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Location Icon 241 E Main St
Galesburg, IL 61401
Phone Icon Phone: (309) 343-1850
Neighborhood Icon Neighborhood: Galesburg


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Reviews for Joy Garden

#65 out of 107 restaurants in Galesburg
#2 of 2 Chinese in Galesburg

Top Reviews of Joy Garden

review_stars 01/18/2024 - MenuPix User

review_stars 01/03/2024 - MenuPix User

review_stars 12/27/2023 - MenuPix User

review_stars 10/28/2023 - MenuPix User
Good food and service. Love this place.

review_stars 06/30/2023 - Jamie
I love this place!! Great Food! Friendly Staff always a pleasure!

review_stars 05/02/2023 - Emily B
Joy Garden is DELICIOUS! I had tried it a few times YEARS ago (like probably 15 or more) and their fried rice always tasted like it had been fried in old oil, so I stopped going there and forgot about the place.... until recently when I was REALLY craving Chinese and there are no good places in town. I decided to give it another shot and OH my goodness... SO delicious! I have tried 3 things from there so far and each of them have been wonderful and their prices can't be beat! I can't wait to try some more things off of the menu! :)

review_stars 05/02/2023 - Alyssa M
I'm ALWAYS craving Joy Garden! Their food is so yummy and you can't beat their prices! I don't know how they can get away with keeping their prices down, but they need to be applauded!!! Keep up the good work and delicious cooking!

review_stars 05/02/2023 - Conner

review_stars 05/02/2023 - Gigi
My grandkids and I LOVE coming here!!!!!!

review_stars 05/02/2023 - Julia
YUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE me some Joy Garden!!!!!

review_stars 03/05/2023 - Sue
Most of the time we get really good chop suet from here. Very tasty! Only once did we get an order that tasted watered down. I'm glad I went back, despite misgivings.

review_stars 07/23/2020 - Josh
Yo joy garden is the best Chinese food in galesburg. The people there are super nice and the food is always tasty. Good price, and decently fast. Love this place

review_stars 04/03/2020 - MenuPix User
I ordered last week as well as on a regular basis and while it took 2.5 hours for delivery the food was awesome and they did waive my charge...ordering again tonight

review_stars 12/03/2015 - B Carson
I have been eating there for years, had always been very good. I don't know what happened, but my last order was horrible. It has been awful tasting food the last 2 times I have been there. I am done. I had to get a refund. It's too bad we don't have any good Chinese food in our town.

review_stars 06/10/2015 - Phil
Always good food and service for me!

review_stars 08/28/2014 - Clark
Food is good, but they have a language problem, cant understand the guy and the woman is snippy. If u have a business in USA u should learn the english language.

review_stars 07/13/2013 - Andrew
The food from Joy Garden is consistently good; it tastes great, their fried rice is delicious, and while I'm not big on shrimp, I have to say that they make it tasty. The owners/staff are polite and accommodating. Sometimes people forget that we're all human, but generally speaking, the food from Joy Garden is good. I would and do recommend it to friends.

review_stars 02/27/2013 - Todd Mines
What does it take for this place to get an order correct? Its a real pain in the -ss you pick up your order every things piled and packed in a bag so you take there word for it that it is correct. But of course its not. The hell of it they even marked it on the order correct but gave you the wrong food and of course I ordered beef and got pork. Well better revenue for them. Probable intentional knowing you most likely aren't gonna pack it back up and go all the back there. This isn't the first time either I do believe it will be the last tho.

review_stars 03/13/2011 - fee oliver
I love joy garden and the food. The service is just as any other place here in town. I love the fact that they deliver because not allplaces will.

review_stars 02/27/2011 - Aliya Haykus
Joy Garden has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! They forgot our order. When we called, they said five minuets more. One hr later we called again! And they hung up on us! After 2 and a half hrs later they showed up. A normal place would have given us the food for free! Or, they would be sorry! Or give a discount! But no! They just got mad and took the food back to the store! I never want to order from them again! It doesn't matter if the food is good or bad. No food is worth the amount of trouble and stomach pains Joy Garden employees and owners give you! They need to learn how to interact with people if they want to continue to receive business! I have never known such rude horrible people that run a business!

review_stars 02/26/2011 - Greg
The people who say the service is rude are completely wrong. Keep in mind, the majority of denizens in Galesburg act stuck up and slightly racist to the workers. I have seen customers blatantly mock them for their asian heritage and its appalling.

The food is great. And if you show respect, you'll get it in return.

review_stars 02/18/2011 - mechelle
as much i do order from this place it pisses me off.. they are rude and very short with u.. they show no respect and seem to want to rush and talk over you. I had to tell the lady that answered the phone to stop talking long enough for me to place an order... when i had picked a number off the lunch menu ( didnt realize that it was lunch) she procedeed to tell me 7 times that this is not lunchtime..... no kidding!!! ughhhh ... i love the food but the people that work there are the rudest i have ever delt with.. this is coming from someone who has worked my entire life in the food industry.

review_stars 02/03/2011 - Torri
This place has horrible attitude. They do not deliver in the time that they say they would and they still charge you. These people mean people and do not deserve your time nor money. There are better places in Galesburg that know how to treat a customer.

review_stars 02/03/2011 - jody
These people need to learn how to be respectful on the phone. This is the rudest place to eat in Galesburg. They need to learn how to treat their customers way better.

review_stars 01/25/2011 - Bryan R. Taylor
Dude. Let me tell you a little story about Joy Garden. They. Have. Stuff. And that stuff makes other stuff obsolete. It's like you're riding on a bus and you smell the seat next to you. What does it smell like? Does it smell like Joy Garden? No. It smells like the warm butt of whoever sat there last. And you think to yourself, "I don't wanna have this terrible mud-butt up my nose all day, I need a little MSG mixed with this bus butt seat. So, you enter the garden of joy and you smell. What do you smell? Love. Pure and simple. love. And then you get wierd again and start sniffing the seats in the resaurant and the owners get angey ang kick you out. Without even tasting the food. THAT is how good the Joy Garden is.

review_stars 12/22/2010 - Mom
Joy Garden is AWESOME! It's my favorite restaurant in town.

review_stars 04/02/2010 - Katie
Joy Garden has the best chinese food in town!

review_stars 04/01/2010 - Lorena Hughes
My fiancee and I love Joy Garden. The food is always good and the people are nice.

review_stars 03/02/2010 - Mieke
I don't care how long I have to wait for my food to be delivered! I am a regular customer there and I love love love their food!!

review_stars 10/05/2009 - Talia French
While the food isn't horrible and you get a decent amount for the price you pay, the customer service is terrible! We placed a delivery order over the phone, to which we were told our order could not be delivered for at least an hour. An hour and a half later, we were still waiting for our food. When we called the restaurant, they told us our food was on it's way, but our food still did arrive. We ended up canceling our order and ordering for another Chinese restaurant in town.

review_stars 09/20/2009 - Meo Kyser
We have been eating there for years....LOVE IT!!! Just wish they had a buffet :(

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