Carl's Jr

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1231 E Cesar E Chavez Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (323) 264-1122


COVID-19 Alert: Hours and menu options may be affected due to the COVID-19 corona virus. Please contact the restaurant directly for updated info.
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Monday5:00am-12:00am, 5:00am-12:00am


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Carl's Jr - Monterey Park, CA

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Top Reviews of Carl's Jr

2.0 stars - Based on 37 reviews

review_stars 05/16/2021 - MenuPix User

review_stars 12/27/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 12/09/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 12/08/2020 - Alui
All your stores in area locally are in need of change New Management staff it begins with them the store is hideous you have no crew you have fake reviews when management team don't care and DMS don't care it affects the business

review_stars 11/13/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 11/08/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 06/12/2020 - MenuPix User
When is the inside eatery goimg open whats wrong with your owner store manger and area DM and where are your good front line workers some guy with long facial hair and a beard mustache you cant have that and fake nails a weird women in the drive thru Cindy needs to go were so tired of the trash that stood here thru the Coronva Viruses and still here get her out of there where your facial mask shields for the workers

review_stars 05/27/2020 - Shamrock
the over all performance at this location starting from the store manager assist managers , this particular store is not in healh regulations with the county health department or with the CDC . the possible spread of Coronaviruses in here is scary . No facial mask seen by customers who come sit in here ,lingering around talking with the female managers , the shield guards for the employees are very thin and small . theres a man in here asking the manager to give his phone a boost by charging , and they are doing it , this man seems to talk with them as friends , he's dirty nasty bum talk about spread some intentional Coronaviruses , let by your managers all of them > as a delivery person for this store ,NO MORE your endangering me and everyone else shut it down DHARAD

review_stars 04/29/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 04/13/2020 - Clara
Not worth 1 star first of all government wants us to eat fast food which a NO thats heart disease!! Than to get in your drive thru and be asked to park what is wrong with that woman in the drive thru she seems to care more about the bums who linger on the side window I ohoto her last month adding water to the milk while waiting in the drive thru . CINDY right now im asked to move and park this womsn does not want to be in the drive thru she talking really loud tellingsome

review_stars 03/31/2020 - Russell
I dont care for fast foods #1 its not 2#postmate i experienced food was dry n old by the time the,driver picked it up from. This location #3 parked into drive thru your not offering dine in carry out #4 disapprove of the folks hanging around the exterior of the parking lot the homeless viewed tagging on patking blocks smell of strong urine and the 2 guys hanging very close to the drive thru window not at all unacceptable there was no social distancing 6 ft clearance the guy was dirty cash was being exchanged from him to the woman at the,drive thru window it seem he was counting a lot of maybe single bills you could see clearly in exchange the woman at the drive thru passed him a couple of bills this man was dirty impaired a homeless sort a ,cellular came out of the window passed to him. The woman at the drive thru carried a conversation with him again no social distancing . I asked for a store manager she really surprised me said she was a manager . I called into the store another woman picked up a phone that was laying in that area on left you could see her in plain view 3 woman in total No social distancing within the eatery . This eatery is posing a risk on the public health . I refuse to move my car when asked Something this serious requires new managers at once . I've seen it all

review_stars 03/17/2020 - MenuPix User
Waiting in the Drive-Thru for over 27 minutes and you only have one car in front and one car and back same thing as yesterday and the same faces in the Drive-Thru window from what I could see into the drive-thru window it is very dirty looking in there nadty and dirty more germs and theees at least 3 of you closed the drive thru yuck.

review_stars 03/15/2020 - Phillp
I stopped by my ice cream shake tastes like water big bin of ice icrem was sitting there on Friday melting away .The ,shake is disdilluted . I really hope your not messing around with the milk I work for Alta Dena Certified product is not milk The manager has a rude mouth Condi

review_stars 02/27/2020 - Leslie
Tried that new burger BFC ,I did not realize its was available in different sizes WOW . The service was great cashier got me interested in the 6 dollar BFC combo large dollar dessert a wonder woman working more than 1 register only 1 cashier 2 cooks 1 fry 1 cook ensemble burgers you think with a high demand for this burger that seemed to be very popular for this Weds, that this store have more staff the negative had to wait 11 mins for my food due to short staff in the kitchen and front

review_stars 02/18/2020 - Mike Lai
This place in Monterey Park the minute you walk into the door atmosphere i staff in front 3 small women who seemed to cater only to Hispanic / Mexican two managers are present they do not know how to take orders I thought they were capable of handling all aspects of the store managers are short sarcastic rude walk away from you . This particular store does discriminate against older Folk because I know you have older staff members but where are they they are kind to the people you only focus on putting Hispanic here instead of all diversities it is very sad because there is at least two or three older folks who is excellent and I do not see them for this touch experience it is terrible awful disappoint

review_stars 02/07/2020 - 3
It takes a really long time to have your order taken I could have went to Taco Tuesday or taco Thursday on both days it was the same girl who is not friendly very serious seem bummed out rather just stood there and waited for you to talk finally the food took enough time to get to my table I ended up having him test for me to take my food the total experience I'm about 35 minutes this staff at this store was not ready manager was not on sync on both McDonald's and in and out have a full crew this is not a fast food also there was a guy in there there was very disruptive carrying around trash bags I don't know what he had in them but they sound like cans very dirty looking left of standing there by the tilled area and he kept interrupting at the Tilt area where I could not hear the lazy sleepy cashier take my order do not come here if you plan on try to make it for your lunch

review_stars 01/24/2020 - Nahuy
I was going to eat inside the restaurant but it's very depressing you have very few customers that got in the car and went through drive thru not a pleasant experience the lady at the window with that donut on her head couldn't see her name tag she asked me to park I am not parking unless I see a drive-through Park zone sign do not ask me I guess you are not all aware that California is passing the new regulation that fast food restaurants are not to ask cars to be parking its causes accidents reflect back on last year and Huntington Park where there was a crash I wonder your Carl's Juniors and people were injured in hurt and it has to do with the same thing so people at the drive-thru asking the customer to back up and go forward and park their cars and it created an accident what is wrong with you all apparently this lady at the window does not hot know how to do her job fast and sufficient I have been coming here for years this is the first time I have experienced this it was so nice and it was so pleasant when there was a girl in the Drive-Thru by the name of Angela and your store manager was named Martha they were always quick on their toes never ever did I ever see them parked and he cars do your job Carls you're getting paid a l lot management.

review_stars 01/14/2020 - Family Ayala
Check in to Carl's Jr the service is rather slow no happy faces cashier seems grumpy the other woman can't see the name to busy talking loud about her employees and her labors issues this must be your store manager when a manager says very loud because she frustrated. You 2 are my labor she talking about 2cooks they are in your kitchen right now 12pm for Tuesday that other lady is not focus what so ever it's really bad here getting out of the line I feel for the employees of this store

review_stars 12/25/2019 - Gina
Really bad atttude from that woman Cindy I went to pick up a postmate waited over 8 ,mins before she noticed me standing there she was to busy talking with the thugs people are. She tried to put blame on the other person working with her this is the only Carl's Jr where I have experienced a delay with Postmates. Disappointed with Carl's Monterey Park.

review_stars 12/13/2019 - Carmen Mendoza
At Carls Jr. Mpk now only 1 cook a taco truck has more cooks no one in the front line your DM is in the area this is possible

review_stars 12/08/2019 - MenuPix User

review_stars 11/30/2019 - Jake Janelle
Going to carls here was always exciting coming home. For the holidays I just left this Monterrey park store were very disappointed. Here this Saturday Morning people are ot friendly. Homeless hang out manager. Makes a comment where's all customers. Well think you have homeless other weird people hanging I there ad your manager are associated hanging talking with them all friendly plus its extremely cold they say they cannot do a think about the a,c I had to take my family leave the food there Our Knee's and feet were very cold sick employees should not be working the other night a older man and older woman with blonde brown hair were coughing all over the place perhaps a call to OSHA this cold is ot good for your workers ir the company

review_stars 11/25/2019 - Sergio Marcus
Thank Carl's for the delicious tasting beyond burger all I had to do was purchase a large drink it's was fast friendly inviting, the gals were great Maria a new crew member and Ms.Paula

review_stars 11/22/2019 - Stephany
. Service is slow takes so long to get your food I can't understand the women English the other female prancing about can she help the other women out

review_stars 11/12/2019 - Amy
The hospitality. On late Monday afternoon was great a solo woman handling everything by her self short staffed went above and beyond. To accommodate my family with great tasting food and desserts thanks to Paula

review_stars 06/30/2019 - MenuPix User
The lady at the drive thru Cindy at 12pm today Sunday white blouse is rude there is no reason for here to tell me move forward now move forward no sense I work for Lyft need to move on only 1car behind me where is Martha I asked for her this rude women named Cindy smirked laughed it off Martha was quick so was Josie food was delicious inappropriate dressed not conservative was this women get new managers owner does not cares about quality or the customer

review_stars 01/06/2019 - unsatisfactory
Service has a low standard for Mondays ,( breakfast lunch ) ..during week nights .Restaurant Prices outrageous . Restaurant Coupons are ridiculous computers non functional , Front line manager shift leaders destroying your business evening

review_stars 10/18/2018 - Action Sales
Food was on check the classic burger combo delhighly pleasant to the taste. the classic combos great price, the 2 amazing ladies great customer service skills fast friendly , Martha Paula glad your both still here

review_stars 10/04/2018 - TimChan
Long line appeared to be short staffed only a, single cashier who was middle age very accurate suggestions great people skills able to move that long line manager on site viewable food was excellent the team blend working hard great lunch experience for Wednesday Oct 3 2018 your store manager needs to do something about the coupon codes cashier had enough to do should not have to be searching for codes 5 stars

review_stars 10/04/2018 - Carmen Mendoza
finally something good to say about this place , I have asked where are your regular workers , middle of the week Weds > Nancy is still here happy friendly also Paula Martha , not much crew just these amazing ladies on Weds , and it was busy fast workers great food , hot and fresh ,one of the cooks is upset because a crew member asked for my french fries she was the older cook its was my lunch meal don't question my food give me what I ordered your very expensive cannot give you 5 stars the cooks was difficult .

review_stars 09/21/2018 - flop 1 star
No quality in the taste of food Salvador not into his work or any other person on there foe Friday now food just sitting there on plastic trays getting Cold a much of tray are drying in the dane area making ice cream cups tight here where we can see the ice cream melt III Ng nasty gross place

review_stars 05/18/2018 - Barbara Zamora
don"t like to complaint but this place is gone down the drain, was so nice coming here bringing the students , or with my co workers for lunch it was very fast accurate friendly ,do miss Angela Josie and Paula and Nancy there not here anymore , only the same day cooks who are so grumpy , The ladies of this Carls Jr , were like a second family to this community and that's what we like and choose its so sad that the owner is hiring so many new faces, that lack the sense of urgency and direction delays for lunch this week since Monday -- Friday ,you need new day cooks to slow is the lunch , manager not getting after morning cooks

review_stars 04/14/2018 - Lau
the 2 amazing guys were Eduardo and Jorge 2 shift leaders afternoon and evening boost up your sales move on up to morning lunch rush hrs, great guys

review_stars 4 Reviews
4 reviews with an average rating of 2.5 stars have been consolidated here. Consolidated reviews are included in the calculation of the average rating of 2.0 stars which is based on 37 total reviews.

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