Chang's of Brentwood

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11726 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (310) 207-2295


This restaurant has been reported as permanently closed. Click here if it has reopened.

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Yes - Free local delivery, $20 minimum order

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Garage, Street, Validated

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Beer and Wine


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Top Reviews of Chang's of Brentwood

3.5 stars - Based on 39 reviews

review_stars 04/06/2013 - Oz
I love the food from this place. Yes, it is not the best atmosphere but you will leave satisfied. For those of you who love shrimp, they make the beset sesame fried shrimp, I can't believe I had a whole plate of it. May God continue to bless them.

review_stars 10/13/2012 - A.J.
God, I love this place.

The orange chicken is the best, and I must suggest the sesame shrimp dish. its amazzzing.

They deliver, always on time. Very fast and efficient on the phone, I never have to enunciate or spell things out - a rarity I've found for chinese food. Five stars!

review_stars 04/28/2012 - mike

review_stars 03/31/2012 - jj
owner who takes phone orders is a huge ahole and will yell at you if you ask him a question. otherwise food is great

review_stars 06/19/2011 - Jeff
We have been going to Chang's for many years, and we drive about 50 miles (one way) from our Wood Ranch, Simi Valley home JUST to go to Chang's for dinner! Why, because of the food and the friendly service.
My favorite dish is the sesame shrimp, but we have never ordered anything we did not like. We always eat there, and you should know that like many Chinese "family" restaurants, the ambiance is nothing to write home about. If you want atmosphere, then you might prefer P.F. Chang's, but their food is more expensive, the portions are smaller, and I don't think that the overall food compares.
Regarding the negative reviews I am surprised to read about their service, I think one must remember that they are a tiny restaurant with only about 4 or 5 employees (including one waitress) and their take-out business seems larger than their in store business which has only about a dozen tables. Since we have been going there for years, they know us, and we always receive a warm and family greeting and service from Linda, their lone waitress. It is understandable that they might not always communicate perfectly, given (1) the language (and cultural) barrier, and (2) how busy they get.
We will continue to make Chang's our 1st choice for Chinese food in L.A.. In fact, we are going there tonight!

review_stars 04/09/2011 - Kathleen
My family has been going to Chang's and ordering takeout for over two decades. Our children, now in college, always want to eat at Chang's for their birthdays and when they are home on college breaks. Linda, knows our selections by heart and is always warm and engaging. She makes us feel like family. The food is served promptly and always prepared the way we ask. We take our out of town guests to Chang's and they always love it. They did a fabulous job with my husband's 50th birthday party that his co- workers gave him. If you are a visitor, please do not leave Los Angeles without eating at Chang's.

review_stars 08/12/2010 - Debbie
I think the people who wrote reviews of this restaurant were at the WRONG place. The owners are such nice people and the wait staff are THE BEST. The food quality is superb and the prices are ridiculously LOW for Brentwood!

review_stars 07/11/2010 - jennifer
So I just read all the reviews, most of which were quite horrible in regards to the service, but I have to say that the woman who answered the phone and took our order was both kind and helpful. She was actually a sweetheart! We love the food from Changs.

review_stars 05/07/2010 - Renee
My family loves the food at Changs. We love to take the food to go and it is always delicious. The owners are not overly warm or friendly. But for us, we will continue to go back as there is no other chinese restaurant in the area that is nearly as good.

review_stars 04/27/2010 - lili

review_stars 03/07/2010 - meryl needles
Service was AWFUL!!!!!! On a Saturday evening they had 2 waitresses. Took forever just to get water and tea, then forever to order. Then by the time the food came out it was cold!! Very small inside and the tables are very close to each other and the waitresses kept banging the back of my chair. Will not go there again.

review_stars 03/01/2010 - MenuPix User
Chang's is by far the best Chinese I've found in LA. I have never actually eaten in the restaurant, but I do order from here at least once a week. Sure the guy answering the phone barks "What you need!", but who cares if the food is good. The woman who answers the phone is lovely and has patiently helped me figure out ordering for a large group on more than one occasion. The chicken is always perfectly cooked and the shrimp and chicken lettuce cups are delicious.

review_stars 01/31/2010 - MenuPix User
The food is Excellent but customer service suffers from lack of social etiquette. They could have double the business they have with the quality of food that they serve, instead they are rude to all their customers and frankly THEY DONT CARE. Either way I am still going back because their food is very Tasty and I am really not that sensitive.


review_stars 12/30/2009 - beatrice
Ive ordered from here about 2 times and both times they've delivered. both times the delivery guy got mad i just gave him a $5 tip and told me for that little of a tip i should go pick up my own now we don't call for take out and they lost a customer.

review_stars 12/27/2009 - Mary
We had Chang's cater our wedding. All of our out of town guests love Chang's, some want us to send it Fed Ex! It is the best food on the West Side and the owners are some of the nicest people we have met. If you have trouble getting through it is because they are busy with so many orders it is hard to get them all in. We hope Chang's is around forever!

review_stars 11/23/2009 - Justine
RUDE RUDE RUDE! I don't know how a place like this stays in business. I called to place and order and the lady who took the order behaved as though I should be grateful she answered my call. Disgusting attitude! I will never eat there even if it was the last place on earth left.

review_stars 09/24/2009 - Suzanne
I agree -- I've only had take out from Chang's a few times, but the service has been consistently rude and obnoxious. Their enduring popularity despite the unforgivable service is a testament to the dearth of passable Chinese food on the westside.

review_stars 08/27/2009 - Unhappy customer
Rude, rude, rude....I eat out and/or order in all the time. This restaurant has okay chinese food but they are the rudest establishment that I have ever been. Their customer service skills suck!!!!!

review_stars 07/04/2009 - Daniel
We tried a lot of Chinese restaurant and Chang is the best. great service, great food, great prices. A great family restaurant.

A winner all around.

review_stars 06/11/2009 - Jodie
I have been a happy Chang's customer for over 10 years. It is our favorite family restaurant. My kids always request it for special occaisions.

The service is excellent and they remember our favorite dishes. Sesame Shrimp is to die for! The green beans are delicious!

Chang's is a treasure.

review_stars 01/28/2009 - Maggie
I want to add to my other review which has not been posted. They had a bad attitude about giving me a receipt so check you transaction. also their personalities are horroble I agree with the brick wall comment Do they only like other Chinese people and or rich clients. They were unfriendly to me not mean but stone face no thank you no smile Nada

review_stars 01/24/2009 - Extremely unhappy customer
I was shocked an appalled at the service I received from this restaurant. I was told that they don't care if I ever call them again. This was the first time I called them as the reviews I had read made them sound like they were very welcoming and neighborly. I was terribly disappointed at how I was treated over the phone. They hung up on me. I don't find this kind of treatment at all neighborly especially since this was the first and definitely the last time I will ever call them. As the saying goes, an unhappy customer tells 10 people they are unhappy whereas a happy customer tells one. I have never been compelled to write a negative review about anyone. This is the first time. I would never recommend this establishment to anyone.

review_stars 12/29/2008 - MenuPix User
Wow - after reading the reviews below, I am so sad! Chang's has been our preferred Chinese joint since I was introduced to the restaurant by my future mother in law - 30 years ago! And yes, we have been enjoying it ever since! Through UCLA undergrad and med school, and now with my two boys - we love the place. The owners are very nice and are there in the evenings on the weekends. In the meantime, the waiters are the same couple working there for YEARS - 7 days a week - Linda the wife is the most sweet, attentive, darling lady who knows our order by heart - and when we go, we order to have a feast and leftovers for two or three days, so the fact that she rattles off our 7 dishes and recommends a new one or two is amazing. Her husband is more shy - and may come off as standoffish - just ignore that and enjoy the delicious food. Sweet and spicy crispy shrimp, sesame shrimp, cheng pi chicken (tangerine), eggplant in garlic brown sauce - my mouth is watering! And my favorite is the vegetable mu shu. My kids like the noodles - chow mein and thick wide noodles with bok choy and chicken - for me they are too oily, but the kids love them...

I work near Chinatown, and eat there regularly, and prefer this place hands down - delicious and clean. Enjoy!

review_stars 11/30/2008 - Brentwooders
I've been ordering takeout regularly from Chang's for 4 years now. It got me through college and into grad school and I love it! I am chinese and haven't found such good, authentic chinese food anywhere in LA (i'm not willing to make the journey to fullerton or alhambra or rowland heights) it's a bit more expensive than typical chinese, but it's in Brentwood, what do you expect? The service is almost always perfect, they even knew me by my order and introduced themselves my first time physically in the restaurant. the staff actually speak mandarin and are all chinese, shocking for a chinese restaurant, i know! They are always nice and the food is always great, consistently delicious for years.

review_stars 10/18/2008 - MenuPix User
After reading this site's reviews, I decided to give Chang's a try last night even though it was more expensive than 2 others near me. I pick up my food and the man who waited on me was about as nice and friendly as a brick wall. The food was okay in spite of the fact that there were not one, but TWO hairs in it. After discovering which, I threw the rest away.
Not going back when there are other places in the neighborhood that are more reasonably priced and where the people seem to appreciate your business.

review_stars 05/25/2008 - MenuPix User
Love everything about it.

review_stars 04/18/2008 - MenuPix User
Best Chinese Food on the Westside

review_stars 02/11/2008 - vic
I used to get food there for a former boss and have loved it ever since. I took my parents there once and ever since my mom has requested to go back there for her birthday dinner. We live in the valley so it is a bit of a hike to get there but totally worth it!

review_stars 02/11/2008 - MenuPix User
Ok... I am a self proclaimed chinese food expert. I refuse to eat dark meat chicken, would never eat at Panda Express because the food is garbage, and would never eat at an all you can eat chinese buffet. I have looked long and hard to find the best chinese food in LA and I have found it at Chang's. If you judge the place based on the decor, then you will be disappointed; but luckily you eat the food and not the chairs. Hands down the best chinese food in town and I would love to find a place that rivals it. Though the decor is dated, Chang's is clean, despite what other reviewers may tell you. The owners will let you walk through the kitchen to enter the parking lot and you can see for yourself how clean it is. Find me another Chinese restaurant that will let you in the kitchen. Bottom line, if you go to Chang's you will not be disappointed.

review_stars 01/02/2008 - MenuPix User
I placed a lunch order for my office. Charged it, $270, nice tip included. When I got my credit card bill, it was $100 higher! I still have the receipt, it's very clear. Manager is never there, keep calling.

review_stars 11/17/2007 - MenuPix User
I have been a customer at Changs for many many years. I have never had anything but excellent food and service. The decor may be dated but it is so refreshing to be treated like a valued customer and welcomed back. I would like anyoine who enjoys good Chinese food to try Changs. They will never be happy with anything else.

review_stars 08/23/2007 - MenuPix User
We always go to Chang's when we get a chance. They always remember us and even remember what we order. The decor maybe dated, but who doesn't like the cheesy Chinese restaurant look with the pink accents and the lazy susans? I've never had anything bad there. I feel sorry for those of you who feel you have to be so mean. I say Good for me then. Go somewhere else. You can find me at Chang's.

review_stars 06/22/2007 - MenuPix User
Food is decient. The service is unbelievably horrible. You'd think a business that has been dependant on the community would take care of their repeat customers. Incredible!

review_stars 06/17/2007 - MenuPix User
Quality Food, Better than P.F. Changs, I've been eating here for about 15 years. I love it.

review_stars 05/31/2007 - MenuPix User
I felt I had to review this restaurant having read the review posted on 5/21/07. My family and I have been coming to Changs for years now. The owners are always welcoming and happy to see us. I order out from them and the food is delivered absolutely when they say it will be, the order is never wrong, the food hot, and the driver polite. When we go to the restaurant, although the inside decor is a bit "old", the place is full of very happy returning patrons. I love having Changs in the neighbohood! And their sesame shrimp is particularly delicious. I did happen to be ordering over the phone one night not too long ago when I heard someone yelling at the owner from my end of the line. I was actually quite shocked at the tone of voice and language the person complaining was using and felt very sorry for the owner who was trying to be polite about it.I can't imagine anyone being that upset by something at this restaurant. Sounds like the person who wrote the review of May 21st.

review_stars 05/21/2007 - MenuPix User
should be condemned due to its disgusted, dated, dirty decor. seriously needing a scrubbing. then, there's the very bizarre, intense, little man who will alternately ignore/bully you--the place is EMPTY, and he wants to seat you next to the fish tank. The dumplings are okay. But, try ordering the tofu and they will literally wash it with brackish, gray water after someone didn't want it, and try to pass it off on you. This place is a DUMP and deserves to be on the radar of LA City inspectors!!

review_stars 08/27/2006 - MenuPix User
If you want the food spicy, then ask for it extra spicy... it wasnt hot enough!

review_stars 07/22/2006 - MenuPix User
we have been going to changs since, god knows when, and until this day it remains our family favourite. the food is not oily, like the infamous P.F. changs that is now found in every city. although the atmosphere looks like my grandmothers house, the food is indeed amazing

review_stars 07/13/2006 - MenuPix User
This place is amazing... all my friends and roommates love it... we order in at least once every 2 weeks, and are never disappointed! Great tasting authentic chinese food, decent prices, and all the employees are really nice!

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