Saigon Tokyo

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892B Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (603) 750-4128
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Sushi
Neighborhood: Dover


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Beer and Wine


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$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
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Top Reviews of Saigon Tokyo

4.0 stars - Based on 32 reviews

review_stars 08/06/2019 - Meg
Love the sushi, very fresh and delicious!

review_stars 05/10/2019 - MenuPix User
Always amazing food. Good idea to pick it up, it's crowded at the restaurant all the time!

review_stars 04/04/2019 - MenuPix User
Jenny runs a tight ship, which allows her to deliver all the food from her 6 page menu fast, fresh, delicious and inexpensive. She can come across as harsh, but she is a wonderful lady with a passion for her work and her customers!

We have eaten sushi all over the country, in some of the biggest cities. We are always amazed by how Saigon Tokyo in "little old" Dover, NH always exceeds what we are able to get anywhere else!

Don't change a thing, Jenny!

review_stars 01/09/2019 - MenuPix User
Wide variety, very tasty!

review_stars 12/26/2018 - Shocked
My family wanted to take me here to Christmas lunch. They raved about how great the food was, the best place around. We were there when they opened, the only ones that were staying to eat. The "lady" that was to serve is refused to allow us to put two tables together to accommodate our group of 5. Instead we were ushered to a booth where she put a small table at the end. Imagine cramming 3 six plus foot long legged guys and two women in a booth. After we got uncomfortably situated, we listened to this same lady speak very rudely to people on the phone. We walked out. Needless to say, this establishment has lost four customers. The reason for not allowing two tables going together in this very empty establishment on a holiday? She can make more money by not putting tables together!! Maybe they should put the criteria on their website. We found another place that couldn't accommodate us enough. That's where the real money is!! Out of all my years I have never seen or received treatment as this.

review_stars 10/19/2018 - Barbara
Every meal has been perfect. We love the menu and the staff.

review_stars 08/21/2018 - MenuPix User
Awesome food and great and friendly employees

review_stars 07/05/2018 - MenuPix User
It's just sad.. just place an order to get turn down... 12 bucks isnt enough for a damn delivery. I'm sorry. But this is an uproar.

review_stars 06/27/2018 - MenuPix User
Best Asian! Huge portions. Come here all the time. I could eat here every day and never get tired of it.

review_stars 05/27/2018 - Kevin A
It's the best Asian food around, no question. It's perfect every time. The Chinese food is outstanding and the sushi is pretty damn good too.

review_stars 07/23/2017 - Bill & Cheryl
The food was the best we have ever had. It was fresh and hot and had great flavor. The service was fantastic. We enjoyed the atmosphere inside. Prices were good. The scorpion bowl was great. We will definitely be going back.

review_stars 06/21/2017 - PHANTOM

review_stars 09/05/2016 - Ali
I absolutely love this place, it's amazing the pho is out of this word good!!!!! Love love love

review_stars 08/11/2016 - rayray
I stumbled upon this little restaurant that people would stand outside on a cold night for their table. Once I got inside and met the owner and a few other staff people I was really looking forward to eating here. It was Amazing! The PHO soup Is out of this world, it's made from scratch and is a huge portion. I have eaten a lot of sushi in the past 10 years and its hard to find a place that makes it like they do. Its fresh, fast, and delicious! I try to make it there at least a few times a month.

review_stars 08/03/2016 - Chelsea
My favorite restaurant in this area!! I was horribly sick for 3 days with the flu, and the soup Pho is a life savor! It was all fresh and the packaging was awesome, soup was boiling hot upon delivery, I'm very impressed!!!

review_stars 05/15/2016 - Missy
The worst ever! My food was over cooked! OMG I will never go back to this horrible place! The staff was so rude!

review_stars 02/28/2016 - Doverfoodie
This is by far my favorite restaurant in Dover! The vermacelli bowls are made of magic and the sushi is crafted with the kind love and care that would make angels weep.

review_stars 01/22/2016 - mh
This truly is the best food around. Healthy, delicious, and prepared with so much care. Great for date night, and for the family bc of the mix of offerings. The best sushi chefs around, the best pho I've tasted, and chinese for the kids. Also very aware of food allergies/ special diets--to a remarkable degree. After almost a year between visits (eating out less!), the owner remembered me, my dietary restrictions AND my typical order.

review_stars 01/14/2016 - Marcia
Best food on the seacoast, perhaps all of New England. I have eaten at some of the best Japanese, vietnamese, Chinese in San Fran, New York, and Hawaii. Nice owner and staff. Always welcoming and if there is an issue with anything they make it right!

review_stars 08/07/2015 - Amy
Vietnamese and Japanese: I have eaten here many, many times. I have food allergies (gluten, dairy and soy), and they are wonderful trying to make sure I can eat whatever I order. I prefer to stick to the Vietnamese section. I love the #1 fresh spring roll (peanut sauce has gluten - they give me an alternate), #62 beef with veggies and lemongrass, many of the pho soups, and vermicelli bowls (rice vermicelli). Their green tea is also fantastic- usually at restaurants you can taste the tea bag, or it tastes like cardboard. I often bring family and friends here; people have said it rivals the ones in San Francisco (I've never been to SF, couldn't say- but think 5 star Boston or NY). I have also had many different a la carte sushi and special roll selections (nothing breaded). Love, love, love the fresh food here. They are amazing, and the price cannot be beat. If you were in Boston or NY you would pay double for the quality of fresh food they serve here. The employees are all incredibly smart (I've joked you have to pass an IQ test and/or be in grad school to work for Jenny) and attentive to what you tell them. Give it a try, you can't go wrong!

review_stars 11/13/2014 - Mary
The best asian restaurant in NH!!!! Give it a try you'll be surprised! 👍👍👍👍👍 🍜🍲🍰🍡🍱

review_stars 06/12/2014 - jasmine arabia
BEST PLACE I'VE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE! LOVED EVERYTHING, Atmosphere, seating, service, food! PORTIONS WERE CRAZY LARGE! The food was amazing!

review_stars 06/07/2014 - hilarious
That review by G-pa, was outstanding!! hahahahahhahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaahaha...for one the food at The rare and beautiful creature that is Saigon Tokyo (lol) is absolutely fantastic, and very affordable! Atmosphere is peaceful and pleasant as well.. But back to G-pas post in response to whoever wrote a bad review. Perfect example of an establishment having an off day but more apparent is that G-pa was probably right and it was YOU evil reviewer who is miserable, and hard to please. I love the honesty and defense this person and there crew made in reaction to the negative post! I actually hope it was Saigon's crew that wrote it. some businesses deserve a little slack for delivering outstanding food and service 7 days a week, and Saigon Tokyo is one of them. Get a life, put down the chop sticks, go for a jog.

review_stars 02/17/2014 - Alain Ades, M.D.
This is the best Asian restaurant in New Hampshire. The Pho really compares to those in Boston, and the sushi is pristine. The service could not be better- this is a family affair. Do not come here and order the typical American chinese food. Order the from the Vietnamese menu. Just ask the staff. After living in LA and SF for many years, and moving to the Seacoast for 25 years of Asian crap, this place is a gift from heaven. Ignore the bad reviews-this place is for real.

review_stars 02/01/2014 - Lion
Not bad, I had lun special 16. Noodle dish was flavorful, nobody beats big bowl Asian kitchens' fried rice. I have had jap soup, orange chic, vermicelli bowl, and today's lunch. I will go again, but still looking for that one dish that says " hell yeah"

review_stars 01/31/2014 - Gabriel L.
Don't come here to order fried food or orange chicken, save that for panda express or a cheap chinese restaurant.

Come here for the authentic Vietnamese food and delicious Japanese food. The Vietnamese pho, rice and vermicilli dishes are all authentic and outstanding. The sushi is the best in the area.

review_stars 01/31/2014 - What universe do they live in?
We got take-out tonight and it was pretty bad--pink-tinged house fried rice that had almost no meat at all and other rather bland items, but that's not really the point. I had found an online coupon at a website I thought was theirs, but some woman called after 11:30 PM to tell me it was a restaurant in Florida. The coupon was only for $3 off a bill that was over $43, and their people inspected it and accept it. Do they really think someone would scam them for a $3 savings? Any reasonable person would have assumed it was an honest mistake and not worried about a lousy $3. And in what universe do they live where it's acceptable customer service to call at that time of night? I'll take the stinking $3 over tomorrow, but they've lost a customer forever!

review_stars 01/26/2014 - G'Pa and the Crew
Fran Meneely, your experience at the preeminent culinary pearl of the Granite State must be either one of two things:

1) An unfortunate anomaly

2) Some kind of perverted, selfish lie

I know your type. Hard day at the cubicle? Don't go home and put on your soft things while you wait for food to be spooned between your quivering lips. Put on the clothes you wear when the planets align and face the world again. And when you get into the goddamn car and and show up unannounced at the only restaurant in Dover that dares to tackle Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese fare seven days a week, you had better check your dung-mouth at the door.

If you still feel like a cranky piece of flab after the staff greets you with grins and dedication, then order yourself a scorpion bowl for two, send back the second straw, and let that blend of tropical fruit and rum melt away your passive aggressive tastebuds.

You say the Orange Chicken was tough and dry? Try keeping your mouth shut to retain moisture. If you still have trouble chewing a cooked and marinated flightless bird sauteed alongside a vegetable that is commonly served raw as a light snack then you should probably consider a quick floss every night after you raid your secret shame-stash of frozen hot pockets. It would do wonders towards firming up your gums' hold on those teeth that evolved rending scraps of grizzle from the leavings of lions.

And if you were unhappy with the heat of your food that was delivered to your door on the second darkest night of winter, then you can either activate the microwave-emitting box on the counter next to the Pop Tarts or go sit mere feet from the very source.

Next time your internalized misery boils over and you feel the need to harpoon the rare and beautiful creature that is Saigon and Tokyo, I suggest you stop putting off returning calls to your mother and have a nice, long catharsis that can only be topped by pushing your boundaries as you orally tour the orient.

Also, they have bubble f-ing tea.

review_stars 12/20/2013 - Fran Meneely
We ordered the Orange Chicken tonight and it was very bad, dried out and tough. The broccoli was hard as a rock and the rice cold, We were not happy. #30 and its in the trash :0(

review_stars 06/27/2013 - Rob Scullin
not only the best Chinese and Japanese food in the area but, the best all around dining experience in the whole city. The food is perfect and the staff is friendly! What a find...

review_stars 03/21/2013 - Jason
Red Dragon, Spicy Tuna Roll, Pho Ga, Avocado Shake... Loved it!

review_stars 03/19/2013 - catherin
ordered japanese style battered chicken a63 it was dry hard little balls - awful. the shrimp with rice was also dry.

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