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Taqueria Downtown

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236 Grove St
Jersey City, NJ 07302 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (201) 333-3220
Cuisine: Mexican, Breakfast, Bar
Neighborhood: Van Vorst Park

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Beer and Wine, BYOB


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$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
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Mon-Sun: 11am - 11pm

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Top Reviews of Taqueria Downtown

review_stars 06/11/2011 - no thanks
I not one to bash but the service is the worst I've experienced anywhere. The attitudes are appalling to say the least. People, save your money and yourself some frustration. I'd rather hop on the train and head over to La Esquina in Nolita. The food is AMAZING and the staff are always super chill and friendly even when its packed and out of control! My lady and I have scratched this place off of our list.

review_stars 02/06/2011 - taco truck
john huddy is just this guy from channel 9 or 5 news who has a hard-on for taqueria. google him. i have great security video of him throwing a tantrum which i will put on youtube if he isn't careful.

review_stars 02/04/2011 - john
re: mclovin "it's a taco joint, not the plaza".

You missed the point. The common thread among the reviews is about respect -- respect for your customers. while the tacos are good, and so cal memorabilia is a nice touch (i'm from ventura and i've been to a few mexican joints in my time) saying it's the best authentic mexican food served ANYWHERE is a stretch. Ever here of a place called Santa Fe, New Mexico? Get out of JC more.
Bottom line: A tasty taco and cold beer are nice, but so is a good attitude and respectful owners who don't try to stiff their customers.
And I've never been to eat at the Plaza.

review_stars 11/14/2010 - vinn the concierge
Great tacos: whether chicken, beef, pork or lamb, each comes packed with onions, cilantro, a radish and a juicy lime for citrus sprinkling. The bitter and sour tastes of the radish and lime provide a nice counterbalance to the well greased meat that oozes transparent, yellow juice onto the neatly wrapped takeout plate-- delicious . The wait during non busy hours is never much more than 5 minutes, and the west most wall is adorned with all sorts of scraps and pictures that will divert one from remembering their hunger.

review_stars 09/13/2010 - gemini
While I have to give it an amazing rating for the food, I have to agree with the majority, in that the service is AWFUL! I live around the corner, and I go once every 2 weeks or so. Now, that I've got it down to a science - where to stand, where to order, when to sit, etc - my experiences are a little better. But, it's illegal to charge for a credit card minimum, which they do. Having to sit their and wait for take out, as opposed to calling ahead, only adds to the confusion, but they don't take orders over the phone. And, the girl who takes you order is the most miserable person on the face of the earth, and way too young to have that much animosity in her life. BUT, the Mexican food that you get there is like nothing else you've eaten, and while I hate to admit it, it's worth the aggravation.

review_stars 07/20/2010 - McLovin
I love everything about this place including the attitude of the staff.

You know what people?

A) It's a taco joint, not the Plaza.
2) You're not the center of the universe. No really, you aren't. Try asking yourself if maybe for once you could try to not act like a stereotypical difficult New Yorker with your high-maintenance requests and your "I'm so special" attitude.

Instead, just relax, grab a couple of greasy tacos and a beer, and enjoy some of the best authentic Mexican food served ANYWHERE. This isn't a place for a special occasion. It's not a place you go for ambience or service. It's not a place to go if you don't like spicy food (seriously, WTF people?). It's a place you go to grab some quick, cheap, and most of all, just plain amazing Mexican food. I've been there dozens of times and never had even a remote problem with the staff.

Thanks Taqueria, you guys effin' rock!

review_stars 06/25/2010 - Sonny
Decent food...but extremely rude courtesy!! Impolite managers...leave a bad taste in your mouth!

review_stars 05/21/2010 - Samy
My huband and I have been eating her atleast once a week for the past two years or so with our two kids. I have to say the service has always been horrible and you're alwasy on edge about where to sit, how to order, where to stand etc. Yesterday was when I decided I was done. They only have one small bathroom "which is pretty disguisting and dirty" and I needed to change my 2 year daughters diaper and the owner "the husband" rudley told me to take my duaghter outside and change her as if she was a dog! I was so upset my husbad and I left with the kids - we didn't even eat the food after we paid. The food is just NOT worth it. Not to mention the fact you feel rushed when your eating becuase they need to get the next customer in your seat. Another time we were asked to please hurry up becuase there was a big party waiting to sit in our table. NEVER AGAIN will I spend one cent in there.

review_stars 05/19/2010 - jerseycityrestaurantfan
Food is good, but service is terrible. I think the woman that works there is a descendant of Castro. They should name the restaurant the taco Nazi. Bottom line is the food isn't good enough to warrant dealing with the terrible service and i would recommend trying another mexican restaurant first.

review_stars 04/24/2010 - Josh
Every review about the lack of service is true. The first time I ordered from this restaurant (to go) they were very rude. The second time I called for an order to go I was told they would not take my order over the phone. I had to come into the restaurant. Ridiculous. It's hard enough to find a good restaurant in jersey city, and this is the last thing anyone needs. Just stay away.

review_stars 04/23/2010 - John Huddy
Was a loyal customer until tonight (Friday, April 23). Showed up ten minutes before closing, door was locked. Called outside to ask why restaurant was closed before scheduled time, met by "Your watch must be off". When I explained I was going by my phone's GPS, told "We're going in circles sir, goodbye" and hung up on. Shabby service, no loyalty to loyal customers. Sad. Will not spend my money here again. They may not care, but in the world where I come from, disregarding one loyal customer becomes a slippery slope. cheers Taqueria.

review_stars 04/20/2010 - Doug
This is one of the best places to eat in JC. I'm there at least once a week, but often twice. The food is a great value, fresh, and delicious. The owners, Andrea and Phil, run a tight ship. This may not sit well with some people posting here, but Andrea and Phil are both some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

I think some people need to get over themselves, and come to the realization that the sun does not rise and set because they are alive.

The atmosphere is cozy, and I love the fact that it's BYO - perfect for hosting beer tastings with friends.

If you're in the neighborhood and hungry, you can't go wrong with Taqueria...especially the fish tacos or the cactus tacos...

Only downside, I wish the Chilis Rellenos were every day, and not just Friday...

Keep up the great work, and thanks to the kitchen staff for turning out excellent food.

review_stars 04/04/2010 - Armando
It was a nice surprise knowing this Mexican food joint has an authentic flavor. Unfortunately, the lady at the counter is its worst enemy, she is rude and full of arbitrary rules for patrons that everyone but her seem to know or even understand.

The food is not bad but very inconsistent, sometimes the portions are larger than others, at times the food can be spicier than others.

Here is an example from her rules:

a) A mom with her kid can not be sited in a bigger table, they are two and should not occupy more space -even if the restaurant is almost empty-

b) In the backyard patio, your kids can not be around the fountain, because she treats the water with "harsh" chemicals. Should this one be a health code violations?. The fact that am just couple of feet away from the "poisonous" water would affect me as bad as the kids around it?. She could come up with a more believable excuse for "I don't like kids playing in the fountain". Every considerate parent would have understood that one better.

c) If you order take-out and change your mind and decide to eat there, she will kick you out to have your food somewhere else. She said "You cut the rhythm of the line, if other people ordering take-out see you eating your food here, they will do dare doing the same"?. What kind of excuse is that?. As nobody is allowed to change their mind, at least not on her watch.

These rules along with some other you can read below really hurt their business and she does not realizes. Plain arrogance and a lack of knowledge of the restaurant business are a mix for failure and make her lose customers as am positive and not coming back there.

review_stars 03/17/2010 - Grover
Great food, but their "no take-out orders over the phone" rule pizzes me off. If you want to order take-out you have to go in person and order from the counter, then wait 15 minutes. Most of the time when I want take-out, I want to grab it and go (that's the point, right?).

It's a shame. I like their food, but this place has so many rules that I just don't want to deal with them anymore.

review_stars 12/27/2009 - yohoo
ok, so the food is great, savory, tasty, yummy -- especially the pork taco, the enchiladas verdes, the flautas, the soups.... and the prices are totally reasonable. the ambiance compliments JC and the type of food you've gone there to eat. I dig that the place has no pretenses. but the attitude of the woman who takes your order is shameful.

like others I've read here, I was reprimanded several times in one visit for not following their protocol which is not posted anywhere in their establishment (so how would I know it, exactly?).

here are some of the rules -- I'll fill you in:
rule #1: don't try to order when your full party isn't there unless you're taking out, even if you know exactly what your missing party wants because "What if you got it wrong and they change their minds when they get here?" (it couldn't be that you just have to pay for a different order, right? I mean, that would be logical.)

rule #2: ask before you sit anywhere even if there are open tables because you never know when they've got to seat people somewhere special.

perhaps other readers can continue the rule book for Taqueria. certainly, those of us who enjoy their food would like to learn how to avoid being scorned and snapped at for wanting to eat there.

I've never been reprimanded in a restaurant before, let alone one I've been visiting and loving since they opened (the counter woman's outburst blessed me this summer, 2009). this woman (owner, whatever she is) needs to learn courtesy or just not work in the front taking orders. I figure, no matter how much business you have, I it's still a good idea to treat those who pay you with respect, even if their behavior is frustrating. at least, that's how I stay in business and I work for myself.

go, enjoy the fruits of taqueria, but beware of the doberman at the counter, and if you tell her off someday, I'd sure like to be there.

if the folks at Taq should read this, please make it better. I'd love to say all things nice.

review_stars 12/17/2009 - Peter Infante
The service is rude. They treat people as Americans treat illegal inmigrants lol!
The food is not that bad, but they should know how to treat people better, this is not Tijuana!

review_stars 12/03/2009 - Marc
The is actually good, the attitude and lack of service is just rude. When we go out to eat; the experience and ambiance are just as important as the food itself.

They have their annoying rules, where to sit, where to stand and how you order. To people who are new and unfamiliar, the attitude that comes out is just unbelievable..

If you want a nice relaxing dinner - this is not the place. Even take out is a hassle.

review_stars 11/07/2009 - JC LIVIN
possibly the best mexican food in Jersey city. ive never had a problem with the service..always very friendly with me but maybe thats cause i got like 4 times a week. whatever the food is amazing and thats what matter!

review_stars 10/30/2009 - Kim
Maybe they've read these reviews and changed because the staff are pleasant and the service is good... but really, who cares when the food is the best Mexican around the area. So good and although I'm not Mexican it tastes authentic to me. I make at least once a week.

review_stars 10/21/2009 - pr
the food is amazing and worth twice the price the proprietors charge. if you decide what you're going to order before you stand in line and follow the rules that are clearly set forth (i.e. certain tables are only for larger parties), you won't have a problem here. i think all the people complaining about service may be those high maintenance diva people who can never quite get the concept of rules -- you know, the ones that cut in front of you for the last parking spot while yammering on their cell phones, have a million items in the express line in the grocery store, etc. if you fit that description, don't bother going here -- you won't like it and the other patrons be happier to not have to deal with the likes of you anyway.

review_stars 10/13/2009 - Martha
Taqueria es absolutely amazing! their food is simple, authentic and absolutely delicious. I have been a customer for years and still love it.

review_stars 08/03/2009 - JD
I was a fan of this joint until yesterday. I brought six of my friends to this restaurant hoping to try their brunch menu. the service was AWFUL! We left within seconds of walking in. the lady behind the counter had a nasty attitude! There was no greeting, just: "you can't use that table" "you have to order here" "you can't touch that menu"; I felt like I needed to get my every move approved. She wouldn't even let us use the menu that was velcroed to the counter! or even put our stuff down on a table before ordering! She was not only rude, but had little class and knew nothing about customer service. They not only lost me a customer, but also my friends, and I will be warning my neighbors about this place!

review_stars 07/24/2009 - trixie
The food is pretty good. But the customer service is so bizarrely bad, it leaves one wondering if they are stuck inside John Malkovich's head and not, in fact, in a taco shop.

And I'm not entirely sure why they have a phone there. They don't take phone orders.

review_stars 07/18/2009 - MenuPix User
I'm a picky eater but I love the food at Taqueria! Even my sister in law loves it who has a problem pretty much everywhere else that we go out to eat.

review_stars 07/17/2009 - chip
I can't lie. The food here is pretty good. It's really the only authentic mexican place in the area that I know of. I've been going here regularly for a few years. I used to read the bad service reviews and think nothing of them until I got really terrible service from them on different occasions recently. My theory is it might have been because it got pretty busy there. I don't mind the curtness since it's busy, but don't ever give your customers lip for no good reason. The owner was pretty nasty those times. Way to lose a loyal customer guys!

review_stars 07/13/2009 - Kathleen
The rating is for the food only. The service is rough we got there at 9:30 Friday and eventhough their menu clearly says they are open till 10 they wouldn't seat us.
They were only accepting take out orders. Also I found the amount of LA Dodgers and Dallas Cowboys fan fare obnoxious. Your location is downtown JC wake up! Overall yes this masochist will be back for more horrible service but will be armed with some New York Giants and Mets stickers to help them decorate.

review_stars 07/06/2009 - dana
ok i dont know who all these people are that are saying the service here is horrible...i have never had a bad experience here...service is always quick and the people behind the counter are generally friendly...i dont know what people expect when they get here...its not a fancy place, its a little taco joint....awesome fish and steak tacos and byob!!! what more can you ask for??? ok maybe some chips n salsa, but ill live.

review_stars 06/30/2009 - Christina Lim
THE OWNER WAS OFFENSIVE AND OUT OF LINE. DON'T EAT HERE AND LET THE RESTAURANT CLOSE. They already can't afford rent because they are currently located near a demolished building.

Ate here three times in the last week. I got a nasty rash on the backs of my legs from their metal chair but still returned tonight. I'm not writing a review about the rash but the ill treatment I received from the owner himself. I don't complain. Ever. I'm a New York and used to abuse and rashes but the owner's treatment for his customers is out of line.

I asked the owner if I can use the phone to ask my husband what he'd like to eat at Taqueria. He said,
"No, you can't." I wasn't taken back because he said no but his delivery was trite,dismissive and incredibly rude. I said,"wow, I can't believe" and he mocked and retorted.

I've been reading Taqueria's reviews and I guess I'm not alone because every review he has is about how the owner mistreats his patrons. I've never written reviews. The fact this review is not about their health code violation but instead about their unsettling treatment of their customers shouldn't go unnoticed.

I even placed napkins on my chair tonight to avoid another outbreak! Save yourself a trip to the doctor's and being treated poorly and AVOID THIS DIVE.

They are more concerned about scratching their tables than their customers. They have nasty plastic covers on their chairs! It's hilarious. They give more care to their tables than they do then their paying customers.


review_stars 05/11/2009 - Concern custumer
This place is absolutly horrible I do not recommend it. The owners are rude and not friendly at all. There are always in a bad mood, and the tacos are not that great better placei. Bayonne if you do not mind the drive

review_stars 04/23/2009 - MenuPix User
Mexican? Absolutely.
Service? Is the customer always right? Absolutely not.
Value? In this economy? Great!
Atmosphere? Doesn't really matter in this economy.

review_stars 04/07/2009 - gadoosh
Mexican? nay.
atmosphere? lacking.
service? poor.
value? nope.

review_stars 03/26/2009 - Jared S.
Fantasic Authentic Mexican Food. No fluff just good stuff! Im glad there is a great and affordable place for lunch in the Jersey City Downtown Business area. Thanks Taqueria, Keep up the good work

review_stars 03/17/2009 - Jersey City resident
Horrible customer service. The people who take your order take so much pride with how authentic they are (which doesn't explain the heavy metal and American rock music blasting and non Mexican memorabilia hanging on the walls) only leaving your taste buds dissatisfied.

review_stars 02/17/2009 - MenuPix User
This place should be a popular neighborhood restaurant. Decent food, reasonably priced and an otherwise pleasing and relaxing decor, especially the outdoor seating in the back. That being said, I find it impossible to just get in and get out of this place, try as I might, without having to deal with the owners Napoleonic issues and those of his retarded lackeys. I could tell you stories, but why bother, this place is just not worth it.

review_stars 02/08/2009 - MenuPix User
does the owner have a mental prob? seriously biggest chip on shoulder/rudest service ever. no meal, however cheap or tasty(and honestly, portions are pretty small, so when all adds up, not that cheap, and food can get pretty greasy)excuses such rudeness.

review_stars 02/02/2009 - MenuPix User
service is horrible !!!!!!

review_stars 01/10/2009 - *mariposa*
First and foremost let me say that I don't do this but there's always a first. I've known about this resturant for 3yrs now and I've been going to but not anymore. This is my reason, from the beginning I always knew that the owner had a chip on his shoulder..well he finally proved it a few weeks ago. Let just say he gave me his 100% customer service by saying 'don't ever come back'. This all happen because myself w/ a friend sat on a table for 3 or more...her boyfriend was going to join us. Because the 3rd party took awhile to show the owner had a fit, gave us a piece of alliumin paper to wrap up his food but she didn't cause he showed. What was the big deal?! I let all of my friends know what happen and strongly asked not to give this individual any type of business. Now I'm letting everyone know!
Thank you so kindly.

review_stars 12/18/2008 - billy
I've been here at least 10-15 times. It's the best Mexican food I have found in the east, including the city. Yeah, the people working there don't have a great attitude, but I don't really care whether the people slinging my tacos act like my BFF's. The service is usually prompt. The value is really good - 2 tacos and a beer runs about $8. I can't really say anything good about the's basically a shrine to crappy hair metal bands of the 80's. The chairs and tables are cheap.

review_stars 12/14/2008 - Debbt
Food is fantastic! I KNOW good Mexican and the tortillas are fresh, everything is first rate. The staff doesn't try to reach to create something they don't have the resources for. They just make the BEST FISH TACOS IN NORTH AMERICA.

review_stars 11/10/2008 - MenuPix User
The food their is great. Some of the best I've had. Especially considering it's in the middle of Jersey City. I usually get 2 tacos and an order of the chicken flautas and I'm stuffed. I've recently become a regular (mostly for take out). I haven't had any issues with service. In fact, everyone there is pretty friendly.

review_stars 10/30/2008 - MenuPix User
extremely rude staff--can make for uncomfortable dining experience. food is decent, though.

review_stars 10/26/2008 - glenda
The tacos are much better than Bubby's but other than that is ok but not great. It is too bad there's not much true mexican restaurans around that area. the waiters are nice but the owners are just arrogant! especially the bold guy. I heard a lot negative comments aboud their service! they make people so unconfortable !!!

review_stars 09/16/2008 - l
love the food, hate the attitude. remember to stand at the correct side to order and do so quickely else they can get very very mad!

review_stars 08/01/2008 - MenuPix User
the food is good ....i've never had a problem with service but remember this is a lilttle place in jc to get tacos, not a 4 star restaurant, so to expect 4 star service is unreasonable...overall its a great place to get tasty, quick and authentic mexican food...

review_stars 07/20/2008 - MenuPix User
i would not recommend the restaurant. the owners are very arrogant toward the customers. i have gone to the restaurant and i have felt as a second class citizen.

review_stars 06/14/2008 - NK in JC
For the price I really enjoyed the food at this restaurant. The value was better than Bubby's (which is also tasty!) but unfortunately the bald guy behind the counter was so rude to my friend I am very hesitate to return there.

review_stars 06/04/2008 - MenuPix User
I'm mexican and must say the food at taqueria is good but the staff is sooo unfriendly and rude (the woman is a bicth) I would have to look for another place to eat mex food. she treats you like she was doing you a favor, asshole!!

review_stars 06/04/2008 - MenuPix User
Chilangos nacos que se creen muy muy por que trabajan aqui. Ni puedes escribir bien el ingles.

review_stars 05/07/2008 - MenuPix User
If you're from LA or the West Coast then you know this food and the only place to get it. Tacos like they're from a taco truck. For lunch! For dinner! Steak tacos are amazing. Go Lakers!

review_stars 05/05/2008 - box brown
What are you all talking about?? The service is fine and I think the people that work there are really nice!

Also, the food is amazing!

review_stars 05/05/2008 - MenuPix User
This is the best Mexican food I've had outside of Mexico and the taquerias in San Francisco, CA. There is no better steak taco. Judging from the posters on this board, it is no wonder that the owners are perceived as having an attitude -- if I served food like that and people acted like they wanted tex-mex slop instead, I'd have an attitude too. By the way, the Moby guy and the woman who we saw were nice when we went.

review_stars 02/19/2008 - trade212
I don't know any of you... so here goes!

Food was a little greasy, but tasty. Service was awful, when I was able to find my waitress, it took another 20 minutes, ok more like 10 minutes to get another beverage. Then another 10 minutes for a check.

As for value, it was right on the money. Hey, its like Mcdonald's... everyone goes there for value first, taste second and last, service...

If your planning to go out on a date or taking family & friends for dinner, I wouldn't suggest this place. But for a quick bite... or take out, the place is just find.

review_stars 02/15/2008 - Russ in Van Vorst
This place is not a good restaurant. I was excited to have "authentic" Mexican food, however, I have been to Mexico a number of times and found they do serve guacamole and burritos. This places claims those are not "authentic" Mexican dishes. Regardless of the fact I feel if the people that work there would change their terrible attitude, and embrace the style of Mexican food that Americans enjoy, it wouldn't be half terrible. Anyway the people there are not nice, and the food is not that great. Place looks kinda cool, but is not and the people are not nice. And that is why I have to call it terrible ... walk around the corner to Bubby's Burritos you'll have a much better experience and much better food.

review_stars 02/15/2008 - tanqueray
Yeah sure "Russ". I'm sure you really know what you're talking about. The cooks in my place are Santos, Miguel, and Gerardo. I'm sure "Russ" knows alot more. Viva la Taqueria.

review_stars 02/15/2008 - MenuPix User
Anybody that says go to "Bubbys Burritos" for better Mexican food knows ABSOLUTELY ZERO about Mexican food.

review_stars 02/15/2008 - MenuPix User
I gotta say I'm glad I found these reviews, now I know it's not just my friends and me.
We've been there a few times and it's not just that the staff are unfriendly, they're plain rude! Amost aggressive, like they're doing you a favor.
The food is good, but not great. I'm Mexican, grew up in Mexico, my family all lives there, I go home every holiday, so don't tell me: guacamole is totally authentic! Why do these people think they're redefining Mexican cuisine??? Gimme a break...

review_stars 01/31/2008 - tanqueray
I work the bar in a restaurant in close proximity to Taqueria and our entire kitchen staff all of whom are actually Mexican love the food and order religiously. They also got me hooked. I'll listen to them and not to those "I lived in Mexico and I speak spanish and I'm an authority on this food blah blah blah". This place is for people who get it. And boy do I get it.

review_stars 01/28/2008 - MenuPix User
I have to say, as excited as I was to find a Mexican restaurant so close to my house, this place is a total disappointment. I was really put-off by their snobbish obsession with how "authentic" they are (white guilt on the part of the creepy guy behind the counter, perhaps?) I've lived in several regions of Mexico throughout my life, speak fluent Spanish, can pronounce anything on the menu and even I felt the condescending vibe (so don't worry, you who posted earlier about the pronuncation- has nothing to do with you! that guy's just a jerk). To add insult to injury, the food is bland and doesn't taste authentic in the least. Sticking a bunch of the same ingredients together doesn't necessaily make the same delicious dish. Any restaurant that is defined more by what they DON'T have isn't exactly a winner. Not worth the trip.

review_stars 12/12/2007 - MenuPix User
Not sure what kind of personal vendettas are at play here below, but I read them and couldn't believe my eyes. We love this place. Actually, very few people I know and meet don't love this place. The owners and staff have always been friendly to us. While the portions of some menu items are a tad bit small, it's always been my feeling that you get a REALLY tasty bite for your money. If you're into Chili's or some Tex-Mex style restaurant, then seriously...don't come here...try Baja's. But, if you like your restaurant decor, music, staff AND food to have some real flavor...Taqueria Downtown is tops.

Again, reading the comments below, I'm bewildered. We love this place. Our neighbors and friends love this place. The owners and staff are always friendly and provide very good service. And the food (authentic Mexican taqueria) can't be beat.

review_stars 12/01/2007 - MenuPix User
I agree with this over Baja but they still need guac.

review_stars 11/30/2007 - keeping the peace
Since when does everyone feel the need to be best friends with the people serving you dinner?

Seriously, you people starting a clan, campaign, etc... over taking down a restaurant with a cool vibe and good food just cos you didn't like the people who worked there make yourselves appear foolish.

Hate-mongering is so unnecessary.

Simply put- if you don't like the music turn off the channel.

Your "warnings" about the staff are really not putting anyone (me) off from going there again. My husband and I and our friends enjoy great dinners there and none of your empty threats will make me stop going to a place that serves really good affordable food - especially when all the times we've been there we've had good service.

review_stars 11/30/2007 - MenuPix User
Right indeed. I was guilty of posting one of these negative reviews but after frequenting this place on numerous occasions since, I realized this is just the vibe. A small price to pay really for the best Mexican Food around. I'll take this over Baja anyday.

review_stars 11/20/2007 - MenuPix User
Terrific food. You won't find better in the area. Unfortunately, the people working the counter are consistently rude. Unnecessary and I think its affecting their business. I've stopped going.

review_stars 11/20/2007 - Torn in JC
I'm not part of any campaign -- but I completely agree with the "food is great, the attitude is horrible" camp. I was calling them the Taco Nazis a few days ago, when I went for the first time in months, b/c I was so turned off by how rude they'd been the last time I was there.

review_stars 11/17/2007 - nina
Great food. Fine service. We love this place. Best place on Grove Street. The best Chiles Rellenos that taste just like my grandmothers and the chicken and chorizo Sopes are incredible. The prices make this an almost everyday place for us.

review_stars 11/04/2007 - Mike
Wandered into this place a while ago after I got over my resentment that it wasn't the place that used to be there (but that's another story). The skinhead at the counter clearly found it upsetting that I had to read the menu to decide what I wanted, and grudgingly took my order when I decided, sneering contemptuously because my pronunciation of the menu items left a bit to be desired. He then proceeded to snap at me because I wasn't specific enough as to WHAT KIND of diet soda I wanted, although I didn't notice anything other than Diet Coke in the fridge that could fit the description "diet soda." If the food was good, it was hard for me to tell. All I could taste was the excessive amount of onions (cheapest ingredient?) on my tacos, which drowned out all the other flavors, along with the bitter, bitter aftertaste of self-impressed service. Mea maxima culpa for mistaking a glorified fast-food hole in a basement for an unassuming place to grab a bite. If I feel the need to match wits with the waitstaff I can find better food to go with it elsewhere.

review_stars 10/27/2007 - MenuPix User
Sounds pretty authentic. "Arriba arribA." BET THEY SERVE NACHOS.

review_stars 10/25/2007 - maria
I just went there last night.... not mexican... service is horrible!!! horrible!!! the guy behind de counter weird!!! pay first then get served. what kind of place is that??? i have tried much much better, Arriba Arriba for example,,, 52nd and 9th.. ny. Go there.. great food,, great service..

review_stars 10/03/2007 - MenuPix User
I was recently at this restaurant with some friends and my baby who is 10 months old. We arrived at 8pm and the minute we walked in the door, they warned us "We're closing at 9!" We were like, won't take long for us to eat our tacos and try the food. The food was definitely ok, but what happened next made the good taste completely disappear to turn extremely bitter! At 9:05 we were sitting there, getting ready to leave when the owner turned to volume of the music up to an intolerable level, and it was like heavy metal music. I got extremely upset because I was there with my baby and it seemed quite rude and incredible that they would do that. When we approached the owner to complain, his attutide was DISGUSTING! He did not care at all...a very, very mean person who does not deserve his restaurant to have ANY SUCCESS!!!! I completely encourage people to avoid going to this place. YOu will leave with a very bad taste in your mouth!

review_stars 09/30/2007 - Vicente Fox
The first time ever that I felt any sympathy for the minuteman on the mexican border was after eating in this restaurant. The food is quite bad for a place that claims to have authentic mexican food. Vayan a mexico a comer si quieren comparar. The service is horrendous. If you wanna be treated badly and the NJ DMV office is closed go to this restaurant.

review_stars 08/26/2007 - Foodee JC
did like the way Moby was behind the counters, not very welcoming. Was not allowed to substitute lettuce instead of cabbage.I would have to order a side of lettuce.
You would have to spend at least 10 bukes to get full
You have to pay first before they submit the order.
Wouldnt go out of my way to get unless I craved MEXICAN food

review_stars 08/06/2007 - MenuPix User
The food is pretty good here. I do wish they had guacamole though.

review_stars 08/06/2007 - JC resident
The food is good, but the service is horrible.
You are greeted by Moby look alike at the door. No substitutions, lettuce for cabbage.
Not a very welcoming place. I adivse to take to go.

review_stars 08/03/2007 - MenuPix User
Good food and value, inexcusable bad service. Don't care about the atmosphere.

review_stars 08/02/2007 - Around the neighborhood
Ummmm....where's the bad service and attitude? I just went there today, first time, and I saw nothing wrong with it. The guy at the counter (phil?) seemed nice enough, and the lady (Andrea) wasn't the warmest person of but was still alright. I also see another get mistreated. Maybe I need to go there more often to see if anything happens but as of my first time going, it was pretty good....

PS....the food was good too.

review_stars 08/02/2007 - MenuPix User
Like the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld, I think if you do anything stupid then you will get called on it. Food is amazing. Somebody on this thread knows what they're doing by trying to push the ratings down. Go for yourself and see why this place has more posts than all other places in JCdowntown combined

review_stars 08/01/2007 - MenuPix User
I totally agree with the prior posting; these horrible people need to be taken down. I won't stand to see customers treated so abusively & don't think anyone should stand for it. They don't deserve to be in business with the way they treat loyal customers. I haven't experienced it personally YET, but have witnessed some pretty nasty treatment with my own eyes & ears & am sure my turn will come someday. I have finally decided to write this establishment off my list. NO food is worth that kind of treatment. Bubby's here I come!!

review_stars 07/31/2007 - Diana
I used to love Tequeria, but I am also experiencing the same rude treatment that has been described in the recent reviews. What's happening to Phil and Andrea?

review_stars 07/26/2007 - MenuPix User
I spoke to the owner about these reviews and he said, and I quote, "we don't listen to these anonymous internet geeks." Now,we need to be heard. We should do anything in our power to take businesses like this down. At any cost. Please rate them 1 across the board.

review_stars 07/24/2007 - MenuPix User
The food is not that bad. Granted, it is becoming greasier, but 1 for food is way too low. Now, about attitude, Phil and his sidekick get a -10. I am not spending my money there EVER again.

review_stars 07/24/2007 - love the food - hate the metal patio furniture
not outstanding, but good food, consistant.

been there a few dozen times usually with kids and I / we have always been treated well, friendly and even had special orders accomodated for the children ie. no jalapeno's in the quesadilla.

where the hell is everyone else's complaints coming from .....

now what I do not like is the clunky metal patio furniture which is certainly not authentic...but thats it, what is everyone's damage

review_stars 07/24/2007 - MenuPix User
Food is authentic. Good rice and beans.

review_stars 07/13/2007 - jc neighbor
Best Tacos. Worst, surly inexcusable service by Phil, the owner himself. I will NEVER give these people a dime of my money. Shame on the for the RUDEST treatment.

review_stars 07/11/2007 - MenuPix User
I can understand about the attitude because I felt it as well - but I just learned to take it as nothing personal. I mean, if you read the menu it is full of the "in-your-face" type attitude of how "authentic" they are. The food was very delicious...I have to specifically mention the tamales - very decilious. I am of Mexican descent and they come very close to those of my grandmothers - hers of course are the best!
Of course, every Mexican family has different ways of preparing/cooking a dish so certain dishes I am very familiar with did no look like the way I would make them or my mother, yet they still are very tasty.
I didn't not give the food a 10, but rather an 8 because I do not care for the rice and beans. Beans are waaay too watery and a bit on the bland side and the rice could use a little more flavor as well.
I do not agree with having no guacamole, I personally love guacamole, especially my mother's recipes, but again every Mexican family does things differently.
I do enjoy eating at Taqueria - it is a fun atmosphere and the food is delicious, but it makes me feel like I should open up my own Mexican shop. I feel as though my family and I would give them competition :)

review_stars 07/10/2007 - MenuPix User
My feeling is that their disgusting attitude has poisoned the food that used to be so delicious. Sad but true...

review_stars 07/10/2007 - MenuPix User
I've been to Taqueria downtown many times and every time I go they are busier than the last. Now they have a wait. Rating the food 1 star sounds like a personal vendetta. Music is too loud but the food is A-1.

review_stars 07/08/2007 - desmond
Best Mexican food on the east coast. period.

review_stars 07/07/2007 - MenuPix User
This place is going downhill. I have been avoiding it for a while, precisely, to avoid "the Moby Guy", as somebody described him...what an attitude! Whoever wrote that review did an excellent job.
Do they think that they are doing us a favor by taking our hard earned US dollars? No way Jose…
The food used to be great, but is becoming far too greasy for my taste, and the portions are shrinking (or maybe their egocentric attitude is growing so much that is making everything look smaller?)
I don’t know about Mexico, but in the US (even in NJ), the customer is always right and treated with respect. I wonder: would they act the same with “La Migra”?

review_stars 06/24/2007 - MenuPix User
Best Mexican food. REAL Mexican food in NY and New Jersey. Who cares about the service. There is no service. It's a taqueria. Amazing food.

review_stars 06/23/2007 - Great food but...
This place has great food. The food is cheap and the portions are just right. But food alone does not a great restaurant make. The owners/staff really seem to have a "too cool for school" attitude, to the point that you wonder who is the customer. Their motto must be "the customer is always willing to put up with attitude.". And... reserving tables for "4 or more" in a taco shop is absurd. I go there from time to time for the food...but this will never be a great spot until the owners learn to lighten up and be nice to people. That Moby guy too. OH...when you go...ask if they have fajitas...that really winds them up. Try Bubbys' Burritos down the street. Quality isn't as good...but much less attitude.

review_stars 06/17/2007 - anon
Food is still great, but they have developed a "F YOU" attitude that is intolerable and it is starting to drive customers away, by word of mouth. I give a 1 in service because there is nothing lower in the scale.
This is Jersey City, folks, not SoHo! Grow up Phil!

review_stars 04/06/2007 - MenuPix User
Best carnitas tacos and best huevos rancheros I've ever had!

review_stars 03/18/2007 - MenuPix User
Great authentic food, comfortable atmosphere, and great prices.

review_stars 03/16/2007 - Diana
Great authentic Mexican food. We love it!

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