaurant puts plastic in their food, and animal product in their vege dishes. enough said.

review_stars 11/17/2009 - Joyboy
Just finished my first ever meal from TT. Massaman curry was the best I've had in a long time! Chix satay was really good, and the omelet was good but pretty greasy. All in all, one of the better deals in the Btown area. Would definitely recommend.

review_stars 11/02/2009 - hubby
really sugar you obviuosly need professional help. You've gon there twice week since it's opened and think it is horrible!? You have insurmountable issues. seek help immediately

review_stars 10/27/2009 - Jaime
Great food, good price. I got dinner for two in Winooski- two stir frys and an app. for $26 and we have leftovers. The staff was friendly and efficient. We usually go out in the Burlington area and one dinner is $26- totally worth a try!

review_stars 10/14/2009 - matt
I was first introduced to tiny thai last year and have not turned back portions are enormous and you can't beat the price. but really it's the quality of the ingredients...amazing stuff. i have tried around 3 of their entrees and liked em all. i suggest calling ahead for takeout because it makes you feel like a badass walking past the line of people out the door. also, you can just byob to your house.

review_stars 10/14/2009 - vtchef
Panang curry is fantastic..........
why can't that be on the lunch menu?

review_stars 10/10/2009 - Suzie
Of all the Tsai restaurants in the area, this is my favorite. Try the hot & sour soup with shrimp, and drunken noodles. Yummy!

review_stars 10/10/2009 - Marnie
Our office uses the take out service, and keep going back. Incredible food!

review_stars 08/16/2009 - vteater
I have been here 3 times -
honestly I am 5'-3" and 100 pound female........ I found the dinner and the lunch portion I had could have been a bit (lot) more generous for price
do not expect any hospitality from hostess or wait staff. I waitressed for 10 years and there is no personable service here........they take your order and put the food in front of you like robots.. (I could expound on the service........."the check we are still waiting for the check...could we have the check..."etc) get the idea

I only order the one thing I love here and that is why I go. Many of the other things I have tried..... very disappointed. This includes apps and is a hit or miss menu... i would be interested to hear what menu selections others love here

review_stars 08/04/2009 - BJ
First of all the food is very good but the hospitality is really terrible. The waiters doesn`t know how to treat the guest. We have been going to this restaurant for years even though they don't treat us right we thought they will do better eventually. But same treatment every time no smiling they don't even ask if u need something to drink and they get all your entrees while you are eating your appetizer. We decided not to eat here anymore.

review_stars 07/20/2009 - Connor
I hate to say it Sugar but it seems like you are taking out your miserable existence on Tiny Thai and should instead redirect your aggression elsewhere. I can already tell that you are a pathetic, high strung loser who bitches about even the most minor of inconveniences.

I consistently eat at Tiny Thai and have never once had a bad experience. As for the small portions that you speak of, you obviously do not know what you are talking about, every dish I have had here has been more than enough food. If you dislike it so much then stop paying to eat there two days a week douche bag.

review_stars 07/08/2009 - Dan
I've been to Thailand and Tiny Thai is 100% authentic! Everyone of their dishes is truly mouth-watering, fresh, and tasty! (I've been often enough to sample the entire menu several times over.)

Food: Exquisite! As close to authentic Thai that you can get in the northeast!
Portions: Authentic Thai means portions that will fill you up without stuffing you silly. I've never left feeling like I needed to eat more after a meal. This isn't the "All-you-can-eat" buffet.
Price: For the quality and portions, the price is right! The lunch specials are one of the best deals in town. Where else can you get an awesome meal for $7.50?
Service: Adequate, slow at times mainly due to the crowds, but staff has always been friendly and accommodating!

As far as any bad reviews below....The vegetarian who was fed chicken (maybe if you ate some more meat, you'd be less bitchy. If you didn't like it, you would have stopped going there "twice a week" a long time ago...nice try)....the phantom sweeper (if I actually saw any restaurant manger do that, I would stand up and applaud...try teaching your kids some manners. I have seen several families with young children in Tiny Thai with no incidences...again, nice try)

review_stars 06/30/2009 - amy
Good food and good price.

review_stars 06/20/2009 - Salt
Sugar, why the hell to you bother going there twice a week if you don't like it? Dumba$$.

review_stars 05/28/2009 - Sugar
I didn't even want to give it one star. I have been going to Tiny Thai at least twice a week since it opening. I have been consistently disappointed. Where to begin? I am a vegetarian and on 3 SEPARATE OCCASIONS I found chicken in my tofu dish. Not a bit, but an entire chunk. I once also bit down on a large piece of plastic from a take-out container. Now, these things happen, but on all occasions, I was NOT OFFERED A REPLACEMENT. My findings, once pointed out, were just met with dumbstruck looks and "Oh....." CUSTOMER SERVICE IS DEPLORABLE. Another example is when I got take out lunch one day. They generally package everything together, meaning the once-crunchy springroll ends up getting soaked by whatever dish you've chosen. I expressly asked to have my springroll packaged separately. I was told "We don't do that". I replied that I would like it done, I do not like a soggy spingroll. Upon opening my bag, I found that MY REQUEST WAS IGNORED. Finally, the food: somewhat consistent, but it's overshadowed by the STINGY PORTIONS. For example, A $2.75 soup to go means, literally, an inch of broth in a take out cup. Sorry Tiny Thai, every chance I get, I tell people what you're really about. And I sum it up like this: TINY THAI AIMS TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND PROVIDE AS LITTLE CUSTOMER SERVICE OR FOOD AS POSSIBLE IN RETURN.

review_stars 05/01/2009 -
This is my favorite thai place in VT. The food is amazing, and its good priced. I go here every chance i get.

review_stars 03/27/2009 -
Love to get take out here. Good value for the money. Ingredients very fresh and often locally grown.
Usually crowded Friday and Saturday. If you are a city dweller, you won't notice but if you are not used to waiting you will find waiting annoying. There is literally no place to wait and can be awkward and uncomfortable to do so.
Go at off hours for the best experience. My children are will mannered and have never had a broom handed to them.

review_stars 02/11/2009 -
great value for your money, definitely the best thai that i've had in vermont. Plus, I love the BYOB.

review_stars 11/26/2008 -
The food is fantastic, i have yet to try something i don't like. The service is average and with almost all dishes being less than $10 it is more than adequate. As i said before the food is amazing and unless you get a combination of meats everything is less than $10! The atmosphere is not the greatest, there's usually a wait, and in essex there's not really anywhere to stand, but again $10!. If you want to drink alcohol you must bring your own as they lack a liqueur license.

review_stars 11/01/2008 -
Excellent food at a great value with very friendly service.A most enjoyable dining experience.I have eaten there several times already and will again soon.

review_stars 09/26/2008 - andy
Food and value are great at this place. I don't believe the first post about the manager handing a broom to the customer. can we say drama queen!!

review_stars 09/11/2008 -
Children are not welcome here. After our family was finished with our meal, the manager came up to our table and handed us a broom and dust pan and said, "Here, you might need this". We have eaten in restaurants all over the world and have never had that happen to us.

review_stars 04/08/2008 -
My fav thai place to eat! Wonderful!

review_stars 04/04/2008 -
Can't say enough, best kept secret in Burlington area. Food as good as this doesn't come so low key or inexpensive. The resteraunt is confident, the menu is wonderful. Perfect blend between real Thai food and pleasing the masses.

review_stars 03/08/2008 -
Food is excellent and very reasonably priced. The daily specials are a great way to try the various dishes. One of my favorite restaurants in the Burlington Area.

review_stars 02/22/2008 - Tiny Thai - Winooski
Best Thai I've had on the East coast! Nice menu variety. Only downfall is the INCREDIBLY slow service unless you show up really early. I'm not a needy customer but we've had to wait 10 or 15 minutes to get the check after our plates were cleared from the table.

review_stars 01/30/2008 -
This is a great Thai Restaurant and fantastic value! I would highly recommend the Winooski location as the food is consistantly good, especially the daily curry and the Som Tam salad. My husband is a huge fan of the Pad Thai dish- one of their best! The atmosphere is cozy and always busy- you may have to wait, but it is well worth it! Enjoy...

review_stars 12/17/2007 - John L
We love this place. My brother eats here all the time as he lives nearby and the food is fantastic. We are not from the Burlington area but have eaten there a half dozen times and each time it was been super. When we stop by to go to Montreal we go there as well as the food is great and the prices reasonable. The ambiance is not what you would call elegant but the service is solid and the food is well worth the prices and worth a visit.

review_stars 12/14/2007 -
I havn't eaten in the one in Winooski, I usually order out. The food is consistantly excellent and very well priced. I have eaten in the one in Essex and the service was supper and the atmosphere was cozy. I am a tough food critic and I give this place a 10, you must try it! It is also great because you bring your own alcohol, which is usually very over priced when you eat out.

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