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Top Reviews of Boston Pizza

2.0 stars - Based on 42 reviews

review_stars 03/16/2015 - Mike
This place is still a joke! Whatever moron is running this place needs to be fired. Like get it together. How are you still not improving at all. Called for delivery tonight. The girl said, ". Oh sorry no delivery tonight" wouldn't give me a reason why either. Just said no driver. Like are you for real?? I can guarantee there isn't another boston pizza on the planet that would just say oh sorry no delivery tonight. Where is the owner?? That moron should be driving. Thanks for continuing to be a pathetic embarrassment to our town, and contributing to this place never getting any better. No wonder no one ever wants to move here. Thanks for nothing boston pizza. You continue to suck

review_stars 11/15/2014 - Jason
We went in for a family dinner last night. I had a pizza, my wife had the tacos and my son had a pasta. We tasted each others food and it all tasted Great. The best would be wifes food. Keep up the good work Boston Pizza. We will be seeing you near xmas.

review_stars 08/16/2014 - Elizabeth
Placed an order for take-out order and then took the Island Queen Cruise. GREAT SERVICE!!! YUM YUM..

review_stars 08/04/2014 - Calvin
First the good: Our waitress was nice.

And now the bad: service was slow, I could tell my pizza was made from once-frozen pizza crust (it tasted like cardboard), the Caesar salad had almost no dressing and the lettuce tasted "funny", and on top of this the food was expensive.

It's disappointing to see a company care so much about their bottom line and so little about their customers.

review_stars 07/30/2014 - lisa
It was awful. We saw our waitress twice - 15 min after we have been seated and we ordered right away - food and drinks. 30 min later we got our drinks. After an hour and 15 min of not seeing waitress again (no food in sight) we left money for our drinks and left.
Many times before that food was sort of tasteless and slightly warm and service every time was slow and not very nice.
I don't know why we went there again....I guess there is not that many restaurants in PS...but god ..never again. The last time was just so wrong...

review_stars 07/26/2014 - John
So glad there is a BP in town!

review_stars 07/22/2014 - Julie bourne
My meal was tasteless. I ordered takeout had no cutlery napkins salt and parmesan cheese. I ordered a signature dish chicken mushroom fettuccine and pesto chicken. They forgot the chicken. I ask to have spinach added to my meal and there was none. I paid delivery and tip only to be very very disappointed. I would not order from them again.

review_stars 05/29/2014 - Dylan McKay
I went there last Tuesday and it was the worst. The food was shit the service was shit and some employee I forget his name spit on my food and told me what he did the next day at school. so if you know some there and they don't like you don't go or you will get a pizza taco with I side of spit.......

review_stars 05/19/2014 - Francis
Was in yesterday afternoon for early dinner around 4:30ish, food was ok nothing spectacular, thought service was going well, until I heard a staff member being completely berated. I've run a business for 10 years and I've never heard someone get screamed at like that before ... Sadly this will be my last visit to BP as this "family atmosphere" is not really that.

review_stars 05/15/2014 - Joanne
Came in with my girlfriends. We ordered some martinis and cocktails. For appies we had the nachos. I had the shrimp tacos, which were really good. Will be back again.

review_stars 05/05/2014 - garbage
I can't believe this place is still open . I've been several times and the food was garbage every time. Beer is over priced and staff seems very unhappy. I pick the tired old Don Cherries

review_stars 04/18/2014 - Kelly
Ok.. first things first..1) this is a town of seniors dying for the last 30 years with a council from 1950 so we have to celebrate the fact that there is a chain within this generation that actually decided to come here.
2). This town has limited choices when it comes to entertainment/dining.. therefore lets give Boston Pizza a chance
3). Lastly, where in the world would anyone under 65 go in
this town- at least there are people there and tv screens- a better site than the sorry and tired Don Cherry's- well if you want to get into 2014!!

review_stars 04/18/2014 - Jeff
Glad to have a Boston Pizza here in PS...

review_stars 04/15/2014 - place is garbage
Dont wast your money all I have to say

review_stars 04/14/2014 - Sylvie Beynen
Nothing wrong with the food. But this site lists the address as 15 Seguin St; it is on Bay Street. Took us awhile to find it; as we are not from Parry Sound.

review_stars 04/13/2014 - Lisa
Placed an order online, for some pasta and pizza. Nice to have a Boston Pizza in town.

review_stars 04/11/2014 - Bill
Came in earlier in the week. Had some lunch with a coworker. She ordered the jambalaya pasta. I had some wings. Nice location.

review_stars 04/09/2014 - Mike S
Anyone on here that gave this place a five star rating, is clearly affiliated with this boston pizza location. Ate there when they first opened and it was terrible. I gave them the benefit of doubt, seeing as it just opened, waited a couple months and went back to give it a second chance. Once again, it was a unorganized mess, and we waited forever for our food. The food has actually tasted okay both times, just everything else is failing in this restaurant. Come on dragons ten guy!!! It's about time you pay a visit to the franchise owner of the parry sound location and force this guy to hire some new management.

review_stars 04/06/2014 - Pathetic
Ordered online and mistakes were made, what a sad place.
Oh and you can tell the management has spammed the reviews with good ones, all are in the same short and concise tone, pathetic attempt

review_stars 04/05/2014 - Food critic
What a joke! Cold food slow service saw a cook come out of the washroom and not wash his hands, I was already done eating and the thought of that discusting cook touching my food makes me sick.

review_stars 04/02/2014 - Judy
Great pizza and wings!!

review_stars 03/23/2014 - Good night
St. Paddys party was awesome. Great prizes and green beer.

review_stars 03/14/2014 - Katie
$28.00 for a medium "deluxe" pizza that we picked up. This was the worst pizza ever....some toppings were raw and others were burnt. Will not be back.

review_stars 03/10/2014 - bye bye boston pizza
Slow service, and terrible atmosphere! We were hoping to give them the benefit of the doubt as our first experience was not so great, but we haven't seen much improvement. They really need to focus on getting some management with proper skills and training, and as unfortunate as it is, if they do not get the proper training there will no longer be a Parry Sound BP..

review_stars 03/05/2014 - Kathleen
Not like any Boston Pizza I've been to. TERRIBLE ATMOSPHERE, COLD FOOD, SLOW SERVICE!!!!

review_stars 03/05/2014 - Trev. H
Decided to give this place another try after going here around Christmas a few times. before the service was great both times, from a young male server who was charming and attentive, when we returned this time we were notified he had left. People in town are noticing a lot of turnover of good staff!!! Food and service the second time was better but still not quite what I had at other boston pizzas, felt rushed by a older woman to leave

review_stars 02/26/2014 - Given up
I had gone in twice with my girlfriend for dinner. Both times it took over an hour to get our food. Then when the food got to our table, something was wrong about at least one of the dishes. The second time, I asked to speak to a manager. A blonde women came to our table, was rude and gave us attitude! And didn't bother offering us any sort of discount or even a coupon. Pathetic! So the third try we decided to do delivery, hoping to avoid the awful service. Wrong again. We were told our food would come in 45 minutes or less. After an hour we called to see if they were still coming. Food eventually shows up, is cold and burnt, and there were items missing. Couldn't even bite through the flat bread. I was furious. I called the restaurant and asked to speak to a different manager than the idiot we first dealt with. This time it was a man, named Jacob who was very nice and understanding, he took 25% off our bill and offered a free appetizer next time we go in. Im not sure I will even bother.

review_stars 02/23/2014 - Marie-Claude
This is the 4 the time we have been there Food and service has been great. Keep up the good work.

review_stars 02/21/2014 - Unpleased
Went to boston pizza last night. Was very pleasently greeted. Service was slow. Management or superior staff was more interested in talking to friends rather than seeing interest in other customers. Food was microwaved. Wasn't too busy yet servers did not clean their own tables and had greeter or host cleaning them. Do not think I'll be going back anytime soon

review_stars 02/20/2014 - lucie
Just called Boston pizza to make a reservation for 15 people and was told they don't make them on Friday nights. She didn't even ask for how many. So they expect 15 of us to go stand in the door until they can get a place for us to sit. Seems a bit unprofessional to me. So looks like we'll be going to pizza hut.

review_stars 02/17/2014 - Debbie
Went last night for dinner was good but didn't get what I ordered. They did correct it and I did get the mistake to go but wonder how much free food do they give away as I saw other tables having food sent back

review_stars 02/17/2014 - Local Resident
I had a meal here over Christmas. The food was mediocre, the service was excellent. I chalked the food up to the place being newly opened and figured it would get better over time. I planned on going back, and in fact I almost did today.

However, now that I have heard how servers are treated I will not be returning.

review_stars 02/16/2014 - This place is a disgrace to the Boston Pizza name
Okay seriously? Almost three months in operation and this is what I get get? This place carries the 'Boston Pizza' name?! Where is the quality control from Boston Pizza's head quarters? I think they spent more money on the decor then their staff and getting 'real' cooks. Who ever was cooking that night should be demoted to dish staff.

My girlfriend and I order a 'broken lasagna' dish as an enter which should have been the size of an appetizer, not an entr for $16. And a 'gourmet' Mediterranean medium pizza ... $25.99 (this had better be some exceptional pizza)

1. Lasagna noodles were store bought (for sure) not to mention they were hard and undercooked. As if it was made in a microwave, tomato sauce was GROSS. Was not tomato sauce (and being from Italian roots) I know real tomato sauce when I taste it, and the Italian sausage was undercooked. That plate was sent back after the 1st taste, without hesitation.

Getting very hungry now because first dish was a bust. Let's try the pizza... They can't screw up pizza.

2. Pizza presentation looks fantastic. 1st bite, first thought. Oh my god, they screwed up pizza. WTF. At this point we were so hungry that we said F it and scrapped off the toppings and left the pizza behind.
They advertise the dough as hand pressed, and gourmet. It is NOT, that had to be the worst pizza I've ever had in my 39 years. The dough was hard, undercooked, and did not taste fresh, more like freezer fresh. The same crap for tomato sauce as on the lasagna was also on the pizza, the sun dried tomatoes had zero flavour, the portobello mushrooms were the normal diced mushrooms from local grocery store and the mozzarella cheese tasted like plastic. But being so famished we ate what we could and laugh all the way through dinner. We were stunned that people are eating this crap and happily paying RIDICULOUS prices for it.

review_stars 02/15/2014 - Joe
Went for dinner the other night and everything was awsome from the food to the service. I myself have been in the service industry for a number of years and it seems to me like they have a lot of bitter employees that got canned and can't seem to get over it. We had a great experience keep up the good work guys.

review_stars 02/12/2014 - Dave
Will not be returning. Service is extremely slow. I gave them the benefit of the doubt but it hasnt improved. Food is cold, pecan shells in salad, music so loud you cant even hear others at your table speak. Over priced for food less than average tasting food. Was disappointed as i have been to other locations where the service, food and management was great. THis management team has no clue, argues in front of customers total disaster.

review_stars 02/07/2014 - Awful
Bad. Just bad. Slowest and poorest customer service ever

review_stars 02/04/2014 - katie
Service slow and it wasn't busy, food not worth waiting for, probably won't go back there.

review_stars 01/24/2014 - Sarah C
It was our first visit to this location. We really liked the atmosphere and were especially impressed with Jacob, who we later found out was the front store manager. He was very attentive to all guests making sure that everyone was happy and satisfied, and also helpful to all his employees. The food was good and served in a timely manner. Very nice place overall. We'll make sure and visit it again next time we're in town.

review_stars 01/19/2014 - Unpleased
We visited this chaotic place & vow to never return. Our initial server was completely clueless. We, too, witnessed a showdown between a senior staff and a waitress. It was regarding too many reserved tables. They were loud and did not seem to care that they were arguing among patrons. We felt rushed to free up our table. A table next to us ordered their food roughly 10 minutes after our table of 3 ordered, yet they received their entrees before we did. I did not receive what I had ordered and my meal had to be sent back. The men's room was also out of order. C'mon guys, get it together. What a shame..

review_stars 01/18/2014 - thelongwait
What a terribly long wait for over priced pasta. Been sitting staring at the decor for 40 minutes waiting for pasta. Terrible first impression.

review_stars 01/18/2014 - Betty Stiinson
went friiday nite food good tasty very harried front door staff no direction or maybe way too much... eveyone running around....not relaxed atmosphere

review_stars 01/16/2014 - Jill
Not impressed. The food was usual franchise mass produced food, but I expect that when coming to these places. I've always loved boston pizza's pizza selection. It was the atmosphere that set me off. The service was awful. It isn't the servers, but the rest of house. Our server was attentive, kind and honest red haired girl. Appetizers came in okay time, but the entrees took over an hour AFTER our appetizers. The entrees were missing parts but we ate it anyway because we were starving. They clearly are unorganized and need to get it together. Very hot inside and all windows are covered with steam. Overheard a manger or an authority of some sort talking down to a coworker who then later looked like she was crying. Very unprofessional. Was extremely put off by that, being a server myself. In addition to that, I have heard some horror stories about the management there. Might go back in 6 months but until then stay away!

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