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Ken's Pizza


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71 Church St
Burlington, VT 05401 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (802) 862-3335
Cuisine: Pizza, Sandwiches, Subs
Neighborhood: Burlington

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Accepts Credit Cards


Good for Kids


Yes - beer and wine


Price Point
$$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
$$$$ - Very Pricey (Over $50)


Outdoor Seats


Mon-Wed: 11am - 1am, Thu-Sat: 11am - 2am, Sun: 11:30am - 12am

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Top Reviews of Ken's Pizza

review_stars 08/28/2015 - JS
I sat next to a party of two women with 2 service dogs. We overheard a woman (owner) ask the women for proof that the dogs were indeed service animals...Questionable, but willing to shrug off. Until, a red-faced lunatic man in an island shirt came flying around corner of BankChurch. He screamed, swore & pointed at these women to "get the dogs outside the ropes"...??? Then he could be heard inside Ken's yelling &arguing with the woman (both it turns out are the owners. The female owner then comes running back outside and demands that these dogs be put outside of the "ropes". In the midst of all this chaos I give kudos to the waitress who was shaking and at two points crying. She remained friendly & kind, and worked hard under the eagle eyed sharp tounged venom of Deb & Tom Miller. AKA Kens tryrants. After wandering Church st we learned that this outburst is a daily occurrence at Kens. Both staff & customers are treated with contempt. Tourists are keeping this place afloat, and should be aware of this behavior! Do not eat here!

review_stars 07/10/2013 - Mike
WORST SERVICE AND FOOD I'VE EVER HAD!!! Food was awful (and took 45 minutes for a chicken wrap), and their CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS THE WORST! Had one bite of a crappy sandwich and asked the waitress politely to take it off my bill. She said, "you ordered it, so you have to pay for it". I politely asked to speak with her manager. She said they were all busy and would tell me the same thing. I went to the kitchen and asked to speak to a manager and only a chef would speak with me. He was rude and unprofessional. Never going here again and I WARN OTHER TO STAY AWAY FROM KENS PIZZA!

review_stars 07/09/2011 - Rolfe
Total sad slice.. with topping just sitting there not melted in..looked and tasted home made,,,,for $4
total waste of money...this place has gone down hill...way down..did I mention unfriendly atmosphere...?

review_stars 11/27/2010 - Claire
Today my daughter, my mother, and I decided to go to Ken's pizza for lunch. We chose Ken's because it seemed easy going and convenient. I have a nine month old so rather than choosing quality, we chose convenience. When we arrived, the person behind the counter told us to seat our selves at the only table that was open (a small two person table) and once a four top opened we could move. Once we were at the table, a waitress rushed by, grabbed my daughters highchair, and sluggishly whipped it over about a half a foot, while yelling to me, "This is in my way." So shocked and scared my little girl starts to cry. After about 5 mins, a four top opened up so the three of us began to move over, at which time, the "boss" came over and told us that she was giving that table to the party of four that just walked in. Not cool, seeing as we were waiting for a table well before these guests arrived. The boss was so rude, the service was horrible, it took over an hr to get a slice of pizza, and the piece of crap that owns this place doesn't deserve anyone's service. Try Mr. Mike's on Main or Big Daddy's on the bottom of Church. Much better service and pizza.

review_stars 08/27/2010 - Lindsay Reszewski
Party of three, during our lunch hour. We waited 9 minutes for our waitress and we had to ask her if she was our waitress while she was at another table. She was so unkempt, basically looked homeless.
we ordered, food took almost 25 minutes. A pepperoni pizza! We ordered beers, they came out fairly quick. She never even came over to see how our food was. The waitress who brought us our food was very nice and very friendly, so this review is based on our waitress, who never told us her name, and we didn't see it on the bill.
All of us are ex-servers, and all agreed not to leave a tip at all. never in my life have I done that. We love Kens, but make sure you don't get the red headed sloppy looking girl as a waitress.

review_stars 07/31/2010 - anonymous
To the comment below about the lady who was bitching about not letting her child eat outside food at kens: it is not just their policy, it is health and food code violation for people to bring in their own food to restaurants. I work at another resteraunt downtown and we would never allow anyone to bring in their own food to our restaurant either. You just sound stupid and no one feels bad for you so get over it and have some common sense!

review_stars 07/23/2010 - anonymous
today: at 12:00 we went to go get pizza and the people at the counter made us go to the bank because the bill was supposedly was under ten $. How ever the bill turned out to be $10.27. Then while one of us was at the bank they were upset and had really nasty attitudes towards us even though we were buying pizza from them.

and they ripped us off.
over all although there pizza was good, there service made us never want to go back.

review_stars 07/19/2010 - MARGIE BOUCHER
My two daughter, my sister and I spent a weekend in Burlington recently to celebrate a birthday and decided to have pizza at Ken's Pizza on Church St. in their outdoor dining area. My younger daughter had picked up a burrito on the way at an eatery down the street and then proceeded to join us. When she arrived with the burrito 3/4 already eaten, the waitress told her she couldn't eat there... because of the burrito which would have been gone in about 2 minutes anyway. Despite the fact that my daughter was joining us in eating the pizza we had ordered and even ordered a beverage, the waitress returned a 2nd time and told her she had to leave. After paying for our drinks which had been delivered to our table by then, we canceled the pizza and left to go and eat elsewhere.
My family has been coming to Burlington every year for the past 3o years and we all, including our daughters, have had fond memories and that is why my oldest daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday with a mother-daughters weekend in Burlington.
It's too bad that one of our last memories of the weekend was ruined by the attitude and treatment of by the restaurant's waitress because it's their "policy."
To make matters worse, I called the restaurant the next day and spoke with the manager, who made no apologies or tried to appease me but just kept insisting it was their policy and she was sticking to it, no exceptions.
To add insult to injury, she said they had just a short time to make money unlike perhaps where I was from. How did she know how the restaurant business is where I'm from?
I might have been OK with their policy if my daughter, as the manager, put it, "took advantage" and just sat down with a food item purchased from somewhere else and wasn't going to order something from their menu as well. And if she was worried about other patrons "noticing", the restaurant happened to server burritos there as well (unbeknown st to us).
So if you're looking for a good restaurant with excellent customer service, who care about their customers, don't go to Ken's. Their pizza might be among the best pizza in Burlington, but the wait staff and management are seriously lacking in good customer service skills. amid they lost our business that day because we were so disgusted and went elsewhere for pizza. So much for the welcoming warmth and friendliness of the people of Burlington. Or maybe I should correct myself and say that is only true of the staff at Ken;s Pizza.
So all you families out there, don;t even think about bringing in your own peanut butter & jelly sandwich for your child who is such a picky eater and absolutely refuses to eat anything just about at any restaurant you go to. They just might make you leave the child on the street (eating his or her own Pb & J sandwich).

review_stars 05/14/2010 - ms. virtu
To the comment below about adding the tip to the bill, almost all waitresses are required to do that on large parties especially when the party has a lot of kids or seem to be jerks. go try to remember 20 ppls orders and their drinks and how everyone wants everything cooked also refills how many booster seats and you know your other 5 parties. stay at home if ur going to tip bad, do it urself.

review_stars 09/01/2009 - K. R. Hinkley
I think deep down, it wasn't the beautiful city of Burlington that caused me to move out of New York... it was Ken's. By far, the best pizza I've ever had (though I haven't been to NYC yet, it may still be in the running.) The smell is addicting. Whoever came up with the idea for their vent to blow out onto Church Street and spread it's delicious aroma to the noses of all the passers-by is a genius. I can't walk past the restaurant without going through dangerous cravings, even if I've already eaten.

Personally, I have always received fine service at Ken's. The staff is friendly and helpful, and though they may not always be memorable for excellence they've certainly gotten the job done and never let me down. The prices are decent to great compared to the competition downtown, and worth the quality of the food. The service is quick, and whether you're sitting down or carrying out, it makes for a great pizza experience.

I always recommend Ken's as one of the better places to eat in Burlington, and among the best on Church Street. Try it out--but be careful. Don't walk past their entrance unless you plan on dining there; once you smell it, you won't have any other choice.

review_stars 08/09/2009 - 18% added gratuity is normal lady
people with large parties often dont tip appropriately. if you have a problem with it, DONT HAVE SO MAY KIDS!

review_stars 03/23/2009 - -MRJAKES
the food isnt the issue...
the 18% tip ADDED TO THE BILL is.
as a long time burlington resident
(not an out of towner)
and a lover of kens pizza... i was outraged (PISSED OFF) when handed a bill with a 18% tip tacked on, because of having 7 people in our party... by the way i am not hanging with a bunch of college friends who may stiff hard working wait staff... i am married, with my four children, and brought the mother-in-law.
and lets be clear, i wouldnt have given the wait staff
lets be clear, i am not some ass hole being snobby about money, but a tip is what i (the customer) gives to a wait staff, not what she adds to the bill.
and if it is a rule, POST IT. be cause it wasnt in the menu or on the wall or near the register...
well not that i think you will give a rats ass... but i will not be coming back, i have money to spend and if i want to feel like im getting screwed over i wil gladly eat at a resturant that is worth it.


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