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128 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ 07030 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (201) 798-8827
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
Neighborhood: Hoboken

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Mon-Thu: 11am - 10pm, Fri: 11am - 11pm, Sat: 11:30am - 11pm, Sun: 11:30am - 10pm

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Top Reviews of Precious

review_stars 06/15/2015 - JamesJames

The Boss is an arrogant , his last name is Huang. I have been going there for years and I do like the place , however they have a policy that requires you to spend a minimum of $15 on your credit card even for take-out! Legally they cannot do this as the law states that the minimum charge can be no more than $10. I contacted the restaurant and was told that the boss (Huang ) said its his restaurant and he can do as he pleases. I called VISA and MasterCard and reported the incident and the restaurant is now being investigated for abusing the credit card laws. Please confront Precious restaurant and the owner and let them know you will boycott the restaurant if they do not reduce the minimum charge on credit card to the allowed amount of $10! Also let them know that you will be calling both Visa and MasterCard and filing a complaint against the restaurant , and then please follow through and do file the complaint! We cannot let these arrogant owners get away with this. Please stand up for your rights ! There is strength in Unity! To contact VISA dial : 1-800-VISA-911 , to contact MasterCard dial: 1-800-MASTERCARD . please take action and fight for your consumer rights.

review_stars 11/09/2014 - Micheal
I ordered a simple take-out dish - 2 tuna rolls - and waited for 1/2 an hour. They totally ignored me... My order had been ready for 15 minutes but they never bothered to let me know... no apology, no nothing.... Extremely rude people... Avoid this place at all costs...

review_stars 09/09/2011 - Megan
I can't believe the nonsense that I'm reading in the below reviews. I realize the single people of Hoboken can't even fathom the idea that this town has become family-oriented, but get with the program or move out! This woman and her friend went to dinner with their babies at 5pm and should have most certainly been accommodated if the restaurant was empty. And may I remind you this is Precious, not Augustinos. I would love to see these morons spouting insults below when they have children. You have no clue!

review_stars 05/15/2011 - HobokenBacholar
Good food, and good service at a good price.
I would just like to commend my fellow patrons who put that mouthy stroller Nazi in her place. Seriously, who the hell does that bitch think she is on her high horse trying to take up the entire restaurant with all her crap. The universe doesn't revolve around you lady...and well done Precious, I'm gonna order right now because you put that snobby self entitled yuppie bitch in her place. You deserve an applause.

review_stars 03/24/2011 - Hoboken Couple
Precious is my go to choice for Chinese delivery. I prefer to order from restaurants that are sit down establishments that also provides deliver over places whose source of income is primarily take out. Precious's deliver has always been consistently fast, hot and tasty. Two thumbs up!

As an aside, I agree with those who state that the Hoboken "mommy" culture runs rudely rampant in this very small town. As a young professional couple with no children, we often opt for places clear of noise pollution (i.e. Screaming babies of either 2 year olds or drunken 20 year olds variety). However, there are nicer, much more polite ways to express your feelings about those things that aren't derogatory.

review_stars 01/20/2011 - Zim-Zim
Really solid Chinese food with exceptional service and fast delivery. I've been eating from them for years and have only had one bad experience with an order. They nail pretty much everything on the menu. I don't order Chinese from anywhere
else in Hoboken because of the solid performance of Precious. Hope this helps domaines hunger pains.

review_stars 12/10/2010 - Lisa
We order delivery from here about once a week and maybe eat there once every 2 weeks. The food and service are always pretty good. We have 2 kids under 2 and have gone there with our double stroller and never had any issues.

review_stars 11/02/2010 - GOD
ummmmm would benefit others if you would stick to the food review,who cares about strollers ..Kids are people too wokado,wokado,wokado...

review_stars 10/14/2010 - Still Waiting
My husband and I ordered our food over an hour and a half ago and we're still waiting. It was always bad from here, but we have NEVER waited this long before.

review_stars 07/28/2010 - Giggles
I would not recommend this place at all because an order that we made came with BODY HAIR. Not something mistaken for body hair but actual hair. It was disgusting, eat there at your own risk.

review_stars 04/14/2010 - Frank
Food is OK.

since it seems that you HAVE to comment about mothers/carriages/douche bags when reviewing a restaurant in Hoboken now days, all I will say, is I agree with "Dad" about the loser's comments - have some manners...

We too had an issue of where to sit when the place was empty, and the service staff was not very polite about it... we just asked them if they prefer that we leave, or can we sit in a 4 top so we have room for our briefcases/coats/whatever (no kids this time)

review_stars 04/08/2010 - Sylvia
The food here is very good.

Regarding the comments below, it seems to me that 2 women with too much time on their hands felt the need to disparage a good restaurant for politely being asked to move their carriages right before the dinner rush.

They were accommodated just fine. They sound like spoiled, vengeful idiots. I have children and we expect to be accommodated but we also have the good sense to not infringe on others with our baggage.

review_stars 03/30/2010 - Dad
Precious is probably the best Chinese in Hoboken, unfortunately that doesn't say all that much, to be honest not a big fan of the Americanized Chinese cuisine, but they do a decent job, and the delivery is quick

As a father of a young kid, who probably has a much better life than the losers who commented previously, all I can say is learn to have some respect... even imbeciles as yourselves were probably raised by loving parents (I just hope they are not computer savvy)

You can criticize and vocalize your feelings, just don't show the world what an A hole you really are...

review_stars 02/13/2010 - I love Precious
Precious has good food and has a nice atmosphere compared to most other Chinese food places.
I agree with the person that says people with strollers should get a life. Leave your stroller at home if you go to Precious, or go somewhere else.

review_stars 02/06/2010 - Todd
My wife and I order takeout from this restaurant at least once a week. The food is always very good and the delivery people friendly - the lunch specials are priced really well.

I just read the comments about the stroller-nazi's. I like precious even more now. I am so tired of going into restaurants to find these damn mothers with Sir poop-a-lot screaming and his diaper bag and other belongings scattered all around.

review_stars 02/05/2010 - adam
i completely agree. I'm all for mothers and babies and their need for respect and all, but the mommy subculture comment is 100% factual. Ray, have you ever driven around hoboken, and slammed on the brakes because a "mother" basically throws her carriage into the street without looking, seemingly saying to me "f off, i'm a mom i can do what i want" I completely understand that person's comment, yuppy mothers are self righteous cows

review_stars 12/07/2009 - Ray
The food is consistent, but not spectacular, and the service is good, but not great.

Regarding the strollers, I'm embarrassed for the two people on here making derogatory comments about mothers and their strollers. If someone is sitting down at an EMPTY restaurant, BEFORE business picks up, the restaurant and staff should accommodate the families and strollers.

Families have every right to dine together at establishments as long as they don't offend or disturb the people around them. If the single, self-centered yuppies can't understand that, maybe they should dine elsewhere...or move out of Hoboken.


review_stars 09/19/2009 - steve
I wish everyone would shut up about your baby carriages already. There seems to be this absurd Hoboken Mommy subculture that thinks just because they have kids everyone has to jump out of the way when they come careening down the sidewalk with their double-wide poop machines.

If you're going to go into a restaurant with strollers, learn some manners and keep your baggage out of everyone's way. Or get a baby sitter. Or a life.

review_stars 07/07/2009 - Luther
I've dined there on many occasions at different times. The food is good, but sometimes the place just fills up to the rafters with people; at those times, the service is slower. For takeout, it's usually 10 minutes before the food is ready most of the time, but 15 or 20 when they're busy.

I can't imagine having to jump over two damned baby carriages when the place is packed tight with diners.

review_stars 04/11/2009 - MenuPix User
I usually order in so I can't comment too much on the service in the restaurant, but I can't honestly say I'm too upset that mothers with babies were coerced into leaving . I mean, yeah, stupid on the restaurant's part for chasing away any business, but nobody really likes to eat around little kids. Heck, I have two little nieces, and I felt bad for the people who had to sit near them when they were babies. If you really want to do the restaurant a favor, order in or don't have kids. It's not our fault you decided to procreate and wanted to go out for Chinese food, too. And by the way, even if they wanted you to move, that doesn't mean they aren't stroller friendly. I've been there with family, with strollers, and have always been treated well.

As for the food, it's very good American style Chinese and well-priced. I've lived here a decade and this is my #1 place. Always fast, always on time.

review_stars 01/30/2009 - Hoboken Mommy
Last night (Thursday night) at 5:00pm, I entered the restaurant with another fellow Hoboken mommy. We each had a stroller with a child. The restaurant was COMPLETELY EMPTY. There was a two-person table right next to the front window, and in front of that was a four-top table. My friend and I chose the four-top table so we can each have our respective strollers beside us, and be able to view our children. Additionally, the extra two chairs would be used for our children’s snow suits, diaper bags, and our own coats. Immediately an employee approached me and said, “You have to move to the table closer to the window. You’re blocking a table.” Let me be clear when I say that we would never even be in a busy restaurant with children, let alone prevent an establishment from making business. But the place was COMPLETELY EMPTY. I didn’t see who we were harming by choosing a table that would allow us to enjoy our meal more effectively. When, in a very nice way, I told the gentleman that we would actually prefer to remain at our current table, he went to get the manager. I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation. The manager said, “What happens when people start coming??” I told him that we were only interested in sitting down and having a quick dinner… It was only 5:00pm. I highly doubt that the place would fill up completely in the next half hour. Sure enough, he continued to argue with me and insist that we move to the two-top table, which was crammed against the wall. My friend and I decided to leave, and dine at Aroma, where we were welcomed with open arms. After our meal at Aroma, we passed by Precious, and there was only a family of four sitting at the exact table we wanted to sit in. The only other patrons were two people picking up their take out. Shame on you, Precious! This is a stroller friendly town, and we were trying to accommodate YOUR needs by dining at a not busy time of day.

review_stars 09/13/2007 - MenuPix User
Consistent delivery. Very good low-cost Chinese food. Have yet to try the sushi.

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