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Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
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Reviews for The Left Bank Bistro

#409 out of 1000 restaurants in St Petersburg
#19 of 63 Coffee Shop in St Petersburg

Top Reviews of The Left Bank Bistro

review_stars 06/23/2024 - Over priced
Friends Came on the suggestion of neighbors who had been year a few years ago. Not the same now. Unexpected expensive, service, and loud.

review_stars 09/03/2023 - Slow
We felt it was over far priced and the food was not special, and very loud though the place was not busy. There was an owner sitting near by, drink much? Lol. Service was slow and inconsistent.

review_stars 07/16/2023 - Horse flies
Amazing amount of bugs and flys outside.

review_stars 07/01/2023 - MenuPix User
My experience with Left Bank Bistro was not positive. In making a reservation for 12 I both spoke to employees on the phone and by email. Part of my conversation was about the fact that I would be paying for eveyone’s meal and non alcoholic drinks. I did not want to pay for alcohol. I was told it was not problem, that I should talk to my wait staff and they would take care of it. I did just that and our waitress nodded and said ok. When the bill came I just paid it. With appetizers and desserts it was too long and I foolishly never thought that I had to check if alcohol was on it, having trusted the waitress. Well, I was wrong. Now after over a week of back and forth calls with the assistent manager,___, I have given up. After the first phone call he said he would look into it and call me back. Two days later I called again and he said he was working on it. My last call got the same answer whereupon I realized, trusting fool that I am, he was stringing me along and had not intention of calling me back or doing anything. Do NOT trust the staff there.
In addition, as others haver mentioned, the food was way too salty. That to me is the fallback for a poor chef. And the service left a lot to be desired. The dishes for the 12 of us were brought out over a 10 minute time frame one or two at a time. The one chlld in a party sat there with no dish for the full 10 minutes (others gave her stuff from their plates).
I do not recommend this restaurant for the above reasons. The obviously do not care what their customers think.

review_stars 05/05/2023 - MenuPix User
The food was OK, but the service was very slow and inattentive. After 45 minutes, I asked to make sure our very basic choices had not been lost in the shuffle, the waitress said they were very busy... and when we did get our orders, one of the items had been replaced by something else! Yeah, well, that sounds like a staffing problem, and should not have been ours. To cap it off, the restaurant manager stopped at our table as we finished and said he had heard we made some uncomplimentary remarks about the service; and he wanted to chide us. He should have been asking how to make it better next time; instead, he acted the complete idiot. Owners, are you listening?

review_stars 04/29/2023 - Absolute joke
Bland and way way over priced. This town lacks culture.

review_stars 03/29/2023 - MenuPix User
went there with my family a few weeks ago, with my two little ones, one 3 yo and a baby. The name of our waitress was Zoie. She didn't smile much, didn't acknowledge or even smile at our kids (we were the only minorities in the restaurant, important to note that) but for some reason was playing with and smiling at the white girl who came with her parents and making all kinda cute comments to her, you do the math... Long story short, we wish we got another waitress. Two of the other waitresses stopped by our table even though they were not our waitresses that day to smiled and joked around with our kids. We waited for ever for our food, and Zoie just told us that food was 'made from scratch' here like we had never been to a 'fancy' restaurant before, I guess we didn't look like we usually go to this kinda places... even though it was the fifth time at least that we'd been there lol She then proceeded to say that the restaurant was not 'kid friendly' when we asked for a non-glass container for our daughter, almost like we were asking for too much . Bad experience with that waitress, but okay otherwise. If we ever go back we'll make sure to request a different waitress from that woman

review_stars 03/24/2023 - MenuPix User
The sticky table and floors should have been the first red flags. However, coming in for a late lunch we couldn't leave and shop around. Three of the items we tried to order were out. How can a French restaurant run out of onion soup and serve an Italian soup from the bottom of the pot? Two entrees on the menu were also out. So we ordered salmon, rare, and a burger, medium rare. They were both served medium well. The waiter didn't ask us about the food until we were 3/4 of the way thru. However, we would not have sent the way over cooked entrees back to THAT KITCHEN anyway. Read in that what you will. The bottle of wine was mainstream for the price but, of course, that came from outside the restaurant and corked. Unfortunately, the food was made on the premises. The foie gras was prepared correctly. Too many negatives to give this restaurant more than one star.

review_stars 03/11/2023 - MenuPix User
Slow service and bleh food especially for the price… charcuterie came with what looked like cut up kraft cheese slices… frites were very very salty and soggy on steak frites…. Cute place and nice atmosphere but food and service needs help…complained to management and they did nothing. Did bring 1 order of unsalted fries after we complained but that was 2 hours after we ordered and almost done with steaks.

review_stars 02/25/2023 - MenuPix User
After spending some time in France this summer, I now realize how God-awful this restaurant is. Their menu is really a combination of French and American staples and it does neither that well. I had a $24 salade Nicoise that had a rumor of tuna, three or four fingerling potatoes and three sting beans (I counted them). Lots of lettuce though. I asked for a cup of tea and the American waitress must have thought I was speaking French cause she didn't understand me. My companion who can't have gluten asked if she could have eggs Benedict without the brioche. "Chef won't do that, we're too busy." From the ear splitting noise level you'd think they were, but the place was only half full. Oh and it appears they decided to build a ramp to the parking lot. Too bad it doesn't have railings and is pitched at too steep an angle. All you plaintiffs' lawyers out there... heads up!
In the past, I've been able to overlook this place's shortcomings cause the staff was friendly, and the food was headed in the right direction. Neither is true now. Au revoir rive gauche.

review_stars 02/15/2023 - Jason W
Severely disappointed. I would like to start by stating I fully understand that on event nights high volume and chaos is to be expected. However, I am none the less angered by the lack of attentiveness. Upon arrival all was great we checked in for our Valentine’s dinner early and even got a drink at the bar while we waited. We were seated just shortly after our reservation time which was absolutely no issue at all. Once seated we were excited to experience the menu as we had never been to the bistro. We sat amidst a busy patio with four servers buzzing about us and not a single one making eye contact or saying hello. I anticipated delay, but water or at least acknowledgment would have been appreciated. I returned to the host stand to inform the ladies we hadn’t had anyone even say hello for almost 30 minutes. They were more than apologetic and said they would check into it. At that point we decided to just take our business elsewhere. Although atmosphere and menu seemed very tempting and enticing, I unfortunately think that our experience is forever tarnished by the disappointment in what was supposed to be a special and romantic evening.

review_stars 02/09/2023 - meliza
Im not big on giving establishments a low star review but my experience with management was unbelievably rude. We came to celebrate a bridal shower with a group of 10 women. Given there were plenty of other rowdy tables but the manager purposely targeted our table to silence our voices.

I know i wasn't the only person their at the table who felt this was a personal attack. Our party was also very upset that after this comment was made, our food took at least over an hour & half.

My first & last time coming to left bank bistro, do better guys.

review_stars 02/05/2023 - Worst
We had reservations and a private room. Meal took 2 hours to arrive. Horrible management and food wasn’t that good. Do not go.

review_stars 01/27/2023 - Hungry
Rumor is we are still waiting for our food.

review_stars 12/24/2022 - Double tapper
So over-rated. This is not authentic French. The atmosphere was too tightly packed, we could hear the conversations of all our neighbors and we were constantly shuffling and piling plates. But really the worst part was the food. Everything from our beverages to meals were LOADED with sugars and syrups! NOT like true French cuisine! But just plain old American sugar addiction. Half way through my meal I started to feel nauseous from the sugar overload and I couldn't finish my latte or my breakfast! I left still feeling hungry and with an upset stomach!

review_stars 10/07/2022 - MenuPix User
So wait, this is where google puts the actual reviews? Me and my sister just spent money at this place today and it was Garbage. Delivery truck parked made it hard for us to. Front person was sad and unprofessional food took forever and was small and $$$. Need to cut prices in half and get better workers. Darn, we would have gone somewhere else. Mes think this place is a scam

review_stars 10/02/2022 - MenuPix User
$20 hamburger, ordered medium, got rare/medium rare after 15 minute wait. Bun was stale, fell apart as soon as I picked it up. Floppy, oversalted French fries. I wish this restaurant was better but it has steadily gone downhill since opening a few years ago. The waitstaff are pleasant and efficient but the kitchen staff needs a big overhaul. You can get a better burger at many St Pete spots for half the price. Haven't been here for months and regret today's visit.

review_stars 08/16/2022 - No bueno
Soul crushingly bad experience today a a random restaurant. I usually don’t review, but had to.

Dead slow, food subpar, staff was busy smoking and yelling in the parking lot? They advertise as a nice French bistro. No way Jose

review_stars 08/14/2022 - Blame game
One of our regular places for dinner. We took mom here for brunch. Probably the worst brunch I've ever had. Waited 45 min. I ordered shrimp & grits. Inedible. Shrimp was hard like cooked twice and grits were cold and paste. Table next to us had grits that were cooked right. I think our meals sat in window awhile. Waiter blamed on how busy. We were fourth table seated. It was busy later.

review_stars 08/12/2022 - Uncompromising
I used to like LBB, but I had such an awful experience I need to rethink my choice. We arrived at 12, ordered at 12:10, no food at 12:50. This is crazy and we were taking a friend out to lunch. Our meals finally came after many requests and our guest's salmon was raw. She had to send it back. So 2 people had meals and one didn't.

Only after complaining did they bring her a cup of soup. One of the owners sat across from us and gave us lots of nasty looks. Ironically she got up several times and went into the kitchen and brought out food for her guests. It was not a great experience and the manager ended up doing the right thing but only after we complained.
I normally like the food and the beautiful restaurant, so this was sad all around.

review_stars 08/05/2022 - MenuPix User
Zero stars? We were very excited about trying this place for brunch as we had heard so many wonderful things about the food - it was an epic fail and I still have no idea if the food is even good or not!

review_stars 07/17/2022 - L
The food was great but the costumer service… Horrible!! Patrick C was honestly the worst server he had. He had the audacity to question the tip we gave him. Let me not forget to mention the host was very rude rolling her eyes from the very moment we step in the restaurant. Do not recommend! i regret i didn’t get her name because i would of mention it in the comment.

review_stars 07/05/2022 - MenuPix User
Wanted to like this cute French bistro....BUT.....service was poor, slow, mismanaged. Most of this restaurants issues stems from lack of management. The manager on duty was rude and not at all customer focused. Food was too salty (multiple different items and 6 customers). Very disappointed. Will not return and would not recommed.

review_stars 06/12/2022 - MenuPix User
I have been to this restaurant on numerous occasions and I've just had it with the excuses. Went for lunch with a friend today. Lunch was uneventful but when we ordered dessert the server came back to tell me they were out of the crème brûlée i ordered and did I want the pote' creme. I said 'sure'. She comes back a second time to tell me they were out of that too and did I want the chocolate torte or the chef's special dessert and then self-corrected herself to tell me they were out if that too. Ok, I'm no prima donna, and things happen but there hasn't been a time I've been to this place where they weren't out of something, always with the same excuse. . Shouldn't the servers ask what's left before offering them to diners? The manager walked by and asked if we were enjoying the carrot cake (it was more like a fruit cake than a carrot cake). I expressed my disappointment that i was offered two different desserts that were out and shouldn't they inform the servers of what they have and don't have. He immediately became defensive and snippy with us and said they had a good night last night. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this same excuse here. Spend your money some place else where they respect the paying customers more than their self-righteous attitude.

review_stars 06/06/2022 - Disappointed
Off brand is the theme of the day. Inattentive service and long waits for food and drink. Sat outside next to loud trash and boxes(??). Cooks yelling at each other on other side of some sort of wall in conversation was so weird. Never return, stay away.

review_stars 05/15/2022 - MenuPix User
I had this idea to take my wife to a French restaurant after a long week of us working crazy hours and we were both very disappointed. Here’s a list of all the issues. I felt like I was in a Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares episode.

1. Waited nearly 1 hour for our dinner, so the manager offered us a free round of drinks, yet still left it on the bill. Each time it took 20 minutes to get our drinks. The manager blamed the new cook for slow service but the whole restaurant was slow.

2. I ordered steak frites and the steak was full of crunchy pieces of fat and cartilage. My waitress asked me how the food was and I said, ehh it’s ok, but that was after my first bite only. She said “great to hear” and walked away.

3. My wife ordered truffle Mac and cheese because she’s vegetarian and there was meat in there which wasn’t listed on the menu.

4. I told the waitress and manager I’ll just force myself to chew through all the steak because I’m hungry and was sick of waiting, so while I’m still trying to eat my dinner, the waitress comes and takes away my plate without asking.

5. We had to ask for a dessert menu 4 different times before we got one.

6. With so many waitresses and them not being full, it’s inexcusable how little our waitress checked in on us.

7. When I called the manager to complain his response was that sometimes we don’t always nail it. Problem is the polar opposite is what happened. He also talked over me constantly as I tried to explain it. There are a number of poor reviews in the last month or so.

review_stars 04/07/2022 - Me
Service was slow, virtually ignored. Noisy with loud annoying music. Ordered the waffles with duck. Have had better waffles at the Waffle House. Duck was dry. That's a challenge! And $$$. Been looking forward to eating here. Tremendously disappointed.

review_stars 03/23/2022 - French expert
Overrated and disappointing. I've been here several times, but I dread it. Here's why: I struggle to find anything interesting to eat because it's not vegetarian-friendly and the bread is a poor stand-in for what should be baguette. Also, the $12 cocktail had a giant ice cube so only was three sips of liquid (not sure if any vodka was actually in it -- just elderflower liqueur!). IDEAS FOR THE CHEF: Make a soup without meat broth! Add chickpeas, beans or quinoa as a topping to salads. (The current eggplant roulade sounds interesting but is dry, flavorless and rubber-like.)

review_stars 03/11/2022 - MenuPix User
Our only issue was the waitress serving the adjacent table. We had two young children with us. 9 and 7. The other waitress was dropping F bombs with her table. They appeared to know each other. For that i have to recommend leaving the kids at home. If not for that I would have given more stars.

review_stars 12/21/2021 - Clearwater Steven
Enjoyed company of others, but not the table next to us. The owner plays the music loud enough that everyone has to yell over each other. Outside area needs lots of work, or need to reduce prices by two fold. Two separate neighbors told them to be quiet, we were so embarrassed. We finally left out of frustration never to return.

review_stars 10/02/2021 - MenuPix User
Music too loud on outside deck. Bass needs to be turned down.

review_stars 10/02/2021 - MenuPix User
The food was bottom tier and the staff didn’t seem to care that our food took forever. For a neighborhood restaurant you could have fooled us.

review_stars 09/20/2021 - MenuPix User
Spotty and professionalism lacking in general. To start, Poor parking habits from employees made it difficult for us to park. Long wait and slow. Menu is limited. There are far far better chain restaurants, let alone one offs in st Pete.

review_stars 09/02/2021 - MenuPix User
party of eight (reservations in advance) but our food was extremely slow in coming out. Had to ask for bread multiple times...only got it twice (and it was a very tiny loaf). Just seemed as if we were an 'afterthought'. Maybe they were short on help.

review_stars 08/17/2021 - What??
Placed us outside with the portable food storage gas run refrigerator. Kept turning off and burning gas? I’ve never experienced anything like it while eating at a restaurant or bar. I understand the kitchen is down, but ruined our meal

review_stars 07/29/2021 - MenuPix User
Not a family environment, strongly recommend other places.

review_stars 07/01/2021 - MenuPix User
Experience ruined by profanity laced conversation by cooks in back eating near dumpster. Revving motorcycles engine loud was not our idea of a good time.

review_stars 06/15/2021 - MenuPix User
Bad experience at the Left Bank this evening.

review_stars 05/25/2021 - Terrible place
This place is right out of a bad movie. Really corny bar staff combined with disheveled front of house, not worth the trouble. It’s too bad, this place could be so much more.

review_stars 05/23/2021 - MenuPix User
Not for people who care about food and good service

review_stars 05/19/2021 - Snobrd
Trash from back de k made it impossible to enough our meal in this small restaurant. Food arrived slowly was bland. Service lacked professionalism and parking was difficult

review_stars 05/18/2021 - MenuPix User
Decided to try dinner. This was a mistake. Fillet ordered medium rare came out a solid medium. Duck was lukewarm, not fresh. Good for brunch if you keep it simple. Dinner at the price point very mediocre.

review_stars 05/08/2021 - MenuPix User
We come here often and the food is always incredible! However, I think after last night, we will not be returning. I took my fiancé and friends there for his birthday and the service was not great. Our server was nice but the food took over a hour and 20 mins to come out. We where only given one follow up when he stated “food will be right out”. Never did for another 20 mins. I brought my concerns to the manger and she just disregard and stated “I train my staff to state it will be a hour a half wait”.... if someone told us that we would have gone somewhere else. Not a reflection of how it is every time we go but I left not to thrilled.

review_stars 05/07/2021 - MenuPix User
Food too salty. When advising the manager on duty, the only thing that was offered was whether we would like it boxed up?? I mean, no, we are not eating that

review_stars 05/03/2021 - MenuPix User
Last night I brought my girlfriend to Left Bank for a reservation, and it was probably the worst experience I’ve ever had at a restaurant. I worked in the service industry across varied positions for a decade and I’ve always given establishments and staff the benefit of the doubt, especially after Covid—but the level of service was unacceptable. Our drinks took 20mins, appetizer took an hour, entrees still weren’t out after an hour and a half. I asked to speak to a manager, she made excuses about being short staffed—there were maybe ten total tables sat in the restaurant. She also, quite honestly, didn’t seem to care at all that we were having a terrible experience and offered no way to make the situation better—we were simply told to wait longer for our food. After the manager interaction we decided to pay for our app and drinks and leave. The takeaway from the interaction was that this level of service was the new normal because of staffing issues due to Covid and basically to just deal with it. The entrees were steak frites (mid rare) and a salmon salad—with experience as a cook and server I know those are 15 minute ticket times at the high end, and that’s pushing it. Maybe consider scaling down the size of the restaurant if there are staffing problems—because to pay $70 for what we received was a robbery. We will not be returning— I have never reached out to the management of a restaurant like this before and hope I never have to again but maybe it can improve the experience for future patrons. Thank you for your time.

review_stars 05/01/2021 - MenuPix User
Four of us went to dinner here, none were thrilled. I ordered onion soup and a seared tuna salad. The soup was adequate, but nothing special. The seared tuna salad was the worst I'd ever had. the tuna l ooked like it had been baked or broiled, not seared, then sat in the refrigerator for a couple of days before being served on my salad. It was not crusted with any kind of toppings. No wahabi sauce, or other sauce was was served or available, to complement the tuna. dinner was very pricey, coming to a hundred and $60 for the four of us with no alcohol. The only redeeming feature of this dismal dining experience was that the wait staff excellent.

review_stars 04/28/2021 - MenuPix User
Very let down by this establishment. Came in on a Monday (4/26) excited to try a new local spot. Walked in with my girlfriend, where we waited at the host stand while nobody attended to us. One of the bar patrons, who doesn’t even work there, got an employee to come over and greet us finally. We asked for a table for 2 and were rudely told that they can’t accommodate us and that they “stopped seating people at 8”. I looked down at my watch and saw it was only 8:11 pm and their hours listed them as being open to 9. Ultimately, we decided not to push back as the treatment we received upon walking through the door said enough for us about this establishment. Very disappointed.

review_stars 04/28/2021 - Poor
Since they opened in 2019, this restaurant had done nothing but provide poor stewardship and service to the surrounding area. The staff continues to get less experienced, the clientele seems more bar:drinker then diner. Food is known to be inconsistent and over priced. Chef and staff are simply unprofessional and management is nonexistent. Couple this with a surly and incompetent hostess staff and you the Left Bank Bistro.

review_stars 04/25/2021 - MenuPix User
Poor service, with surly staff. Didn’t much appreciate the loud groups next to us. Bar

review_stars 04/20/2021 - Run don’t walk
Service and food were pretty terrible. It took over an hour to get our food and it was overcooked and unimpressive for the price. When asked for ranch dressing, our server said “We don’t DO ranch” and walked away and was impolite most of the time. Don’t waste your time.

review_stars 04/19/2021 - MenuPix User
What a shame! The food was good, but the total experience was horrendous.
The restaurant is located on a busy street and the parking lot is too small.
The restaurant was not even half full, but the lot was full and I had to park over 2 blocks away.
Next problem: the wait staff. And wait is the correct word. After initially greeting us, and seating us, quite some time passed before the server appeared. She took the drink order, and the drinks were delivered in a reasonable amount of time. After this, the server disappeared. Long after I finished my drink, the server had yet to reappear. We considered leaving at this time as we had been completely ignored. It took an hour to get some bread, after two requests. The server finally returned after the bread delivery and took our order. We ordered onion soup and it was not delivered until I literally yelled out for attention. The server and the manager arrived and the soup followed after our conversation. Subsequently, the manager continued to act as our server. Our entrees were delivered, which were quite good, but by then, the experience was far beyond salvation.

As another negative, the acoustics are not good and the noise level is a problem.
This was our first visit as a trial before we brought additional friends with us, and the Left Bank failed miserably. We will not be returning.

review_stars 04/12/2021 - Terminal Failure
Over the course of several years we've dinned at the the left bank repeatedly, always hoping things will turn out differently and for the better. Friday evening on 4/9 however, we finally admitted terminal failure.

After reserving the small private dining room for our party of six several weeks in advancer - largely because the noise level is consistently a problem in the main dining room - then RECONFIRMING a few days in advance - we arrived at 650 for a 700 reservation only to find that our reservation was not honored and that another party had just been seated in our place. Without explanation or apology, the hostess offered another table, which we very, very reluctantly accepted.

After multiple similar (but less extreme) experiences, we are forced to admit that this little restaurant is simply badly managed at every level. The menu is excellent and filled with promise but, while some of the offerings, such as the salads, can be lovely, many of the entries are simply mediocre at best, far better executed at any number of similar bistros in this country and abroad. While greeting by the hostess on duty is never exactly hostile, it is never welcoming, either. Service varies wildly from sweeet to indifferent to mildly surly. Wait times can be puzzling and often wildly excessive. On our last visit, for example, at 9:40, 30 minutes after our table was cleared, we gave up waiting for our server to ask us whether we would like coffee or desert, asked for the check and left saddened, but resolved not to return.

St. Pete clearly cries out for a good French Bistro. We can only hope that someone will open one someday soon.

review_stars 04/07/2021 - MenuPix User
Food was just okay, took a long time. Small portions, not French casual, more like a bar with a menu.

review_stars 04/04/2021 - Real customer
I had very high hopes for this place. The location is great, the food looked good, and the specials were attractive. I went here with my wife on a Monday for their service industry brunch. The service for a Monday was incredibly slow. Everything took a long time. It took a long time to be served, took a long time for our orders to be taken, took a long time for the food, took a long time for the check. Usually I can forgive this for a busy weekend, but this was a Monday afternoon. Not busy at all. The food was also disappointing. The croque madame was all wrong. It was served as a stale open face sandwich with thick sliced ham. Not as a grilled sandwich with thin sliced ham as it is traditionally served (covered with gruyere and béchamel of course). My wife had the shrimp and grits which came with a hilariously small portion of shrimp. It didn’t help that both dishes were luke warm at best from sitting in the kitchen. We tried to address all of these issues privately with management but they never replied. Overall just a poor experience and we’re not likely to be back.

review_stars 04/02/2021 - Local
Partying ladies on the deck ruined the night for us and the table next to us. Left early. We had heard this restaurant attracted a drinking crowd. Why not just be a restaurant? Won’t return.

review_stars 04/01/2021 - Jason K
Darn, was not expecting that? Food was bland and the environment is way low brow for what we paid for. Large table we were next to on the deck was so rude and loud.

review_stars 03/30/2021 - Snow bird
The place is very quaint but the wait for dinner is ridiculous. We have been here one hour and still no entree Ready to pay for drinks and leave Ok they just told us another 15 minutes. Very disappointing

review_stars 03/21/2021 - Loud
Surprisingly loud for a restaurant. Disappointed with the experience last night.

review_stars 03/07/2021 - Long wait
*easiest way to discourage customers from re-visiting your restaurant is to severely delay their food. It leaves a powerful sting that takes ages to fade and almost guarantees that no one will taste or remember the food they gobbled down to relieve the starvation that has set in. This morning, we made the unfortunate decision to dine at Left Bank with the grandparents and our two children, all of whom did an excellent job of waiting patiently during the full hour it took for our food to arrive. I will add that we were the first to arrive at the restaurant which left me in a quandary as to what could have possible taken so long. It was difficult to inquire as we did not see our waitress for long periods of time....

review_stars 03/05/2021 - Bottom tier
This place has a long way to go.

review_stars 03/01/2021 - T Kus
Over served table next to us that just wouldn’t stop cursing. Not the place for a family dinner. Sketchy from start to end. Food, bland and expensive for what you get.

review_stars 02/27/2021 - Mediocre
Was not pleased with LLB tonight

review_stars 02/27/2021 - Anti mask
Slow service, poor acoustics, masks are not a thing

review_stars 02/18/2021 - Terrible
Incompetent. Terrible. Don’t go here Terrible. Waited 2 hours for food. No food Had to leave. Didn’t bring drinks or bread or any morsel of food. No attention for an hour.

review_stars 02/15/2021 - Maria
Food is bland

review_stars 02/11/2021 - Dank lunch
Stinky outside area. They were cleaning sewage while everybody was trying to eat outside. Food took forever. With so many choices in Saint Pete there’s no reason to go to a place like this.

review_stars 02/07/2021 - No good
Really slow and more like a small bar.

review_stars 01/24/2021 - Jason
Came and with friends over the weekend. The limited portions and inexperienced front service killed it for us. Parking design was poorly thought out and layout is loud. Place seems like a bar, not a restaurant. There are so many better choices in St. Pete that offer great views and far better menu choices, especially at these comically high prices. This place faces an old building and small trash can filled parking lot.

review_stars 01/10/2021 - J
Service and food were pretty terrible. It took over an hour to get our food and it was overcooked and unimpressive for the price. When asked for ranch dressing, our server said “We don’t DO ranch” and walked away and was impolite most of the time. Don’t waste your time.

review_stars 01/04/2021 - St Pete Foodie
Why didn’t we go the The Library!? Thoroughly disappointed with all aspects

review_stars 01/03/2021 - Noisy table
Tried to have a nice quiet dinner next to a bar group. Is this a restaurant or a bar?

review_stars 12/29/2020 - Roy J
was hoping it would of been great but it wasn't even ok. French onion soup tastes like like warm water to start and it went down from there.

review_stars 12/20/2020 - Dissatisfaction
Dinner outside on their deck last night. Large rude drunk party seated outside as well, the neighborhood folks weren’t having it either. If the waiter seats you outside, the residents next door can hear you and will match your noise level to accommodate. Don’t blame them, that party was incredibly rude. Won’t be back.

review_stars 12/06/2020 - MenuPix User
Needs work on the environment. Really loud groups and back deck is has over flowing trash cans everywhere.

review_stars 12/04/2020 - John Ferruolo
7 foot Trash pile against the outside deck was a nice touch. Horse flies. Food was mediocre.

review_stars 11/30/2020 - St Pete Guide
very slow and food was over priced and small portioned. Cooks smoking cigar in side alley while watching us eat? Put a mask on dude, we are wearing them so why aren’t you?? Parking is simply terrible and felt like place wasn’t very clean.


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