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Bennett's Meadowood Country Club

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2009 Freeport Rd
Madison, WI 53711 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (608) 271-3827

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No delivery

Cash Only

Parking Lot

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Mon-Sat: 6am - 2am, Sun: 6am - 8pm

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Top Reviews of Bennett's Meadowood Country Club

review_stars 08/29/2014 - stonewahl
When my carry-out food order was not done as ordered, I asked for money back and to speak to manager. I got my money back after an argument with some old hag there who decided for me what my order would be...not preparing my burger as ordered and even added an item i didn't order because that's how she felt I should have placed my order. Then I was directed to a table with 5 men sitting around it. I asked which of them was the manager and none answered me...I was left guessing which one it was. Finally one said he was the "owner's representative." I told him what occurred and he said "so what." I said, "you really have some shit customer service here." He said, "we've got some shit customers too." As I was leaving I was followed outside by another patron that had overheard the conversation and was harrassed and physically threatened by this individual. This place does not deserve to be in business. This is the kind of establishment Bennett's Meadowood Country Club (aka Bennett's) is.

review_stars 12/31/2011 - Matt
Im a Liberal College student, and me and my Liberal friends all eat here and dont care about the stupid ad. Get over it.
The food is fantastic and cheap. I can go to Old Fashioned and get burger that are just as tasty but half the size for almost 2x the price. Bennetts is a great deal and a nice place to be.
And for those who dont know, go to the big "order here" sign and order, its not a restaurant, its a bar.

review_stars 10/20/2011 - Kaushik
For people who think that the Ad in 77 square was bigoted, I have news for you... Use your brains... The ad merely served to point out the loopholes in the legal system of this "great" country. I firmly believe that if the ad stated the the dog did not speak Klingon, then all you losers out there would have had the laugh of your lives... But nooooo... it said the Dog did not speak English, so it has to be taken as slander Correct???? WRONG!

Again, I beg of you fools out there... use your head... Being a person of foreign origin myself and coming from a country whose national language is NOT English, I understood the underlying message, so why did people whose primary language IS English not get it??? Simple - Whether you are a foreign national or an American, you can't fix stupid.

Bennet's is an awesome place to hang out. I have been here many times and will be going back several times in future... the atmosphere is great and the food's awesome (especially the home made onion rings... mmmmmmmm... Yummy!)

review_stars 09/08/2011 - Marissa
I love Bennett's. I wish it was close enough to walk there. They have the absolute BEST burger in town--Cajun Burger with Cheddar--AND the best Wings. Everything is simple, yummy, and above all CHEAP! Just make sure to bring cash as that is all they take. I don't care if you are liberal or righty, just eat there because it's good.

review_stars 09/06/2011 - jimmy
Who's HotMama? No one cares if you are black dumbass

review_stars 03/18/2011 - Forget it
A seriously awful place. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. Or nowhere else.

review_stars 11/16/2010 - dan 0
i don't know who all the people are that blast this place! when you can go out and find a meal like this for that price let me know!!! get off your high horse! when you pull in the parking lot on a Thursday for the 2 eggs 2 pieces of bacon and the 2 pieces of toast with American fries from 6 to 9 for 2.00 and see who is there from business owners to CEO's to working people let me know! by the way it still is a bar !

review_stars 10/12/2010 - kj

review_stars 06/23/2010 - hot mama
my father wanted 2 take his daughter out 4 a burger. The waitress finally asked us what we wanted after we sat 5 mins @ the bar.. the food was good... not the best but it was ok... she never came back once 2 check and see how are food was nor start a conversation with us.. (oh i should let u know we are black.) once we were almost done and she gave us a box then had 2 ask 4 our bill!!! needless 2 say no one said goodbye or thank you once we gathered our things and got the hell out of there!!! i will never be spending a dime in that establishment!! thankfully my dad paid this time otherwise they might not of gotten paid :)

review_stars 06/17/2010 - Anoymous
Since this is a restaurant review and not an attack at a satirical statement, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Country Club. It's ashamed so many softies out there have no sense of humor and are that ignorant. Keep up the good work!

review_stars 03/26/2010 - Carpenter Joe
I'm one blue collar worker and native Madisonian who will never eat here because I don't like bigoted "jokes" about hatred. The 77 Square ad was disgusting. I try fish frys all over town and this place was on my list to try. Not anymore. You just lost my family's business.

review_stars 03/08/2010 - Bogie
I was very offended by your ad in Square 77. It was hateful and not one bit funny. Be assured I won't be coming to your "Country Club." Whatever were you thinking about?

review_stars 03/07/2010 - MenuPix User
I hope you lose your precious dive bar and have to go on welfare you sociopathic dick. We ate there once and the food sucked. I'm sure yor dog is ashamed of you.

review_stars 03/06/2010 - Ron Czerwien
Bennett's recent ad equating non-English speakers with dogs is the act of an ignorant, uneducated, racist. Calling himself the voice of the blue-collar working man is an insult to decent, hardworking blue-collar men & women (oops, I forgot he's a misogynist, too). He's always been considered a local joke my most people, and this ad confirms it.

review_stars 03/05/2010 - Stormin Norman
Great food. Too bad the loony liberals in Madison have no sense of humor. The PC crap has gone too far.Anyway, Bennett won't miss the Bobby Rice's of Dane County, they wouldn't fit in anyway.

review_stars 03/04/2010 - Bobby Rice
I don't know anything about the food or atmosphere of this place, and I never will after seeing their ad in 77 Square. The powers that be at Bennett's apparently thought it was funny to equate welfare recipients - specifically non-English speaking ones- with dogs. Who is it that this ad is targeting? Does this kind of humiliating ad really enhance their business? If so, we're worse off than I thought.

review_stars 03/04/2010 - Mary
I never read that insert but for some reason today I did and found that ad almost instantly. I felt kind of sick the rest of the day. What was the goal in writing that? There is a way to articulate frustration with our system and still maintain dignity and honor. The editor at the WSJ answered an email promptly and to my satisfaction.

review_stars 10/17/2007 - tbob
This place has always been full of lively fun blue collar folks who like to have a great time! The movies might not win an oscar but they sure no how to liven up your day!

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