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L A Pizza

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49 W Main St
Malone, NY 12953 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (518) 483-8841

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Mon-Thu: 10:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 10:30am-11pm, Sun: 3:30pm-10pm

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Top Reviews of L A Pizza

review_stars 08/03/2016 - John R
I am usually a patient person but LaPizza will never get another dime from me again. They have screwed up at least the last 10 orders I have placed there. I always "carryout" and give them plenty of time to prepare but either the order is never ready or they lost the order and don't know anything about it.
You never see the same people working there two times in a row. They are the poorest managed restaurant I have ever dealt with in Malone. The worst part about it is that their food is pretty good but it's just not worth the hassle of trying to have a normal order experience there!

review_stars 04/27/2016 - ev b
We ordered a large pizza witch was terrible the crust was so thin you could see through it. also way over done and did not have any cheese in some places. We also got wings they were very small and over cooked. We tried giving them a chance but the last 3 times we got food there it was terrible so we will no be ordering from them again. To bad they used to be so good.

review_stars 08/28/2013 - Michael J
Ordered two personal-sized calzones for carryout last night (08/27/13). One sausage and one just cheese. Within hours my wife and I were both violently ill with all the symptoms of food poisoning...I won't go into graphic detail...just that it involved both ends and symptoms remain this morning after being sick all night. I'm waiting for them to open to let them know that something is very wrong in their kitchen

review_stars 04/16/2013 - C. Recore
we ordered here a few weeks ago. we were very disappointed on the food quality, both large pizzas were so over cooked and very little toppings they used to have Great food and excellent service, we called them back and were put on hold every time when we told them the problem with the pizzas, when we asked for a manager they always said he is to busy to deal with it. what kind of service is this BS.

review_stars 02/28/2013 - S Cook.
We placed a order for Delivery last weekend 3 hours later no delivery when i called back they said its on its way 2 hours later still no Delivery,we feel there is no excuses for this kind of customer service.we live less than 3 miles from the restaurant.and the roads were clear with good weather.

review_stars 02/19/2013 - Mel B.
We have been ordering from LA pizza for several years now and they used to have Excellent food but Lately there food has been Nasty our last few orders have been either very under cooked or very over cooked,last week we did the 2 X large pizza and 30 wing Deal with soda and the pizza toppings and Dough were half raw on both pizzas and they smelled very bad like sour milk,and the wings were so over cooked i can not believe Oscar is sending food out like this,they need better cooks and a manager at this place.

review_stars 01/30/2013 - J. Blair
Last week i ordered a large supreme Stromboli and a large mega fry,The mega fry was good but when i cut open the Stromboli it was not cooked inside the toppings were half raw and the Dough was raw inside and it smelled funny,I called them back but nobody answered the phone it just kept ringing i tried several times,I was afraid to recook it myself because of the smell,i ended up throwing the Stromboli out,What wounder full service at this place.

review_stars 01/26/2013 - Nancy M.
We have been ordering from LA pizza for the last several years,but for the last year or so there food Quality has gone down hill very Bad,our last few orders have been very under Cooked,last week both pizzas had under cooked toppings and the Dough was not cooked in the middle of the pizzas and our hot wings were the worst we have ever had from them,I should not have to recook your food,we would like the old LA pizza back.

review_stars 01/09/2013 - Helen M.
We ordered during X-Mas vacation,2 large pizzas and a hot cheese steak sub for my husband,the sub was alright he said but the pizzas had very under cooked toppings,I recooked them in my oven because it was faster than trying to get a reorder,this is the second bad order we have gotten from them in December. someone needs to check the food before its sent out or you need better cooks.

review_stars 01/04/2013 - chelsey m
Obviously the people below me that comment must be take.because I've been working thete for two years, and never heard of these people names! And one thing we dont do is not give you your food or money back, that's a lie! The roads are bad out and people need to understand that it takes time for your delivery to get there! Every person that workable here.would do anything for anyone, and usually when your food is over a good amount of time late, we give a discount to them! Theres just been way to many people trying to get free food and that means Oscar isnt making any money! Oscar Is a great boss and a great owner and he does alot for people! La pizza ROCKSA

review_stars 01/01/2013 - Bruce H.
We had are food delivered The pizza was alright nothing great about average but are hot wings were not cooked inside they had raw meat in the middle of them,we recooked them in our oven and they were short, only 20 wings to a 2 dozen order. No THANKS.

review_stars 12/26/2012 - Amanda C
La Pizza has EXCELLENT food and great customer service.

review_stars 12/24/2012 - Ray Morgan
When we got our 2 large pizzas the other night,from there delivery service all the toppings were all over the place inside the pizza box they slide all over we should have checked them when there driver was here,after calling them back they were going to send us a new order and take these back,we never did get our new order we ended up throwing these out the next day.we will try another pizza place next time.

review_stars 12/20/2012 - Kelly L.
We did the delivery thing last weekend 2 large pizzas,one was OK the other was Burnt to a crisp the bottom of the crust was Black and hard as a rock we called and told them they were going to bring us a replacement order after 3 hours waiting we called back and they said its on its way, we never did get it,we will order else where from now on.

review_stars 12/20/2012 - Jerry Boyer
We ordered early this Friday night 3 large pizzas more than 2 hours later no food,called them back they said the orders must have got mixed up they could not find our order, so we reordered are food,we never did get our food . way to go LA Pizza.

review_stars 12/11/2012 - Paul S.
There has been a big difference in food here,the reason being its under new ownership .Dominick doesn't own it anymore and he was one of the best pizza makers on the East coast,some guy named Oscar now owns it he is from Mexico and there trying to run it like a Mexican restaurant,and its not working.I have been eating there for the last several years,very big difference,not the old LA pizza.

review_stars 12/08/2012 - Joan B.
Received our pizzas tonight and they smelled like sour milk and very under cooked toppings,very gross,called them back and they were going to bring a fresh order to us,we had to call twice,they brought us a wrong order the second time the driver said he would be back in about 50 minutes with the right order, never showed back,so we lost our money and never got our food order.WHAT A NIGHT????.

review_stars 12/07/2012 - Tina Blair
we Received our food almost 3 hours late and both pizza toppings were not cooked and the dough was half cooked and cold, called them back and they were going to bring us fresh hot pizzas they also wanted these back which was fine,But 4 hours later and 2 more calls still no pizza,also no money back.we will not order from here again.

review_stars 12/04/2012 - Henry Palmer
We ordered this weekend for delivery for our card night,we ordered pizza and hot wings,we never received our food and when we called to see where it was nobody answered the phone it just kept ringing,we called several times,No customer service at this place.

review_stars 12/03/2012 - Bill Waldon
We ordered for a delivery this weekend Saturday night, we ordered a little after 5:00 2 large meat lovers pizza and a chicken wrap and a Ham sub, they showed up about 7:30,we live only about 2 miles from them,2 hours late and the wrong food, The driver said he would be back in about 30 minutes with the right order but he never showed back, we called back about 9:00 and they said it was on its way ,we never did get our order of food that night,thay kept saying its on its way when we called back.

review_stars 12/03/2012 - Sean S.
Received a pizza and all the topping had slid off to one side. When i called to request a new one they asked for the pizza back...which i thought was strange. And more than an hr and a half after my original call i received the first, incorrect pizza back...with more under cooked toppings on top. So now my pizza is more than an hr old and I fear to eat it because it's old and not cooked enough. What kind of customer service is this?!

review_stars 11/27/2012 - Terry Hosler
My Husband and I stopped in for supper this Saturday night,its very cold in there no heat what so ever,they took our order, a chicken basket and chicken parm. with a mega fries,a Pepsi and a coffee i got my Pepsi never got the coffee, we waited over one hour and no food we asked about our food and some young kid working there could not speak English,we ended up just leaving,there is no service in that place.and very cold in there.

review_stars 11/18/2012 - Glen Keating
We ordered last night for Delivery ,3 large pizzas,a dozen hot wings and 2 hot meatball subs,for the big game on TV,we ordered at 6:00pm they said about 40 minutes at 9:00 no food ,called them and they told us it was on its way,10:30 rolls around still no food called again they said its on its way, they said the delivery driver was about 10 minutes from us,11:45 comes around still no food so we called again and they said the same thing its on its way . what a Joke never again.

review_stars 11/11/2012 - Donna Perry
My Daughter and I stoped in for a late lunch,both had the Baked stuffed shells and salad bar, The salad bar was good but the baked stuffed shells were way over cooked,we also ordered cheese cake but never got it,we also waited about a hour for our food,they need better service in there.

review_stars 11/07/2012 - Jamed Scott
went in for lunch had the Hot cheese steak sub and large order of fries,the sub was good but not many fries i ordered a large and it was more like a baby order,but i have to agree with many of the reviews the service is horrible almost 30 minutes to get waited on and another 45 minutes for my food,and i asked several times for a refill for my soda and never got it.I will stick to McDonald's for my lunch break.

review_stars 11/05/2012 - mary&alan johnson
this was are first time here,ordered a large meat lovers pizza and two dozen mild chicken wings,very,very understaffed over 35 minutes to get to us and it was quiet in there,pizza was very over cooked almost burnt and the wings were raw inside,also asked for a coffee twice never got it asked to have our wings recooked never happened, waitress(Meagan) kept going outside for a cigarette and kept talking on her cell phone very unprofessional,paid the bill and left and went to another restaurant.

review_stars 11/04/2012 - tony barber
Was very nasty are food came out cool and are hot wings were not cooked inside had alot of blood in them my wife got sick when she seen that and she had to leave. we will not go back.

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