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120 Amherst St
Nashua, NH 03064 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (603) 880-5136


COVID-19 Alert: Hours and menu options may be affected due to the COVID-19 corona virus. Please contact the restaurant directly for updated info.
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$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
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All day delivery
$10.00 minimum order $2.00 delivery charge anywhere in Nashua NH

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Top Reviews of Pan Asia

3.0 stars - Based on 32 reviews

review_stars 10/03/2020 - Don
Great crab rangoons! Everything else delicious as well. Some dishes sort of similar but are still tasty.

review_stars 09/11/2020 - MenuPix User
I placed an order and my wings and appetizers we're on the bottom of the bag I I called and spoke to the manager and he laughed at me and thought it was funny and said that the driver must have dropped the bag and then he swore at me so I hung up on him I will never ever order from this restaurant again I've done a lot of business with this restaurant but never again and I will post this to all my friends so nobody ordered from them again and I hope they go out of business cuz that's so disrespectful!!!

review_stars 05/06/2020 - Steady Customer who eats at top restaurants.
BEST for dine out. Quality is always their focus. Of course ordering during the hours when customers eat lunch and supper guarantees you get fresh food. Think about it - How many people eat at 2:30PM for a Chinese meal? Go during lunch hour and dinner hour.

As for delivery - When a restaurant tells you 40 minutes . . . think about it. They are so busy the food is fresh and your delivery may be last which makes it cold.

Recommend Pan Asia to everyone.

May 6, 2020

review_stars 03/21/2020 - Juliane
Great hot & fresh takeout.

review_stars 03/18/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 02/15/2020 - MenuPix User

review_stars 11/26/2018 - MenuPix User
You can’t beat the price and the food and service are well worth it

review_stars 09/09/2017 - GRANA
We ordered takeout when they were recentlyopened: asst appetizers and one entrée. Delivery was prompt but there was no duk sauce or mustard in the pkg. I told the delivery person this& was told YES THEREIS! 1 repliedI cannot find it,please find it for me.He left & I never did find it.I called up & got more ofthesame attitude.We order takeout every week from nearby Chinese restaurants but never again from Pan Asia.
BTW the entrée was not that good &w/o duk sauce the appetizers all fell short of our expectations

review_stars 05/01/2016 - Lori
Food is ok but they treat customers like they are the only Chinese take out place within a 100 miles This means you fat asian kid

review_stars 02/21/2015 - Not Happy
THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$. I ordered delivery last night and had to wait over 2 hours to get my food, which was just about $75, and it literally gave EVERYONE who ate it FOOD POISONING!! This place is disgusting. I will eat frog legs I catch myself in a dirty swamp raw before I order from this place again....BE CAREFUL!!

review_stars 07/01/2014 - Disappointed
When I got my food my duck sauce container was empty. Turns out it was not on tightly enough and spilled all over my food. I'm not one to drench my food in sauce. I dip a little and thats it. I called an complained and he said he cannot do anything about it because he is closed. I argued about his bad customer service for 10 minutes and he still did not want to send me my food or give me a refund. He wanted to credit me. I don't want to order from him again and told him so. So it's pointless to get a credit. I told him to give me a refund and he said a new order would be there in 20 minutes. I was fed up I did not want his food at this point. 20 minutes later I had a knock on my door. It was 'some' of my food. I only got half of what I ordered and there wasn't even any duck sauce. And my bank account did not get refunded. That was a waste of $21.

review_stars 09/08/2012 - david atkin
stop by this place the other day to give it a try because i was in a rush to get back to work and it was on the way, ended up getting one of their super specials and i must say it was pretty good..where can u go wrong for a $5 plate..i dont even think i can get a value meal at mc donalds for that price!!! glad i stopped in now i know where to go get a fast lunch...and when i say was ready in like a minute

review_stars 07/06/2012 - nashua citizen
If you want left over lunch food for dinner, order here.this place is down the street from my home.I would rather drive 10 miles to a REAL place then ever order from this hole again.
would give it zero stars, but I am unable to

review_stars 04/10/2012 - tora
Do not waste your time... The food sucks and the young kid who looks to be asian is very rude. He acts like we owe him something because he works serving people. Not sure where he is from but when in the restaurant business the customer is always right. I was in there and saw this young punk yell and scream at a customer. No matter what happened you do not do that in front of other customers, you wait for them to leave then you talk kindly even if he is wrong. This young kid has a chip on his shoulder. Not sure if he is happy around here. He never smiles or talks to you. Even after paying never a thank you. Like I said he thinks we owe him something. Little does he know that He owes us here in the states...OH Well

review_stars 03/02/2012 - Joanne Gajewski
To the angry customer, I happen to work there on occasion and I can tell you that the service is always fast and accurate. People are human and make mistakes. As for the cleanliness I find it very clean and I have worked in several restaurants and trust me they are clean compared to some of the chains that I see. Delivery charge person gas is over almost 4.00 a gallon and sometimes people do not tip, drivers use there own vehicles and depend on tips to maintain the vehicle so I find it reasonable seeing as the cover almost all of Nashua. I think they are wonderful people there.

review_stars 05/22/2011 - smiley face
In to regards to angry customer....hey I was the lady with the kid.....I understand you and the guy had a argument...but in fair regards to pan asia...I felt like u had started that argument....they were so busy that day and I do agree he might of forgot to make your order bc of your wait there...but u had just walked up to the counter and ask for your order to be cancelled and I heard the guy say ok to your request,with no argument and he gave you your money back....if I remember right after u got your money back...instead of leaving you persisted to start a argument with the guy.....and he was still really busy and just waving his hand at you to leave...after you had left....I had ask him what was wrong...and he had admitted he forgot...and felt bad....but when u just ask for your order to be cancel without a explanation..I don't think you even gave the guy a chance to make it up to you...he also told me you went in once a week and never had a problem with you why for the 1st screw up you got so mad...their only human least give them more then 1 strike....but overall pan asia is pretty good and let me remind you its a takeout restaurant not no 5 star restaurant and on the delivery charge...for some of you people I see complaining about it..go pick it I do...really gas is $4 a gallon pretty sure they can't afford to do free delivery too...I know we all want everything free in life...but some people just ask for to much

review_stars 04/27/2011 - Angry Customer
The only reason I gave it one star is because I can not give it negative stars. I have eaten there before and the food is all right but definitely not worth the price. It was more of a convenience thing. But my last visit to the restaurant I placed my order to go and after 15 minutes of waiting four customers who came in after me received there food before me. So I went up to the younger heavy set man working the counter to ask about my order and his reply was:
"What was your order"
me: "number 11"
no reply... he then proceeded to search for my order ticket.
me: "Did you forget to make my order... should I cancel it?"
no reply fidgeting with cash register
again me: "Did you forget to make my order?" expecting polite reply of "its on its way" but...
silence for a bit then he answered rudely: "I'll cancel your order"
Me: "All right, did you just not feel like making it?'
The man working the counter then proceeded to shout obscenities, insults and tried to pick a fight with me. The insults were not even that clever. But that aside there was a mother with her young child waiting in the store and the man shouted the obscenities loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear. I understand its far from fine dining but still the convenience is not worth the lack of customer service. I know of at least 5 patrons who frequent the place who will no longer go there because of this rude service.

review_stars 02/02/2011 - Carlos
Just tried it for the first time... Very pleased! Clean facility, great portions and best of all GREAT taste!

review_stars 12/31/2010 - Steve
Ordered take-out on New Years Eve. I was told the order would take one hour. I showed up 1 hr and 15 minutes later. They hadn't even started the order. Sure, they were busy, but they just didn't care. No apology or anything. I'm no longer a customer.

review_stars 03/18/2010 - Heather
Food was good but VERY BAD table manners. After being put on hold for several minutes, we were able to place our order. 30mins later our food arrived & found out we were charged $4 delivery fee (literally right down the street) after not giving the driver a tip, we received a phone call. Someone from Pan Asia calling us to complain and yell at us for not tipping the driver...Seriusly, the manners of this place is not worth the food. WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN!!

review_stars 02/05/2010 - TOWMAN

review_stars 02/04/2010 - Silvy
I tried to place an order and it took over 15 min. First they placed me on hold for over 3 min, so I hung up and tried again. I finally placed my order, gave the associate my address...he was rude. After I gave him my order, it was silent...he placed me on hold again without letting me know. He came back on the phone again and said "give me your address" again! At this point I just canceled my order. It was not worth the aggravation.

review_stars 12/26/2009 - SK
For fast, cheap, tasty Chinese Takeout, you can't go wrong here. After feeling sick and disappointed at every fast-food chinese place I tried in Nashua, this place is the only place I'll go to for cheap takeout.

review_stars 09/11/2009 - awsome
greatest, and most elegent food in nashua

review_stars 08/06/2009 - MenuPix User
One of THE BEST Chinese Food places in Nashua :) Yummm <3

review_stars 04/05/2009 - mandy and brandon
For starters, theres never a wait they are quick, friendly, and cheap! I got a very filling, tasty meal for only 6 bucks! Also the crab rangoons are amazing! Can't say I cared too much for the fried rice but I guess that a personal preference thing cause some of my friends liked them. Give it a try you love itttttttt

review_stars 02/07/2009 - MenuPix User
Generic at best. Big disappointment compared to all the good reviews here.

review_stars 11/05/2008 - MenuPix User
very bad expensive lunch

review_stars 06/19/2008 - MenuPix User
Food, Service and the restaurant are all fantastic. The only gripe I have is that there's no where that they let anyone know there's a $15.00 minimum charge for delivery - until you call for delivery. Plus, there's apparently a surcharge (again not advertized) for that delivery. Want their food? You should! But go pick it up, don't get it delivered...

review_stars 02/11/2008 - MenuPix User
Umm the food is amazing and extremely cheap!!

review_stars 05/11/2007 - The Nashuan Phantom Gourmet!
Excellent food especially for take-out since the dining area is rather basic to say the least.
They will even do particular dishes not on the menu for you - eg. spicy back-bean sechuan style.

review_stars 05/08/2007 - MenuPix User
This is one of the best Chinese Resturants in Nashua

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