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Silver Bow Pizza Parlor


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3500 Harrison Ave
Butte, MT 59701 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (406) 494-2750
Cuisine: Pizza, Subs
Neighborhood: Butte

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Top Reviews of Silver Bow Pizza Parlor

review_stars 03/14/2018 - dan m.
I've lived in Butte forty years and loved the pizza until recently, the new owner is really running it into the ground.
I just bought my last two pizzas ever from there and one will more than likely end up in the garbage, less than half of the toppings their used to be, crust was bad and the inside looks like a warehouse and waited fifteen minutes to get the pizza's called in 25 mins earlier

review_stars 07/01/2014 - Army Mom
In the last month I have had the opportunity to send off two of my daughters to basic training. Three weeks ago we dined at the Silver Bow Pizza Parlor. Our experienced started great. We were greeted by friendly staff, we were given a cash discount/military and the food was hot and fresh. It was nice to know when pizza came out and what kind. I would have rated this a 5 star.

Monday, this week, we went with a possible family tradition. We entered, we faced a very unhappy or unfriendly cashier. She never smiled, pretty much barked at me that they don't do discounts anymore and wouldn't. Everyone has bad days, but the drink girl was as unhappy and distraught. There was one pizza out so we had to keep returning to get pizza as it was called, if they happened to call it, but the place got pretty busy, pretty fast and I would truly say we didn't get our money's worth. We went ahead to the game room which wow, another happy employee?? This is a kids room, a family place.....SMILE!!!

I would love the opportunity to try your establishment again, but can only hope that the experience be more like the first and not like the last or it will be a last for a lot of people. Be proud, step it up, it's unique to Montana towns. Give us a great place to remember and visit again!!

review_stars 01/22/2013 - Woman who dislikes rude/ignorant people
"Angry Man" - though I doubt you'll ever see this, you never EVER disrespect or talk down to people and their homes by saying we are "deliberately dirty."
First of all, it is winter and snow as well as slush is everywhere. How do you suppose we clean that? No one can control the weather!
Second of all, who seriously says that a 10.9 scaled earthquake is going to be good for the world, huh?! That's a devastation!! You DON'T EVER wish that upon a place or anyone. Where are all of the people gonna go, huh? You want them all too die? Children, women, men, animals... How inhumane can you be?
Thirdly, it takes a "dirty man" to know a "dirty place."
Fourthly, yes. Butte, MT, is poor, but it is far from ugly/"being an infected wound." If you only knew what patience and true beauty is, then you'd see how wrong you are.

Anyway, Silver Bow Pizza Parlor has great food, and people are quite kind! The place definitely needs funding for the arcade area in the back, more efficient cleaning, and probably remodeling in general... But the people and food... 4 stars!

review_stars 01/08/2013 - ANGRY MAN

review_stars 09/18/2011 - Pizza Face
We love you Silverbow. Eaten here for years and will eat here for many years to come!!!!

review_stars 03/21/2011 - Marty Grah
Plain and Simple: Good food but the gaming area is a monstrous disgrace! The owners must be fags or something.

review_stars 03/13/2011 - marceec
Silver Bow Pizza has a captive audience in Butte. We go there because there is nowhere else to go. Occasionally, I feel optimistic that they are going to put some money back into the business, like when they put in the TVs. But then they never put anything on them except screen savers. The skeeball machines are covered in layers of filth - most games are dirty, but nothing like the skeeball machines. Some games are broken to the point of being dangerous - there was a race car in there over a year with nothing but a chunk of ragged metal protruding where the steering wheel used to be. I found this review while searching for the owners of Silver Bow Pizza, who do not live in Butte (I never did find them). They should be embarrassed - the establishment is a rip-off, plain and simple. It's no secret why they prefer to remain anonymous. I gave them 3 stars because I happen to like the pizza and salad bar, but I no longer take my kid there unless someone makes the mistake of having a birthday party there.

review_stars 03/11/2011 - Dick
I'm from out of town and my family and I went here to eat. What a terrible mistake that was! I wish I would have read Dan M.'s review prior to going. The customer service was terrible, the environment especially in the back was less than desireable. Old broken games, filth, many health and fire hazards and not to mention the nice touch with the pictures on the high definition televisions. Who the hell wants to look at pictures on a television? The only thing I can say nice about the place was the food was just "ok". The building is ugly as hell too. The owner/operator of this establishment should be ashamed. I will never go back here and I will make sure that I tell everyone about my dissappointing experience.

review_stars 03/06/2011 - Dan M.
John F. Kennedy? How clever. Since were name dropping now and getting butt hurt over a simple, honest review, how about you and the owner go blow each other on the carousel and cram those deflated basketballs up each others asses. When you're done go jump into oncoming traffic. Thanks shit stain!

review_stars 02/17/2011 - John F. Kennedy
The Silver Bow Pizza employees are not babysitters. Don't leave your kids to chew on chords dumb asses. If people took care of their kids the games wouldn't be broke and the management would update the games. There would be no point in them buying a multi thousand dollar game for some assholes kids to break. The pizza is good if you don't like the games don't play them. People will complain about them yet they still play them. They are making money off of them anyway why replace them? Those games have not been there for 30 years, but they are obviously outdated. If you don't like the one arcade in Butte then move.

review_stars 12/18/2010 - p c
could use a good cleaning and games that work

review_stars 09/22/2010 - Dan M.
Just a couple days ago we went to eat here and when we went back to the gaming area we could not believe what we saw. More than half the games had an "Out Of Order" sign posted on them. What seems to be the problem? Can you not afford to buy new Ski ball games or have periodic maintenance performed on them? I believe they are the same games from when I was a kid and I'm 30 years old. The basketballs in the Hoop game look like they've seen better days. You know that walmart sells basketballs for pretty reasonable prices. The game that didn't have signs posted on them should have because all they did was eat my money. That is robbery. Not to mention the filth. Mostly due to outdated equipment. Very outdated. Also, why can't you get quarters for the games in the back. Is it that difficult to have a designated employee in the back who can provide guests with quarters? This was quite honestly a frightening experience for me and my family. There are exposed wires and extension cords just laying all throughout the gaming area. Perhaps a young child or infant decided to chew on one of these cords? Would you feel responsible? I hope so. My advice to ownership is to maybe invest in some "NEW" equipment. Not old new but new new. It is 2010, I suggest getting equipment that works and that is consistent with the decade we live in. I will no longer subject my children to your gaming section. The rest of your restaurant is great especially the food but something needs to be done about that eye sore in the back.

review_stars 05/09/2010 - Not Needed
I worked there all through high school back a few years ago and the manager is a great guy. The food is something to die for and it really was a great first job...i love this place!

review_stars 06/15/2009 - karla hart
we have been going here for 20 years!! this is by far the best value, best tasting and best place for fun in town!

review_stars 12/14/2008 -
Great pizza, nice employes, up to date games, clean, great atmosphere, nice and cheap.

review_stars 12/14/2008 -
Awesome place that rocks, I need a job there! i applies please ZT!!! aaron pick me,

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