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Peter's Diner

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1741 S Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ 08094 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (856) 740-4422
Cuisine: American, Chicken, Sandwiches
Neighborhood: Williamstown

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Top Reviews of Peter's Diner

review_stars 01/03/2016 - Jeanine Campbell
My grandson & I ordered Seafood Newburg=. Hated it. Didn't expect Squid in it, Didn't eat mine, I did try.
Everything else I have ever ordered there was great! Just don't order the Seafood Newburg unless
You like SQUID!!! Today I give no stars, normally 5 stars.

review_stars 10/28/2015 - Toribean
Management needs to train new wait staff before putting them by themselves to wait tables. Went there for dinner last night, and was thoroughly annoyed at experience. Ordered soup, salad and entrée. Soup was brought relatively quickly, then we sat for about 25 minutes when our salad and entrée were delivered together. My husband sent his entrée back, and I took my salad to go. One entrée did not have the 2 vegetables ordered, and they never did arrive. Waitress was very apologetic, but that does not account for the obviously poor training provided by management. Food was mediocre to say the least. Will not return in a hurry! Things have certainly changed at this establishment, and not for the better.

review_stars 03/08/2015 - Linda
I do not know what has happened to Pete's Diner. This diner was once the tops in the area. It is now serving the nearest thing to slop. Coffee was terrible....had to have the waitress give me tea instead. I ordered cream chip beef with 1 egg over light. No clue as to what kind of beef that was used to throw in the bowl of white cream that was as tasty as wallpaper paste. Potatoes tasted old. My friend had cream of mushroom soup. Another joke. The rolls were stale. This was once a fine place to eat but not go back. I must mention the rye toast was a good rye bread. That is sad to say that out of everything the rye bread was the best thing out of the whole meal.

review_stars 03/04/2015 - mary
Peters diner has delicious food, terrible staff. My husband and I took our children for lunch, and we were greeted by a young blonde girl who's whole chest was out of her shirt. Totally inappropriate dress for a family restaurant. I was appauled in front of my family. She didn't seem very interested in us as customers, more so her conversations with the waitress. Our waitress was very rude and showed no personality what so ever. Not very pleasing. However our food was delicious! so no complaints on that end, but PLEASE get new staff!!

review_stars 02/14/2015 - Angry Former Regular
We used to be regular customers, right up until the owner cursed out some employees in front of a full crowd, with my wife standing right next to him. And young kids all over the place! When he realized she was standing there, stunned by his angry yelling and numerous F-Bombs, he lit into her starting with, "What the "F" is your problem? " My wife asked if he was talking to her and when he said, "yeah, what the "F" do you want," she said, "Really, you're talking to a regular customer like that after all that yelling and cursing?" He said, "Get the "F" out of here!" and dropped a few more nasty "F-Bombs." Then we found out later that day, he fired or waitress just because she's been or waitress and we always asked for her and he knew it! Nobody who owns a business and acts that way will ever get my business and doesn't deserve anyone else's either.

review_stars 10/13/2014 - diane
I was there on a friday evening and saw a,woman that looked to be a manager or hostess physically shove her employee n the waitress continued to wait on us holding back tears n couldnt have been sweeter, professional n a great waitress, i cant imagine if she could do that well after seeing what she was put through, wat an amazing waitres she,really could be, on our way out we asked another person the womans name who shoved our waitess and her name was christine and she was actually a manager, we are appaled n disguisted n left our phone number on a piece of paper in her tip in case she needed a witness, sweetest waitress,ever n this woman as we watched through our stay was nasty n disrespectful to several of the staff...will never go there again and hope this poor, sweet girl gets a diff job n if they treat their employees lyk that, phydically shoving them its just unbeleivable n appaling n agsinst the law..

review_stars 08/23/2014 - mark h
The wife & I stopped in Peters dinner for a hot meal & ended up not enjoying our visit at all ! Right from the first cup of coffee that was sitting on the bottom of the pot from the breakfast hr to over cooked broccoli & the worst Mac & cheese I ever had to very poor tasting stuffing that came with my roasted Turkey ! However the tap water was OK , must have been filtered ! Beware of the coleslaw !! Not to return..

review_stars 07/22/2014 - Rachel
If u only knew what really goes on here.. I used to work there. The main chef, cooks and owner smokes all day in the kitchen and over the food. There are flys and maggots everywhere in the kitchen because they leave all the doors open out back. They don't have any food safety with cross contamination. That same steak your eating was pounded out in raw chicken juice and unwashed hands. It's the dirtiest kitchen I've ever seen and not to mention the rodents.. Even though they r busy this place should be closed. They also make the waitress work over 40 hours and tell them they are not allowed to clock in. Worst ownership ever. Absolute POS. Has no care for employees or guests. My guest wanted xtra sauce and he said I don't care what they want.. Complete ass.

review_stars 03/20/2014 - bill
The owner Angelo is crazy my family was trying to eat our meal and, he was screaming at the waitress right out on the floor in front of all the customers. My 2 year old son was scared to death. we left right away ad, will not be back

review_stars 03/14/2014 - Ashley Boyd
This is the worst restaurant I've ever been to in my life. Yes the food is great, but the service and management is absolutely terrible. One of the servers opened the door to go in the back and the owner was SMOKING right by the door. My service was extremely slow and she was rude. I don't know her name but she was an older woman with grey hair. I don't recommend that anyone goes there. Just awful.

review_stars 11/12/2013 - Quaseem
I always go on sunday's for breakfast and sit at the counter, best waitress, eggs over med., homefries with fried onions, bacon and a toasted english muffin and wing sauce on the side. never had bad meal yet oh yeah can't forget my large OJ

review_stars 01/11/2013 - Girl on fire
It's a great place to eat i used to work there and the owner of this place is very strict with the food and employee he buys top of the line most expensive food to satisfy his customers when it comes to waitresses its the most horrible job you can ever do you deal with nasty people who doesn't appreciate anything there miserable the minute they walk in. I've seen a lot of girls who work very hard to bring food to their kids and family you may look down on these people but let me tell you something you have no idea what kind of problems they have if your not satisfied with your food send it back they will fix it for you if your looking for fast service you might want to go to MC Donald's instead its not a fast food place when i used to work till the closing shift everywhere gets cleaned if you see the kitchen of this place you would never put all these Nasty comment about what you think of what's going on in the kitchen. If you don't know how to tip you should go to the fast food place all the servers at Pete's diner works for tips. When it comes to food everything is freshly cooked and delivered 3 4 times a week I've never seen a rotten food in the back people are constantly working on something. People are very friendly but if you talk with an attitude dint aspect them to be nice to you. When it comes to to go charges and 3rd refills for the soft drinks they don't delivered for free the owner pays for them plastic to go cups can you get them for free at dollar store No right they pay money for the to go containers so they have to make their money otherwise peters diner will close down my friends dint be selfish you get almost double portions soup and salad dessert and coffee prices are very reasonable too dint be selfish nothing comes free in that diner he has workers to pay its one of the hardest job you can ever do especially dealing with public. Show some respect you would never understand what it feels like to work at a diner until you do it.

review_stars 10/03/2012 - Anthony Titagliano
Monday 10/01/2012 Were quite happy with our server but the meal was to be desired. Quite simply I ordered rib eye steak and stuffed shrimp steak med. What i got was steak it was to well done to chew, baked potatoe to cold for sofened butter to melt on. left half steak left 3/4 potatoe,said something on way out got a smurk from the cashier. I see other reviews on how great the food is, I can only say they must be written by family members. Didn't want to eat desert there took home got charged another .70 cents for the take home cups. how dare you make me take fill out a form to summit a review.

review_stars 06/08/2012 - snjplb
We have been here quite a few times. The food has been good. The dinner menu that includes everything is a good value and generous portions. However, french fries comes with most sandwiches and other items on the menu and they will not substitute without charging extra for the substitution. You can tell they do not like to be bothered with this and the extra charge makes the meal overpriced. I think it is very common for people to be on healthy diets these days. Most other restaurants we go to are happy to substitute a baked potato or salad for fries. Peters needs to get with it in this regard and make this small effort to please the customer.

review_stars 06/04/2012 - Matt
Very simply, our family enjoyed a good experience at Petes. The Food and service were both above average. Portion sizes are generous. Prices are fair. We plan to eat there again. As far as the manager experience spoken of in a previous post, its Jersey. That's par for the course.

review_stars 05/11/2011 - Sean
This is one of my favorite places to eat. The staff and food has always been great. I'm writing this review in response to the horrible reviews that were written. If you request the meal to be altered, substituted, and changed from whats on the menu, then maybe you shouldn't be going there! Eat at a place that makes the food you want. The menu is there to tell YOU how it's made. Go to Burger King if you want it your way. I also find that people that dislike their waitress or waiter are usually, "bad relations" people. No matter where you are or who your talking to doesn't give you the right to judge or be an ass. And telling someone else what there job is SO ignorant. That's the owner's, or manager's job. They get paid to do that. Your $30 meal does not give you the right to say if they should be fired or not.(Most are which empty nester house moms that have never had a job) These are people just like you and me and don't get paid very much. They do a job that deserves respect because they bring you food. That's a reason for respect, not disrespect. All these waitresses are very thoughtful and will do all they can to make your very short time there, a great one. If your angry or dissatisfied, then take responsibility and don't blame somebody else. Change your approach and smile. You'll get great results with a little effort.

review_stars 03/29/2011 - Elizabeth Gonzalez
The best diner I've ever been to. I tell every food lover I know about Pete's Diner. The food so good. The first time I went to Pete's I had Roast Pork and Sour Kraut...I thought my mom was in that kitchen cooking! And every time since that first visit I have YET to be disappointed. The prices are reasonable, especially when you see the amount of food you receive on your plate. You WILL NOT leave Pete's hungry. And last but not least, the service was top notch, friendly & considerate. We go there as often as we can, we do not live close to Pete's BUT it is very much worth the trip (about an hour away from out home). Thanks to all the gang at Pete's Diner, near Williamstown, New Jersey

review_stars 03/14/2011 - Geena
The front end manager at this diner, Alicia is very rude, if you ask her a simple question she get pissed off she is the biggest bitch i have ever met she needs to be fired and they should start looking for a new manager.

review_stars 05/02/2009 - MenuPix User
Please note that the restaurant does not cater or make any changes in their menu for people with a special diet such as those who are vegetarians, who are allergic to certain foods or those who request a low-fat or healthy version of a meal. Staff and Manager were not willing to substitute my fries (since I'm a vegetarian and their fries are fried in the same oil as chicken, fish, etc.) with a $2 vegetable side dish or even a small salad. If you are a health conscious person, this restaurant is not for you. Also, it's the first and only restaurant which I have ever eaten at which refused to change my menu order to accommodate my taste and special diet. Also, when I had eaten there four months ago, the waitress who served me at that time did substitute my fries which originally came with the Veggie Burger with a small salad. When I informed the Manager of that fact, he simply stated that their restaurant does not do that and she was probably fired. Can you just imagine a waitress being fired because she was simply trying to do her job and satisfy a customer? This restaurant is a BIG ZERO on my rating list!!!!

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