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Lucky China


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5429 S 1900 W
Roy, UT 84067 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (801) 776-8518
Cuisine: Chinese
Neighborhood: Roy
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Top Reviews of Lucky China

review_stars 12/08/2016 - haylie
i freakin loveee this place. super nice servers. amazing dishes i love. the good tasting food❤. super cheap. my favorite is the general chicken. and the lo mane and the chow mane always tase so good. i love it here. its perfect for a date.

review_stars 12/08/2016 - jason
brought my girl friend here and she loves it here. amazing service. great food now me and her come more often theyre soups are so good. last time i got the combination A is was so good i wanted more.!!!!!! i highly recommend!!

review_stars 12/08/2016 - demi
such a great restaurant! i love theyre food❤❤❤❤

review_stars 12/08/2015 - Kathy G
We have enjoyed their food for years, until this year. In the Combo A - Twice now, we have gotten shrimp that is flattened so thin, all you have is the crust to chew on. The chow mein was good, if you don't want any of the crispy noodles--there were about 4 under the sauce. Sweet & sour chicken was good. WONTONS - 1 of the 6 actually had a 1/4 inch square tiny piece of meat (I guess it was meat). They others were just tough, hard crust. They forgot to include the packet of sauces and fortune cookies in our takeout box.

Fried Rice - DON"T TRUST!! The rice in one of the Styrofoam dishes had a distinct smell and taste of COFFEE. Yuck! Someone either spilled it in or poured it in. Prices have raised, and last time they had smaller rectangular containers for takeout. At least they went back to the regular larger square Styrofoam containers. Will NOT be going back (first time-shame on you--second time, shame on me).

review_stars 09/15/2015 - Tairy
My family and I have been eating here for years. The staff is incredibly friendly and the food is great. I especially enjoy the Szechuan chicken and vegetable fried rice. When we just get takeout, I can always trust that we have gotten just exactly what we ordered. I would recommend Lucky China to anyone.

review_stars 09/05/2015 - Eli mecham
The food tasted good and the employees and the servers are nice.

review_stars 09/05/2015 - Andrew
The person works there are really nice! Food is the best in this town …like it so much …

review_stars 06/29/2015 - Jeff
Horrible food!
Had chicken chow mane, fried rice, shrimp, won tons, egg roll.
chicken in chow mane was slimy and tasted like fish.
Fried rice was ok, not great, but ok.
Shrimp were butterflied so thin that you could literally see through them.
Won ton's had absolutely nothing in them just a greasy deep fried won ton wrapper.
Egg roll was under cooked. raw and doughy on the inside and very greasy on the outside.
I will NOT be going back there!!!

review_stars 02/28/2015 - Joanne
Used to like their egg foo yung, but the last I had was full of fillers and tastless. Sauce not to terrific either.
The General's Chicken was tough and the sauce was not to my liking at all.
This used to be my favorite place for egg foo yung, but not any more.

review_stars 11/25/2014 - happylady
lucky china is the best :) the food is perfect and priced great I'm in love with the lemon chicken and orange chicken is amazing. the people who work there are always nice and make sure we feel welcome even with our baby and crazy hyper three year old. we've been going for like five years. and the only thing I don't like is that we don't get to go more often. :)

review_stars 11/21/2014 - Steve
Over priced and under cooked!

review_stars 07/24/2014 - jacky
The food is really good ! And those guys are really nice. I will go to here again!

review_stars 07/16/2014 - A Once Loyal Customer
I think it is telling that every review is either 1 or 5 stars. I give 2 and not 1 star because the food isn't bad for your run-of-the-mill mediocre chinese food. I have never been treated so rudely in all my life. I made an order over the phone and the cook made a mistake and made the wrong dish. When the owner took my card she personally checked the order and assured me everything was there and correct. When I called back telling them they had made a mistake the owner blamed the cook and even blamed me for the mistake. She yelled at me and even called me names. Even though I enjoy some of the dishes and have been going there for many years, I will never go back here again. Lastly, did anyone else notice the review that the owner posted in response to someone's negative comment? Pretty telling. Learn some customer service and some respect.

review_stars 05/08/2014 - Mad momma
I was told as I was checking out "next time keep your baby quiet or get take out" this is absolutely ridiculous!!! I have been going here weekly for months and now will NEVER return! I am posting about this ridiculousness anywhere that I can!!!!! They act as if they are an elite place to eat!! FAR from it!

review_stars 05/01/2014 - Write to Darin smith
Like you said has been order so many order from here , why your guys never remember and say what you want ? Always need us keep explain what it is ? Why your never be nice and easy way to order ?your guys are really fucking rude, we don't want you coming back anyway .bye bye , never know how to order, idiot …

review_stars 04/26/2014 - Gary Thomas
Owner is cold, short and rude. The food is fine.
Also they give negative feedback to customers!!!!?
How rude!

review_stars 04/12/2014 - Darin Smith
We have tried numerous times to call and place a take out order. When we call we are always tried very rudely by the lady who answers the phone. She says that we should memorize her menu so that we know exactly what we want so she doesn't have to explain it it to us. She is in business to work with customers and explain her items. We will not be spending our money there.

review_stars 04/12/2014 - Sue
Write to Darin smith , why your guys are really idiot ? Why does everybody know how to order but not with your ? On the dinner time , we have at least have three kinds of size to give different people to choose ,one of come with steam rich ,one of come chow mien ,one of come with ham fried rice, they are also come with different stuff! If your guys know what you want ,just straight ahead to tell us what you want, don't let us to make you decision then you guys will complain the food we make are not the one your like ,Why we only got problem with your ? Because your guy never respecting to us , if your like one of three size why your are never remember the things you like ,then in order to help get the right food we need to keep ask different questions ? For the truth us don't really like your are coming back , your are really problem people , we never get the some fucking problem with somebody else , please don't come back , we already save your any ID , we not gonna make you idiot orders anymore ! NEVER EVER…go away …

review_stars 11/22/2013 - Darla & Eric
Service Was Amazing Staff Treats You Like Family And Are Really On The Ball We Have Got Take Out And Have Ate Inside.. Food Is Fresh And Portions Are Very Large.. I Love The Sesame Chicken Its So Tender And The Sauce Is Amazing Its Not Battered The Ham Fried Rice Is Also Great Egg Drop Soup Yummy... Prices Are Very Reasonable... Great Lunch And Dinner Combos Sweet N Sour Pork Is Also Very Good As Is Cashew Chicken...I Highly Recommend Checking Them Out... Oh They Also Have A House Lo Main That's Huge Lots Of Chicken & Beef We Asked If It Also Came With Shrimp It Doesn't But To Our Surprise They Added It For US Anyway I Love This Place Very Consistant.. Can Never Go Wrong Eating Here..

review_stars 10/19/2013 - Gerald Gaddis
My experience at the lucky china is always very pleasant. They have amazing egg foo yung, the best I have ever had! My personal favorite is the pork egg foo yung, it has chashu meat with a great variety of vegetables and a perfect light gravy.They are always very generous with the portions. Our family was a Panda Express family until we tried Lucky wife will no longer eat any Chinese food unless it is from Lucky China. Her favorite is the sesame chicken. I feel very lucky to have them so close. They also have fast friendly service.

review_stars 05/06/2013 - Sue
The guys who just complain about us below I think he has something worry with his understanding ! He come order the things is not order from our menu it is call (Mama noodles)! we don"t even know what is that ! Also tell him not that we do not have that dish in the menu ! But he still order the ( chicken lo main). After his finish said not like that lo main .the reason his do not like is : how come that does not taste like ( mama lo main) . Then come to cashier to complain his not happy...... What is reason his complaining ? We only sell our style lo main! How come the taste must be like he said like ( mama noodles)! It is so funny!

review_stars 05/04/2013 - Arnie and Peg Frecker
We went to your restaurant yesterday, and would like to express our opinion of the quality of your food. First it would be interesting to know if you have changed management lately. It has been a couple of months since we have been to your facility. Anyway, we would like to say we have been coming to your place off and on for 30 some years and this is the first time we have really been extremely disappointed in your product. We both ordered your sweet and sour chicken because we have always enjoyed it so much. The breading has always been thin with lots of chicken, and it has always been so good. Kept us coming back. Yesterday the breading was thick and greasy, with very little chicken within. It was terrible. We have been discussing whether to just not come back or let you know of our feeling and see if you can improve your product. We noticed there was way more on our plate than we could have ever eaten, but it was all breading. Be much better to have a third as much food, but have it quality. Now my question. Do we come back and try you again, or just find another place that serves a better product? You can contact us at

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