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Quarter View Restaurant


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613 Clearview Pkwy
Metairie, LA 70001 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (504) 887-3456
Cuisine: Seafood, Diner
Neighborhood: Metairie

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No delivery

Credit Cards Accepted

Parking Lot

Good for Kids


Yes - Full Bar


Price Point
$$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
$$$$ - Very Pricey (Over $50)


Outdoor Seats


Mon: Closed, Tue-Wed: 3pm - 9pm, Thu: 11:30am - 9pm, Fri: 11:30am - 10pm, Sat: 2pm - 10pm, Sun: 2pm - 9pm

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Top Reviews of Quarter View Restaurant

review_stars 12/17/2016 - jd
Beware of their "Bait and Switch". Wednesday, char-broiled oysters are 99 cents each, according to their huge electronic sigh in front of the place. But once you get inside you are informed that you have to order at least a dozen. After ordering, then you are informed that in order to get that 'special' you have to also purchase a drink, At 3 pm it is too early for drinks, If you don't drink colas, etc. and if you want water, they won't just give you a glass of tap water, you have to purchase an overpriced bottle of it. This is purely a bait and switch gimmick that they are employing. Just be aware of their tactics.

review_stars 05/12/2016 - Ramona K.
It was Mother's Day Luncheon with my fsmile 2016.The experience was GREAT as usual. I had a party of 16.I had family from Seattle, WA there as well.The food and service was great. The stuffed trout was good and piping hot when arrived at the table along with the catfish platters and seafood platters as well. The lady owner was PLEASANT and FRIENDLY as always.Quarterview Restaurant and staff made my Mother's Day Luncheon a SUCCESS! Both of my mothers were pleased. Thanks again.

review_stars 02/20/2016 - Kanoe
Don't waste your time or money. Brought quest from out of town. Bathrooms filthy. No boiled seafood on a Friday in Lent.... Onion rings were the best part of the dinner. One quest had a hair in their stuffed trout. Showed the waiter, he showed it to the manager. No table visit or explaintation from the waiter. Paid full price.
Poorly run...

review_stars 02/19/2016 - kanoe
Dont waste your time or money. Parking lot and landscape should have giving me a clue. Brought guest from out of town to eat, didn't have any boiled seafood on a Friday in lent. Bathrooms filthy, one guest had a long hair in their stuffed fish, showed to waiter. He showed it to the manger, no visit from manager or explantaion from waiter. Charged full price. You have been warned .

review_stars 07/24/2015 - Toni
Fabulous service!! The food was superb and the waitress bent over backwards to accommodate our every need. We will be back. The eggplant parmesan was fresh and the salads were very good.

review_stars 01/17/2015 - Stacey
I would give no stars if i could....DON'T DO Quarter View... REALLY. The so called "owner's" explanation for serving RAW (you heard me) RAW fish (this is no sushi restaurant) was, "I suggest you don't order anything cause you will not like anything we serve." She didn't even have the decency to come to the table to apologize for the service; she had to be called upon. And did not feel that customer satisfaction was an important factor in a running a successful business. Her poor display of character & unprofessionalism didn't even phase her. Thank you to the 6 customers we were able to turn away at the door after sharing our experience. QUARTER VIEW you can deduct thatfrom your revenue... There will be more to follow.You do not treat customers with disrespect & thrive. Small Business Owner for Dummies 101. And her husband or boyfriend or whoever he was wasn't even smart enough to teach her any better as all he did was walk up and look as if I was supposed to be intimidated by him when expressing my dissatisfaction.

review_stars 07/18/2014 - Ex employee
I used to work here, this place is so unsanitary. there was bugs crawling around the kitchen and the freezers where they store the seafood was disgusting with a constant swarm of flies around it and dead ones inside. One time i found a moth in some seasoning one of the kitchen staff just took the moth out and put the seasoning back on the shelf. On a different day a customer sent a crab cake back and requested another one the owners son used his bare hands to mold the cake back to shape then sent it back to the table. Disgusting! I personally would never eat at this FITLHY place.

review_stars 07/13/2014 - Joe
Food and service is great with the exception of the wife of the owner.She is consistently the rude and very unwelcoming.Burger King has nicer employees than her.I would recommend this place on nights that this woman is off.

review_stars 01/13/2014 - Amy Trosclair
Order was not brought to the table all at one time. One of the members of our party did not receive his steak until everyone else was finished eating. We were told that it needed to cook a little longer. The steak was ordered medium well. He ate the outside of the steak working his way toward the middle. When he got to the internal section of the steak it was raw. Told the waitress that he couldn’t eat that, it was not how it was ordered. She brought it to the owner, Leana, and we were told that she could not take it off the bill because he had eaten some of it. How did he know the inside was raw? She then wanted to put it back on the grill to cook it some more. Did she know if he was sick or not and going to put eaten food back on the grill? Is this standard practice for restaurants to bring eaten food back in the kitchen to re-cook? She was extremely rude and to top it off they added 20% gratuity to the bill. I will NEVER EVER eat there again and will NOT recommend this place.

review_stars 12/13/2013 - Mark
Shrimp Pardo is great. Rich and creamy with just the right amount of spice. Stuffed trout and fried seafood is among the best I've have. Look forward to going back. A local favorite.

review_stars 12/01/2013 - Alex f
Had dinner there tonight and was amazed at how much food we received and how good it was. The staff was so friendly and courteous, and always smiling! My family and I can't wait to come back.

review_stars 08/04/2013 - Jeff
The picture above of the interior of Quarter View Restaurant is a wonderful mural of the French Quartet in New Orleans. A very clean restaurant with friendly staff. Johnathan our young waiter was very polite. Our two drinks, two dinners and one entree ran us about $50. The menu is typical New Orleans only the spice is toned down. We had grilled rainbow trout with stir fried veggies, an Oyster sandwich and Eggplant sticks which were served hot and in a timely manor. Personally I would prefer if the seasonings were kicked up a notch, but if you like them toned down, this is your restaurant. We will return, maybe not weekly (when you live in New Orleans there are soooo many choices) but probably a time or two per year.

review_stars 04/19/2013 - Louise Preston
Very Expensive for the QUAILITY which is NOT the Orginal New Orleans Style. Although it's good, it's NOT worth it. The Bread Pudding is NOT at all Louisiana style. Don' know where they got their version of Bread Pudding. Must be from the owners COUNTRY which is NOT USA. The Crebmeat agrutin appiterizer was good only cause of the sauce but you don't know if you had crabmeat of something else in it. Over powered by sauce. It used to be in New Orleans and Metaire BEFORE Katrina, you can SEE the Crabmeat and TASTE the Crabmeat with butter and a very light sauce. NOT here! The owners wife Iena Pardo is a B_t_ch, Don't bother to complain. She's all about GREED and MONEY. VERY Obvious. They need to put her behind the scence or take her away from the business. Regulars know this. SHE is the Talk of the town. The staff their are VERY GOOD and try their BEST. The OWNERS are running the Reputation of New Orleans FOOD!!! I'm 58 yrs old and have eaten in EVERY Place in the NOLA area all my life and so tierd of people like these ruining our FOOD and Reputation!

review_stars 11/12/2012 - J j
Had lunch there on 11-9 with 13 other family members. Service was great and for the most part everyone enjoyed the food. The only thing I would not recommend is the Jambalaya...have had much better....but the pasta dishes were great and the fried catfish was really good....enough food for 2 meals....loved it.

review_stars 09/24/2012 - Lynn
best food around.steve & lena Pardo are the owners.very good food.

review_stars 07/03/2012 - cathy crawford
This was my first time there.the food was absolutely terrible I will tell everyone I know how horrible this place was. I wish I spent my sixty dollars anywhere else. I am from here and this is an embarrassment to Louisiana. Shame on y'all

review_stars 02/24/2012 - ill@quarterview
NO STAR is what it is! just got back, was told 15 minute wait, said fine, 45 minutes later finally had a table for two - although bigger parties after us were seated @ bigger tables (get it)!!! food is just over priced, shrimp platter is just that, shrimp on a platter - what happen to the fries? use to be shrimp, fries & salad. now it's 12.95 for shrimp, a platter, & one side, so he ordered a salad. of course, next was "where's the fries". just seems to be greedy, untruthful people keeping you there and charging more than it's worth. oh, the Bacardi was good, but i think they went to puerto rico to get it!!!

review_stars 01/07/2012 - Angela
I ate @ Quarter View with a Friend on New Years Eve 2011. I thought the service was Excellent and the food even better. We both ordered pasta dishes (I the veal and my fiend the crawfish) and we were not disappointed. The food was rich and flavorful. My daughter bragged about this resturant years ago (after Katrina). I am looking forward to going back with family in 2012! Next time looking forward to the fried seafood.

review_stars 08/11/2011 - Disappointed
I use to love this place before Hurricane Katrina. I went back there ONCE afterward. The service didn't match the prices and the "Manager/Owner" (a female) was extremely rude and uncaring. I had a lot of tiny grissle like things in the stuffing of my trout which i've never experience that five times before i've had it and it took our waitress 20 minutes to return to our table to ask if we were ok after we received our food. I tried to make eye contact several times before to get her attention but no go.The manager basically said it was my fault for not getting up to get my waitress because she would if her food wasn't good.I explained it was the waitresses job to check on her table.Needless to say they wouldn't take it off my bill nor give me a new one saying I waited too long.I paid the $125 ticket and even left a tip of $35-because the burden of reconciliation was on the manager not the server, but I never went back.I don't know who owns it either, but it CANNOT be the same ones that owned it before the storm.

review_stars 07/24/2011 - J.Petey
This was my first and last time ever eating at this restaurant. as far as the supervision it was the worse. I fell on the floor in this place of business and it was witness by a dozen people..only one waitress came over to see if I were hurt,2 ladies help me up there was water on the floor not only seen by my eyes but other customers eyes as well...I asked for a manager to point out it is a safety issue. It took the manager exactly (18minutes) to come talk to me...she introduced herself as the manager but when I asked to fill out a Incident report she consulted with a man about my situation..he was extremely rude...told me the water must have come off my umbrella and to take a picture of my shoes....1st I didnt have a umbrella, and he should have asked me if I was hurt. he was not concerned at all .this is not the attitude to have towards people who are patroninizing this restaurant especially when the people I were with spent atleast 200.00 dollars...poor management skills was a big turn off so" I did not enjoy the food at all"..I think that this situation was not handled in the proper manner...and the manager disposition was very arrogant....I wouldnt want anyone running my business who doesnt take a slip and fall serious.

review_stars 05/27/2011 - Former Kennerites
Our first trip back to the New Orleans area after living there 11 years...20 years ago. The decor designed to resemble the French Quarter and food brought back many memories of what New Orleans was like before Katrina. So many of my favorite places gone, new ethnicity's moving in with new cultures... The New Orleans dishes were splendid....I had a shrimp, crab, crawfish etoufee with a delicate wine cheese sauce that was awesome...more than I could eat...brought back many memories. Come here for great New Orleans' cooking!

review_stars 04/02/2011 - Babycake
Twice I have gotten fried seafood...twice dissappointed! The fried shrimp definitely taste frozen (not cool in Louisiana). Ham po-boy taste like a ham from the can. My muffuletta was still cold on the inside. And no matter how many times I ask for bread with my dinner, it just doesn't happen! On the UP the crabmeat au gratin, the stuffed trout & jazz rolls! But just not worth going there for anymore, especially when Steve doesn't give a crap whether his customers are happy or not! Hasn't had a paper take out menu in over a year and the prices have doubled in the same amount of time!

review_stars 02/21/2011 - lisa
I order a poboy and it was cold and the manager told me he can warm it up in the back. He would not take it off my bill. I couldn't give it to my dog to eat so how could I eat it.I will post a picture on face book

review_stars 08/15/2010 - Nolan Boutte
I have no connections or even know who owns this restaurant. We eat here for seafood or fried foods. Ate here 12 or 13 times, every time delicious, also the price is delicious. Typical New Orleans style seafood restaurant. I been eating in New Orleans resturant for 40 years. Nolan

review_stars 05/16/2010 - Amanda
The food is really good (fried seafood and steak) their salads are nice too. Red beans not good. Closed on Monday but is now open for lunch on Thurs and Fri. Can't get a menu on this place anywhere. They are very secretive about it. :( Small place with fair atmosphere.

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