Southgate Family Pizzeria

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918 Hwy 33 south
Cloquet, MN 55720 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (218) 879-1516


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Southgate Family Pizzeria in Cloquet, Minnesota, changed ownership in July 2019. We offer specialty and house pizzas as well as pizzas topped to your personal wishes. In addition to pizza, Mexican options, sub sandwiches, appetizers, Kemp's ice cream, and salads are on the menu. Beer is available in bottles or on tap. Wine options are also available, Coke products, or 1919 Root Beer.

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Reviews for Southgate Family Pizzeria

Top Reviews of Southgate Family Pizzeria

review_stars 11/11/2023 - MenuPix User

review_stars 10/21/2023 - MenuPix User

review_stars 10/20/2023 - MenuPix User

review_stars 10/19/2023 - MenuPix User

review_stars 09/30/2023 - MenuPix User

review_stars 09/13/2023 - MenuPix User

review_stars 10/31/2020 - Dorothy Williams
Good 5 meat pizza, good service and pleasant service.

review_stars 02/26/2020 - MenuPix User
This has become my favorite pizza shop in Cloquet since the new owners took over in July of 2019.

review_stars 12/04/2019 - Ross
Excellent food and great service!
You gotta try the new Philly pizza! It’s awesome! It puts other places philly pizza to shame!
Next time I’m going to try the Canadian Mac and Cheese pizza.
The Taco Pizza is the best anywhere!

review_stars 04/06/2019 - E
Spent $30 on cold food. It was delivered 1 hour & 15 minutes later. Missing what i wantes was wrong. I will not order there again.

review_stars 08/04/2018 - MenuPix User
Pizza and food taste better since the new owners took over. Thanks for but cheapening ingredients. A loyal customer

review_stars 04/12/2018 - Annette
New Owners since May 15, 2016 - check out the new reviews and menu, you will be pleasantly surprised!!!


review_stars 07/11/2016 - Kari
BEST TACO PIZZA around! I have not found better yet!

review_stars 10/24/2015 - Brady
I have been to many pizza places all througout Minnesota, and I can not find a place that has pizza as good as Southgate. It has been my favorite pizza for 20+ years. I rarely do online reviews, but I would hate for someone to read a bad review on here and miss out on truly great pizza.

review_stars 09/25/2015 - EW
The food I ordered was gross. I ordered a chicken chimichanga it tasted like beans. I had it delivered. It was cold n the Styrofoam was melted when I received it. I will never order there again. Ish!!

review_stars 08/31/2015 - Saucey
I am not impressed. I did not at all like the sauce. It is so plain and almost tasted so watered down that there was just no flavor to it at all. I LOVE pizza and Southgate would be my last pick. I think they need to do something to there sauce to make it stand out rather then have no flavor at all. It just runs right off the pizza. Like I said "watered down" So thicken it up and make it flavorful. I think there would be more business if they did so.

review_stars 01/12/2014 - Betsy Peterson
Absolutel gross. I rather eat a three year old frozen pizza. And iwouldn't even give this place one star, but i had to.

review_stars 06/19/2011 - Janna T. from St. Paul
My friends and I stopped at Southgate Family Pizzeria after spending the day in Duluth for Grandma's Marathon (6/18/11). We ordered the taco pizza and a pepperoni pizza. The taco pizza was okay, but the pepperoni pizza was delivered to our table with no pepperoni. We opted not to send it back because we didn't want to wait another 30 minutes. The pizza was bland and lacked flavor. They claim to make their crusts fresh daily, but I am certain these were commercially prepared crusts. They tasted like cardboard. The menu items were way over priced (the reason they don't print their prices on their to-go menu). The wait staff was very unfriendly. Overall experience was poor!!!

review_stars 12/12/2010 - JP
Um . . .to the person who couldn't get a FREE refill. . . .refills at Southgate Pizza have never been free . . .I remember that from when I was little. Their sauce is still the best and their deep dish chewy yummy crust rocks. MMMMMM

review_stars 11/11/2010 - sandy
Are you sure you guys went to the right Southgate? I know alot of people still go to the bowling alley restaurant thinking it is Southgate Pizza...but it is not. I have heard many complaints about the bowling alley food. I love Southgate Pizza. I have been going there for over 15 years and have never had a bad experience! The quality has been the same every time. The best pizza in town as far as I am concerned.

review_stars 09/17/2010 - Shelley Anderson
I ordered a medium hamburger, mushroom, black olive pizza tonight and it was terrible. Most of the cheese was cheddar,not Mottzarella,the sauce was tasteless, and the pizza was a soggy, soggy mess. The quality of Southgate pizza has taken a turn for the worst. This used to be my favorite, even over Sammy's, but not anymore. A frozen pizza would have tasted better than this soggy mess.

review_stars 07/31/2010 - Brian
I would agree, it used to be a treat for us to go to Southgate, we would drive from Duluth just to go there. We went the other evening and my wife and I were unbelievably disappointed. We ordered cheese bread, it was ok, but we all thought the bread was doughey just under the cheese, turned out after we got our pizza it was the actual cheese that was horrible. My wife took 2 bites and couldn't eat any more. The cheese was almost like a paste, it wasn't stringy, it left a nasty coating on the roof of your mouth, it was terrible. I asked the woman working if they use real cheese, she said they do. If that was real cheese it was either rotten or they need to change up their brand. It was a huge let down after all the years I've loved going there, not sure if I'm willing to try it again. Also, this wasn't a one time and I'm done, it's progressively gotten worse over the years.

review_stars 05/28/2010 - Randy
This place is a must. If you want great pizza you will get it here. I'm from the cities and have eaten alot of pizza in my time. This is my favorite pizza place!

review_stars 05/18/2010 - Holly
I grew up in Cloquet and my family always went to Southgate. They have the best pizza! When I come home for visits now, I ALWAYS make sure we make time to stop there. We love thier SOUTHGATE SUPREME Pizza!! Great food!

review_stars 05/11/2010 - brad
this pizza is great! the address is wromg though in this ad. it is now on hwy 33. they moved over by the movie theatre. my family has been eating this pizza for years. it is the best ever! my kids love it. the taco pizza is the ever!

review_stars 01/05/2010 - K
This used to be a TREAT to eat at Southgate...Last evening, I was truly disappointed. The pizza was not too bad - not as good as it used to be years ago, but not bad. The people working were friendly. The building was clean...OK - I tried to think of as many good things as I could but here I go...They will not take checks - NOT good - many people do not have cards or cash...but that was not the kicker...the kicker was when I went to get a REFILL on my POP - I was told "refills are not free"...????? REFILLS not free???? What dining establishment do you go where REFILLS are not free. I could not believe this. I found out last evening WHY the place is always so empty...Let us have FREE REFILLS and think again about accepting checks...I used to wonder how they stay afloat as there is NEVER anyone there - now I know...

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