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6013 Glick Rd
Powell, OH 43065 (Map & Directions)
Phone: (614) 766-1900


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Top Reviews of Bogey Inn

3.0 stars - Based on 14 reviews

review_stars 06/17/2018 - Milton
We made reservations for 12 on Father’s Day June 17 at noon with bogeys reservation specialist. When we showed up another party was already seated at our table. There was not one waitress running the place. It was obvious that there were many problems and issues concerning the management of this restaurant. We called max ans ermas ans they were able to accommodate our party at a nearly restaurant. I really don’t know what to say except this situation was totally unacceptable and we will never attempt to dine there again. We had heard from others the service was extremely slow but this was rediculous.

review_stars 10/05/2011 - Richard
We tried to give the Bogey Inn a second chance for this, the 5th or 6th trial at this place. I cannot believe that, for a second time, they could not even produce a chicken Cesar salad properly. My guests, in front of whom I was humiliated, could not even get fish & chips done properly. The service was abysmal. The food mediocre, at best. I will definitely never try this joint again until it can be managed properly.

review_stars 07/15/2011 - Bill
Had a charity event that the owners were nice enough to donate gift cards and then host us after the event! Good food & service. Will go back!

review_stars 07/13/2011 - Powell Resident
The Bogey has really changed. We took our family there for dinner last night for kids night and everyone was very friendly, the food was great, and even the balloon guy they had for kids night was a perfect touch. We are already planning our son's birthday party there, as we were really impressed with the turnaround.

review_stars 06/26/2011 - Dublin neighbor
Wow! What a turn around the new ownership has done with this place! Food is awesome and service was great too! Thumbs up!

review_stars 06/19/2011 - Andre
The Bogey Inn has gone a long way.

review_stars 02/04/2011 - Bogey Inn lover
The Bogey is going to re-open this Spring (2011)under new ownership! Keep watching for this exciting news!!!

review_stars 10/26/2010 - Jennifer Gammitt
Beware of The Bogey InnPlease do NOT patronize this restaurant if you can help it. The service is horrible, and the food is NO better. The owner is a drug addict, and steals from the company and the employees! Shame on you for turning the Bogey into something DIRTY!!!! It was once a great place!!!!!

review_stars 07/24/2010 - J. Shelly
I had the chance to meet the new owner of the Bogey Inn. Jon Leach.. I know we have heard this story many times before. But after the stellar service my family and I received, I feel Mr. Leach's arrival is well welcomed. We tried a lot of items on the menu but the Pizza was number 1. I was amazed at the fair prices and the Dollar Beer special blew me away. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!

review_stars 07/19/2010 - John Clairmonte
I have to say, the food and service was excellent.. I love Cal-zone's and The Bogey Inn, surprised me with under-promise and over deliver attitude. I did my research before I went there and kept an open mind..My first time there did not disappoint me.. The staff was courteous and friendly and willing to go the extra mile for me.. They explained the menu items and made sure I was comfortable. Everything I ordered arrived in a timely manner, with a smile. I wish more places would focus on customer service the way they did..I will be going back, Thank you Bogey Inn.

review_stars 07/17/2010 - wh
Saying the service was bad would be the understatement of the century. "Waitress" was extremely unprofessional. Had no idea of what kind of wine or liquor was available. After we found out what was available. The drinks took forever plus my Crown Royal and my wife's wine were served in plastic cups. When I paid for my drinks, the "waitress" returned with my change and informed me that they didn't have any change smaller than 1 dollar so she had to short me 49 cents. When I looked at the change she gave me it was short an additional 5 dollars. When I brought this to her attention she made up the difference but took a very non chalant no big deal attitude. Our "waitress" did not even ask us if we wanted to see menu. After about 15 minutes. Another employee asked us if we wanted to see a menu. We said yes and he immediately brought us a menu. we then ordered a pizza. We never saw the "waitress" again until after the employee that took our order had checked with us and asked us if we were waiting for anything. When we told that employee that we had ordered a pizza. He immediately went to the kitchen and came back and told us that it would be a few more minutes. After a few minutes that employee returned with our pizza and asked us if we would like a fork or anything else and returned immediately with our silverware. Still no "waitress". After we had finished our pizza. The other employee returned to our and asked us if we wanted anything else and if he could remove our plates which he did immediately. Still no waitress. The "waitress" finally did return with our bill for the pizza. Upon returning with our receipt and change with the same story of no change smaller than 1 dollar and in a very smart alec tone informed me that this time my change was correct. After she left the table I discovered that she had shorted us 2 dollars. When I asked to speak to a manger. Someone claiming to be the owner came to our table with a definite aggressive attitude and asked me in a very short and terse way what the problem was I explained that his "waitress" had shorted us twice. His response was that it must have been an accident. My response was that I could believe that the first time was an accident. But after the second time it was nothing but bullshit. His response was watch tour language. What a cop out. The music they were playing had much worse language than bullshit. He left the table with my receipt. Meanwhile the waitress returned with the rest of our change. The so called manager then returned with two of his Bouncers (goons) and after I informed him that the "waitress" had corrected the "mistake". He proceeded to kick myself and my wife out and had his to goons "escort" us out of the building. Which wasn't really necessary since we had no desire what so ever to stay. I suggest that you avoid the Bogey inn like the plague. In my opinion. The "waitress" was no better than a thief. And probably was banking on the assumption that that many customers don't pay that much attention to the change they receive. Just my opinion on the "waitresses" intentions. But a dollar here a dollar there on a busy night could amount to a decent take. The rest of my comments are factual. By the way the pizza was very good and enjoyable. None the less. I would not recommend the Bogey Inn to my worst enemy let alone anyone else. If I had to give the Bogey Inn an honest rating. Instead of the lowest (1 star) I would give it a rating equal to a black hole

review_stars 03/08/2010 - Anonymous
This place is a joke! The owner is drunk all the time and mistreats his employees. This place is operating illegally and is being investigated by the Dept of Labor. They have no legal employees and have never paid their taxes (yet they take 20% from each persons money). They dont pay on time, they give out bounced checks and overall they suck. Dont give this place your money cause they are not a good company and do not deserve to be in business. I hope the doors close soon or someone with a brain takes over.

review_stars 01/26/2010 - Anonymous
Couldnt disagree more with the first write up,i visited last night, service was excellent,the manager personally greeted me, gave a tour and basically made me feel like i was the only customer there,the food was excellent, everything tasted like it should taste plain and simple,excellent dining experiece,the place is back on the rise.

review_stars 01/18/2010 - Anonymous
I was excited when I heard the Bogey was open again, but I certain it's headed for another bad end. The food is good, but the service is horrible. The staff forgets orders, don't refill drinks; the bartenders are aloof. I also have it on good authority that the owner doesn't pay his waitresses and serves minors. Maybe some business classes are in order? Don't waste your time or money.


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